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Digital Impact Consultant. Helps charities with digital comms, content strategy and other things that follow. Monthly digital round-up creator.

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@medavep Quality! @CrokerTweets @LondonKirsty @ThirdSector @RNLI @wwf_uk @CatsProtection @family_action @DonnaEForster @SamRSparrow @andrewbsparrow Aww, congratulations to you both. Hope you and baby are recovering well and enjoying these early precious days. @CrokerTweets @LondonKirsty @ThirdSector @RNLI @wwf_uk @CatsProtection @family_action Was a great campaign! BTW… @LondonKirsty @ThirdSector How can you possibly choose?! Stand-out campaigns for me are @RNLI's crisis comms in Sep… @stop_hannahtime The colours too! Gorgeous! @stop_hannahtime Fab pics! @GemmaPettmanPR Impressive! ❤️ @samaritans @LivingWageUK This is a great list from @nesta_uk too 🎁 @watfordgap @WMRailExecutive I love that building. @RnRworks @iSandwellHQ @CodeYourFuture_ @LloydsBankNews @ImpactHubBrum @WomenInTechBrum @VirtualSarahJ added @samaritans' Five Gold Rings virtual gift and @LivingWageUK's gift guide to my round-up of #SecretSanta
@franrowly I was trying to remember who is made to sleep on the shelves, fireplaces and window ledges! Not very comfy! @franrowly Ahhh. Lovely! I love the idea of fitting all the guests into awkward sleeping places! @franrowly Which one did you choose? The Christmas Eve Tree? 🎄 @Chanco81 @SophieBoobis @CescaAlbanese Fab - thanks Chris. @trustforlondon @LivingWageUK Thanks for sharing this. I'd not spotted the guide from @LivingWageUK before. Have ju… @richardsved Thanks Richard! I will now always think of these as digital mixtapes! 📼 @CIPRnfp Thanks for the festive promo. 🎄November's round-up is coming soon. Here is October's packed with 100+ link… @Chanco81 Have you written a blog post about this? I'd like like to know more about the problems with the stats and… # for Human Rights Day has some pretty grim stories and images. But this from @WaterAidUK is hopeful and powerf…’s the Christmas decorations up.
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@_griff Some examples of gifts in kind in here which might be of interest.... this powerful thread 👇 and then vote on Thursday.'t want to throw away your old paper maps, but need room on the shelf for new ones?! Put them to good use with t…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @lightful Great list. Thanks @LondonKirsty and @lightful. I'd not seen #Kidsmas from @barnardos yet. @DrRichardBerks Any time! 👍 @crisis_uk Here's the film that goes with it (cc @Crisis_Bham)Is your charity a member of @CharityComms? There are rates for smaller charities and lots of benefits. If you are a…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎Final days to enter the 2019 @DigitalAgenda_ #ImpactAwards, honouring the best in UK #techforgood innovation and ce…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎Great post from @DrRichardBerks about health awareness days. Includes lots of useful ideas and examples."Christmas has become a festival of stuff." Quote from @BBCWomansHour this morning talking about how to green your… for some seasonal charity digital content to kick-start your Monday? @KiranNotKeiran Hope you get to use the time for some fun as well as rest.
Some great examples of charity digital advent calendars this year. Competitions, fundraising and stories....
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎Highlights included woodland play area with very smooth zip wire, free entry to Forty Hall (today with added bonus… pre-Christmas walk from Turkey Street (30mins from London Liverpool St on the Overground) to Forty Hall and b… @MelissaTherms It's perfect! 21k likes now! ❤
This video by @PoliticsJOE_UK has nearly hit 20m views. It’s also linked people in UK & US on the issue - a channe…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @JudeHabib @helena_hastings @OnjaliRauf Hope you all have a fantastic day. Good luck @OnjaliRauf. Sure you will be amazing. @howardlake @JudeHabib @sounddelivery Thanks Howard! @camillavalerie_ Some links in here to ethical traders and social enterprise -
Twitter question of the day 👇 + #winning response from @GiveBloodNHS 🌟 @FundEverywhere @famholidayassoc @bletchleypark @deki_charity @Literacy_Trust @CatsProtection @CIPRnfp Great work! 🌟 @JamesBarker82 Lovely! Have you seen anything else good recently?John Major doesn't believe that Boris Johnson is fit to be PM. Ken Clarke doesn't believe that Boris Johnson is fi…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @LondonKirsty @JudeHabib @sounddelivery Thanks Lovely. We were away last weekend and I have had nice things on all… @AnnaEdmundson @haywardgallery Excellent! Hope you enjoy it. XOne talked about spaghetti lines, another about seeing a rainbow of colours in a black and white picture and a grou… off spent at the Bridget Riley exhibition at the @haywardgallery (on until the end of Jan). We enjoyed overhear… @GemmaPettmanPR @JudeHabib @sounddelivery Thank you both. That's so lovely. Having a top day at the Bridget Riley e… @OrkneyLibrary @famholidayassoc @FundEverywhere @bletchleypark @deki_charity @Literacy_Trust @CatsProtection @CIPRnfp Always! ❤ @natlibscot @OrkneyLibrary @iwill_campaign @DogsTrust @RNIB @HopePastures Was the perfect screenshot to add to the… top tips for freelancers old and new from @franswaine. 👇 featuring @natlibscot @OrkneyLibrary @iwill_campaign @DogsTrust @rnib @HopePastures 🎅🏾's not long left until the general election. Did you know that it might impact your charity? There's a really…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎Top facts from today's #Adventof80s feature. @franrowly Excellent! @drsimondavey Nice day for it. Hope all good with you Simon.Some great examples of charity digital advent calendars this year. Competitions, fundraising and stories.... @skellymaher @CharityComms You all look really happy. Hope you had a great night.
