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Martijn @MacVader Enschede, Holland

A Mac fanboy who loves David Lynch

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Retweeted by MartijnOne of the most effective political ads I’ve ever seen.
Retweeted by MartijnJames Woods
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@TMobile_NL Mijn telefoon abonnement is per direct afgesloten. Ik belde alleen voor een wijziging, maar nu kan ik n… fuckers! I Called @TMobile_NL for a change. But now they canceled my connection, and like RIGHT NOW. WTF. Ca…
Wow — this video is AMAZING!! It literally sent a chill down my spine!! ✊🏼✊🏼 #VoteForOurLives
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Finally have the time to install the Beta of iOS 14. have the time to install the Beta of iOS 14.:
Retweeted by MartijnThis is dangerous and bad for the country on a normal day. Nevermind when there’s a pandemic spreading like wildfir…
Retweeted by Martijn @_snarkasaurus I have had a Walkman, got it after I got my diploma for swimming. Yeah I’m old, though my mind isn’t.Microsoft to permanently close all of its retail stores via @Verge
Shortcuts on Apple Watch! #WWDC20
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...please watch the video with sound...
Retweeted by Martijn @10velociraptors I’m still 28, for like uhm...... That’s what I tell myself.
Amidst all the details, installing pre-release, and commentary (including my own) I want to take a moment to reflec…
Retweeted by MartijnHmm Microsoft after a week I already hate you. Navision and Teams are having problems.
To celebrate #JUNETEENTH2020 Apple is making “The Banker” free to watch on Apple TV+ without needing a subscription…
Retweeted by MartijnThis is what I dream his presidency will look like in our minds and our history books one day.
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@realDonaldTrump This is what a real President looks like. Not a 🤡 like you are.
A Melting Han Solo. Happens when you put chocolate on a  AirPort Extreme. It’s hot so chocolate starts to melt 😂…
Cleaning out the attic and finding all kinds of stuff. Like this diary of Alf. #80s #90s kid.
Check out Lost The official magazine #6 2006 Yearbook 100 Pages via @eBayCheck out Lost The Official Magazine #9 Season return special 100 Pages via @eBayCheck out LOST The Official Magazine #12 Newsstand Edition 2007 Yearbook 100 Pages #Magazine via @eBayCheck out SFX Special Edition Magazine #43 (Lost The Ultimate Celebration) via @eBayNeed a smile today. Here you go. Wait for it...😊
Retweeted by MartijnAccording to Trump's physical, he is one pound lighter than NFL quarterback Cam Newton.
Retweeted by MartijnHow to bible 2
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@tom_beek Lol een paar Amerikaanse vrienden van mij hebben hun hond Testla genoemd. Het zijn dan ook ingenieurs 👩‍💻🧑🏻‍💻The nation is crying out for leadership — but this president has nothing to offer.
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@tomdar2 @NotHoodlum Thanks, will have a look at it. @MichaelBettiol1 @RichardMetzger @johncusack Supremacist says what?
Retweeted by Martijnfinding out that the amish are protesting for BLM and THEN learning that they have a long history of supporting the…
Retweeted by MartijnFUN FACT: The Amish helped a lot of slaves escape to Canada. They have been riding with Black people for 150+ years…
Retweeted by MartijnWho had the Amish joining the BLM protests on their batshit bingo card?
Retweeted by MartijnEvery time a new tech product gets released with a Micro-USB charging port instead of a USB-C charging port, a puppy dies.
Retweeted by MartijnSticking sanitary towels to my armpits to stop me having pit stains after walking to work in this heat
Retweeted by MartijnThe reason we don’t see cops shutting down KKK rallies is the same reason we’ll never see Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana in the same room.
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Retweeted by Martijnis this the Fourth Reich?
Retweeted by MartijnCourage.
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@carreteromolero @tom_beek ❤️I wake up this morning and the four killer cops are still on the loose in Minneapolis? They murdered George Floyd o…
Retweeted by MartijnTwitter's policy on threatening violence has always been clear. "You may not threaten violence against an individ…
Retweeted by Martijn @LeeFromFargo @JulieKuehl I’m not that much on here anymore. But like to read true tweets once in a while. Twitter… @tom_beek Ik zal m’n literfles glijmiddel erbij pakken.So what about Fox???
