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Maaria @maariamph Helsinki, Finland

I make comics and animation! She/her Minors keep out 🔞

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@Yossra_secret Damn that is one thiccc semla 👌 @tearabbit6 Ooof fantastic!! I love the subtle colors!
@suzieboozieb Someday... someday 🤞#phantomland"Which energy do I give off" bold of you to assume I have energy
To be fair that specific nose 100% matches with the characterization though and you can't tell me otherwise. Noses are magic @art3red Joni maksaa velat(tm)Haha... yeah!! He's got a very Finnish personality. I kinda regret not giving him a Finnish name (but his surname w… would think "straight nose" is no biggie but keeping those dimensions consistent in different angles is a night… posting a timelapse video of drawing this guy because 70% of it is spent getting the nose right
@beanytuesday Goddamn choked on my drink at the last bit, amazing, thank youHello #IAmNonbinary , I like creatures and bgs 🌸
Retweeted by Maaria @Mori_talks Sure, I think childrens' media has the responsibility to show good role models to kids because kids don… @DDruxy Ngl that's a good pose to show off booby @DDruxy Thank you, marvelous @DDruxy FFShhDS @maariamph it uh- wouldn't leave me alone
Retweeted by Maaria#phantomland handy little trick to spot anatomy flaws in your drawing in 0.3 seconds flat Step 1: post the drawing on social mediaIllustrator, animator and comic artist still finding style and stuff. Lead Animator in the videogame GRIS.…
Retweeted by MaariaAnyway I love how people bully Snapewives or Reylos or whatever's the popular target these days, on the logic that… think most of the "bad" romance tropes folks complain about are some variation of "love interest is so attracted… meeting a person who goes "yeah I would never play [videogame with combat mechanics] because assaulting peo…'s neat when a popular YA book or whatever has a problematic romance trope and people rush in to groan "uuugh why…
This time on Phantomland: He's just a poor boy 🎵 Tapas: Webtoon:
Retweeted by Maaria @Yossra_secret Naah don't worry about it, people get on board just to see good slowburn tension 👌 (or mark it as a… @Yossra_secret People are super into romance, couldn't hurt to try!
Me: So the story's about a powerless and insecure girl and her learning to deal with that and work around it maybe… about that time I drew a role reversal doodle of my characters and a portion of readers immediately went "…'s probably a murderer so don't trust him, unlike me, a guy who's definitely a murderer @kirakatve Hmmm 👁️👁️This time on Phantomland: He's just a poor boy 🎵 Tapas: Webtoon: @NineShiru Thanks ❤️ @laurbits Uuhhh that's high praise, thanks!! You inspire me too with your super cool animation career ;; @clairemation Thanks ;;;; 🙏Things would be easier if I could have a consistent opinion of my art, I'm just flipping a coin several times a day…
@puppuisa Wtfff @XiranJayZhao A... Atlas Shrugged...? @diana_hnd Glad you noticed! ✨ and you're right actually, he knows something we don't
@anxiousrobot Haha it's actually light brown, just light enough that I don't bother coloring it in @SorbetOwl I'm glad you noticed! 👉👉 @FaithErinHicks Thanks! Just a simple gradient can achieve a lot I feel haha @FaithErinHicks That's herrrr 😎👌 @akaPassion Thanks!This time on Phantomland: Yikes yikes yikes! Tapas: Webtoon:
food // Wow I haven't bought myself bread for several years and now that I did and toasted it and put some butter o… god for vacation I'm finishing an update ahead of time for once 🔥 @CoreyBrickley Honestly, if you can find a matching reference... trace that shit, at least partially
That thing where you have an amazing dream but as soon as you talk about it you realize it was really nothing speci…"Do I like this writing because it's good or do I like it because I wrote it" @prinsessastro I liked it
@laurbits Angel Densetsu actually :D Though at this point I think good-but-looks-bad is an archetype of its ownEvery time one of the heroes is drawn with sharp eyes and later on ends up betraying everyone you may hear my faint groans in the distanceRe: love interest pose, on one hand I sorta respect anime for having this language of shorthands for literally anyt… @Kalpeakoira Fantastic as always, I love the textures and color choices so much 🔥Shit I hope my monkey hands can draw
Step 1: take a walk with her Step 2: if she does this she is your love interest was a thousand bill sir
@eliquorice Honestly don't have a lot of examples (I haven't read that many erotic comics) but Berserk has sex scen… @eliquorice I don't think the medium really makes a sex scene better or worse, it's all about whether the story's a… @eliquorice Haha shit you've put me on the spot! I appreciate my own erotica most because the characters & dynamics…'t say sex scenes are inherently pointless but I can't recall the last time I was genuinely rooting for a tv/… @kindly_anni Ooooofff 💀 @GreenGlassesArt Oof you're too kind, thank you!! 💖;;;;;;;;;;;; @GaelleLucas Ahhh thank you so much!! I'll do my best!! 💪💪 @AnnaLandin Thanks! 💪 @YO_SU_RA 🙏❤️Third one is a cover illustration for @BaytAlAzif, check them out if you're into lovecraftian stuff!With comics I'll remember 2020 as the year I suddenly got into drawing romance/erotica which has been very fun but… non-comic art I did in 2020 @YO_SU_RA Pretty girl 💖
Making comics will put your body and soul through an industrial grade shredder so make sure you like your character… time on Phantomland: Calm before the storm?? Tapas: Webtoon:
Retweeted by MaariaGame where you do that "squeeze through tight passage to load the next segment" thing except it goes on for hours,… @YO_SU_RA 😉👉👉 @TwainKitty 😎👉Lol nothing much even happens here but the establishing shots are ~~important~~This time on Phantomland: Calm before the storm?? Tapas: Webtoon:
Aaaaaarrrgh I won't go to sleep before this update is FINISHED 💨💨💨
@voidbug Your works are fantastic, I look forward to each one! @Diamond_Writing Nice!! I'm glad 🙏 @creosote_kid Ooh I may check it out! @phineas_klier Thanks 💖 @jayne_xiong Hmmm 👀 @Bajingoo Ooooooooo 👀 @kittensartsboo1 @HPLehkonen @Sarasadeart 😎👍 mutta thanks, pitää tsekkaa noi! @Yossra_secret Ooo thanks!I did this cover! 😎 @hibiscass 🙏! @Yossra_secret We're both cursed because all I ever seem to run into is m/m artists hahaha! Maybe we should switch accountsOh yeah if any of you have recs for good artists who draw that Quite Typical M/F Shit, porny or not I'd super appre… @puppuisa 🙏Most of my mutuals & followers seem to be queer and as much as I dig the company of open-minded counterculture type…
Sorta love/hate being in that situation where I end up drawing my own nsfw art because 99% the stuff my peers draw… @Yossra_secret Well done 💪 @Iron_Spike Haha oh shit. The best part is when they act like _you're_ a little monster for wanting them to acknowl… have seven billion reference pics but never the exact one I'd need for a piece @SorbetOwl Ooh a hunk! Can do 👍 @mundt_miranda Oof I've been there too, best of luck 🙏
Hey. You did really, really well this year. You made it through twelve ridiculously dreadful months mostly intact,…
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