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Writer, SAG/AFTRA background actor, graduate of @QC_News, mature fanboy, shutterbug, blerd, philosopher, aspiring assassin, sweet-heart.

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@jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers I'm speaking with nuance and practicality. @CarlosCMTF @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers I meant "leeway" as in the police doing whatever they want to. Man,… @CarlosCMTF @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers No, you moron. Giving 100% leeway to the police without oversight is fascism. @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers just proven my point... @CarlosCMTF @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers I'm so glad you've proven yourself to be a true fascist, sir. @CarlosCMTF @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers I think you give the media too much credit (the death of George Floyd… @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers Then you shouldn't paint with a broad brush on a group of people. @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers Your point is you think single black parenthood doesn't help the black community,… @CarlosCMTF @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers Easier said than done. Sure, I've never been a bad situation with a c… @ETurgott @EarthHasNoParty @PBuchanPhoto @VaughanPappy @Yascha_Mounk WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE I… @Minkiemom17 @zax2000 @Tzipshmil @chrislhayes Exactly. As much as I understand the historical importance, I didn't… @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers Exception to the common opinion... @EarthHasNoParty @PBuchanPhoto @ETurgott @VaughanPappy @Yascha_Mounk Then we might as well say nothing to each othe… @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers I'm giving you exceptions to the rule that can be applied to a problem, and drivi… @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers But a single parent can succeed if they have a support system. My younger sister… @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers It's normalized, regardless, and if there's no point in giving grief to a child o… @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers Yes, it can. You invest in the infrastructure with education and social programs.… @snarkylicious @ScriptsByJames But you have to write something to get noticed. I've been writing since high school,… @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers But there are exceptions, including yours truly. My point is that should be more… @meron_sabaa @ScriptsByJames @MBibs If you have a full script (feature or TV pilot), submit it to a script coverage… @ScriptsByJames Self-taught. Read screenwriting articles, how-to books and scripts. Hung out on production sets as an extra. @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers I didn't mean you particularly, and I apologize for that, if you took it that way… @GoodBadFlicks :) @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers And putting more money in law enforcement is? Having a solution on the table is b… @ValentinusMagn1 @roddreher @neontaster Uh... @jfarmer017 @roddreher @CHSommers Put money into education and social programs so young black men don't fall into c… @gfjklopkr @AnthPittore Yet Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes is black. This move is a shotgun to the foot of consistency and pa… @Minkiemom17 @zax2000 @Tzipshmil @chrislhayes That's why political literacy is important. Unfortunately, our nation… @MichaelMythoug1 @MoonForce98220 @BuzzFeedNews I thought we were talking about NYC, not Chicago. Don't play illogic… @edmundhee1 Not really. It's a mashup of eras like Batman '89 (40s gangsters and 80s street thugs).
