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i like flowers and greenery and nature and little things that make me happy like animals and book quotes and i am annoying

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@asyyyc I’m serious you are good at league and carry really bad players (sanchovies) and I’m sure you have some oth… @leena_xu Listennn I was highly allergic but once I got mine, my body eventually got used to it. I’m not sure how a… @asyyyc You are great in your own way! @leena_xu Get one they’re life changing @HayliNic Sometimes a switch will just flip in my head and I get in an irritated state of mind and just pick apart… myself that I’m working, going to school, lifting for 2 hours, dating, helping LS, taking care of the hou… @bh4dd Tysm @willywunkle Tyty @Dominxc omg glad u noticed that. hate regular soft shell tacos so much. corn all the way @n0mad_tv thats what i used for these :D @TrulyTenzin ty queen @princess69420x I just used the salsa verde and some melted lard @visionofviii man i dont blame u fuck cooking LOL @bezraps you're banned from my chat and all chat rooms i moderate in @lolesports EZ @Protohype WAKE ME UP WAKE ME UP INSIDEI hate cooking but I tried making carnitas for the first time tonight pogO @JessicaBlevins Precious @BayleeJacquay I just got it after trying out WOW for the first time. The camera is pure aidsMotion sickness from playing a game is the worst :( @Bwipo @AdorableCarry ❤️😭
@REALMizkif @malenatudi LULULUL TRUE @KP5ive DAMN @mayahiga6 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @asyyyc @asyyyc I know I’m attractive I get it @w1ndyy AHAHAHAHAHAI am actually so fucking stupid holy shit I really tried it bro he is single and he runs one of the top twitter accounts in the game rn @portilho Lookin good my friend @basedlilV Yes @burnfrenchtoast @warren_352 @vrob330 @kanyewest HOW @smileAzazel Idk if this is real or not but I actually feel bad for her @079Kal @jaffri_abdullah @_eddie_22 No :) @baregrizzly18 @h3h3productions Sweetie you follow me and that’s it. You’re a fan. Nothing more to it. There are no… @Lordy_Flacko @h3h3productions I agree to an extent but the tik tok is just beyond unnecessary. I saw his tweet on… @xdxdredx @willardthegrait @h3h3productions He’s been on YouTube for years. He knows what it encourages why play dumb for him? LMFAOOOO @baregrizzly18 @h3h3productions Andddd you follow me so who’s more pathetic here 🥺 @xdxdredx @willardthegrait @h3h3productions His fans will harass and bully James (which they are if you just open y… @shmegmoid @h3h3productions Honestly forgot about that. Scanned the comments and noticed people buying teddy merch… @willardthegrait @h3h3productions point still stands here. What are fans going to do about this situation?… @h3h3productions Grown man fighting with a 21 year old over something that could’ve been talked about in DM’s or a… @_eddie_22 Manifestingggggggg god do u hear me? Are u real?
@portilho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @FionnOnFire NYC 😳 @J_T__2_2 @kanyewest Good LMAOOO that’s why I tweeted this shit @kanyewest First you start her career and now you save it. Thats some king shit right there Mr.West @LSXYZ9 LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo @CupOfEggy This is me @Cloud9 AYOOOO CONGRATS maybe I’m overthinking this but I’m just dumbfounded by someone randomly asking that loooool @LiandryAdvocate Nah nah...she said this after my ID went through the system. It was seriously just a randoml ass thought she hadA cashier asked for my ID for alcohol and when she looked at it, she asked what part of NY I’m from so I tell her A… @seradotwav I’m being negative I’m sorry have a nice day @seradotwav Stop role playing riot @Kala @DamianEstrada @kanyewest No idea what you’re talking about 😳 @DamianEstrada @kanyewest Omg ur right deleting tweet @Sanchovies Hi Karim @ConnorEatsPants Eat shit KIDShut the fuck up yo!!!!!!! @kurtcobainrap @kanyewest HA I GOT MY TWITTER BACK ⛷
Retweeted by kayla @saltyking1 @TSM @Bjergsen @Spicalol This doesn’t even make sense I’m saying he looks like a model as in commercial modeling industry @kanyewest Can you get me some yeezys specifically the cream ones please @TSM @Bjergsen @Spicalol Bjergsen looks like he does not play games lol almost like an actual model @5ftADC I’m so sorry I don’t mean to hurt you @GreysABC YALL NEED TO FINISH THE CHILD TRAFFICKING EPISODE. WE CANT JUST NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. AND U BETTER NOT R… @LunafreyaVA So good @manishie_ I FAILED COLLEGE MATH TWICE IF IT MAKES U FEEL BETTER I STILL HAVE TO RETAKE IT LOL @manishie_ LETS GOOOOOO @iAMtheKM @astro_maria CAN YALL SHARE THE RECIPE????this is the biggest question mark of my life i think
@wydpoke Broken glass LOL @Grlypillowfight Omggggg queen @darin11 POG @nymnion @CallMeCarsonYT Cuteeeeee 🥺He is mentally not right in the head years ago today we got this dumbass @CallMeCarsonYT You should get a Scottish fold :) @CashApp $Macaiyla @Valkyrae TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER...UNTIL U POST ANOTHER SELFIE @qtcinderella Please @kanyewest kk @Aatroxcarry Happy bday :) @yoonahlol @Cloud9 @PUMA @cat_falco Surprisingly only a month 🙇🏽‍♀️ 6 months for your septum seems sooo damn long wow @HappyFreak_ Scottish fold @D3nisdaMenace @asyyyc Yo denis who are u again? @asyyyc U2 @kanyeweessst Actually thought this was another wild tweet from Kanye today @SlamuraiShaq @Sodapoppintv You and soda need help @DaysLimits HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I HOPE U HAVE AN AWESOME DAY MAN
Nelson and his dad goooo cute lil among us card by .@MewooTm to be in NYC right now for my underbite consultation but I had to cancel because NY is requiring a 14 day… @AplatypussTV @Twitch @TwitchSupport I’d be so fucking triggered holy shit @kanyewest Charge your phone it’s pretty low @kanyewest LOOOOOOL @kanyewest I feel like I’m in school with you