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i really like corn dogs | 3DS FC: 1289-9497-7028 | Switch FC: 6065-7687-5696 | she/her✨

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@iluvbutts247 oh no 😭😭😭😭😭It. Was. Great.i'm getting my first FANCY FACIAL this afternoon! ✨
SHE’S DOOOOONE🗣 Gates just surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest person on Earth, with a net worth of $110 billion. I struggled…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @zoobyzoobyzoo I don’t even care to know who at this point! Just wanna know someone will find peace in resolution 😌
@lowkeygumby dude every time you tweet I read your name is crochet-ee is this by design?Gym battles in SWSH: Epic sporting events with a huge audience Gym battles in every other pokemon game: 10 yo beats…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @girlsparked omg ty @girlsparked Checks watch @babegladwallers UUUGGH @ira Pass 😬😬 also if she was going that route, why wouldn’t it be Seoul Sisters?
@errrands_ Thanks, they’re blue blockers 😂😂a tori amos and earl grey type of day ✨✨ @iluvbutts247 uugghhhhhh i'm sorry alanDo you ever just wish you knew we’d find out who Jack the Ripper was eventually? @whatandwyatt Yes but I have to ok boomer you for that punI hate how much I say ok boomer already - including to my own self :(
@girlsparked IM READY. Setting a reminder @girlsparked my heart is with youIt’s been over 24 hours and I’m still thinking about Harry Styles @alyssakeiko tarte sex kitten! I’ve tried liquid and gel and felt and crayons over the years and this one is exactl… @DevinRubink On plane, mom: where is bebe?So much pointless arguing about pop culture could be avoided if people would just say “I don’t like this” instead of “this is bad”.
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @TheDreamGhoul I love her
😳😳😳😳Vikings...... @elhammohamud It’s just been a long morning zooming in on his hair in these SNL pics @toshanshuinLA Tetsuya whyHarry Styles is....hotthis game already @devoncarrots @sockcreature That’s love reciprocated right there @noahpeets 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 @noahpeets MaddyBrad Pitt hearing Shania Twain for the first time
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @ashwinip I remember, Ashwini @EvahDestruction Also BALL GUY any game with Ball Guy is GOTY @clapifyoulikeme @Remember_Sarah I had one like that, but it was Walk the Line!! 😂 I got it when I lived in a trail…
@TheJakeWeight PS4!! @samgavinLA Uhhhh “kind of” not really. But I’m not that far @samgavinLA NO COME PLAYGood Grief Galar 01 | First Impressions 🎙 Kicking off our daily mini-series!! We discuss…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️clearly I need the boots, these alsost identical ones they started me with just aren’t CUTTING IT @stuartgibson 😂😂😂quick can I borrow 20k pokédollars so I can buy these poké doc martens in swsh @MidAgedBuck That happened to me the other month!!!
@ProfessorRosey i am!!! i'll start tonight <3 and scorbunny is! a rare fire starter for me @Catligula Yaaaah @evanpetraski See... i was all Sobble unTIL I saw the final evos ... now I’m gonna go with that 🔥🐰🌱🔥 or 💦? with tail out of his face creeps me out sorry I don’t like him
Retweeted by maddy ❄️💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻✨ @johntv @Shigeru_Ohmori @GoIchinose @JamesTurner_42 I want it now @sylviaj_ That was me with Brand New @drphilth_ chester @imjustinrandall One says he needs rogaine and then others say he’s hairy?! SavageI am not being dramatic when I say I’m literally crying watching this rn @sylviaj_ See also, me working at hot topic for 9 years @sylviaj_ oh same re: tbs
Hey @BiqtchPuddin I’m looking to name one of my new Pokémon after you tomorrow. Which monster would you prefer? @EvahDestruction Yaaaaah mom @caffeinch HAIL SATAN @TheTravisW 10 for me, carly what do i get??Refreshing myself for 2019
@Drewski_drew_10 I looked it up — it’s just the reboot 😭 I wanted the show from like 15 years ago 😂😂 thanks, Drew!!🚨 ALERT: is Bug Juice on Disney+?? This is an emergency!!! @babegladwallers HAHA that’s usually the tone of mine, so you can understand why I’m uneasy here @babegladwallers Like ok, what’s next @babegladwallers 😎 @babegladwallers I don’t know!!! @babegladwallers Mine’s been soooo nice and eerily spot on for the last week, I’m afraid for when it turns on meyou vs the guy she tells you not to worry about
@errrands_ Talked me me(I might wash the bird poop off the side of her pot, though.)She came upstairs today and placed directly on my alter, among my charms and candles and talismans. I tried to pluc… week came and another and another. She was still holding strong in my dank, cold basement garage. My $5 neglected IKEA aloe. —I couldn’t bear to throw it out, after all she made it through. But she had some yellow spots, some muddy soil, and… went out to clean the leaves out of the gutter this September and to sweep the deck before a crew came to repa…, July, August. I watched her hold on, take on little weed seedlings that found their way into her soil, and ke… heavy rains came overnight and I forgot her. She became water logged and overflowed with rainwater, some of he… spring came and the weather turned BEAUTIFUL. I took this as an opportunity to put her outside on our deck. S… did what I always do and tended too much to it. Too much water, too much fiddling. Plus, it couldn’t get enough d… bought an aloe plant this spring because they’re so pretty and tall, everyone told me how easy they were to keep,…
@tucksports literally pouring a glass of winethis gamePHHEEEWWWWVikings.... guysPokemon should be played with the love and enthusiasm as if you were still a child playing them. If it no longer ma…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @MrLARIATO This guy is crazy!hehe
Retweeted by maddy ❄️What @mikeyil Totoro @dariyaryz ME TOOslippery out there
@ampersandria oh myMicro Center selling some real old PSN cards right now 😂😂😂 that’s a PS3!!✨perfect sunday @yourewrongabout A Tonya “no comment” tote bag would be woooonderfulhonestly have seen too many murdered deer on my Facebook today and it just feels like punishment for not deleting the app yetFuck it. Shrimp vibing to New Order.
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@AlexBarbatsis Mankato’s finest