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Nick Haras aka macnick @mac_experts Athens || Volos , Greece

I ❤️ Javascript & React, Ruby & Rails 🤓 Motorcycle racer, Aircraft lover, Avid shooter, X-FileMaker Dev, Dad of 2, #100DaysOfCode 8 rounds completed! 💪

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#R9D65 Finished Milestone-5. Calculator works but has some bugs. I will fix it tomorrow. 🥱 JS Practice on Leetcode:… @cranriquez Thank you Carlos. I planned a 5-day vacation next week. Of course I will pack my little MacBook with me… @satvik_codes @natterstefan @github Thank you Satvik!#R9D64 Feeling exhausted today. I don't have any incentive to work. Is it coronavirus or I need a vacation? 🤔 JS Pr… @jasonkim7288 @CoderAcademy_au Awesome job! Congratulations Jason! @chriskalmar That is destructuring! 😛
#R9D63 My React Calculator Milestone-4 got approved without any changes. 🎉Working on Milestone-5. JS Practice on C…
@josh_carvel After you learn the 2nd language it becomes easier to learn more. The same with framework and libraries. @ravinwashere It is Ayu Mirage for me. 🙂#R9D62 My React Calculator Milestone-3 got approved. Submitted Milestone-4. JS Practice on Codewars: "Nesting Stru… @AgileBelma @Spotify 😂😂 @natterstefan @github Thanks for the tip Stefan! I will definitely do this. 👍 @alexjackhughes Great idea!
@VeraKatic @100xcode You are right. Every difficulty you face and solve makes you better.
How to Make a Calendar App with React
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnickDaily Challenge #265 - Equal Sides #Angular #React #Javascript #Vue #Frontend #NodeJs
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick#R9D61 It was Saturday and I thought: "let me play for a couple of hours with a 4kyu kata". Solved it in 20 minutes…! I hope they evaluate and pay you later. 🙏 @mac_experts Well, we took out travel insurance to move to Sydney. But I had to pay for consultation fee yesterday…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @MariosKnl @microverseinc Good luck with you project. 👍 @AgileBelma Don’t you have an insurance? @AgileBelma Good luck 🍀
#R9D60 Milestone-1 and 2 of React calculator approved! 🎉Started work on Milestone-4. JS Practice on Codewars: "Coe… @WSpanfelner @100xcode @twostraws Round 7! that is impressive! 👏 @AgileBelma To make a long story short, I literally show the string from which my life was hanging. That changed my… am grateful for being alive since 2010. Every day is important. I am glad you are fine now Belma!
#R9D59 Milestone-3 of React calculator submitted for code review. JS Practice on Codewars: "htmlify my text", "Ar…
@chriskalmar @CodeNewbies Impressive! 👏 @WaldoMilanes I think it is the semicolon after the parenthesis @YuriSpiridonov Days off are usually the best 😁 @AuMayeung I am not sure about the first I wrote, but the first I wrote for money, was written in (Soft?) Basic, do… @cranriquez @microverseinc 😊
@cranriquez @microverseinc Excellent job Carlos! Congratulations! @stephsmithio it all depends what the 3 lamps together mean. Is it addition, multiplication or exponentation?Everybody knows this! 😂 Helped my coding partner with a little issue. Completed Milestone-2. JS Practice on Codewars: "", ""… @Ashot_ Successfully a complete fail 😂Day 31: Whole month behind. Solved two #LeetCode problems with brute force. Yesterday Binary Search Tree drained my…
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#R9D57 Completed Milestone-1 of the react calculator project. JS Practice on Codewars: "Unscrambled eggs", "Balanc…
#R9D56 Thank you @MariosKnl, @LearnLiftLines for your help. 2 years ago I made the decision to go for Full-stack de… @YuriSpiridonov I used to have the same problem. I love them both but I didn't know which one to pursue. My solutio… See failure as a beginning. 2. Never stop learning. 3. Assume nothing, question everything. 4. Teach others what…
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#R9D55 I was a FileMaker developer for a decade. The last 2 years I study to be a full-stack developer. Yesterday a… 05 Learned: 4:15 hrs: 30 June Today I am reviewing #traversry_media #html Of course and trying Gimp.…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnickDay 102/200 📚✨ Today I've learned about webpack and babel✅ It was quite a lot to learn but not difficult and I ca…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnickI'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfMLCode I am workin…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @YuriSpiridonov Yes, there are these days. It can happen to anyone. If this is the case I try to solve an easy prob… @SandraCoding If you are experiencing impostor syndrome that means you are out of your comfort zone. This is good b… @DeveloperSmj Very good job! I particularly like your call-to-action buttons. Congratulations! 👏 You are on space… @caelin_sutch Started reading and trying things long before the internet era. Still learning 🤓#R9D54 Learned the three categories of React lifecycle methods: mounting, updating, and unmounting. 🤓 JS practice… Day 28: 30th June 2020 Continued with #freeCodeCamp survey form project, started the CSS Keep it s…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @MariosKnl @microverseinc Good morning Marios! @caelin_sutch Nice setup 👍 @AgileBelma Awesome!