@LondonKirsty Thanks Kirsty. @kate_string I think I saw someone say it had been on the news!To get everyone in the festive mood; the best digital advent calendars courtesy of @madlinsudn 🎄 #ChristmasComms
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @sounddelivery Thanks for sharing. Some real crackers this year! 🎁 @Literacy_Trust @famholidayassoc @FundEverywhere @bletchleypark @deki_charity @CatsProtection @CIPRnfp My pleasure.… @Rusty_Steed @famholidayassoc @FundEverywhere @bletchleypark @deki_charity @Literacy_Trust @CatsProtection @CIPRnfp @RNIB Good work @RNIB! @CharityComms Thanks for sharing! 🤶🎅 @CIPRnfp Hope it is going well so far. 👍 @famholidayassoc Great work! I really like your quiz. Hope it is going well. @deki_charity Excellent! @deki_charity Hope your calendar is going well. 👍 @bletchleypark @famholidayassoc @FundEverywhere @deki_charity @Literacy_Trust @CatsProtection @CIPRnfp Love the ide… off the press! 🤶My round-up of the best digital advent calendars. Includes @famholidayassoc @FundEverywhere @AmyWestendarp Thanks Amy. That's lovely! ♥️Top digital #CharityJobs! 👇 Join the lovely team at @crisis_uk in E1, London. to this! #SayNoToGiantCheques
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎Love this Christmas ad from small business in Wales which cost £100 to make. #SmallButVital
If you need some ideas for alternatives to cheque pics for social and press releases, here you go - to this! #SayNoToGiantCheques @jonmarnold That's amazing! Congrats to you and the team. @piterk68 They knocked on my door on Monday too and were very lovely. Was happy to tell them I have been supporting… to @GazLemon on the next installment of @lemnsissay Social Enterprise on Radio4, this week about food ban… @ncvochlo @RNIB_campaigns influenced many banks to install headphone jacks in their ATMs. the V's as Trump flies over this morning. Minor victories. @kate_string Nightmare. How much space do they need? Does it need anything particular (garden / kitchen / security systems)?
@ClaireyJaneR @TalyllynRailway Yum! Thanks Claire. @giuliavmerlo Oh good. I was going to signpost you to the MA but thought you would have found them already if you n… @giuliavmerlo Hope you and your OH are ok and have support through this grieving process. Take care of yourself and each other. @ArtsAtRandom That's a pretty shocking stat! @LondonKirsty @CharityComms Sorry to miss this. Will be following #CharityWellbeing.It’s #GivingTuesday  so here’s some things you can do to support a charity today: 💸 Make a donation ⏰ Become a v…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @TMCOswestry @givingtuesdayuk Hi there, that link doesn't work. Could you check and re-post?
@JudeHabib @LondonKirsty @GemmaPettmanPR @guardian Made my day! @GemmaPettmanPR @LondonKirsty @guardian ♥️ @LondonKirsty @GemmaPettmanPR @guardian Big spike in traffic as a result! Gemma spotted the opportunity. Thanks again Gemma! @WrapUpLondon Thanks for sharing this post. #WrapUpLondon is mass #KindnessInAction. ♥️ @ethicalstore @WEFoodbank No problem! 👍Every penny spent online at Choose Love will now be DOUBLED by a generous private donor until midnight tomorrow (Tu…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @ethicalstore @WEFoodbank I've added you to my round-up of how to be a good #SecretSanta too >