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Madeleine Swann @MadeleineSwann Southend-on-sea, Essex

Wonderland Award nominee, Psychedelic flapper, weird fiction/bizarro writer, creepy stuff lover. She/her. Part of @BizarroBritish. Mrs Purnell to @Bill_Purnell

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@NaturismC Shotgun baby spray @SammyTotep I don't know about this?! @Lo_fiGuy Did!! @Lo_fiGuy Yes I love Happy! @Nilbmar @Dementia_Grimm 😂 @BubblesAndChaos I know! He was perfect. He was in an episode of The Outer Limits as well @mike_noble Ooh that would be spooky @G_S_Ball It's you...!How nice is this?! @CryingCrows1 @SophiaTheAuthor Oh my God, thank you so much!!
@Thomas68er He'll never stop! @amy_m_vaughn Yes! @nickdayonline @SadieHartmann I'm pretty sure I live there @amy_m_vaughn I love William Burroughs but the full silent wins for meThe only thing I remember about David Copperfield (the book) is that there's someone called Ham in it @cjlongchris 😍I played @LukeofKondor's weird text adventure game and it was fun @chrisiousity Haha!! @EMStoveken Ah right @Verity_Holloway Yes! @EMStoveken Oh no, really?!Can't Carnivale come back like Twin Peaks did?Agreed @ianiansymes Yes! Same!I went to a book reading of his in Bath library, his enthusiasm was adorable #TerryJones @KrystalFantom You should! @eric_fennessey The Alan hates all! @KrystalFantom He's great! I also liked From Hell @greymerk @Dementia_Grimm True! @mjpcuervo Yay! Good old Agatha Bagatha @KADorgan Ooh ok! @RedheadfromMars That is such a good list!!! @Dementia_Grimm Indeed! 😂 @DanielStaff0rd 😂 @Dementia_Grimm That looks far too exhausting! I'll settle for a warm milk and a sit down @davidwbarbee Ok I'll bear that in mind, I'll try and watch a few of them @gjkendall Ok! @pattmayne Oh really? I'll watch episode 2 see what I think @CynicalEyebrow Wow!!! @ON_Morgan I'm not sureI like it, it's intense @neilhimself I went to a book reading of his in Bath library, he was lovelyI dismissed Watchmen after episode 1 because I could probably go the rest of my life without seeing another superhe… and worrying @Dementia_Grimm Yay 💜💜💜Beautiful art can be yours!
Retweeted by Madeleine Swann @ON_Morgan He had giant earsBill went to the doctor with a giant thumb. Really weird @gjkendall Oh my God, thank goodness! What a reliefI did! It was weird in the good way #gamedev #gaming
Just when I thought #midsomermurders couldn't get anymore wonderfully lame they do a crossover with Strictly Come Dancing @CryingCrows1 Michael Jackson fans are just beyond reason. I had a look @CryingCrows1 Blimey, sounds intense! @CryingCrows1 Weird! @CryingCrows1 Damn I missed it @Lo_fiGuy @JackCJStark @LordJuiblex @Bill_Purnell @ON_Morgan Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss @theJessMcHugh other day I did a Twitter video of silly news headlines and a bunch of people ran with it, and before I knew it… @christophpaul_ @LezaCantoral Exciting!!! @tj_esquire Is! @Lo_fiGuy Haha!My clever friend hard at work @Lo_fiGuy 😍 @AyoCaesar Sikhs, people from Africa, all fought in the WORLD warNew lipstick in the post @UndeadRandy It does!Interesting! Told me stuff I didn't know magical realism is right there. Stop ignoring it and it’s importance
Retweeted by Madeleine Swannstop saying magical realism is exclusive to latinx authors 2020
Retweeted by Madeleine Swann @bettyrocksteady AaaaaawwwThis thread chronicling the breakdown of this person's psyche is beautiful. Apparently, this wasn't a botched resto…
Retweeted by Madeleine Swann @Dementia_Grimm 😂 @LouBeardsley Scary! @Dementia_Grimm Yes! @LouBeardsley No!So pretty! baths for the birdies today #Frosty @diebooth Yaaaaaay!!!It's all gone a bit frosty #Frosty #frost @LouBeardsley That's so beautiful @Specklet I would have chosen a bum as well
Watching In Treatment: Bill: I like his (Gabriel Byrne's) little grey flecks in his hair Me: is he dreamy Bibby? Bill: very dreamy @CryingCrows1 It's interesting because American TV is joked about so much here, no offense to Americans, they do do some really good TV @CryingCrows1 Huh, that's surprising @CryingCrows1 I definitely get it, is your friend UK or American? @bizarroguy @SWytovich Can't wait! @CryingCrows1 I agree!Also don't forget to leave a review if you read it! #erotica #Romance #RomanceReaders @41Strange He's the talk of the town! @CryingCrows1 Yes! Absolutely haha! @CryingCrows1 What are those things do you think? I always notice the average US tv programme has more unrealistica… @bizarroguy Ok I need the Apocalyptic Mannequin @CryingCrows1 It certainly is @farahrosesmith @larissaeglasser Yaaaaaay!!!!!! @Dementia_Grimm She looks brilliant @Specklet That's the kind of song I make up now @constanceannx3 😂😂I had tea and a chat with myself about my experiences dealing with publishers and other writers. Hopefully you migh…
Retweeted by Madeleine Swann @biblioculus Ooh ok!! @Andrewosaurus96 I can imagine!