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I like drawling! And Pokémon. donate to my Patreon! Please follow my wife @devilsgalpal ! MacIntyre is my first name. (He/Him)

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@StrangeAnimaIs Back in 2018 I made Pokémon based on Coatimundis! coatimundi can be found in wooded areas of Central America. (Photos: Luca Roseghini Medrado)
Retweeted by MacIntyre RathI was 7 when I learned that poverty is a crime in america, our country is fundamentally racist, and we need to exam…
Retweeted by MacIntyre Rath @joypandaah I LOVE this game. I got it during the Swine Flu pandemic, which I ended up catching and spent my entire… @MarkLaubenthal Yeah I'm with you there--I also wish that the shiny charm was in BW. @MarkLaubenthal It's such a treasure! I started playing it again recently and it brings me joy🧄🧄🧄
Retweeted by MacIntyre Rath @doublepseudonym Doing the best I can! I'm actually lucky to work graveyards since I don't share a space with anyon… @3DMatt U ur a angel❤This game came out like 2 months before I graduated high school so I automatically associate gen 5 with good feelings @DoTheFangirl Thank u❤ I'll put together a formal post later on today, I think! @doublepseudonym If it's any consolation I have to do this every dayI don't want to sound ungrateful, but I'd be lying if this wasn't also a huge bummerAnyway I'm probably going to be opening up commissions later since Taylor and I are going to be running on fumesWhen you get a $200 bonus for working in a hospital in the country's worst covid state only to have $85 taken out i…'s the question I asked Gov. Ducey today and his full response from my transcript:
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@KingTrashPossum I know which sucks since I love Fantasia 2000
(I mean I kinda do, but I also don't want a bunch of people in my mentions getting all worked up just because I res… do not mean this)Dialogue is for wimpsI want another Fantasia I'm tired of movies where characters talk!!!! @InanimateGames I can't wait!!No digijuly post today because I started playing Bug Fables and remembered what joy felt likeSo I was talking with my mom about #DefundThePolice. And she asked me a question: how could what happened to Raysha…
Retweeted by MacIntyre Rath @KingTrashPossum Ye @KingTrashPossum Fair trade do you have Pikmin 3 and quiet sobI don't want to draw anymore I just want video games and cryrat face and monkey tail
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Tryin to sleep for goodness sakeEverybody sh Shh Shut up for a minute @TheCrabbiesMan Angels...Thinkin about... ...Lasagnyan... @AlleycatBlues Thank you!!Made some cute art ft. an important message 😌
Retweeted by MacIntyre Rath @Doodlelot I understand that feeling but to everyone else it's just nice to see them all over again! there's so muc… @Doodlelot pls don't apologize for enriching our livesTanemon Digivolves into Palmon, FanBeemon, Renamon, and Lalamon #digijuly @InanimateGames @ElioHoHo I haven't even heard of this but it looks amazing! @kappaburra Love it. My lifeblood. @kolbisneat I'm with you 100%, I just wish that BotW had MORE @N0nnysense I love both of these so much!! Applequest Monsters is a gift to us allWithout saying Pokémon @gojiraTimelord Okay but not PokemonWhat's your favorite video game bestiary @Ace_Valliant (Your idea is good) @Ace_Valliant Don't tell me what to do"Why will it never be made?" idk because I hate RPGs, I just like the monstersI don't want to work for anybody I want to own chickens and make monsters for an RPG that will never be made @PitaoJervis Tokomon is aerial-types, etc. @PitaoJervis Tbh I'm no expert haha. Digimon is kind of an anything goes kind of series--they kind of just make up… @PitaoJervis It pretty much just has to do with what game you're playing, i think. In the Cyber Sleuth games there…
@InanimateGames I think it's relatively new--I think it may have been made specifically for the Cyber Sleuth games?Gene HackmonKoromon digivolves into Hackmon and Guilmon! (pt. 2) #digijuly when you could evolve event Pokémon Nook animated with my left hand. Tom Nook animated with my right hand. Animated both with the same amount of l…
Retweeted by MacIntyre Rath @MarkLaubenthal That means so much to me!!People really love ToyAgumon @MidomonX Ya love to see it @bashfoal @DeadPlayer777 Yeah I think what I love about Digimon in comparison to Pokemon is it's pretty much anything goes. @TrueKrillos @Doodlelot Unfortunately not :/ I'm going based off the evolution trees in the Cyber Sleuth games and… @TangelaBoots You know, you're not the first person to tell me this! People really seem to love him!Koromon digivolves into Agumon, Dracomon, and ToyAgumon! (pt. 1) #digijuly @ianmcginty That's your purse and you don't know meI don't think it's bougie to need A/C when your brick walls are hot to the touch and you're stuck inside 24/7I know this is pretty low on the list of importance, but tbh it's pretty fucked up that AZ's covid cases are spikin… @blueishcolour I smack it with the edge of a butter knife because I'm extra and also because it's the only way I ca… movie is very good for 45 minutes
I'm watching Elf trying to eke out that sweet dopamine @OneTrickTofani Yeah @OneTrickTofani They'd probably think we were all talking about Tom Hanks' brother, Not HanksBreaktime
Retweeted by MacIntyre RathVehemoth Phosbat from Pikmin 3 is today's Pikmin Creature of the Day!
Retweeted by MacIntyre RathI'm posting 2 today because I basically skipped day 1 and also because I want to get off my backPoyomon digivolves into Bukamon and Tokomon! #digijuly Jungle 2020
Retweeted by MacIntyre RathBotamon digivolves into Koromon and Wanyamon! #digijuly @WyattTheNerd We were JUST watching this too!Im not a good studentI tried to come up with an answer but I'm too thick headed to ever actually listen to anyone's art advice
@AlfonsoSRT Gen 5 is my favorite!!(Not that cops weren't murderers before video games, they just made recruitment and education more convenient)We spent too much time thinking video games were training young men to shoot up schools and not enough time realizi… digivolves into Tsunomon and Nyaromon #Digijuly
Retweeted by MacIntyre Rath @MiracleRavioli This is 100% how I play it. I can't stand the story! Once I figured out how to grind really quickly…, donating here Jaws in quiet reflection and shame is the only acceptable 4th of July activity in this year of our Lord 2020HELLO And welcome to Opposum Saturdays 👀🖌️
Retweeted by MacIntyre Rath @AnAverageViewer 'preciate it!I don't know if this format or content gels with anyone or if it's kind of bland but lately my brain has been a pin… @Dreamofdragons Big same tho. They're just so simple and perfect and there's nothing like them anywhere else in the world @RevanAxel What does goated mean?Poor farming family struggles to make ends meet and blame it on the oldest daughter @Brightmarefuel You watch yer dam mouth @TheGideonTV I love Perrserker! @Brightmarefuel Nah, Kartana's paperPunimon digivolves into Tsunomon and Nyaromon #Digijuly @blueishcolour I only sleep when I take Dipenhydramine, and then I'm worthless afterwards. Life is truly a nightmar…