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Digital Impact Consultant. Helps charities with digital comms, content strategy & other things that follow. Monthly digital round-up. Weekend walker (by train).

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@mad_cassidy It's hard isn't it. You could send them this? Lots of useful tips about job hunting and staying positi… @CCDHate @SFFakeNews Have you heard of @GoodJobsUK - a low-cost jobs board for charities? Might be worth posting yo… of a group that likes to walk or run sometimes? Want to help explore, test and shape the new #SlowWays net…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @GemmaPettmanPR Hotter than Jamaica! Have you got a full day's work or will you be able to pop out for an ice cream and a paddle later? @CharityComms One of @GemmaPettmanPR favourite topics is about getting the most out of content. content for a hot Friday.... @goreckidawn Gorgeous! Hope you are all doing well. X @dansmythphoto Hope you are ok and have some time off coming up.Good advice 👇
Love a dancing cockatoo! @NewMillsFBank Lovely! We did a walk along the canal once behind the factory. It was an adventure in smells! @QuintinLake Love the mix of industry and nature. How are you doing the next fiddly bit along the rivers? Pin Mills… @QuintinLake Gorgeous! No one else around? @JTCHANGINGBIZ @howardlake @Al_roar @Alison_Inman I spotted this this morning. Needed a hashtag. Should have come t… @SeashellSocials @LondonKirsty @ByJoveMedia Don't know. Lots of comments here though. respect to the people managing new website projects at the moment. It's challenging at the best of times but do… @LondonKirsty Gutting.🕯️If you work for a #charity / #nonprofit & could use FREE expert help with any aspect of #digital, data or design,…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎Did you see this @TrussellTrust? @howardlake @pigeonposted @janetrossjordan Everything about them is pleasing! Only £4.95 for 6. A lovely gift for someone too.
@KillerCreative1 This was a great campaign. So glad to hear it went well. I featured it in my highlights from June… @DrRichardBerks @pigeonposted @janetrossjordan They are beautiful! Imagine getting such a thing through the post! @janetrossjordan They arrived super quick. Thanks for sending them out. They are so lovely.These are almost too beautiful to send. Made by @pigeonposted. I bought these from @janetrossjordan. Other designs…
@GemmaPettmanPR Useful advice! Those computer-based careers programmes were not very scientific. Good job you found your own path. @GemmaPettmanPR Can't read the whole thing but it doesn't sound very nice. Glad the next one was more glowing. @LondonKirsty @FundEverywhere Thanks Kirsty. 👍 @Ravilious1942 @ANGELACHARDING Thank you for sharing the images. They pop up as moments of beauty on my feed.
@Hopenlesmyth We saw big skies at the weekend. Helped to boost us all for a while. Hope you and yours are all ok. @AmeliaLeeCP @BorrowMyDoggy Awww. Fred looks fab! @richardsved @TheRepairShop If you need more Repair Shop Richard, @Jay_n_Co spoke on R4 recently about it. @MsSFothergill @c2c_Rail Ooo, yes please. Last year's were glorious! X @Sazzle Lovely. ❤ @Sazzle Nope. He's mostly recovered now. Are you up in the country? @Sazzle Still got the trauma pics on my phone. Stay safe! X
@BurtRenault @gray Haha! @louisebarker ❤️ @jennilanderson Lovely colours. @LouiseBrown Gorgeous! What a day for it! Especially with no one else around. @LouiseBrown Stunning! No one around? @iantokelove @c2c_Rail We didn't make it as far as Mucking this time but will go back. Have been yearning for water… didn't do the full loop but will go back soon to do the other half. The bit along Rainbow Lane and then across t… needed to go somewhere new and to see big open spaces. Today's walk was a circular one from Stanford-le-Hope in… @HelReynolds @CIPRnfp Consistent accessibility issues too.'t get to the Forest of Dean? Travel through your ears instead. Hear the gentle sounds of a summer evening in a…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @PontoonDock You too. @PontoonDock Amazing! Hope the sun is shining with you today. @RobmDyson @Broadhembury1 Looks dreamy. Hope you have a lovely time. @PontoonDock A sparkly fridge is a joy! What you are planning for today? Interview was this:
@PontoonDock I've been doing that too. I am on day 101 of doing a doodle diary. Each day I draw the highlights of t… @Peacey_1 Looks gorgeous. @Peacey_1 Beautiful! Where is that? @howardlake Done. Thanks Real Howard.We were in #WhaleyBridge a week after the Toddbrook Reservoir emergency. Today marks a year since that day. This gr…'Growing up with a disability is a wonderfully unique experience, sometimes challenging, often enlightening, always…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @PhilippaBudgen Hope you've had a good week Philippa. Am off for a run now. Xx @PhilippaBudgen It's so hard to switch off when there is no boundary between work and home. We've lived through an… @JTCHANGINGBIZ @howardlake Haha. That's my favourite! I like this stock photography roulette too.
