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i really like corn dogs | 3DS FC: 1289-9497-7028

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someone on queer eye: I’m depressed Bobby: *paints their walls the darkest color he can possibly find* hope this helps:)
Retweeted by maddy ❄️being a libra is watching queer eye when I do laundry and switching over to a @case_file episode about the Tylenol… eye season 1: this is how to use moisturiser :) queer eye season 4: we're taking u to meet the man who shot u
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I’m legit planning to use this as a purse btw @errrands_ Except also 6am breakfast 9 am luncha FIND LEE shorteralls o m g @mister_raroo I love the 3DS. What if switch lite reintroduced some of that stuff??Every time I get lots of StreetPasses it makes me remember how interrsrly weird and cool a lot of stuff on 3DS is c…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @fweakysam Yeah I hate when it happens bc it hurts to breaatthheeeee. @fweakysam Precordial Catch!! I used to get this a lot, especially in high school when I was like 8 pounds and play… @kristinambusch it’s good
Can we be called this instead of millennials now
Retweeted by maddy ❄️Heartbreaker panic flashbacks’s entrance to the match against Ishii is 5 star alreadywe are being FED by gedo this g1 @DGRinMSP yes yes YESSSme walking into the gym when i did Pilates the night before @noahpeets Reason 1 2 and 3 at least @DGRinMSP Our relationship has progressed so quickly!!! (Also I stayed up until 4 watching the show last night, so… take: Steve Harrington is hot and the only reason to continue watching stranger things send TWEET @DGRinMSP 💖😍 agreed! I went to the gym and didn’t feel like I was immediately melting from the inside out! @DGRinMSP You just truly love to see it @mortcrimpjr 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻thank every last one of you who tweeted... i wouldn’t have been freed without you. they can try to hide the truth b…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @katewillaert 😂 I took a few weeks break after episode 3 and came back tonight. It’s a little aggressive.why is hopper mean now? @sylviaj_ LOLLLLLLLLLLLLOk I figured it out. I’ve bookmarked 6 tweets. 2 were Okada videos. @lowkeygumby lol
about once every four or five months i add a tweet to my twitter bookmarks like i have ANY idea how to check my twitter bookmarks @jvn omg caseys 😭😍😍😍One second after I tweeted this, I looked up and saw a girl with the cutest outfit at Trader Joe’s and said “oh my… Nice is when strangers talk to each other in parking lots about how bad the weather sucksThis weather can blow me @mortcrimpjr I love Shooterwow the Cats trailer looks incredible
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @kundun_ilikedit yes I saw the tour cast when it came to Mankato in the early 00s 😂😂😂
Retweeted by maddy ❄️the Russian conglomerate that owns FaceApp after hacking my camera roll and finding 6280 pictures of Jasmine Master…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️what if.... the cats trailer was .... Area 51 coming to us @stylecataIogue strong poupee girl energymy take: the cats trailer is how musicals look to non-theater people all the time and this is all the theater peopl…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️Have any of y’all SEEN Cats... unless there’s entirely new songs I’m good
Retweeted by maddy ❄️listen to me. listen. CATS sucks. it sucks so fucking bad and andrew lloyd webber is history’s greatest monster. al…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @Remember_Sarah little hinder!!
@jaredtheunseen When I was little and found about, I was like oh hell yeah this is tailor made for my baby brain. T… @DreamSuiteBecky AHHHHPlease stop saying the plot of Cats is confusing. The plot of Cats is that they're cats and they introduce themselv…
Retweeted by maddy ❄️😭😭😭😭💖 someone who really loves cats and who really loves musical theatre, I really HATE Cats.mox and shooter content makes us the true winners of the g1 @KlondikeBrat man, must feel like when i let someone into a fitting room at my old job and said “thanks love you” a… @DollyParton @LilNasX STOPPPPP😭💖😭💖😭💖
@lindseykjell It’s...not in good shape @thatlvndrblonde Nate @AlexBarbatsis he’s......... @kundun_ilikedit Did you know he has two kids? Can you imagine living life with TAICHI as your dad??? 😰😰😰😰😰What is wrong with TaichiWhoever is running GameStop’s social media needs a vacation but also, I’m HOLLERING.
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @kundun_ilikedit Hey I wanna know too. Coffee and anxiety fucks it uplast night at trivia someone out loud said that Its a Wonderful Life was a bad movie and my boyfriend grabbed my ha…
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@DevinRubink @whatandwyatt @RossWalkerSmith I’m ready @kyokamay Text ur mom (me)I love the G1 @CoffeePotSmasha @AliciaSoIcy To the moon and to plouto!!! @CoffeePotSmasha @AliciaSoIcy to the moon and to plouto!!!! @lingdustin It’s the lesser known sibling to stop drop and roll. “Turn around, don’t drown”.Solid advice
@errrands_ Omg.....I do itWhat the fuck is wrong with the 'Rugrats' fandom
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @babegladwallers it me @JAYKADA Thanks mamaSo sad to have a president who says racist things and is, in fact, a racist.
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @mister_raroo 💖💖 @DreamSuiteBecky Omg!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 @DreamSuiteBecky Love you!! 💖💖 @kyokamay Love you mamawatch the symptoms come and go and evolve and make sure to be prepared for how exhausted you’ll be when it’s all pa… @whatandwyatt Brain: hehehehehheheh @samgavinLA Honestly the worst!!!!
... so my heart pounded more and so on and so on. Just bc I ate pizza too fast with a clogged up booger nose. It co… think mine happened tonight because i was scarfing down pizza because I hadn’t eaten since 9 in the morning, but… attacks don’t always happen because you’re “nervous about something” sometimes they just happen for no good reasonsometimes you can be having a fine day doing ur best and a panic attack comes up behind you and runs you over like… ask this.......a lot🤩😭🤩😭💕💕 @TokyoFashion @oshy_wu @thatlvndrblonde @chriskpatino can you two just pleaseSo it’s gonna be pretty hot today huh @lowkeygumby my white gel is a b i cth @iluvbutts247 OK I KNOW IM THE ALAN-REPLY QUEEN LATELY BUT this is my least favorite song of my life and I big love Christmasan Up North girl: you love to see it
BEV woody harrelson being kept from his seats at wimbledon is a huge mood
Retweeted by maddy ❄️There's two different types of fans that watch the G1 Climax #G129
Retweeted by maddy ❄️ @iluvbutts247 this is.........goodi got a new hat Up North™️ excited to have found this BUM crew at Saint Cloud Savers
Can’t wait to stop at my faaaaav thrift store today: St Cloud Savers!!