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Gomeroi yinarr. Award winning Indigenous Affairs journalist.

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@tarang_chawla 🖤Yeah we do ✊🏽🔥 @JM_Field5 @joshuabadge True but 🥴#GamilMeansNo✊🏽🔥 selfie Last meme
Wild how many journalists reckon it’s their job to act as furious diplomats on behalf of the Australian government.
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberSeconded this is narcissistic lol. Reads like a personal review. Put it on ya website chief true cultural diversity in Aussie media? If you believe with some media training you can bring fresh cultural…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberSoooo deadly @JM_Field5 🙌🏽 thanks @bezography and @thejimmalo for amplifying the voices of Gomeroi people.… fuck. Totally not a biggie to have a private company paying off the cops that will be hauling Blak protestors…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberSantos in bed with the cops @ruby_wharton @boeknow @AllanJClarke @MadelineHayman @GamilaraayNG
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-Reber @nikkimoodie_ @AFSocialEquity Deadly sis 🙌🏽
Gamil means no national day of protest action this Thursday in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane Help protect Gamilaraay l…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberJoin Gamilaraay mob (@GamilaraayNG) + our supporters this Thursday 3 December, 5pm at Martin Place. We say…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberThe way the conversation around UberEats has quickly become about personal moral failings is a bit depressing. We c…
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I am in an Uber and my driver is telling me that he has to clean/sanitise his car after every ride and Uber doesn’t…“It is so important to have black teams leading black media, because we know our communities better than anyone”…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberJoin Gomeroi mob in our fight against Santos by joining our national day of action on Thursday, December 3. More lo… @thejimmalo @BundjalungBud Jeez I thought it was bad when Steve came over for drinks. Imagine you both here, we’d a… can read @MediaDiverseAU report which here. An estimated 24% Aussies are non-European or Indigenous. That’s 1 i…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberFor my last major project with the SMH and The Age I spoke with a handful of driven, talented and inspiring First N…
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Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-Reber @apenteado I was generalising in this country but thanks for the tip I’ll have a look :)This 👇🏽 @mwikramanayake @GamilaraayNG Thank you Marisa 🖤My best friend @Hocking_Rachael is so staunch and beautiful 😭 so lucky to know such amazing Blak women, our next ge… exciting project I’m working on 😍 so excited to be part of the team 🙌🏽 @CentreMehi Yep 💯Environmental justice movements (and I cannot stress this enough) need to be Indigenous led.We're finding it very difficult to understand how environmental approvals have occurred against overwhelming expert…
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@drcbond @DeadlyGomeroi they literally call themselves the 'first settlers' ??? lmaoFollow our Twitter @GamilaraayNG and insta handle is gamilaraaynextgeneration. For updates follow our FB page. you're wondering how you can support Gomeroi mob right now, us young ones are leading the way with guidance from… @thejimmalo I’m sure he would love me too if I cbf walking that far haha @thejimmalo Lol did you go to rewineSo excited to watch this episode featuring 3 Blak women I admire so much 😍 @Hocking_Rachael @DrNgaree @LouiseApryl @drcbond @MerikiKO @DrMLongbottom @flashblak Just catching up on this 🤡🤡🤡
And when I say “fight for this country” I mean they are fighting for the white settler colonial state of this count… how this colony heroes “fighting for this country” when it comes to war, yet brushes Blackfullas under the me…“I guess, that's how it feels to me - a hatred for my people and our culture. Not just Gomeroi mob, but all the mob… if your an Aboriginal Victorian wanting to access an Aboriginal Legal Service within your community…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberIt’s racism to disclude and ignore Aboriginal people when it comes to discussions on how our own land is used. It… Gomeroi Nation is putting the Australian and NSW Governments on notice following the approval of the gas invasi… left Aboriginal Victorians engaging in the justice system behind. It provided 47.5 million for mainstrea…
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Looking forward to ‘Ten culturally significant sites I’d desecrate, by Environmental Minister Suss*n L*y’… of white politicians making decisions on stolen land that doesn’t belong to them. Gamil means no! Get the frack off Gomeroi Country.Fuck your approval, all this means we just step up our fight. #GamilMeansNO
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberThe Federal Govt just signed off on the Narrabri Gas Project. 850 Coal Seam Gas wells on Gomeroi country. Gamil M…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-Reber#Aus you stood with us earlier this year to scream Black Lives Matter, now it’s time you all joined us in screaming…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberOf course she did. Shame job.
