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macin @MacinRigg Ohio, USA

working hard so my cat and I can have a better life | CU ‘21 | naptime 24/7 | she/her

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@little_critter_ Professor Hiltbrunner And professor Fernandez-Gomez!Strip his medal just like y’all did Usain Bolt when his TEAMMATE got caught doping
Retweeted by macinEvery time I start to dread this semester and everything I need to do, I sit back and appreciate the fact that my t… “This impeachment is being rushed” Republicans the week RBG died:
Retweeted by macinI just saw a post about how CPD officer morale is so low because of the state of the world, but I keep thinking abo…
Remember when Boomers told us we had to untag every Facebook photo of ourselves having a beer at a party in college…
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I don’t understand everyone complaining about zoom classes. I love learning from the comfort of my own fluffy bed…
@ramparcerocasa0 Unfortunate they don’t have Instagram, but I can post more pics of them 🥰🥰To anyone saying, "This is not who we are." Yes. It is. Slavery, genocide, internment, segregation all happened i…
Retweeted by macinRemember when they shoved a senior citizen so hard he cracked his skull on the pavement and he started bleeding out…
Retweeted by macinI’m in a safe location we’re good Y’all know this is insurrection and terrorism right?
Retweeted by macinis that.... a dab pen in her mouth....? this in: Never once, in the years 1860-1865, was this flag ever paraded in the halls of the American capitol.
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two americas
Retweeted by macinwaving the blue lives matter flag as you openly disobey law enforcement is extra cool because it illustrates how yo…
Retweeted by macinHow capitol police handled disabled protestors fighting against abolishing the ACA a few years ago:
Retweeted by macinwhen you put on your piano key scarf and drive all the way from tennessee but the revolution isn’t ready for you
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Retweeted by macinI wanna see the rockets red glare, I want bombs bursting in mid air on these niggas
Retweeted by macinNo lie, I thought you would get shot for rushing the Capitol.
Retweeted by macinHere’s a looter stealing a podium from inside the U.S. Capitol and not getting shot, tear gassed, or thrown in an u…
Retweeted by macinpeople said we were being dramatic. and yet.
Retweeted by macinFor the record this was the US Capitol during the BLM Protestors
Retweeted by macinJust thinking about how many people were blinded and bloodied and broken all summer for doing far less than this
Retweeted by macinDuring the Presidential debate Trump told the Proud Boys to "Stand by" And today he activated them.
Retweeted by macinimagine seeing all this & still not believing that white privilege is real
Retweeted by macinhave you ever seen anything so disgraceful to our country? 200 years in the making and they try to smear it all.
Retweeted by macinThis how they got the Senators in the back hallways 😂
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Retweeted by macinOne of these was called unpatriotic and the other is being called a peaceful protest by Fox News today. (NBC/Getty)
Retweeted by macin*terrorist
Retweeted by macinMaybe antifa was good and fa was the problem.
Retweeted by macinWell that escalated steadily for four years.
Retweeted by macinWhy y’all keep asking where the police at? Y’all ask where Miley’s at when Hannah’s on stage?
Retweeted by macinThe empire waistline dresses in Bridgerton are KILLING me. They’re just so ugly @little_critter_ I’m even building her a cave in my basement right now. I love her too much 😂 @little_critter_ I bought this light specifically for the dimmer. But it’s sold separately 😑😑😑😊Alright so I started watching Bridgerton and you’re telling me he had to propose because of a kiss?!?me finally my next relaxing semester
Retweeted by macin @Lindsey_Keller2 The most dramatic... and she hates change.realizing i’m going to spend my whole early to mid twenties in a pandemic then choosing to unrealize
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I got Janet a new light for her aquarium, she does not like it.
@allie_wonderly Oh hell yeah @allie_wonderly So are you going to show it to us or...? @roehrig_sydney Then you have to cross reference all the pics to find out which one he is 🤦‍♀️ just start left swipingMe, an intellectual, giving my fetal tissue a Viking burial:
Retweeted by macinI’m 0/2 with stimulus checks like damn am I not in a pandemic
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Happy #Caturday to the best roommates. @ceekai_23 Yes ma’am.
