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Factarian, Averse to all Isms. National Professor, ICSSR. Founder human rights/women's rights organisation MANUSHI. Our website:

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Big move forward in Kashmir if non Muslims can buy land, get jobs and settle down in Kashmir as we can in other sta…बिल्कुल सही। साध्वी प्रज्ञा Kके हम सब ऋणि हैं। साध्वी सही में भारत रत्न हैं। पर मोदी जी को प्रणब मुखर्जी जैसे dubio… @narendramodi ji आपने कहा था कि आप साध्वी प्रज्ञा को कभी माफ नहीं करेंगे। सच तो यह है कि उस अन्यायी टिप्पणी के लिए…'t call Kashmir " their state'. Islamists came as barbaric invaders. The current day Islamists are products of… on please pay heed to #sadhvipragya who is hinting again and again that #ParambirSingh is a mere puppet.…जब तक #साधवीप्रज्ञा जैसे देश भक्त भारत में बचे हैं तब तक इस देश को फिर से गुलाम नहीं बनाया जा सकता केवल एक तपस्वी… you @republic for focusing on #ParambirSingh role in torture of #SadhviPragya He became hardened criminal bec… answer to this question @IndiaToday @sardesairajdeep @BDUTT ? hope & pray France doesn't bend before Islamist blackmail. The outcome of this battle has serious implications fo… an astute business move.! Market forces read public sentiment far more accurately than politicians while bure… Islamists of Kashmir don't want non Kashmiris to hv right to buy land in Kashmir, let them surrender massive pro…
#LoveJihad #LoveJihadIsReal #Faridabad #justicefornikita Fantasy Rea…
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarNo Families, No Children, No Future - But then Islamists are taking over the burden of r… you please write to me at I need some more tips. My maali is very dumb about the… for this tip @Gauri133 I appreciate the seriousness with which you handled my complaint. It was reassuring talking to you you suggest some reliable easy to follow website. I do have space on the terrace but monkeys come and make a fe… exposition by #JoshuaPhilip @Thoughtldrs Ignore this clown named Superman. only you had a heart capable of breaking @RahulGandhi !
I ordered organic vegetables from @earthytales . All else seemed Ok but got big shock when we boiled ghiya to make…
FIRs against 1000 @republic journos. Encounter specialist with criminal history brought in Mumbai Police Commissio… last time we checked 3 Lakh Shia-Sunnis killed each other in Syria. When was the last time upper castes killed…
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarThe truth is that close knit jati biradari ties acted as bulwark against conversions. That's why they want to destr… is the old reality about super sales.
This farcical situation is result of outrageous appointments in DU after Maharani Irani forced a competent VC Dines… certainly don't want Modi to be out. U just want him to be more firm with desh drohis is prophetic Thanks for sharing. This war has major implications for India don't want Modi out. But I want him to be sensitive to our concerns. Nambudiri singing Jesus bhajan in classical Indian music ishtyle इतिहास के पिटे हुए खिलाड़ी मार खा खा के… citizens protesting against muslims taking over sidewalks & road space for Namaz..... Frenchies responded by… is unfortunately their mazhabi mandate! So you cant even shame them. Now it should be a fight to the finis… True. #BoycottEros lets join to help this child. Anyone from Ballabhgarh who can help. I am willing to contribute.
Do you still hold that view? fail to understand why the least productive, least useful section of society with greatest nuisance value, namely… @BJP4India seems to have forgotten and shoved aside #JanSangh legacy to model themselves after Nehruvian social…!
I wish I could be of help but... holds true today. People also dont want to rent their homes to lawyers for the same reason. @anupamjshukla, Why are you using my tweet as your own even while using it verbatim instead of retweeting it ? is getting deadly serious #ArnabGoswami More than @republic they are after your life. Dear @AmitShahOffice yo… is not #fakeactivist She is a #PaidHireling & #LoveJehadTrophy It has officially become #Shariah now. An IPS officer in uniform reciting in Arabic speaking in Gov schoo…
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarNaman to Ramagiri Swarika. Very remarkable that she did this without being a professional micro artist. thanks for sharing. Its really worth a watch Police Commissioner #ParambirSingh is the most apt example of criminalization of police at the highest level… now people should know Modi ji loves people who abuse him And he often picks people for key jobs from garbage du…
Such a strong letter with facts from a senior IPS officer better not be ignored @ysjagan have closed environment? Corona has warned us that lack of ventilation is dangerous. After steam.inhalation, a… Indians remained silent when Kamlesh Tiwari was brutally murdered.!!
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarThe lumpenization of Commie brains is truly appaling. Can't believe the bakwaas pouring out of the mouth of… mention of economic measures to restore lost jobs, collapsed businesses. No mention of threats to national secur… @PMOIndia delivered his most disappointing speech thus far. Even with regard to precautions,failed to mention role… GOVT REFUSES TO HANDOVER DON MUKHTAR ANSARI TO UP POLICE cited DIABETES , Depression as reason Mukhtar ANSA…
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima Kishwar#Arrest_Deepika_Rajawat This Tudke Tudke gang is only to destroy our nation and spread Hindu Hate.
