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Matthias Ott @m_ott Stuttgart, Germany

Independent UX designer, UI engineer, teacher, and speaker | Interface Prototyping @MuthesiusMA | @PrototypingNews | #IndieWeb #BlackLivesMatter 🇪🇺🌍🌿

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@zachleat Fixing a11y issues for one of those this very moment… 🤪“We will be renowned in future as the people who flooded New York City.” Melting Antarctic ice will raise sea leve… @guerillagirl_ @SaraSoueidan 😄 Yes, not yet unfortunately …⁦💯 @m_ott⁩ shares a great overview of the new AVIF image format, recen article references for further details, and…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @andybudd Private conversations for task-specific problem solving, 1:1 discussions, and direct feedback. If somethi… @andybudd Channels for project updates and public conversations about high-level stuff (ideally in threads) or feed… @SaraSoueidan Thank you, Sara! Also for sharing! 🙏😊 @DasSurma Hahaha, omg… 😂 Fixed! ✅ @dickelippe @nice2meatu @marcthiele Ich hab ja tatsächlich mal von einem (schwäbisch-effizienten) Kunden gehört: „Wir sind nicht rund!“ 😂 @nice2meatu @dickelippe @marcthiele Das sind Kreise mit border-radius: 0. 😇✍️ New post: CSS Custom Properties With @​property #css #houdini
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German automotive industry in 2010: Tesla will go bankrupt soon. German automotive industry in 2020: Hectically taking notes…✍️ New post: CSS Custom Properties With @​property #css #houdini @cklavery Ist das sie 1 Liter Do… ja.I've always wondered how #drone traffic management would work, or even sky traffic management overall. I saw this…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott“Focus on the fax!”It’s very German that every time someone says “facts” in an audiobook I hear “fax”, right? 😂 @rjs Oh, this I great! Congrats! 🍾🎉 @markboulton Yes! I wholeheartedly agree. And this is, in part, the result of a process that is still too much focu… @nice2meatu Ebenfalls! 🤗 Schönen Abend Euch!I just published more topics for upcoming @staycurio_us shows. Featuring @LiebeFonts, @glyphe, @JamesVictore and…
Retweeted by Matthias OttThe Thing With Leading in CSS, by @m_ott
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I'm speaking remotely at @a11ynyc on October 6 from 7-9pm EDT. Join to hear about what I've learned from 9 years in…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @stuntbox @Malarkey Love the design! Congrats! 🙌 @nice2meatu @webrocker @Flocke Ocean‘s EleventyWho decided we should call them “harmful algorithms” when “malgorithms” was just sitting right there
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@justin_schueler @hejsmalltribe Sehr schön bei Euch! 😄 Viel Erfolg weiterhin! 🙌🧐 @MatheusMarabesi Thanks a lot for sharing, Matheus! @cklavery 😬 @cklavery Kenn ich 😁 @webrocker
@cklavery 😬 @carolstran 👋 @beep @dirtystylus This GIF just brought a lot of joy to my kids… 😹Duet Date Picker, an accessible, WCAG 2.1 compliant date picker that can be implemented and used across any JavaScr…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @nice2meatu 😊🙌 @webrocker Ich finde es auch sehr schade, dass ein eigentlich so wichtiges Thema so reißerisch und mit dämlichen Zw… climate science prediction is happening: the Gulf Stream System (aka AMOC) is slowing down - with implicati…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott*epic* fiction about what we could have done with the last couple of decades and where we could be now 🤯😭🌎
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@scottjehl Just did and thought exactly the same… ;)Learned a new word today… 😯 @Flocke @mmatuzo @CSS__Cafe @supremebeing09 @derSchepp 😄👍Learned I ton of nice details about progressively enhanced #a11y and #css at @mmatuzo’s @CSS__Cafe talk today! 🙌 Ca… Thing With Leading in CSS, by @m_ott Very nice and useful read!
