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i hate it here JDJSJSSHBS U R THE LOVE OF MY LIFE 😭😭😭😭😭 thank u for 100M Spotify streams on SAWAYAMA DELUXE !!!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I love u soo…
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Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞 @neutralleo “i loved annoying him” get a HOBBY!!!there’s a lot to unpack here...... @MelvinK_YT literally 💀uniting with fascists isn’t good actually and i will not be doing that
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Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞pixel 👾 clouds recreation of @echo_michaela second recreation of & inspo taken from @fairyfreakinart,…
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Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞 @Jjaamo WAIT NO WAY?! 😀🔫 @beautybytamib HIMYNAMEIS @nikkinwonderlnd right like she’s 17 and it’s the first song she put out on her own let ppl enjoy a song lmaoooo @caitlynmua yeah she was miss philippines/ miss universe a couple years back so that’s why i already knew her face… so i wasnt the only one who thought olivia rodrigo and catriona gray looked like sisters🥺 @Anania00 ur new eyebrow placement looks rly good 🤩 @cfknls i initially thought libra, pisces, or aquarius lollll @_slayyourway literally have they never had tempura veggies ??? it’s the same idea just a diff name 🥴i hate how twitter does this thing where they obsess over a woman for like a week and then the next week everyone h… @ch33s3t0uch the last i remember was ppl freaking out about her meet up or whatever 😭 @zanawhoriaa ohhhhhhhh aw man :((((( that makes me so sad but i’m glad she wasn’t in dangerdoes anyone know what happened i remember keeping up w this for days 😭 @A_Little_Chewy ty!!!! i love them sm 😭 @Rocioceja_ someone in the replies said donald glover would b a good willy wonka and honestly... 👀 @swankykatie_ LITERALLY. how bout no signs 🤩STRAWBERRY MILKKKK
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Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞shoes on get up in the morn’ cup of strawberry almond titties let’s rock and roll 🍓🥛🤠 (colored lashes ib… needs to be restored to factory settings asap 😭’s all fun and games until the finsta gets leaked! fuck a trojan horse 😭 tried to finsta it away
Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞remember when i said we need to stop assigning mental disorders to zodiac signs and mutuals commented “people do th… @cyberwhore999 it’s the people who think feminism starts and ends at reproductive rights 😀 yt ppl but i agree they… solidarity 😀 @neutralleo so true 😀 @makeupbylalka RIGHT that shit is so scary :(i meant 4th last my b but u get what i meanCW // robbers, human trafficking- that 3rd screenshot is smart so i wanted to share in case this happens to anyone… @neutralleo HM @perfectcows
Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞effects of adhd that arent romanticised because it isnt cute and quirky
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i know we hate instagram but i wish they would have profile headers LMAO that would b cutenvm lemme repost that look later i hate posting on twitter at this time LMFAO @bexbeautybruja i love this project smYOUR MAIN CHARACTER VIBES ✨self love affirmation art 🎧your channeled playlist 🪄recommended beauty rites 🪐my firs…
Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞i am now accepting applications for a capricorn bestie @kaitkmua i hate this for us!!!just had another scary ass dream this time i was at school and for some reason i was naked with only a towel ???!!!?? WHY @soydreamyy WISH I COULD @ThisBeLi hehehe ty :’-) @LocanasMua @bexbeautybruja i SCREAMED @beautybytamib NOT MEEEE!!<3moon is in aries it’s okay to call somebody out ❤️
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Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞 @A_Little_Chewy RIGHTBLDNDJSNSNZ @sunshinethebee it’s hard for me to accept that he’s a real human tbh @MUDVILLAINA they’re the best love languages esp when u have a lot of hobbies!! 🥺rebranded for valentine’s day 😀 get it !! madly in love, madele in love 🤣💖 @keanubalani he needs HELP! @neutralleo IIIIIII i’m having u represent me in my next scandal 😌🤝 @neutralleo hokusai rising from the dead to ask for credit 😀👍🏽 @bexbeautybruja same i love patis :’) @bexbeautybruja LMFAOOOOOO ofc the pisces would!! @bekaugh ur a pisces the oldest sign in the zodiac 😺i get so nervous abt crediting ppl ever since i painted the great wave on my face 2 years ago and this colonizer wi… is spending too much time on the content creator parts of the internet. “who do i credit for cow makeup”. girl. 😔
Retweeted by madeleee in love 💞 @neutralleo “girl. 😔” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO @contrashelby Ahhh that’s good to hear 😭 tysm! @neutralleo LMFAOOOOOO that sounded less nuts in my headomg sza liking taurus women we won 😩💞 @contrashelby LMFAOOOOOO ok cool that’s what i was thinking too but i wanted to make sure there wasn’t a creator wh… who do i credit for cow print makeup @ana_cunt OMG LMFAOOOO @prizziIIa i remember my dad took off my training wheels without telling me and i was doing just fine until i looke… @bekaugh CUTE N INVENTED SPLIT DYEmy room is like 10 steps from corner to corner and somehow i managed to lose my ring light tripod 😀👍🏽 @amandaoee_ i live for this trope i won’t lie @bekaugh ur like that one spongebob episode when wormy turned into a butterfly LMAO @ian_lamar i mean yes but tbf i feel like population control isn’t hurting the planet as much as capitalism & resou… @glowbysoph ITS GONE TOO FAR @sea_needs it’s ok i’ve been there too 😔 glad you’re free💜 @sea_needs PAIN— not a white dude😭😭😭 @TonyPavlik HAHAHA SAME i don’t even follow mine anywhere but sometimes i’m just like... hm how r they doing @TonyPavlik i guess so omg i thought there was something off about me HAHAHA @sea_needs WE ALL JUST LIVE THE SAME LIFE HUH !!i’m not saying i still have a crush on them but if **** ******** ever wanted to say hi i would be fully entertained 😀👍🏽 @wednesdaybjones someone needs to do a study on crushes during ur sophomore year of HS and why they’re a thing LMFAOstop.....i dont wanna feel seen
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