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarThis reminds me: @pbhushan1 family did same in Allahabad. Rented huge colonial bungalow right opposite Allahabad Hi… @DeepikaSRajawat is not just scum bag, she is the Devil who played key role in #FakeNarrative around #KathuaCase.… are the days when #NehruviandDhimmis like you had the monopoly of deciding what is good for India! Recognize… at this old age, #RomilaThapar won't give up spinning tales to please her masters! Is she expecting 72 hooras…
This is selfless service. Written a day before he sacrificed his life.Brave free speech warrior. Reading this mess…
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarHow can I forget thee, O' the desecrated murti of Narasimha on the outskirts of Hampe! Can any other image represe…
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarAwesome planningबेचारे #Papistani जल जल के मरते हैं हिंदू धर्म की ख़ुशनुमा rituals और celebrations देख कर! @JethmalaniM, Dr Abdullah is wise enough to know that ONLY the Chinese can cure the likes of him of his destructive…
Vajpayee can be rightly credited with a lot of good deeds. But "No corruption" was certainly not his forte. He was… is indeed spine chilling. At this rate, the day not far when the venerable Pope himself will come seeking asy… have suffered this enough. They will learn only when Hindus give up tolerating insults and, humiliation using h…
Explosive khulaasa by @PrinceArihan that 50 million dollars sent by #DawoodGang to destroy @republic &silence… of the big blunders made by @narendramodi was to have made you BJP MP. On your own you can't win even RWA elect… at the treatment meted out to @pradip103 of @republic by @MumbaiPolice #LunaticThackeray & #RogueCop Param… Police Commissioner, Param Bir Singh’s Association with the “Disappearance” of Dilip Patidar as Maharashtra…इस्लाम तो मझहब है, धर्म के विरुद्ध है अल्लाह का हुक्म है की काफ़िर हिंदुयों का ख़ात्मा कर दे। समानता तो क्या, यहाँ… you claiming to know the Prophet better than billions of his followers, @RahulEaswar ? Looks like he "revealed"… insightful article in Manushi by Ganesh Swaminathan "Modern Science and the Puranic Texts" Then Purana Became…चिंता मत कीजिए, चीनी हुक्मरानों ने दुनिया को दिखा दिया है कि इन्हें कैसे अल्लाह की ग़ुलामी से मुक्त किया जा सकता है। is the ugly reality of #HinduMuslimUnity" @ShashiTharoor But I guess with your own life style & tastes, Izlam… or lunacy @ShashiTharoor? Present day India only 20 % of what was once Indic universe from Iran to Indones…
Outrageous! @ShivSena was always a goonda dominated party. But now they have exceeded all limits.…आप मुझ से रिश्तेदारी न ही जोडें तो अच्छा होगा क्योंकि मेरे परिवार की कोई भांजी या भतीजी आप जैसी dhimmi सोच वाली न…इस्लाम का धर्म से कोई वास्ता नहीं। इस्लाम मज़हब है और आपका मज़हब खुद को धर्म का दुश्मन करार करने के साथ धार्मिक वि… Trusts are filled with #TISS type products. What a grand tragedy have destroyed whatever little worth there was to our education system--all in the guise of social justice. Ca… stopping claiming to be upper caste. You represent an endangered all india minority caste geared towards producing venom filled brainless wonders claiming to be #Ambedkarites, #ViciousJehadis claimin…मौलवी का हलाला🤣 transpersons attacked for refusing to pay illegal tax and leaving (trans) Jammat system - The Commune sends second notice to #ArnabGoswamy. This is lunacy of the highest order.. via @mumbaimirrorJai Ho! all for the greater glory of #Sickulrism
A must read thread. likelihood #RapistPastor will be protected by the high and mighty, but @ysjagan sarkar should not be allowed…
A must read thread on the low level to which #TISS has sunk. Their faculty are rabid hate mongers. This woman's exp… @NamasteNiHao @threadreaderapp Please write to me at madhukishwar@manushi-india.orgU are already anchored in Sanatan Dharma especially Bhagvad Geeta. And your engagement with study of Vedas…, too many highly placed Parsis have turned anti Hindu & pro Pak even to the point of supporting… @ndtv to inflame passions with fake news House of #Tatas are funding mostly leftist organizations. #TISS-- Tata Institute of Social Sciences churns out… @Dev_Fadnavis is the main culprit in not only whitewashing Paramabir's crimes but Phadnavis sidelined 3 senior Poli…
Retweeted by MadhuPurnima KishwarWhy? The answer is simple, our leaders are #Dhimmis. कभी कभी गरज लेते हैं, पर बरसने की हिम्मत नहीं!