#R9D53 Little practice today with algorithms and data structures. Solved on Codewars: "Find the smallest", "Prime… Trying to find a job that intrigues you and helps you grow as a developer, is a full-time job by itself. Kee… morning session started with #javascript presentation. Next up is related to #Algorithms and #data_structure. I…
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#R9D51 If you are coding a rails app using VS Code and Emmet does not work, here is a little piece I wrote to help… @cat__logic No problem. Happy to help @cat__logic Come on now! Seriously? This is the best calculator I’ve ever seen 😮 Congratulations! The only little t… - Today I finished all of the homework assignment from section 3 and I followed the lab section using Dart.…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @LordPansar 😂
Looks good! Congratulations! advice! @florinpop1705 Any path you are imagining right now will work. Just fight complacency and keep your curiosity alive…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @josh_carvel That was helpful. Thanks! @_JacobBankston Great series of books. I am still at the 3rd one.Day 13 of #100DaysOfCode . Much progress has been made. #laravel package almost finished. Loving coding every day a…
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@MariosKnl Thank you Marios! 🙏#R9D50 I got contacted from 1 recruiter and 1 HR person in one day! 😲That is a first at least for me! Practice @… @chriskalmar @CodeNewbies Windows is not an option 😁The Complete React Native + Hooks Course ( 2020 Edition ) Understand React Native v0.62.2 with Hooks, Context, and…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @YuriSpiridonov Thank you 🙏 Yuri
I like it! Here is mine! @techy_tj @100xcode me too 🤣 @enelesmai @cranriquez @microverseinc Great job, both of you! Congratulations!There are two ways to learn technology: - Learn by using - Learn by studying the concepts Don't forget to do both…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @AgileBelma Looking good Belma. 👏The link to portfolio gave me an error though. @cranriquez @microverseinc @enelesmai Congratulations Carlos!R2D06. Practicing JS Factory Functions and Module pattern in project 2 TicTacToe Game @microverseinc. Great OOP pra…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick @ArNazeh Great idea! @techy_tj @100xcode Looking good. I think it depends. Most people prefer Light theme. Developers usually prefer Dark. 🙂#R9D49 Practice @ Codewars: "Error Throwing - Error Handling #2","Satisfying numbers" I love 🥰 JavaScript because… @MariosKnl Excellent article 👏 @AgileBelma I threw them away a decade ago 😁
R2D05. Oh! the joy of JS Factory functions and the module pattern! Learning lots and having fun working with…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnick#R9D48 Noticed today Github has changed their CSS. New look on basically everything. I think the contribution map… why? it is just a "simple" regular expression! 🤣
#R9D47 Life is like programming. You can not solve all problems using the same algorithm. Practice @ Codewars: "J… @CodeSavage I have set alarms when to sleep and to wake up 😄The Complete React Native + Hooks Course ( 2020 Edition ) Understand React Native v0.62.2 with Hooks, Context, and…
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Software Engineer - Java, Product & Features | Canva Careers - Sydney
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnickWOW 😮 round 8! 👍 I remember how I made fun of JavaScript and its name choice back when it was invented in 1995. 2 years ago I… @cranriquez Thank you Carlos! 🙏#R9D45 OMG! 😱Received and email with an invitation to apply for a job! I have to prepare a cover letter! JS Practi…
If you want smooth scrolling on your landing page when clicking on menu items, add this to the root element (html o…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnickDid you know that web developer tools (in the browser) are made out of web technologies??? It’s built in HTML, CSS,…
Retweeted by Nick Haras aka macnickThe Rust Programming Language Learn a modern, powerful yet safe systems programming language! ☛ …
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