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maddie @madddiexo Philadelphia, PA

yacht stewardess/ full time idiot / self proclaimed psychopath❤️

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@emxhall 👀 @Cmdr_Data_420_ @SquiffyKonvict who is the creepy cooking robot @kcrittenberger R** @lolumOKUR no promisesthe psycho guy from below deck med is facebook messaging me. not sure what to do with this information
Same It has maybe also created every problem I’ve had, but we can just ignore that
Retweeted by maddieit’s really crazy that tequila has solved every problem I’ve ever hadas soon as sam from icarly found out she had a crush on someone she checked herself into a mental hospital. we could all learn from her
Retweeted by maddie @lukewielgus @fourloko ok love.. u @AsherHBaron it’s the coffee mug for me @kgeich @fourloko swagnew fit just dropped @fourloko @littleidiotgirI personally i love u..
when i got my first job in yachting this girl spread a rumor that i traveled a lot bc i had a gross sugar daddy and…
@gabbgoudy i bet browns ML today for u queen @samparentt @FSUmollz it’s the time stamps being the exact same for me... he out here sending mass DMs ??? @AsherHBaron i have 1021 which is shocking bc i never even save numbersi love when a guy calls me annoying it’s like now i KNOW you want to sleep with me @jmg1112 no @snydaho this is straight up unacceptable and taking advantage I’m so sorry 🥺I’m scared @LangnerMatt you dropped this 👑
got told I’m a lot smarter than i look... ppl r starting to see through the bit... @taynietzz endorsed ✅ @objsucks same. not in the mood to terrify the TL today @bhernzzz25 well this is just rude @chickenmchannah parlays scare me u r brave @SumerOfGeorge @Liston617 @The_Tooth_Hurts ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 @Liston617 I’m listeningok who is gonna tell me what NFL bets to make today...🥺guys are literally crazier than girls in case u forgot. thanks
got a drunk “miss you” text at nine am.. u have to respect itfantasy football is just astrology for men
@PWagon60 thank u @TheEpicDept fake!!guess he changed his mind... Siva you have no idea how many guys are tired of my shit this literally not true i started tweeting shit like know your worth❤️ then add tax🤪 ... would u guys still love me @stoolpresidente billzgirlfriend of a dude i went on 1 (one) date with 3 years ago just requested my insta... like thanks for checking in bestie❤️
the 45 year old crackhead who bought me alcohol in high school still messages me and it’s like. I can buy my own vodka now dude @macaroniiinapot @basicallytori who says i wasn’t 😏 @kevin_k24 @macaroniiinapot Cs get degrees @macaroniiinapot go off sis @basicallytori slut water in hand. not a care in the world @basicallytori good ole cart girl days take me back @PWagon60 @lizard4short i was ready for a whole ass astrology explanation omfg @lizard4short what does this mean 🥲my life is always chaotic but mercury HAS to be in gatorade. something is up
@_aleclerman no❤️
@chickenmchannah no like he literally is..yo u up...... @ doug pedersonAmericans only love the college experience because it's the only time in their lives they live in walkable communities
Retweeted by maddie @ymmayer i am the roommate that has the cheaper room
@Arrizabalager prob spoke too soon🤐 @Willy_B2141 😭would anyone like to ruin my life since the eagles won’t be anymore? @kevin_k24 don’t blame emso many burner accounts have been requesting my insta like. whose boyfriend is liking my shit now @tmartenP1 i literally watched this season this week. he is terrifying
@midlifetimmy so true❤️yes that is my mother’s twitter do not make me regret tagging her u savages @littleidiotgirI @objsucks I’m about to cancel you bothtr*mp if you’re reading this you can tweet from my account as soon as my stimmys hit 👀when i went to bali (flex) my mom refused to let me fly certain airlines home bc of this shit. queen knows best @JessicaLake24 @MikeyNooodz Scotty doesnt knooowthis dude is linkedin messaging me on a friday night like please go talk to your wife scott
me announcing that i won’t be attending my ex’s wedding @boogietweets boog I’m going to hell anyway @kopi_wan literally WHO roots for the eagles besides people with mental illness @kopi_wan listening @macaroniiinapot this is hot
first sunburn of the year on january 7th no one can fuck with me<3 @ReyesTheR00f @littleidiotgirI you’re welcome Steven i am a woman of the people @littleidiotgirI btw i think said selfie should be posted @egaffr11 literally where is it @tr*mp is me in 2016 as my ex slowly blocked me on each social media he’s about to be sending venmos w captions for attentionamerica is literally more manic than me right now
best part of traveling is everyone always thinks I’m european. like haha americans are sooo dumb could never be me trump who :))) @AndrewAthias see what i mean. adorable
i love when literal strangers are nicer to me than the ppl in my own life it’s sooo cute<3
@DoubleDiaz24 @samparentt I’d kiss Sam drunk or not @_DMagz oh he’s being dead serious @JMR10891 this isn’t even the worst of it :/ @KaitRPierce could NOT be me @kt_marieee13 I’d never associate u with this KTme: *breathes* giants fans: yes, please tell me more how we are a clown organization... @Tim_McManus I’m not crying you’re crying @Hillmaticc @Eagles i can deal with this 🙄 @TheSamDykema @bhernzzz25 @Eagles never forget beating the Vikings then taking the SB in their city❤️ @llammasamma @Eagles Ily @kopi_wan @Eagles my Venmo is openno one likes us, we don’t care 🗣 @EaglesWe don’t like you either 😀😀😀
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@femaleredhead don’t give them this. so do i and i don’t make a big deal @Kitacookie kita ???!!! @bigcontentguy hmmm u asked for it @ChickenParmPapi were self sabotaging today Mikey don’t play with me rnno context provided’ve decided the only thing I’m fucking this year is the system @alleiigh this is so hard and I’ve never had a Buffalo cauliflower soup but for some reason it speaks to me