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when you work out once and still don’t wake up skinny
Retweeted by wandererI’m gonna be lazy all day. I don’t have the energy for anything😭Fuuuuck my ankle hurts 😭10 years😂 Will wants to get back at Jada, I’m here.
Retweeted by wandererIf you see me looking zoned out it’s cause im having a therapy session with myself in my head
Retweeted by wandererThis conspiracy has been in the making for more than 20 years. Multiple mysterious deaths of college-aged men. This…
Retweeted by wandererReprogramming my mind to assist my child through her one million emotions instead of getting aggravated (or mainly…
Retweeted by wandererSo I was tryna take cute pics of @Maritzababylala but this is what I got 😂 really b having to ask my anxiety for permission to go out
Retweeted by wandererBurgers for dinner 😋Im glad I didn’t drop my phone in the river today. I def got it wet though & I’m sure I’m gonna have hella bruises tomorrowFinally got a day to ourselves!😊
@jmitreortega Tu y yo 😂 @jmitreortega @JasmiineeAnn Everyone loves a supportive manIt’s all good though, it’s a river day😊I haven’t even had breakfast & I’m already having a beer😂Moms who breastfeed should get free boob jobs I said what I said
Retweeted by wandererThat’s it I’m making an only fans @Maritzababylala Meee tooooo😭This heat is getting worse therefore.......... DONT FORGET YOUR FUCKING KIDS IN THE FUCKING CAR YOU DUMB FUCKS!!!!!!
Retweeted by wandererLiterally me lol incomes should always be the goal
Retweeted by wandererI just want you guys to know that I’d never run away and leave my babies. Over my dead body would I ever leave my f…
Retweeted by wanderer& then I gotta wait another two days cause I gotta do the other half 😂 @jmitreortega @JasmiineeAnn Lmfaoooo @MACdrainuhh @JasmiineeAnn Nah she ain’t gonna try no mo trash 🗑
Retweeted by wanderer @creatureanabel @lionleoRX Dam bitch, what about me, I need to be around people like me @lionleoRX @MACdrainuhh already saved you a spot
Retweeted by wanderer @MACdrainuhh @creatureanabel May i join
Retweeted by wanderer @MACdrainuhh @lionleoRX this is perfect
Retweeted by wanderer @JasmiineeAnn Sierra Nevada wild thing to be exact @JasmiineeAnn Try the sour ones, those are good. @creatureanabel @lionleoRX Bro, this gon be her @lionleoRX sweet of you to assume i’m going that way
Retweeted by wanderer @creatureanabel So there is WiFi in heaven
Retweeted by wandererokay so you know how mexican moms don’t apologize or whatever, my mom yelled at me for no reason and then she tried…
Retweeted by wandererCan not wait until Sunday to see how my mold came out😁 @jazminmlopezz Reminds me I gotta get mine together!
Please please recognize that the child's mother passed away during this fire. She was already engulfed in flames wh…
Retweeted by wandererThey have this thing called wine & dash on Facebook & my coworker just wine & dashed me😭 (well beer & dashed) lol y… @lifeof_jaliyah @BitterBulia YesThis a eyelash extension yes or no?
Retweeted by wandererSo someone needs to try to buy one of these products and see what's up 🤔
Retweeted by wandererY’all this Wayfair Human trafficking thing is crazy. Look at this, there are two pillows/shower curtains that are t…
Retweeted by wandererTikTok really be exposing a lot of stuff. No wonder they wanna ban it. @Mata_Diwi right?! Like shit really is happening right under our noses 😓Bro, have ya’ll heard about the way fair conspiracy theory? If ya haven’t, look it up. @MACdrainuhh FUCK YES I’m predicting many Harry Potter nights in the future lol
Retweeted by wanderer @HaleyPulawa “Sorry I didn’t make it home after work babe, but I’m staying the night at Haley & izzies’😂 I can see it already @HaleyPulawa No way?! I’m coming over everyday after work lolThis year has been full of the greatest things to happen in my life, and full of the absolute worst things that hav…
Retweeted by wanderer @MACdrainuhh They’re available in the Bay Area 😂 not sure if you wanna drive like 2.5 hours though
Retweeted by wanderer @HaleyPulawa Lmfao WHERE @HaleyPulawa WheeerereedNone of my ex’s can say I’m ugly because his homies hmu at one point
Retweeted by wanderer @essieelove_XO Might be worth it lol
If you my homie riding with me and forgot your wallet or anything I got you, with no pay me back later. I’m eating…
Retweeted by wanderer @stephy_nava I should have hopped on 🙄S/o to all the girls who go to the gym in just a sports bra and leggings, I aspire to be you one day
Retweeted by wandererI love seeing people get new places, new cars, better job opportunities, being happy with themselves, all that. Keep winning.