So proud of these two ✊🏽 @probsdooken @ScottTrindall Screaming 🤣Does VicPol have a problem with the far-right? I asked them about photos of an officer handing a Thin Blue Line pat…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberAre there any Muslim dudes in Australia on Tinder/Bumble/Hinge etc who would like to talk about their experiences?…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberHappening Now: Djab Wurrung injunction hearing no password needed.
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Congratulations Calla and Lorena!! So well deserved 🙌🏽 @sncrlynotsorry Haha same! @Tito_Ambyo I love the smell of ironing spray because it reminds me of Mum doing my ironing for me 😂 @RonnieGorrie Awww I’d love that Aunty Ronnie, but let’s wait til restrictions ease a bit and I can have some people round xxI really need to have one of those housewarming parties where people bring you house gifts so that I no longer iron…
@rosiekalina @ThaDarkestNight Happy birthday sis! Glad to see you being spoilt xxSolidarity with Djabwurrung people today who are in the (racist) position of having to once again, explain to a sys…
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Are you a CALD sports journalist based in Melbourne with solid television news experience? Are you looking for free…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberDjab Wurrung court proceedings for the application of an injunction start at 10.30am today. Watch here: @bhakthi I chickened out last weekend with @DrNgaree and @Roxy_Moore_ so going back to do it this weekend 🤧If you’ve been going around during NAIDOC saying, “always was always will be” and own land in so called Australia.…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberNo one: Me: I’m getting a tattoo on SaturdayThis is a long shot, but I’m looking for a restaurant that will take a table for 20 in the Northern suburbs of Narr…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberFUCK YEAH PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberToday’s outfit. Gamil means no in Gamilaraay language. That is that Santos has NO CONSENT from Gomeroi people to mi…
@MerikiKO @AFSocialEquity Congratulations sis!! Proud of you 🎉PAY THE RENT: help support a young, Blak, currently homeless family with living costs/costs to move into a home. 🖤 up wines with Blak women are essential. Love you @Roxy_Moore_ @BundjalungBud @nakkiahlui 😳 @JoshButler Yeah what was the go with the horse. Woo up cowboy 🤠Hey #BlackfullaTwitter, a deadly Blak journo I know is looking for a Blackfulla to yarn with about their experience…
🥴 (for context I am hate watching The Crown)It’s wild how in white culture only certain women can be Queens, while in Bla(c)k culture all women are Queens 👑 @ayyschirripa The only buzzing we hearing is crickets 🦗 @ayyschirripa The only reason I replied 😂🤧 @ayyschirripa I haven’t 😅Goggle box but it’s Blackfullas watching The CrownDon’t know who needs to read this but we’ve also theorised the violence of the academy #CiteBlackWomen
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-Reberif you got a Robodebt + participated in the class action, and would like to share your thoughts on today's settleme…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-ReberHey #BlackfullaTwitter please check out job opportunity below! Looking for deadly comms officer to join the KYC te…
Retweeted by Madeline Hayman-Reber @bezography same girl same
Meme cred @cienan_m lolWithout downloading new pics, where are you mentally?
Omg 🖤
Got home to Melbourne today and it’s really sad to see that some of my local restaurants have shut down :(
@fee_bee_63 I’ve done the same, don’t worry 😅 @LouiseApryl @MerikiKO Not even. You’re just stunning inside and out my sisSettlers on Stolen Land Woman 👏🏽 of 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 year 👏🏽’s your guilty yt pleasure? Mine is watching 9 Life when I’m feeling a bit thing because it reminds me of my mum lol 💕 @MerikiKO Omg Yuru has never been happier than when we took him to Gomeroi Country. I hope she enjoys it ❤️💛🖤