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brendan @macleanbrendan Sydney, New South Wales

good music, bad tweets, so-so acting

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@ZedAyySeeKay omg I am the ugliest bleach blonde - I end up looking like a real old pillow for some reason.More gay.I thought Bruce LaBruce’s Instagram was gonna be kinky porn stuff but it’s mostly just him wishing actors happy bir… tidying up! 🧹 AT JESSE 👀 @gregorymatthew OH NOI would pay so much money to attend any gig... even JAZZ @jackcolwell_ I knew it from the beginning @mattdeanstew oh now I miss it too @wolfjay_ HOKKIENThat's right. Just let it all blend together. Everything and nothing forever and ever and ever and ever andno contact delivery has been really difficult for me because I used to fuck anybody who brought mail
Retweeted by brendanNow all you normie workers are about to discover the uncomfortable limbo that is weekends having no meaning whatsoever.
@caseyno_ Catch me over here looking for a sockHello yes this is gay @heyDejan @hnrysmll fffFFFFFfffwell I lasted about 6 seconds of that song @heyDejan House of WFH @heyDejan Exactly. Exactly! Goes Without Saying.... that you should be self-isolating! DUH. @joshuabadge hnnnngggWell, actually, my hastily released new song is about Coronavirus because clearly when I said, "And we're out danci… you guys Medium starI’m gonna give away 5,000 skin cells to 3 random people who retweets this and follows me! Red heart Quarantine is l… @MattRogersTho Would it help if I sent a limp pic? @br00bs Now that’s solid branding. @A21starman Used to be is kind of you!Straights seeing a rainbow logo during pride @goldisacks WEEEEEE!!! @lilbynxh Cummies!!!!INTERRACIAL HOMOEROTICISM @catmancatman864 YES IT IS @OrangePaulp sitonmyface @ballparkmusic YeeeeeeeeepI would like one cummies on my face 🥳 @goldisacks You wanna... ya know??? 😏 @mvddm Wear two suits! Both white. @mvddm Wellcome @meladoodle There it is.I will do one more live-streamed set this weekend and then I have reached the legal limit of live-streams any one a… @joshua_maddox @iamharedd Santa @Total_Bore Gonna tip $30 for a beer 🥰 @cubsportmusic t-t-t-t-ttttttt-t-t-tttttea @tamara__1997 awwwwwwwwWWWW!!!! @waltonkate naturally x @chipswoon you're right to say it. @Z_ninetales I miss the confident yet soothing judgement of art critic Professor Oak.I would like Pokémon Snap II immediately. I want to take photos of Pokémon and I'd like to be able to do it from now. @Brocklesnitch bisexual king! @alexgllghr Mazzing in these uncertain times
A large, bear-like animal, most likely a bear, has wandered down from the hills in search of food or, perhaps, employment. @tonyahardingjr very good @nicwkelly Galaxy level brain genius moment. @reubgarcia Promoted.UPDATE: Fucking is back, baby! (With your partner or consenting housemate.) @mrbenjaminlaw Pert! @joshuabadge @callapilla Does doing the no pants dance count as care and compassion???The Australian Government has, again, banned fucking.And welcome to the stage...using the resistance bands to work towards my ultimate goal of slingshotting myself into the sun
Retweeted by brendan @ReidParker_ I’m not involved either but I like being INCLUDED.Amazing: This lighter only lights candles and vogue cigarettes! @FelixMarques @PopCrave @outmagazine Liking someone because of the personality traits they have doesn't need a title. @alexgllghr It still hurts - my stomach is like, "Why isn't this two coffees and cigarette and maybe a piece of bread at 3pm." @mariekehardy YOU DON'T WANT THAT HEAT MARIEKE @poppysdaddi stanning Demi Moore is not a sexualityOh, the fracking? @tamara__1997 According to my Spotify stats this month most everyone can help but stan me. @alexgllghr Ahh so sorry can’t make that stream gig I’m all out of data, you know how it is. @tamara__1997 Or if you went to apra NZ songhubsOkay I'm on.. nnnnn... wait.... wait for it..... I'm on...... wait for it....He's a really good host. 😍And Nic Kelly is live frooooommmm nnnnnn....... wait...... nnnnnnnnooo..... now. @XavierRN welcome @hnrysmll Obviously I should play Travis. But I will end up playing Brian because "may not have been mentioned muc… want to play one of the tiger man's husbands in a production or feature film 🥺Once I had a bump of K and ended up living in [??????????] for like three years. @Liz_Wheeler You got it sis! @WHITNEYH0UST0N Need me to get you some iceberg?a vintage valentine illustration 💘
Retweeted by brendanweird dick energy @puppy_eggs WFH 👏🏻 @sprinnyC OH NO NOT THAT @theqza ah ffs, awful, awful, awful*sets reminder* @tweetyohara @polyrizumu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Daley_Pearson @iemmys @ABCTV @WePlayLudo @ScreenAustralia @Screen_QLD @bbcstudios AHHH!!!!! <3 <3 <3 E M! @mascbaby @poppysdaddi Queer life ™️the concept of character actors is so funny like. hollywood had to come up with a term to differentiate hot people…
Retweeted by brendan @jpbrammer maybe
@JamesFluker @poppysdaddi @poppysdaddi This looks like when I ate a ice cream cake too myself and my butt bleeded @McCraigyDimples NO TEXTING ONLY TWEETINoh no I miss all of my exes at onceGetting ready for the postman to walk by my house. @LilNasX The little spin. *swoooooon* @gaymeat3 are you Kidding???Gave this one a crack over on IGTV. Genghis Khan by Miike Snow on keys:
Retweeted by brendan @mascbaby let's go paarrrtttty party partyyyy @tinywiner never again.