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Don't choo wish your train was hot like mine. 🏳️‍🌈🚂🌍 Train driver but don't @ me. she/her

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Ähsatan went for the top one. The reeces pieces fell in 💔 but then went all gooey 🤤. @Martin_H_1986 Interesting choice. I do love salted caramel but was worried it would be a bit sickly. @driverbod125 Very seasonal. A fine choice.Which would you pick? @SophLouiseHall Sophie
Cats Behind Pixelated Glass Doors
Retweeted by Natasha MaciejkowiczJust tripped and keyed my own car. @hansmollman Thick gloves but also I must be really unfit because even if it is 0 degrees I get warm after 5 mins of jogging. @driverbod125 Just got mine today too! 🤞🤞🤞Just nearly choked to death on a cup of coffee. @satupfront That does sound epic! @RyanGri82035381 It probably needs to be burned.A very foggy night and I love it!!!! (As long as I'm driving fast trains that don't have to stop anywhere)
@rbrownridge88 Might rub it on the front of my train to break it in. @SophLouiseHall My brain is a little bitch @SophLouiseHall This was me last night. So annoying!
@SophLouiseHall @hannahtindle It me. Me pig. @supaned It won't be shiny for long.
@SophLouiseHall @superTV247 A true test of our friendshipCan you tell which is the new one?
@amaciejkowicz It took 3 attempts @amaciejkowicz @SophLouiseHall @idiotboxed :0
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@SophLouiseHall @idiotboxed Ugh now you're talking 🤤 @idiotboxed @SophLouiseHall I'm sorry. I have been in the south for too long. I only eat proper cornish pasties now.Tories have axed: •1,189 fewer Sure Start Centres •102 NHS Walk In Centres •600 Police Stations •675 Libraries •76…
Retweeted by Natasha Maciejkowicz @BeingJarley Yes OK go on. I'm sure the Eivors won't mind. @BeingJarley Can't decide if I fancy male Eivor or female Eivor more and it is distressing me. @BeingJarley Yep @SophLouiseHall Sorry I might have just blasphemed at you @clloyd3003 @driverbod125 @BeingJarley And usually something naff like a tin of beans @BeingJarley @driverbod125 I decided it was Christmas for myself. @jennypotts 😡😡😡😡😡😡 @SophLouiseHall Not all Greggs is good Greggs Sophie @birdsnestsblog Not currently. So I guess it could be worse. @Johnsheldrake82 Tbh that would taste better and warm me up more! @BeingJarley A Le Creuset cafetiere, some very expensive candles, a hot water bottle cover, make up from Glossier,… @BeingJarley @driverbod125 @holdmch I really didn't think Oxford depot was quite so "progressive" 🤨Eating a cold Greggs pizza on my own in a park might be a new lockdown low for me. @driverbod125 @BeingJarley @holdmch Thankfully everyone at work calls it the DSD/ vigilance and the DA side. Otherw… @driverbod125 Bed! @clloyd3003 The one that was chucked over the garden fence was interesting because it was pitch black and I had no…
@ToniPratt @qikipedia Sorry for shouting. I got a bit overexcited @ToniPratt @qikipedia 🤣🤣I REALLY WISH THIS WAS TRUE BUT ALAS I JUST GOOGLED IT AND NO @ToniPratt @qikipedia I did because I know everything about trains ever! She was in charge of making BR food edible or something.My deliveries have been arriving and I've been at work for all of them. One was chucked over my garden fence, one w… @xboxuk @cpulisic_10 #ScoreMoreWithXbox 🥺#ScoreMoreWithXbox are celebrating the release of the #XboxSeriesX like a last-min cup final winner 🔥 To be in wi…
Retweeted by Natasha Maciejkowicz @BeingJarley These are all going to be very obvious choices soz but the Deus Ex Games, Dragon Age 1-3, Mass Effect…
@_RachelHandley Same but yours looks better
@Rachel_England At least it was only slightly rained on. @Rachel_England The one I got yesterday. Kept expecting it to load more but it just never did 🤣. Thankfully found m… morning I accidentally put my contact lenses in the wrong way round and was wondering how I was drunk off the…
@BeingJarley Thanks. It did the trick. They unlocked the card so I got to spend £50 on candles after all. @180113thomas Naughty train! What was wrong with it?When you can't sleep so do some midnight internet shopping and then NatWest freaks out and blocks your card 😭.
Going to bed in a huff because I can't beat Ripto in Spyto 2. @cranium84 🙄🙄🙄 @cranium84 No I did not. Maybe my managers just think I deserve a few days off (yeah right!)It comes as a great surprise to me that I have been released from my work duties next week for "compassionate leave…
Remember the horror when Labour wanted to raise taxes on those earning over 80k
Retweeted by Natasha Maciejkowicz @gsnedders 🤫
@gsnedders ENGAGED BUT NOT MARRIED 😏BUT I FANCIED THEM BOTH SO MUCH 😭😭😭 @BeingJarley I'm very shallow. I'm just sad coz I fancied them both so much :( @PrivateJarley @25kV YEEEES @BeingJarley Noooooooooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. This has legitimately ruined my day.people achieving things 🤪
Retweeted by Natasha Maciejkowicz @Peakester @debshalsey @alexatansley1 ❤ BWFC (even though they are currently dire, bless) @debshalsey @Peakester @alexatansley1 Oh no. My parents love football and hate Tories. This will be a great conflict for them. @MrsRecruiter75 @RAIL I'm scared @Peakester @debshalsey @alexatansley1 Ugh the MP who now represents where I grew up 😬Minister warns The National Trust must "reflect and learn" from the "offence" caused by fact it did its actual job…
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That’s cool, China has a maglev train series that runs at 265 mph and the Japanese Shinkasen is testing a train tha…
Retweeted by Natasha Maciejkowicznetflix renewing emily in paris but cancelling glow...that's a choice
Retweeted by Natasha MaciejkowiczBae just asked me if I want to go to a gig in October 2021 which is basically a marriage proposal right? @180113thomas I do usually live in darkness at this time of year. @supaned Noooo! Although people like you facilitate my permanent swap, so thank you. @jlnash84 🤣🤣 thank you. This made me laugh on a very difficult day (because I had to be up before 9) @Navy_Kitty I suppose it is a novelty! I'm usually going on holiday if I see a sunrise. @supaned Noooo. Anything before 9am is wrong. @rahepla Surely not. It is inhumane.Masayo Fukuda, contemporary master of kirie, or Japanese paper-cutting, crafting hyper detailed creatures from sing…
Retweeted by Natasha MaciejkowiczAs someone who works permanent lates usually, what is happening?
@randiSav 🤢 to everything about them. I used to come home stinking of fumes if I'd been on one. @randiSav I understand now why drivers had specific "HST gloves". @randiSav 🤢Any fellow 180 drivers feel a cold sweat coming on just reading those numbers?
@SophLouiseHall @marksandspencer I NEED THEMWhen your partner supports Torquay United 🥴
Retweeted by Natasha MaciejkowiczI WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!
Retweeted by Natasha MaciejkowiczOff he went with a trumpety trump!
@BeingJarley @driverbod125 @jknelhams Sounds fake. All of it. FAKE NEWS. @BeingJarley @driverbod125 @jknelhams But surely London doesn't get foggy! 🤨😜 @BeingJarley Does this person want to have sex with a train???? If not what is their point??????????????? @cranium84 Oh man that sounds horrific. It is beautiful but can be deadly! @driverbod125 @jknelhams The lack of AWS magnets 😭 @driverbod125 @jknelhams If my braking point is "when I see the station" then I have some difficulty!