Retweeted by wandererChalino Sanchez still performing at a concert after being told he was going to die that same night.
Retweeted by wandererRead the death threat note and still continued the show, a fucken king
Retweeted by wanderer @HaleyPulawa @Mata_Diwi That was the first place I went to😭 they said even the Costco in rosa & rohnert park we’re sold out @Mata_Diwi I called & they don’t have any either😭 @HaleyPulawa Yes! @JasmineFalgout Oooo which iPad is it?Do you want to live on some land and have a gate with our last name on it or not?
Retweeted by wandererYooooo, the Apple store is also sold out on ipads😭Fuck took three weeks off of working out & I’m feeling it😭 couldn’t even finish the workoutI start getting anxiety once I notice everyone actually listening 😂 a love/hate thing for Unsolved Mysteries. I’m always so intrigued, but end up frustrated every single time as i…
Retweeted by wandererme manifesting a fatter ass and smaller waist
Retweeted by wandererI’ll never understand airing someone business out when u stop being friends 😕
Retweeted by wanderermy man’s such a hard worker, may God be with him always 🤍
Retweeted by wandererMy mom said, “If you love them, pray for them regardless of how things are going.”
Retweeted by wandererTwitter be like “your man should come home to a warm meal after a hard day of work” .. meanwhile my man comes home…
Retweeted by wanderer @Mata_Diwi Kevins going to the Apple store tomorrow lol they better have it @Unicorntaco2319 Kevins going to Santa Rosa tomorrow lol @Mata_Diwi How long did it take to get here? I checked and it said until August 😭idc if a purse is $12 if that mf cute imma get it 😂
Retweeted by wandererGuess who called out of work for tomorrow 😁Need to get tubes for Saturday 😊 this shall be fun.I really can’t wait for chilly weather /:
Retweeted by wandererUnemployment ends this month no more 1942s gon get flexed🤣
Retweeted by wandererOne thing about me, ima go to sleep 😂😅
Retweeted by wandererI’m not saying 600 dollars a week for unemployment is bad. But I will say that it is excessive. That’s 2400 dollars…
Retweeted by wanderer
@miminavil I wanted the iPad Pro. They had the other ones at Costco! @stonedsoull Oh heck no.We literally went everywhere to go get my iPad & they were sold out😭I used to go to school with this guy 🤮 Armando Cruz I hope you rot in prison and you have not one second/day of pea…
Retweeted by wandererToxic people make you think you’re holding a grudge, when really you’re holding a boundary.
Retweeted by wandererIs it normal to want to push away everyone you love and disappear? Like, out of nowhere cause damn 🙃
Retweeted by wandererThe day I found out about Ashley’s passing I really did not believe it. I called Tyler & I’m like Doode kevins trip… dreamt last night. Her, Beto & all the Rez babies went looking for @ashesstoned_ They found her high up in a t…
Retweeted by wanderer @MACdrainuhh I can’t listen to her voice. It breaks me 💔
Retweeted by wanderer @Mata_Diwi Me too😓I heard someone say that they can handle seeing pictures of their loved ones that have passed, but seeing videos &… said ‘why didn’t you bring your significant other’ they said ‘no one likes them so why bring them?’ FAIR POINT🤷🏽‍♀️