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@jasminericegirl So cringe looool
Sorry if I spoiler for anyone today I was just too excited進撃面白すぎてやばい CGが嫌だという人は一度、時間を計りながら巨人を丁寧に描いてみるといいですよ。1秒間に最低8枚。二度とそんな事は言えなくなるので
Retweeted by kayla @AoTWiki .... . . . WHEN LEVI SAVES EREN @TwitchPluto FUCK MY BAD I FIGURED MOST PEOPLE HAVE ME MUTEF AT THIS POINT LOL @soggyhandtowels @iam_camai JUST DM AND SPOIL IDC @iam_camai WHATS THIS MEAN TELL ME RIGHT NOW @JeffSenpai29 I LITERALLY DONT CARE AS A MATTER OF FACT ILL TAKE THE TIME TO CARE RIGHT NOW AND USE 10 SECONDS OF MY LIFE TO BLOCK U PEACE DO PEOPLE ALWAYS ANNOUNCE THEYRE UNFOLLOWING. WE LITERALLY AND I MEAN LITERALLLY DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. AOT JUST C… THEY CLEARLY SHOWED GABI BEING TRAUMATIZED FOR A REASON. SHES CLEARLY GOING TO K**L SOMEONE. IM GO… GUESS ON WHAT HAPPENS NOW: REINER IS ABOUT TO DIE AND GABI TAKES THE ARMOR TITAN. OR, FALCO TOOK IT BEFORE REINER DIED.(SPOILER) IM ACTUALLY GLAD GABI SAW EVERYTNING THAT HAPPENED. SHE SHOULD NOW REALIZE SHE’LL NEVER BEAT THE ISLAND D… WE ARE WATCHING ANIME HISTORY IT DOESNT GET BETTER THAN THIS!!!!! WHAT A FANTASTIC EPISODE I WAS CRYING… @AoTWiki LEVI!!!!!!!!!!! @cooloriginal1 I can’t here in Missouri. We are in the middle of nowhere they don’t do that here. Plus the virusIm talking about watching it on a tv....if you watch it on a phone or website I promise you you’ll feel much more i… @waterrune A tv..... @AgentFromISP Yep 😞 @TheImorgan14 Having it on a big screen TV makes me feel like I’m literally experiencing the anime as opposed to my… cannot watch the new AOT Titan since the fucking app will not WORK. I need to be immersed Im not watching it on a… @Crunchyroll APP WONT WORK WHST DO I DO WHAT DO I DO @AsycLoL @Sanchovies @m0xyOW I don’t ❤️ @davidvincentva @Crunchyroll Love this character!!!! Great voice man 👍🏽 @Crunchyroll hi can you guys please fix your app? Especially on roku? It is extremely laggy, logs me out at random,… @chamlne @Sanchovies Dont encourage the man @Sanchovies’s crazy how much hatred can grow for one single person @AsycLoL @Sanchovies @m0xyOW Delete this you freaks @Sanchovies Muted . @alexmcg1812 WHERE IS IT??? @infamousbtw WTF LOL @AoTWiki @AniTrendz W after W after W @AsycLoL :( @ForestWithin I don’t think I’ve ever owned a 144hz. Will that make a silver player better? 🤨 @kuba44750799 @Crunchyroll Np :) @Eastty1 Tell her to call me @AoTWiki #ThankYouMappa #ThankYouMappa @jordanshf Litt @oskulate I don’t care and I didn’t ask @Crunchyroll Updated: on episode 5. Very good show. I really like the look of the anime. Like the design and the quality @Crunchyroll @Jujutsu_Kaisen_ @39daph ? @Teddsan @Froste what tf you just typed out loud...cmon 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 @trashdinho @Froste Im on cloud 9 rn @Froste How they feel rn you should watch One Piece bro, the first 400 episodes are kinda slow but it really starts to pick up after that!
Retweeted by kayla @Froste The stans are actually so mad LMFAOOOOOO @curtisjuro LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @TokyoSage Okay nvm I change my pick to soul eater @xSojin I need to read the manga cuz everyone says it’s completely different 😭 @anime_shingeki ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU AND YOUR STUDIO FOR ALL OF THE HARD WORK. PLEASE KEEP IT UP. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @teriteri5 THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @kyeagerr The ost was good....not the absolute best in the world but it was a solid choice. As a former orchestra s… @Crunchyroll This looks cool I’ll watch it @MelliCatss Omg yaaay!!!! So glad u like it 😭❤️❤️❤️ @RiotMoosey @killua6666 UMMM LOOOOL ANYWAYS... @Crunchyroll NICE. I HOPE THERE IS STREAMING OR SOMETHING CUZ THE THEATRES WILL BE BAD THO. @killua6666 W H OMEGALUL????However I would not be super upset with the choice of Shoyo Hinata. He is also best boy YOU GUYS BETTER VOTE SATORU GOJOU FOR BEST BOY ON THIS YEAR’S CRUNCHYROLL AWARDS @Shounenworld U WILL NOT TOUCH HIM!!!!!!! @hulkgamerxxYT @OvileeMay We’ve had ENOUGH.Anime onlys when someone says to read the manga:
Retweeted by kayla @Metalkh @RealGwynkoo Ya a lot of people don’t understand how complicated it can get. No biggie @kalanilul I’ve read online (not sure if it’s true tho) that the people who feel this way are usually misdiagnosed.… @DumbsYT No actually whats crazy about all of this is I am more hungry than I used to be. Before the medicine I’d e… @RealGwynkoo @Metalkh It isnt something u can just control loooool u should google or reddit about it. If it was ea… @snowbirdtbh Ya today is the first day I had a full breakfast before taking it and it still hurts. It hurts all fuc…
@LSXYZ9 LS is back LS is back Pog @darkchocolateV2 @DumbsYT CMON!!!! @MasterA1_Gaming 😞😞😞😞 @cyberstephanie I thought the first pic was u wtf @REALMizkif @BaboAbe @AutumnRhodess Your eyes are sooo pretty 🥺 @DeeWavyyy I still owe over $2k (even after having insurance) from a concussion. I never used an ambulance. Mom dro… @REALMizkif @BaboAbe I really don’t want to watch you. Is there an alternative to this bud? @m_ntecarl_ I actually would but I’m not sure if twitch would allow it for anime idkOk this is from 2019 but there is no way my legs are that small WTF @Crunchyroll @ReZero_En Should I watch this @PhotosOfKanye Excuse me? Was you saying something? Uh uh, you can't tell me nothing @Grahamalott DUDE CMON ✋ @Grahamalott Stop ✋ @ArianaGrande @DojaCat How are you real @davenewworld_2 They’re so fucking cringe it’s unbelievable. You’d be done shopping by now if you just fucking list… @MeanMug_Mamii I think about this everyday @RedRustSword I keep hearing about this. What is this anime about?The new Jujutsu Kaisen OP and ED are amazing. Idk how to explain it in other words I mean it really is so fuckin go… @pnrpoint is that new or somethin @MegodiIe you should. anime is life changing @weesterner already rule 34'd it @qtcinderella But....I love you for that :'( That's so sweet wtf @saggetarious ill deadass be so mad if he doesn't watch it with me.... @spr0utel3 @WTHISarahLehman I would feel this way no matter what color someone was. The fuck? Literally has nothing… @WTHISarahLehman I had to delete my previous tweet since I read false information. My fault. Supposedly, this guy d… @somistaaaaa @WTHISarahLehman this is coming from a Kpop stan LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYoinked from Reddit @Mufsyy LOL CMON