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I eat healthy, exercise 6 days a week, drink a gallon of water a day, take my vitamins, get 8+ hours of sleep a nig… @starlovesuu SUPRESSINGKAY/0 feels soooo good in game😵‍💫Patch Notes 3.0 are here. Just about everything changes. Try to keep up.
Retweeted by LG macMelatonin gummies are like using the wait function in Skyrim wtf this shits op @Pyreon_ what're you gonna do about itre-watching one piece just to test how strong my mental is
Just double scooped my preworkout and chugged a Celsius, pretty sure I'm hearing colors right nowIts always the Omens... @vinnerwinner why bro why.... volume warning 😂😂
Retweeted by LG mac @SeekerValorant @witnessqq @maazy4PF @jet_fps @nolanbite @Lear_VAL LMFAOOOO @Ban_Val @realmocking @vinnerwinner You say this every night...
@7styIe happy birthday style! yeahh WOO! 🥳ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREATS AT WORK.
Retweeted by LG macKD has played all 48 minutes and still made that shot, that's actually just unrealThat was so cold... @ClawdiaFox I swear you're setting me up w/ takis and cream cheese 🤨PERMABULK
@floppyCSGO @Vanityxz Holy shit! Poggers! @ANDROIDX23 Where can you get this done at? Seems p interesting? @Ban_Val @nate_rett58 Ly2 brother ❤️Friendly reminder that life is about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the adventure and stop stressing about… @floppyCSGO @ToKacey No insurance 😩
anyone know if coaches are allowed to play the new patch? @starlovesuu Try the quest hero bars instead of the normal ones, they're actually insane @christinecocoab zoro is the best designed character in any anime and it's not even close @MuensterGG @leaf_cs @sophfri @1fiziq @vinnerwinner @NotMortem thank you joe ♥️A bigger part of my dream is to one day become a philanthropist and give back to people in need, I feel very blesse… a great charity stream today! Was able to raise $380 today from donations, thank you to @leaf_cs @sophfri… live! $360 raised so far @ayoungkim94 @Luminosity If you ever need me back for another class just let me know, I enjoyed talking to them 😌 j… matter where you are in life, you can always get to where you want to be if you work for it. "Follow your dreams…
Retweeted by LG mac @leaf_cs im live now mr 1 leaflive with Resident Evil charity stream! @00kkey yessir is it scaryStarting my child's play resident evil charity stream in 30ish minutes! 😁
@Tahsin92970928 @TenZOfficial @ShahZaMk I will be your first friend then :) @leaf_cs Shut up and retweet the tweet Nathan. @st9llar Thanks.2x $100 prepaid Valorant card giveaway! Must - Retweet 🔁 Follow 👤 Tag two friends 👥 I will draw the winners on th…
All judge users will be reported in-game and to the FBI. I will stand for it no more. You all belong in jail cells facing a life sentence.
Retweeted by LG mac @shinobi_fps That's why he's the best basketball player on the planet 😎
Dude actually had the nerve to walk up to me and tell me it's gonna be a while before I can use it They've been sq… you like to have 3 minute conversations / phone breaks inbetween sets at the only squat rack in the gym then you… celebration of turning 22, I have donated to @CPCharity, and my only birthday wish is that anyone comfortable wi…
Retweeted by LG mac @oderuscs @Critical_Val vouch @Critical_Val @1fiziq @st9llar @thi9f @rikugoat @krnnguyen_ go chris go22 years old now 😊
Retweeted by LG mac @OfficialAproto Happy birthday Alex!! 🐐🎂
@nurfed25 I remember when it took 50+ people reporting him in rank g before he got removed, had to beg admins for w… Diaz is a mf psycho 😭 @CooperCSGO God bless 🙏🏻 @ClawdiaFox i forgot he was performing and I missed it FUCK
@LeviathanAG thats a broken man @trainer_tv 2900good night @YFPGamingLive @maazy4PF @leaf_cs @zepticCS @Vanityxz Thanks @YFPGamingLive @maazy4PF @leaf_cs @leaf_cs @zepticCS @VanityxzShould I eat more protein? in ranked today, we'll get em next time @maazy4PF
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Trust me you'll want to watch this
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probably short one
Retweeted by LG mac @st9llar I guess both, 7 got that hills have eyes kinda vibe to it so I'd be down for that too @Maticussy worth the $60 tho? @dapr all 4 is really painful I'm not gonna lie. smoothies are your best bet if you don't wanna kill your gains, sc… @SullyCasts wait til you see the diff between 165-185 @mooseloff barbarian mode. @slaze444 Here u go 🥩 @Ban_Val the mac n cheese fit my macros 😤 @slaze444 that steak was so mf juicy 😩👨🏻‍🍳
@sophfri glitchy
Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic has won the 2020-21 NBA MVP award, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.
Retweeted by LG mac @NicholasPCSGO What does this mean niko @SullyCasts You put clannad as 8 stars, can I really trust this? 😩Just got my 2nd shot and I started repping 4 plates wtf lol they needa nerf this @uncoolmel I feel like my deadlift would instantly double listening to thisReply w/ your gym playlists, getting pretty tired of my own 😓 @urwylin
Retweeted by LG mac @QuestNutrition please sponsor me @Vanityxz Bro I'm telling u this shit is worth every penny @currydtx Why eat vegetables when there's no protein in them? @gg_frantic Better than takis 😴Should I eat it
2nd covid shot tomorrow; please pray for me 🙏🏻 @s0mcs Happy bday sam 🥳
@christinecocoab @st9llar He's not even wrong
Thank you all for the birthday wishes, means a lot ❤️, quick lil celebration night tonight then it's back to the grind 😤😼 @nate_rett58 ❤️ @YaBoiDre 😳😤 @Zellsis Thank u jordan ❤️21 🎉 🥳 @mooseloff Ily ❤️❤️❤️❤️
2021 @OfficialAproto @hoajuu somebody stop this man
LFT - unrestricted F/A, most exp on Sova & Skye but open to all roles. Optimistic about the future, feel like i'm…
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