@GoodBadFlicks :( @GoodBadFlicks @SylviaAdamss @etgnw @LailokenACS Oh goodie...#CARENAct @JamieJa69468104 @MimiBear_of9 @MoonForce98220 @BuzzFeedNews Putting more money into social programs to discourage… @missmaybell She helped the cause... @adria_riley @paisleyrae @justpersnickety @mmpadellan I thought he was younger, as in under 40. @JamieJa69468104 @MimiBear_of9 @MoonForce98220 @BuzzFeedNews I didn't kill, let alone shoot anyone, you fuckwit. So… @Senpai_316 Okay, Karen... @etgnw @LailokenACS That definitely deserves a good laugh...#CARENAct @MimiBear_of9 @MoonForce98220 @BuzzFeedNews If you think police brutality ISN'T a problem, you're a HUGE part of th… @MichaelMythoug1 @MoonForce98220 @BuzzFeedNews One problem doesn't overshadow another, sport. @Wpete89 Courtney went with that plan...except she busted Cindy's window...#Stargirl @lbwhileblack I was thinking the same thing...#Stargirl @LacyMB @Megdelacy @DenofGeekUS Good review. The Janitor/Shining Knight will probably return in episode 11. #Stargirl @DanielLands1 I think they have footage of Henry Jr. being experimented on. #Stargirl @mklopez True...#Stargirl @Abovethelaw187 Uh huh. #Stargirl was flirting with Pat?! #Stargirl King was born in 1901?! #Stargirl't go down into the villain's basement, Beth! #Stargirl @jupiterjulep24 Matthew Borlenghi was on All My Children. #Stargirl.What is Bonnie? A clone? A robot? #Stargirl crap...#StargirlBeth, you really know how to Pat in a pickle...#StargirlBarbara Whitmore Dugan 1st appeared in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E #0 and was created by @geoffjohns and @leemoder.… Dugan 1st appeared in Infinity Inc. #11 and was created by Roy Thomas and Don Newton. #Stargirl wasn't nice, Henry Jr. #Stargirl @imaginarymargo :) #Stargirl @JavTheGhost @hershey_bar22 Something ugly...#Stargirl King sure killed that henchman....#Stargirl @tarastrong @IAmCreeSummer Aww...Happy b-day, Cree.:)#Stargirl is on. :)
@pandas_drunk @patrickmkcirtap @nytimes @OjibOG16 @Tony__Heller @nytimes @NYGovCuomo @Svobodnik1 @Nicki_Silvers @KommKayriel @susarm Uh-huh... @hoosierfarmer @w0rdn3rd @KommKayriel @susarm Speaking truth to power has NO borders, sir. Even in other countries,… @hoosierfarmer @w0rdn3rd @KommKayriel @susarm You felt the protesters were anarchists. Protesting against injustice… @TheSorlak @nytimes Si, mi hermano. :) @Mona99152065 @nytimes :) @nytimes Uh-oh...#bolsonarocovid #BunkerTrump @kevinco83869299 @Loruama @nytimes @Loruama @nytimes @hoosierfarmer @w0rdn3rd @KommKayriel @susarm And now you're being disingenuous by not answering the question...:/ @hoosierfarmer @w0rdn3rd @KommKayriel @susarm The article was published by Buzz Feed News, not the New York Times.… @Eloquentpetric1 @Gixx2BG @jfdaws @susarm Bethel doesn't have to be like Cleveland, but, according to the article,… @GoodBadFlicks :) @w0rdn3rd @hoosierfarmer @KommKayriel @susarm Like those who complain about how the mainstream media doesn't give b… @MarySchmermund @BrianLehrer @julianzelizer And probably drunk as a skunk... @Zach14963508 @MoonForce98220 @BuzzFeedNews "simpleton". Spell it out, genius #2. It's a given that the 60+ shoo… @hoosierfarmer @TheRapPIug @KommKayriel @susarm Sure, you're not antagonized or triggered. If you're not antagonize… @crazykarens This Karen sure likes to play police officer. @lrdslg @David_Leavitt :) @chibistevie1979 @TeaPainUSA @TeaPainUSA #SnowflakeKen must have taken too much testosterone pills... @crazykarens Here's a Male Karen. :) @BillyCorben @profjaffar Male Karen? Maren? Ken? @yaboyono @jfdaws @susarm If you can't tell the difference between protesters and looters, you probably cheated you… @Nicki_Silvers @hoosierfarmer @TheRapPIug @KommKayriel @susarm You're rambling, #Karen. @Nicki_Silvers @KommKayriel @susarm "How dare they..." Please don't drunk tweet while accusing me of being crazy,… @hoosierfarmer @TheRapPIug @KommKayriel @susarm Of course, I would tell someone that, if they antagonized me, but y… @7WhoSayS7 @Gixx2BG @jfdaws @susarm My point exactly. Bethel is a dying town, in terms of opportunity, according to the article. @hoosierfarmer @KommKayriel @susarm "investigative article" @hoosierfarmer @TheRapPIug @KommKayriel @susarm Where did I ever tweet that I was tough? Despite your service, you'… @hoosierfarmer @TheRapPIug @KommKayriel @susarm Projection: the last refuge for voluntary fools like yourself who d… @CoreSculptor @KommKayriel @susarm Okay... @hoosierfarmer @KommKayriel @susarm If you can't tell the difference between an investigative and an op-ed, you def… @Capn_Crunchynut @hoosierfarmer @KommKayriel @susarm Nice quoting me when I DIDN'T tweet those things. Self-delusio… @CoreSculptor @KommKayriel @susarm Do you REALLY trust Facebook nowadays? Stop trying to make me laugh, sport. Just stop. @hoosierfarmer @TheRapPIug @KommKayriel @susarm "Both sides..." Spoken like a true #Trumpsucker. I hope you enjoy…