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I was born at a young age | nothing amazing happens here | resident Tribe STAN | he/him | priv: @ma1drink |

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i’m fasting from beating my dick
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Retweeted by mai tai🔇 @arcadia_grey The streets need Wildmutt and Braum @queermesss Electronic, wavedash been killing it this year @queermesss
800db cloud is still hard as fuckHow everyone switched up at the end of the Animal Crossing Direct:
Retweeted by mai tai🔇Movie night anyone?? 👀👀👀
Retweeted by mai tai🔇That Al song is so fucking good dawgPlz I need a knxwledge and Zack Fox song. Ik Knx said they got joints but we need em plz @fromthe90210 I love it smI love this one shit pinkpatheress dropped too2021 is just it for music man my godThis new Zack Fox is sooooo fireYeh yeh yeh yeh hell mothafuckin yehthank you @Alchemist
Retweeted by mai tai🔇 @arcadia_grey It’s so beautifulI love bros passion
people change for 2 main reasons Their minds have open or their hearts have been broken
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me to my dick after i’ve finished pulverizing it
Retweeted by mai tai🔇the bb u ok? documentary was so beautiful and makes appreciate the album way more than I already didif AfroSenju™️ leaves me on read, he is a domestic terrorist and a racist
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@graphixcore Only answer @drizzylikesrap and Now A Word From Our Sponsors! were the moments when I was like “man I gotta own this physically”This song is amazing still want that slipknot hoodieI could make corrections to my quiz or I could play FF7 @blondedzero
I miss fleets :(
Retweeted by mai tai🔇It will literally always be digimon>>>>PokémonWe need a redveil alchemist collab tbh. After the second installment of This Thing Of Ours I’m just brainstorming a… a cornball @Heartselector Steez truly was something specialsurely no one would disagree
Retweeted by mai tai🔇Lemme Giannis, I never fill out those fuckin digital hall passes cuz they never fuck loadBro regardless of your thoughts on JIK the whole Sunday service thing was so coolevery night before i sleep i pray kanye drops a house album
Retweeted by mai tai🔇That’s so Raven taught life lessons
Retweeted by mai tai🔇 @NARC1SS1ST_ @circIekbae Oh lmao my b @circIekbae What noI feel like I’ve tweeted this beforeJaden literally made circa 2013 for me
2021 _
Retweeted by mai tai🔇 @LEANANDPERCS I’d say just go in order. Live From the Dentists office honestly overlooked and doesn’t get appreciat… @LEANANDPERCS @Heartselector I feel like when you’re an adult the cap off is like 4-5 years but when you’re a kid it’s like 2Only on twitter will niggas call a two year age gap in a relationship weird
Me after I lost the spelling bee
Retweeted by mai tai🔇 @circIekbae Prolly the best one out of these 4 imo @jaysdarkfantasy @circIekbae My homie keeps trying to get to take some hits with him before we go into school and I just can’t funct… recustomize my FL since I reset my computer @airfuuka Spider verse Miles, Spectacular Spider-Man Peter, and Andrew Garfield Peter @rosene_wrld The fried chicken and bbq line is so fucking stupid
I hate Costco so fucking muchPorter playing 100% in the bitch on piano 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jacobvsdaworld Seeing him live was just so fucking awesomestop & drop a pic of you that looks like an album cover: know how spiders crawl in your mouth while you sleep? I wonder how many times ghosts cum on your face when you’re asleep 🤔
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@distantIand_ That’s my fave producer right there @cleeett I’m glad you’re sick. I hope it turns into something serious and you end up in a hospital bed holding on your last breathes @cleeett Shut up stupid dumb ugly covid ridden bitch @M0TH3RCR33P @solace__hours Bro that’s literally like saying “hey fat fuck…no offense”. Sayin cringe-ass lyrics is… and 2 are such like interesting projects in Knx’s discog. Wish he would tap into that again tbh. Some of my go to comfort albumsWe got new James ivy, new gami, and new osquinn dropping tmr @Heartselector 🧏🏾‍♂️ @Heartselector 1st one: we’re not having sex in secret @Heartselector You don’t do better @Heartselector You rly are one to talkI miss being 15 nglMfers rly do just forget that Kaui is the second side of SNTMTN lmaoHonestly yah Room On Fire is better Is This It. I mean they’re practically the same album but I prefer Room On Fire @acompIeteredo Ghost pop tape, MOBO, and kagayaki 🔥🔥🔥 @JadenAddict @rosene_wrld I swear to god the porn n shit only pops up when you’re in a public placeDamn you really can’t open Twitter in public
Retweeted by mai tai🔇Nutting into tissues isn’t nearly as effective as nutting into toilet paper @BraveryAD I’m glad you caught all of it cuz I didn’t lmaoVIRTUAL SELF ACOUSTIC BABY BEST COMPUTER CRASH EVER
Retweeted by mai tai🔇 @queermesss I mean this is released it’s on bandcamp as pay what you want. Under Devon Hendryx @queermesss have to wash and oil my hair and start locing all over againThere’s Fallen, Fallen Pt.2 and then Fallen (Electric) and the progression of each song getting darker and darker is just fuckOnly real ones were there for the DJ Matrix eraI DID THE THING @porterrobinson I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOUUUUUUU 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Wavy Baby and his Merry Band Of MSFTS Pranksters Also Go Stream CTV3: Day Trippers Edition @jaden
Retweeted by mai tai🔇Miles is wearing the gay little bag cause he can't get his hair wet
Retweeted by mai tai🔇 @filipneuff @Heartselector Okay mark ZuckerbergLeaving school to see Porter in 2 hours [devil emoji]