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@larissafernand @connectgurmeet Uday Kotak exploring takeover of smaller rival IndusInd Bank… @IKSmallcaps WAH👍👍👍
two indicator which are contrast to each other @chokhani_manish Appoint him as Chairman of SBI first and let him turn it around
Karma follows you ...!!
Good product company when acquired by dynamic promoter does wonders. HLE Swiss Glass Coat and Apollo Tricoat are re… New factory started at Telengana and result out Saw first 3 episode and did not find any character with white hair, all had dyed jet… @larissafernand Third line can take care first two @mmvRavindra One key point : Granules does not have bargaining power and hence the credit terms are not favorable.… Street is gung ho about results Operating Cash Flow Statement say some other story. Increase in trade re… morning after spending most of Day time & late night for result analysis
After Yes Bank revival,vodafone AGR dues and Vedanta delisting, here is another opportunity in t he form of JetAirw…
Smruthi Organics Ltd Q2FY21 PAT zooms to Rs. 5.83 crore QoQ Comparison The company has reported total income of R…
Life is like a sea. We are moving without end. Nothing stays with us. What remain is just the memories of some peop…
Good one , Ankit 👍 A thread worth reading @msiddiquee beautiful
@GeetimaK Wo jo huge all time high foreign reserve hai, uska kya karenge @1shankarsharma Street has a tendency to overemphasize short-term benefits at the expense of long-term benefits . . . T… @RIBI_isking than buy TCS @LuckyInvest_AK @Longterm_wealth I am also with you.The Directorate Generate of Foreign Trade (DGFT) through an amendment in the import If import of ACs with refriger…
Thanks to #vodafoneindia I enjoyed digital detoxication. My deepest gratitude to @vodafonein1 🙏 Feeling rejuvenate now#Investor_psychology When #KILPEST & #METSL were on continuous upper circuit, lots of investors DM me that they ar… value in 2007 vs small value in 2020
Retweeted by Zafar @VodafoneCust #vodafoneindia 😷🧐👎 @vodafonein1 No network in my area since 5:30 am 😂 @vodafonein
If you had invested Rs. 10,000 in Infosys in 1993. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I bet you would have… @kabrasanjeev Mota bhai ka calculation hai, sabko samjh me nahi ayega
@pankajbaid17 They want to be safe and right at the same time U toss a coin , either it’s head or tail Sometimes it may rest on edge also. So Morgan has taken all scenarioMorgan Stanley sees Sensex either 28000 or at 45,000 by June 😆 the mistake @riteshnagpur That was old promotor now this company has been taken over by IPCA management. Now u have two combo (… and money are marvelous sources if they remain in pocket but they are terrible masters once they enter the head. @riteshnagpur where did u get this 8% figure ? he may not be holding anything by now @connectgurmeet Which one to buy TCS or Google or Apple 😄
Madam, ye pathbreaking ideas laatii kahan se hain 🙏 I am sure few economist will immediately enroll themself into H… @1shankarsharma Because of only one reason " vested interest"Bull Market Indicator : - Few companies can sense upcoming bull market better than RJ and WB and #BEPL is one of t… interesting data of FII Investment vs NIFTY movement Biyani have sold everything Except his home furnishing retail business and may sooner or later try to make i…
गो हाथ को जुम्बिश नहीं आँखों में तो दम है रहने दो अभी साग़र-ओ-मीना मिरे आगे let the cup and flask of wine remain i… @suchitasalwan Missing it so much @shreyans_jain तौबा तौबाFor any product company to grow, consumer has to buy that product 7 Indian has Car /100 so balance 93% are market f… @PRICE_ACTIONN Bambolim beach @iamrakeshbansal Beautiful ! One of my most favorite lines 👍 @shareinvestgrow Ha ha @caniravkaria Sabera ho gaya 👍 @grangaraajan1 They are 3 brothers , Sanjay and Arvind Singhal and they run it
@esh_29595 positive @SMedia4 @SForStiletto ITC bolke rang me bhang mat dalo @MichaelJ191272 most likely yes @KishoreSonekar abhi lost nahi hua hun @anshu_prashar its not mumbai @miekshodh ha ha ha @kabrasanjeev wo to dhal chuka hai @shreyans_jain oh yes @rajivmehta19 aur Zam baki ? @SForStiletto 👍#TRENDS Last three years were mainly for Agrochemical and Specialities Chemical bull run and almost all company fr… forced Chinese government to issue order for closing down most Agrochemical and specialities chemical company… situation became so severe that Chinese government had no choice but to take stringent action against the… we say, NATURE balance out everything in long run and heavy industrialization and large volume chemical producti… 1998-99 this scenario took heavy toll on indian small scale companies, many big company executives visited China… was a company next door to PI industry in panoli GIDC which used to supply 1 kg Bromine bottle at Rs 48 / kg… Ankleshwar is biggest home of all leading MNC and Indian Pharma and Agro Chemical company etc & there were man… and mid size single product companies started closing down slowly but mid size and bigger company started get… were small scale companies in MIDC & GIDC which were serviving by making/supplying single products like bromi… was around 1994-95 and China suddenly emerged as a world's production hub of speciality chemicals and other chem… Sharma was leading the R&D trials of PFT ( short name or PROPHENOPHOS Technical) and new unit was built at PANOL… has strong R&D team with 2 very competent Research head ,mainly Dr Abid Ali, Dr S C Sharma and My Yusuf was head… acquired land in PANOLI GIDC near Ankleshwar, Gujrat around 1994 and slowly started moving its technical pr… was situated in Udaipur and later become center point of city due to fast expansion of city boundary and la… Industry was started at MEWAR oil and mills at Udaipur and was into mainly edible oil . PI stands for *Pesticide… Chairman of PI industry ,Mr Salil Singhal was invited to the Bhumi Pujan on 5 August at Ayodhya.Salil Singh… known facts about #PI Industry and Agrochemical Industry : PI Industry was founded by Brother of Late Ashok… @ManojDasTeacher wah @Abhinav52652443 👍 @shreyans_jain haystak matalb sea ? @ZardarKhan6 👍 @Suhel_Engr 😂 @Hitesh_sharma60 🙏 @SatyaVachen 👍Caption please ! @VipulV2304 Same as Amitabh Bachchan was board member of hospital in which he was admitted 😀 @chsr1234 Never doubt actions of world leaders , they always think and work for upliftment of poors @Rishikesh_ADX @VijayKedia1 इसी लिए संपन्न और सफल होंTrump said that medicine from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has cured him from corona in record 4 days. Soon I will rev… @Iamsamirarora C) comes on TV periodically to say, MidCap and small cap has comes to attractive levels but buys only top NIFTY shares @Rishikesh_ADX @VijayKedia1 Actually one should buy at new top , it’s one of the best strategy to create huge wealt…सुन सुन सुन बरसात क़ी धुन सुन
@riteshnagpur Resonance SpecialtyForget to mention , one can discuss it on social media even without buying also @TheEcoSense चालु हैं @AmitVag06510205 @Vishall_Tyagi @IKSmallcaps Resonance Sp @vishalvishal13 Jyada samjdar