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @gonzodesign 🙏😄 @gonzodesign Thanks for sharing, Jan! 😊 @colaja Thank you, Nikola! Glad it was helpful! 🤗Tried the new @​property syntax in Chrome 85 (and Canary 87) to define a relative font-size in rem. But it doesn’t…
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Tried the new @​property syntax in Chrome 85 (and Canary 87) to define a relative font-size in rem. But it doesn’t… @zachleat @ppk Connected through cables! @mmatuzo Is that a minus or an en dash (Bis-Strich)? 🧐 @reichenstein Thinking of it this way, we are all constantly pushing the observable shared reality into a certain d… @reichenstein Love it! (Your Story, not the Nazis, of course!) I recently read a book that made me understand quant… @mmatuzo Good luck!
@MarkDotSoftware @property @Una 😬 Yes, I forgot to add a zero-width space… Sorry about that, @property!100 companies are the source of 75% of greenhouse emissions, you profit from their advertising and by spreading cli…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott📢 Very excited to speak at @id24conf on Thursday! It's a free 24h online event about a11y and inclusive design, liv…
Retweeted by Matthias OttThis is offensive greenwashing bullshit from a platform that promotes and does nothing to help stop climate deniers…
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Pausing @SocialDilemma_ to have a quick look at my Twitter feed… 🙄 @jwajsberg @Una @property It shipped in Chrome 85:“Produced.” That is EXACTLY how my kids would describe the process… 😂! With @property, you can now define types, initial values, and more for #CSS custom properties! 🎉 @Una @ddprrt Glückwunsch!! 🎉🙌 Zu viert ist es am schönsten! 😉 @jkphl Also ich nehme Mf2\parse um den h-entry mit Author zu parsen. Und eigentlich habt ihr ja eine h-card mit p-a… @jkphl @jkphl Und ich muss bei mir dringend mal wieder am Webmention-Plugin schrauben, damit es Craft 3 kompatibel wird un… @jkphl 😆 @webrocker Aber es klingt schon gut. 😁The amazing @jkphl sent me a preliminary #a11y audit report for a project I’m working on. Wow – TIL! 🤯😍 If you need… @klick_ass @bensauer After a long three-hour meeting… @adactio Is that a carousel…? 🧐 have a friend looking to get into web design & dev. She seems to be interested in finding a course or bootcamp th…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @scottjehl I am thinking about this a lot. A friend of my wife has just started a course on Udemy (in German, thoug…✍️ New post! AVIF: A New Image Format
Retweeted by Matthias Ott✍️ New post! AVIF: A New Image Format😮
@marianabeldi Thanks for sharing, Mariana! 🤗
"The Thing With Leading in CSS" — Fantastic article by ⁦@m_ott⁩ well worth your time 💯 #CSS
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @MiriSuzanne Yes! This sounds really useful! 👍 @SaraSoueidan Thank you, Sara! 🙏🙃 @SaraSoueidan In Germany, we tend to think that we are the world champions of recycling. We dutifully collect the p…“If the job is to sell as much oil as you possibly can, any amount of recycled plastic is competition. […] Analysts… web dev is an extreme overreaction to not liking some php
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@CSSWeekly @marianabeldi @gerireid @liatrisbian @EmmaBostian @argyleink @thearslankhalid Thanks a lot for including the article! 🤗 @cssradar Thanks for sharing, Yuya! 🤗We are about to release our first video guides for Kirby on our brand new Youtube channel. Subscribe now and don’t…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @getflourish @j9t @zachleat I think this was one of them: You can download the data as JSO… @getflourish @j9t @zachleat I combined three different sources that list screen sizes. I created it three years ag…
CSS Weekly Issue #426 Learn how to customize the bullet lists using ::marker, how to work with leading in CSS, how…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @zachleat 🤓 Planet Report 2020 is out, & it's predictably hard reading. Notably, just as with prior editions, climate ch…
Retweeted by Matthias OttFantastic article by @m_ott!
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @christianwalter @netschonwerder Ha so ebbes…! @christianwalter @netschonwerder Hat’s bei Dir in Stuagert au net glingeld?War schon Alarm?
🌌🚨 It's finally time. Nova, our brand-new, native, next-generation code editor for macOS, is arriving… …next Wedne…
Retweeted by Matthias OttThis picture should be on the front page of every paper in America with an accompanying article about the…
Retweeted by Matthias Ott @berkun I just decided that I will decide on this tomorrow.