Me, an intellectual, giving my fetal tissue a Viking burial: saw one of those hanging cat beds at home goods today and lemme tell you a bitch ALMOST dropped $100 on it. The… is Wait A Minute by willow smith so excellent
Retweeted by macin @degreatdelph @Carles2499 Spoiler alert: at the end it’s just the side effect of the homemade moonshine he’s addicted to @Carles2499 @degreatdelph That’s better actually @degreatdelph The hunger games. We keep Katniss. The rest are muppetsApparently I passed out at 11:15 last night watching a movie with my Boyf. He said he tried to wake me up for a New…
I found a pair of size 12 bear paws on clearance at kohl’s yesterday for one $30 so I guess you could say I cured m…
Kitty cat appreciation post. Idk what is do without her.
As a child of divorce, I get so antsy on holidays. Despite not going home to be with family, I felt a vibe shift at…
If you don’t open the comments in your thesis then there are no bad comments on your thesis.BREAKING: Congress has just announced that instead of a stimulus check, every citizen gets an extra hour in the bal…
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@Wendys you guys really knew what you were doing when you made that frosty-cino by playing Fable 😌😌😌 @stephshoney @bradyrowe_ YOU GAVE IT TO ME AFTER I USED THE FLIP FLOP @allie_wonderly @kassaffrass @bradyrowe_ @kassaffrass @bradyrowe_ THAT is innovation @bradyrowe_ I used a flip flop last week that I found in the back seat. Gotta do what you gotta do.
Literally me every day
I’m just a girl, sitting in front of a basket of unfolded laundry, wishing to be anywhere else.
Winter break was much needed and so much appreciated! Don’t care if I passed my classes, I’m drinking to the fact that we survived!
I finished my second to last semester of undergrad today so if you need anything I’ll be drinking until I forget wh…
@EricSatre Everything bagels Blueberry bagels Plain bagels (with flavored cream cheese)Currently going through a bagel thing, send bagels
@jacobdigeronimo I did an ethical analysis of Trump, dr. Jackson said it was like shooting fish in a barrel. But I… @jacobdigeronimo How many pages is that? If I put something together I’m more than confident in your ability to make a good one! @deadeyebrakeman Mold in the bar ice wells, gnats flying into the liquor bottles, and my manager who literally sat… @deadeyebrakeman One time I tried to move the lazy Susan on the Pope table and it was literally stuck to the table… @deadeyebrakeman The bussers at my Buca were always ~fucked up~ And one time on a holiday, I think thanksgiving, s…
I’ve already written 35 pages but I can’t figure out my final thesis statement for the beginning and this is how I…
@nataleeadams And when they are on sale for a dollar ooooo hell yeah @renee_tylee The pandemic is in my dream world now @renee_tylee These have been my dreams for the past few nights. I get beat up for not having a mask on in my dreamsListening to my cat take her chunky lil butt up and down the hard wood stairs makes me so happy
@allie_wonderly Literally terrifying. I feel like I should have my mom send those to me to read over break... @allie_wonderly Levi (the tithe right?) goes off the rails and for that I have to respect and adore him. Bc he’s su… @allie_wonderly LITERALLY. Have you met the black market dealer who lives in the sky yet? Idk if I’m remembering it right @allie_wonderly Who’s your fav character so far??? I’m going to have to reread them but honestly the series is phenomenal. @allie_wonderly Wowowow I love Neal shusterman. That series was a complete mind fuck. Let me know when you finish it and we can discuss
I’ve learned not to complain about writing papers on this app bc of all the paper writing bots but god damn this th…
@reverbqueen I stopped dead in my tracks at Sam’s club last night when I found everything bagels. The best bagelsThem: You’re almost done with the semester, just finish strong Me finishing strong:
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i’m in a toxic relationship with my education
Retweeted by macinI can’t wait to graduate... I can’t wait to finally get a break. 😌
Sometimes you just have to go up the stairs on all fours like an animal. I’m sorry, but if you don’t you’re the weirdo.
Brooo I will never forget when I went to Mr. Mans and opened up about my home life and depression and he straight u… “dogs mouths are cleaner than your mouth,” when your dog is licking me, means absolutely nothing. if someone…
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@degreatdelph I. Love. Their. Beer. I worked there for a month before starting my new job and I really do believe…