Retweeted by MartijnA man was lynched. In broad daylight. In public. In America. In 2020. And the men responsible have not been arreste…
Retweeted by Martijn @carreteromolero With the pandemic and Trump as a president, we must be living in some kind of alternative universe.#FactCheck. 61% of Trumps accounts are fake bot accounts Trump Paid for so YOU CAN'T REGULATE @TWITTER WHILE YOU AL…
Retweeted by MartijnWelcome to America. (The country I love, but healthcare.....) @Assimilatethis 🌈 Happy Belated Birthday 🎁 @Assimilatethis Not me. I played Cards Against Humanity with Rod Roddenberry in a hotel room in San Francisco.I don't remember seeing tear gas when the lockdown protesters came to govt buildings with rifles and shoving cops a…
Retweeted by MartijnWear a mask.
Retweeted by Martijn @10velociraptors Have you already murdered one of your hospital roommates?
Can’t imagine why people think people of faith are idiots.
Retweeted by Martijn @piloting I would love to wear a shirt with this when flying into the USA. Just to see what happens 😋’s a “classic” #mathgif from my @DeviantArt catalog: “Octahedron Deconstructed”
Retweeted by Martijn#mathquarantine, Day 83 - Uploaded pairs of dual polyhedra to @Cults3D - some with one shape thicker, some equal we…
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I have made some tweets lately that were not very positive. So I will try harder. Here goes: I am absolutely posit…
Retweeted by MartijnWell done A+
Retweeted by MartijnHuh, @scottdstone seems to have had second thoughts about this tweet. I’m thinking it’s the unflattering whining, b…
Retweeted by MartijnThese people should be arrested for endangering others.
Retweeted by MartijnToday we hit 100,000 dead in America from Covid, and you went golfing.
Retweeted by Martijn @EdwardTHardy @realDonaldTrump Someone, tellTrump lots of testing leads to lots of cases. But it doesn’t lead to lo…
Retweeted by Martijn"Thanks to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution and all the case law built upon it, police generally need a…
Retweeted by Martijna family of 6 little owls took over my friend's back yard? owl POOL PARTY?????
Retweeted by MartijnThis belongs in history books.
Retweeted by MartijnSnipers could get him! This has got to be so scary to be a president! Anytime paparazzi can video you, a sniper cou…
Retweeted by MartijnShe gets calls and texts meant for Elon Musk. Some are pretty weird
Retweeted by MartijnWhen you’re still working out your finale so you encore with a reprise of your only hit from act one
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Joe Biden is taking some heat for this comment: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump…
Retweeted by Martijn @kennethawesome It would’ve been an upgrade from the generation 0. But I’ve canceled the order already. I’ll wait t… that Watch order. I’d rather buy a new MacBook Pro 13” now. And then buy the Watch 6 next year when goin… might just have bought the Watch series 5. It was €49 off, only black/gold so I got the gold, don’t like black at all.TRUMPS DRIVER Tested POSITIVE & security guards Ivanka's personal assistant Tested POSITIVE & Pence's TRUMP & Pen…
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#mathquarantine - Day 78 : Ok these images really are from #Mathematica, playing around with 3D Hilbert curves and…
Retweeted by MartijnI realized yesterday what the one thing--the one sentence, phrase even--that I say most often to my wife is... "I'm peeing,"
Retweeted by MartijnPicard management tip: Listen.
Retweeted by MartijnIf MN opens churches I will start continuing my long-running boycott of religion.
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He can guard my galaxy anytime
Retweeted by MartijnSing It Loud
Retweeted by MartijnFocusing on Trump’s morbid obesity is proof that we’ve normalized the fact that he’s orange.
Retweeted by MartijnWe need to stop giving platforms to crazy people.
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@Macparrot @MacFindHer And with Oregano in it 😱Had some macaroni with Oregano from the garden of macfindher And some fresh basil. Tasted great 👍🏻: some macaroni with Oregano from the garden of macfindher And some fresh basil. Tasted great 👍🏻 some macaroni with Oregano from the garden of @macfindher And some fresh basil. Tasted great 👍🏻
Named and shamed in the comments.
Retweeted by Martijn @flargh I like how they treat her all nice, don’t get angry at her. And the guy is all happy while cleaning the ca… Trumptards! Listen up! Your leader is dangerously tempting fate by not recognizing the real danger of this pand…
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A Twitter rando spotted in the wild.
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Ik kwam niet bij. Geluid aan.
Retweeted by MartijnVote.
Retweeted by Martijnwhen you’re proud of your buns so you post them on the internet
Retweeted by MartijnCongrats guys @ansonmount @ethangpeck @RebeccaRomijn !!!
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