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Matthias Ott @m_ott Stuttgart, Germany

Independent UX designer, UI engineer, and speaker. I curate @PrototypingNews and teach Interface Prototyping at @MuthesiusMA. @AdobeXD XDI. #IndieWeb 🇪🇺🌍🌿

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#NieWieder #wirsindmehr @brad_frost I’m all for removing it entirely. Once you’re past “OMG people are reading my posts!”, it makes much mo… great idea for your personal website: Display a feed of your RSS favorites. #takebackyourweb via #RSS via… @Nico Sicher nur ein verwirrter Einzeltäter… @iChris Yes.Tonight we work on our blogs, ok?
Retweeted by Matthias OttAt 7:32am on Feb 6th 2020 I walked out of my flat in London with the sole intention of getting lost and going on a…
Retweeted by Matthias OttHaving less stuff/options can be a gift. You concentrate on what you need to survive and not on what you’re potenti…
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I had no idea I could long press on a word in a tweet and immediately mute it
Retweeted by Matthias OttNow that the world is finally coming around to remote work, it's also time to make sure that you're communicating i…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @hankchizljaw while listening to @debbiemillman chatting with Matthew Carter:“The idea is that you specify the boundaries of what you’re trying to accomplish—minimum/maximum font sizes, minumu… a little polish on the @css “guides” page the other day ::
Retweeted by Matthias Ott… or on @css, of course. 😉 @zachleat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @zachleat Reasonable. I mean, you even had a manual… @webrocker Wieso? Passt doch. 😏 @webrocker 😬 @polarbirke @WalterStephanie Age-old and still hotly debated in almost every project… 😄 I favor two solutions at th… @WalterStephanie Yes, that’s what I tell them too. Always design touch-first. Don’t rely on hover for critical inte… @chriscoyier Q.E.D. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just got to love this footnote by @chriscoyier. And it is your daily reminder that every time you hit publish o… @WalterStephanie My students regularly show up with “hyprid” laptops these days – and also actually USE the touchscreen… 🤯😄 @igorpianist Immerhin versucht es erst gar nicht, ein Cappuccino zu sein… 🤪And here’s the original article by @_mezoistvan that nicely explains problem and solution:, that’s nice! 🎉 Solving Sticky Hover States with @​media (hover: hover) via @css graph by @VWGroup is doing the rounds suggesting it takes 120 000 km before the new Golf emits less CO2. But t…
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Simple Image Placeholders with SVG, by @tylersticka commuter content.
Retweeted by Matthias OttLite YouTube Embed by @paul_irish: “This custom element renders just like the real thing but approximately 224X fas… same people who worshipped at the altar of disrupting the status quo are now freaking out their workers have disrupted the status quo.
Retweeted by Matthias OttAnd @scottjehl outlining the print stylesheet pattern, aka “The Simplest Way to Load CSS Asynchronously” of the articles he references are also very much worth your time if you care about performance: @csswizardry‘s… CSS Blocks: @tkadlec does a brilliant job explaining why loading your CSS with the preload/polyfill pattern ca…’s 2020. What’s your excuse for not publishing your own blog or website? This post by @m_ott is a must-read 🥰
Retweeted by Matthias OttInstead of calling them dependencies, try ‘liabilities’.
Retweeted by Matthias OttMy flagship typeface! #3
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @solomania 🙏 Thanks, Mike! So glad you enjoyed the post! 😁 2020 might really be the year quite a few people re-disc… Complete Guide to Links and Buttons 🔥 via @css & HT @christianwalter @css and @chriscoyier are killing it lately with these complete guides!