@howardlake @JTCHANGINGBIZ Simpler times. This is a favourite too. There must be a word for when synergies like thi… @howardlake @JTCHANGINGBIZ I love it when that happens. i still have this on my phone from long ago. relax...... Headphones on for the gentle sounds of a summer evening in a clearing in the trees deep in the…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @danslee Ffs @MarkOneinFour Amazing, yes! Just like sherbet. Was a full arch. @adeelawarley Too cold for me!! Brrr. @adeelawarley Kids paddled in the Lee. Was v cold! @MarkOneinFour We had a weird pink rainbow. @RichardKSense @sensecharity That's a lovely thing to do. @adeelawarley Ahh, thank you. That's lovely to hear. Hertford East to Ware was a real highlight recently. @Lucy_NAVCA Good plan! It's always a comfort to watch a fave film isn't it? @adeelawarley Hope all ok with you Adeela. @jennilanderson Hope it did the trick? @JTCHANGINGBIZ @LondonKirsty @AperolSpritzUK Useful prize. In the 90s I won a copy of Weekend at Bernie's on VHS an… @LondonKirsty @AperolSpritzUK Lovely! @LondonKirsty @AperolSpritzUK Blimey - what a prize! Congratulations! Can you share the winning photo? @TimGatt @nrdbrennan @jennilanderson Trying to follow it myself! It was really noticeable how flat and worn out everyone was this mornin… @CatherineRaynor That would be great. @CatherineRaynor @crisis_uk Ooo, sounds interesting. We should talk but maybe too late if you are shutting down now… @TimGatt Just re-watched the trailer. Such joy! @TimGatt Me too. Watched it so many times. a call this morning, so many people said their achievement this week was getting to Friday. It's really toug…, your task, set by Hogwarts alumnus @TomFelton, is to create some movie magic at home. Who will win the Hou…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @Becky_Slack How wonderful. Hope you have a super special time together.
@franrowly @ToastFundraiser Not sure she would approve. These are hard times though! Great work! @ToastFundraiser I had to find a £1 for the tooth fairy last night. @JTCHANGINGBIZ @JosephFreeman Awkward!! @JosephFreeman Excited to see what's coming tomorrow.... @JTCHANGINGBIZ @SaviourBees Amazing! Great thread and top work! @JTCHANGINGBIZ @angelacluffmc @Daily__Goats @Becky_Slack Totes!My 10yo has been spotting lots of droopy bees recently so we're really excited about these credit card bee rescue k… you a small charity? Help @CharityComms to develop tools, training, and resources to support YOU to deliver…
Retweeted by Madeleine Sugden 🌎 @Becky_Slack @JTCHANGINGBIZ ❤ Get goat messages on Cameo from them too. @Becky_Slack @JTCHANGINGBIZ More goats if you need them.... @MarthaAwojobi You did an amazing job to pull this all together and create an event with so much impact and that reached so many people.
@Becky_Slack @JTCHANGINGBIZ The EARS!!! Amazing. Waiting for the pun JT.... @caseymorrison Good call. The birds and stream I am listening to are lovely and helping me focus. @serenastweeting I kept having to move the faces window so I could read the text. Only got a small laptop screen! T… has his loud music on again. Can't think straight. Big deadline to work on. So headphones on, listening t… in and out of sessions at #BAMEonline today between meetings. Wish I could watch the whole thing live and j… @ZanLangton It must be really hard Zan. Am here if you want to offload or chat things through.