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@REALMizkif Did u mean to @ Tyler @HolyMan This is heartbreaking ahh man I’m so sorry. I’m sure you gave him lots of love and a beautiful life full o… hope your Monday starts off great and fantastic and positive and happy and good vibes yes yes. Take care of yours… @REALMizkif great choice for a shirt
@bishopchristian Happy birthday man hope u have a good one @Kato_katt @Erobb221 He looks so country @loltarzaned Same. Feels like my husband is never coming back from war. Nights getting longer. Days getting shorter. @SpaceAidz I would’ve liked this if he didn’t say SHEEEESH @Barry_74 It’s so good 😩 @SyrobeNA @AsycLoL Get his ass @AsycLoL It’s so good. Would’ve been better with cummies @yungandysavage Awesome @miltamk AwesomeDelicious hot dog @itsraechill YESS QUEENIt’s cool.
It's funny, Reddit as a community is one of the worst places on the internet. Not funny or interesting, terrible pl…
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Retweeted by Kayla @dmsco1803 @RiotMoosey @discord Hes suffocating please take him out @leena_xu Happy birthday hard working queen!! I hope you have a great day you deserve it :) @Trainwreckstv @pokelawls @Greekgodx Jesus ChristI haven’t been lifting much due to school and stream so my ass is gonna be the weakest one here but this should be… @kyedae Munchkins 😳😳
@SL0VE_ Shut up yo @macawcaw123 Who tf is this and why is she in my notfications??? I don't need this negativity
Retweeted by Kayla @Sanchovies @DarkVectorTV @macawcaw123 I dont know who you are and I dont follow you, but after this I never will. Thanks Twitter for this tw…
Retweeted by Kayla @macawcaw123 A mature adult would never ‘brag’ about having sex. Be internet smart
Retweeted by KaylaWhy the fuck did normies see this tweet LOOOL
@JJKcontents HES SO FUCKING HOT AND NOT JUST HOT HES JUST SO PERFECT PERSONALITY WISE AND HE IS FUNNY AND STRONG AND I WISH ANIME WAS REAL @Cloud9 Idk if it’s underrated but I actually really enjoyed Sekirei. I liked the idea of the focus mainly being on… had intercourse lol haters mad @Th4t0neDude ?????????????????????? @peterparkTV Type something negative about One Piece I dare you @ibrahimelj @peterparkTV Idk if this is sarcasm or not but I agree with this statementYo guys shut up please @DudespostingWs Huge @WaifuAlert @STPeach So pretty 🥺 I hope u have a nice day too!!!
@TwitchSupport Fuck my stream is dead now gg @uhthemilk A queen @Voyboy This is soooo freaking wholesome omg 🥺🥺🥺 @39daph If you fart by any chance, can you put it in a bottle and send it to me
@loltarzaned Most Overrated Jungler: lolTarzaned @mescudiworld @twomad It’s sarcasm @PlayVALORANT Excited to play some solo queue this week ! 🙂A positive late night tweet. Thank you to anyone who ever raids/hosts me. I am too forgetful to show the love back.… @Yassuo Mellow!!!!!! He’s gonna be so excited omg @twomad I really want to say it on a video sometime that seems really cool @SonStashu I just feel so empty inside without it.Life is so much better when you don’t consume yourself with this garbage site @Moristiko Yes
@Class Bet man invite me sometime this week I’m not fuckin around @Class Boosted
Just a monkey and cat being best buds
Retweeted by Kayla @DigitalArtByS SICKKKK!!!❤️
I hope you have a great weekend @Jujutsu_Kaisen_ QUEEEEEENS @cyberstephanie Oh my .... @AsycLoL Dont do it. Not worth @BWWings Hi @AZTKucho23 @oopshonen They barely get any screen time, their characters don’t even have decently long back stories…
@oopshonen This is literally the best villain group in all of anime and I will argue it till the end of time @BWWings since u guys sponsor my boyfriend and he shows the script on stream, can I get sponsored too I’m less loud… @Cilosan_ @Doublelift1 Read the manga XDDDDLook at all my babies together @JessicaBlevins You look amazing
@MrBoomflex Nightmare 😭 @notjawnbooty @Aatroxcarry LOL @Doublelift1 Gojo is basically a god @PlayRuneterra Kindred ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @PlayRuneterra @ForestWithinLittle Misfortune devs.... wtf is this explain @AsycLoL Very good gamePlease don’t ban him it’s just a joke mr twitch if I wake up to a ban I will be very angwy @pm_magictavern Wtf is this shit on my tl @americanmochi @Twitch HAHAHA @salad_fries @Twitch hes a woman hater thats it @Twitch Hi can you please look into this streamer I think his name is Sanchovies. he is sending all of his viewers… @MidPoint99 @0011Am @KQueenTsun Oooo this is dope @xChocoBars LOL
@Doublelift1 @loltyler1 @ballslol_ @Hai @MeteosLoL @Sneaky Stacked @Valkyrae @100Thieves Amazing amazing amazing incredible woman you are such an inspiration congrats raeeeeee
@kaiBaaam Honestly don’t have a favorite atm. I’ve been tweeting about it a lot recently because it’s just been suc… @LioxGG Yeah you right 😪 @Pos3idonnnn We gonna delete this right now.One of the best anime characters of all time? @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA First anime I was ever introduced to 😞 @Cloud9 @Perkz This is so cute 🤧
@Athena Wait am I dumb I thought you were on G2 wtf @FatherofGeckos @Pokemon I wish I had the original but I have no freaking idea where it is I’m sorry ☹️ @CoronaBeerusDBS @Pokemon No :( not that I know of sorry @Ledros42 @Crunchyroll Slime anime :) @olivtheowl HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIV I HOPE U HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER @_Johnboy1000_ @Jujutsu_Kaisen_ Okay well sorry for presuming that’s my bad @darkkpane Yo @Apply Trueeeee @_Johnboy1000_ @Jujutsu_Kaisen_ Ah you’re probably one of these people that thinks he’s gay and you’re all going to…