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At least governments won’t have trouble to identify whom to sue and charge with climate genocide in a few years,… @brad_frost “Drink water”“Everything I’ve said here can be backed up and confirmed by our brightest scientific minds – just ask them. Our ta…“If we don’t erase fossil fuel use as a society, then the extremes in our weather will just continue to increase.… @solomania @CodePen Thanks, Mike! 😄 @solomania Oh, and as I am working on @CodePen anyway: Try GSAP 3 Bonus Plugins FREE on CodePen @webrocker @xwolf „Für IE7-Nutzer sieht das Internet sowieso grundsätzlich komisch aus. Die kennen das nicht anders.“ @xwolf @webrocker Da greift dann der Fallback… 😜GreenSock's Draggable + InertiaPlugin @solomania Yes, I tried that and it looks really good! 👍 Exactly what I need, also in terms of performance. The onl… – JavaScript drag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures with inertia and snapping @foobartel Danke, Holger! 🙏 @twittem 🥰😁“The JavaScript Drag & Drop library your grandparents warned you about.” @webrocker Keine Sorge, TYPO3 wird schon noch im Hintergrund laufen. 😜Hey #lazyweb! What's you favorite JavaScript solution for dragging an element inside a container? Ideally with supp… hello to our brand new Kirby Online Demo: 🚀 Start your own personal demo with a single…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @webrocker @machtdesign @Flocke @zachleat This, and also have a look at @hankchizljaw’s Hylia starter kit:
@zachleat Jetbrains Mono? 😉HT @matcom 🙏“Innovation-speak worships at the altar of change, but it rarely asks who benefits, to what end? A focus on mainten… @m_ott Everything is a note until it rises to article. It’s not another category, it’s another level.
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @donpark Yes, I was also thinking of switching to one unified “stream” with slightly different post types. 🤔 @stefanjudis /blog 😆 @derSchepp @maddesigns Just started listening to “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari and he begins the book by talking a… @TerliWetter Bin Laie und hab da bislang nie so drauf geachtet. Kommen derartige Sturmtiefs mit so niedrigem Luftdr… @btconf @bastianallgeier Even if the train travels twice as many kilometers, the plane is still the dirtier option… @polarbirke Yes, you’re right. Length certainly isn’t a good indicator to determine if a post is an “article”… 🤔 @maddesigns’s the best first book on visual / graphic design?, @berkun asked… over and over again, I find myself writing notes that are far too long and could easily be an article. Are the… thing that I still struggle with when writing posts for my personal site is to decide whether a piece is a “not… sent out issue 25 of @PrototypingNews! 🥳 ✅ #ClimateAction #Datteln4 reminder that I've been maintaining a collection of Useful Pens for Everyday Frontend Development for a fe…
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@glyphe @derSchepp @wwnrw
RTJ4 is done 🤗
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @webrocker @zeitonline ist eh besser für die Nerven. 😉 @jina 👋 Ibuprofen + sleep. I’ve also had a lot less migraine attacks since I started to finish my morning shower w… @hankchizljaw“I’m spending countless hours creating content for a platform that I don’t own. [Investing in my website is] an opp…
Prepare to be amazed by, and possibly addicted to, — an incredibly well designed geometric-…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott🙌 Brilliant. The effect of this on page load performance and bandwidth usage can’t be overestimated. So, so many si… @danmall This would definitely be super interesting! Podcast/YouTube with conversations + accompanying recap blog posts, maybe? 😉“Antarctica may have contributed several meters to global sea level at this time, suggesting that this ice sheet li… research by @rahmstorf et al suggests that Antarctica is not as stable as previously thought. #ClimateEmergency status: Doing advanced ActionScript 3.0 animation in JavaScript… 😋 #gsap @KaiBrach @ystrickler
@sebastiangreger @derSchepp @thinkaboutconf 🙌😁Humbled and beyond excited to be invited to speak at @thinkaboutconf 2020 💜 Early bird sales for this fantastic "te…
Retweeted by Matthias OttToday we’re launching our new UK conference! If you want to create better product content, improve content/design c…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @nice2meatu w/ RUN THE JEWELS!!! soon to more browsers near you… 🙌
@liquidice13 @chriscoyier SVGO -> just wanted to write a few paragraphs for an article about accessibility in CSS before I go to work, but I got ca…
Retweeted by Matthias OttAnleitung für Demokratie: 1. Man entscheidet, nicht mit Nazis zusammenzuarbeiten. 2. Dann guckt man, wer die Mehr…
Retweeted by Matthias OttUpdate: We've updated our WCAG 2.1 Map page to include two audio descriptions (with transcripts) to make it easier…
Retweeted by Matthias OttI'm seeing very few blog posts on Medium or DEV and a lot more on personal sites and that is great and it makes me…
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@klick_ass @ixdconf @drunkatixda “recovering from #IxD20” 😅