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We make immersive and unique virtual music experiences. Minecraft *JAVA EDITION ONLY*

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Problems w/ @OLANSOUND - IoD Tour Stop 2 @MadZooEvents @Anjunabeats @msiUSA
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsWhoa that was so epic🔥 Making some drinks to turn up on Mat’s set... such a perfect isolation Saturday!! Thank you…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @Mat_Zo Dancing in our living room and connecting with others through your music and other artists has given us rea…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @Mat_Zo I've been going since the Hospital event, and they're always the highlights of the month for me. It's alway…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsShows are one of the many things I miss in all this, but @Mat_Zo found a way to harness the circumstance into somet…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsNice to share a virtual space with all the fans and artists! Thank you @Mat_Zo and all the people who put their ha…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsIt's so nice seeing stuff like this. To everyone who's been attending, how have you been liking the events so far?
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsDay 2 of @Mat_Zo's Illusion of Depth tour kicked off yesterday, and it is again topping what we've seen before beca…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsScrew your Fortnite concerts. It's all about dem @madzooevents @mat_zo Minecraft shows!
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.@Mat_Zo takes his new album 'Illusion of Depth' on tour in Minecraft with five unique virtual raves. Featuring spe…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Eventssuper excited!!! @Mat_Zo
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsI’ll join Mat Zo’s album tour! Very excited to catch his set and dance in a cute cube pixel body 😌💕💕
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events15 years or so ago, I used to talk to this really nice dude on an old platform called MSN. We used to send each oth…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Eventsthere was this unmistakable musical quality to his work. Today – @Mat_Zo is a superstar and to no one's surprise, h…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsFor anyone that doesn’t know, David West is one of my musical heroes. I grew up trying to emulate his style. Having…
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@Mat_Zo's Illusion of Depth Tour starts in Minecraft next Friday! I'll be kicking it off for the west coast with ne…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsThe first ever timecoded live shows in minecraft! Come join us (or watch with a streaming ticket) 5 dates with…
People are building their own clubs in the campgrounds and having their own parties. That’s what it’s all about! We…
Reminiscing about Stratosfest! You can still earn a behind the scenes tour of the incredible Minecraft venue with…
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@Mat_Zo Don't worry, we'll covert him, just a matter of time until he shows up at one of our next events. I can al…
🚨ATTENTION GEORGIA VOTERS! If you voted absentee check the status of your ballot NOW! If it was ha…
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HERE IT IS YOU HEATHENS🐙 My Stratosfest set in full thanks to @MadZooEvents. Extra shouts to @Rotaiva for the cam w…
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This really is a great year to pick up minecraft
Where's our magma cube gang?? :D "@mat_zo - The Sky" at virtual #Stratosfest, fx by @mat_zo. unmute!
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsWell #stratosfest last weekend was amazing!! Thank you again to all the artists, our sponsors, the entire team, an…
and a BIG BIG THANK YOU to @msiUSA, @UniteaMusic, @Anjunabeats and @CucumberPro for making these events possible!!Massive kudos to @Mat_Zo for handling the visuals like an absolute CHAMP at #Stratosfest today! Who's ready for mo… thank you for to @attlas, @_Qrion_, @jordinpost, @Tritonal, @FerryCorsten and @aboveandbeyond for the amazing…
Don’t miss day 2 tomorrow!! @OLANSOUND @itshellbound @ihavenomanas @iBluestone @GabrielNDresden @Darudevil @Mat_Zo @Mat_Zo Is seriously onto something here with these Minecraft events. Stratosfest is my first one and I'm a believe…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Eventskiller job from @MadZooEvents on this event 😍😍
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsLife is mada of small moments like this. Just perfect! @aboveandbeyond @MadZooEvents
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsHahaha @aboveandbeyond even have the button. Wow, this has been so much fun! Shoutouts to the @MadZooEvents team…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @Mat_Zo @Anjunabeats @MadZooEvents
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsPlaying tomorrow in @Mat_Zo @MadZooEvents wonderland in Minecraft! On at 10am PST, tix and all info at…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @WINH4X @msiUSA @Mat_Zo > 200 million people think otherwise. But luckily we're all different :)
Here’s my skin for the @MadZooEvents Stratosfest on #minecraft Java Edition this weekend. 😋 I’m on at 3pm PST Satur…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsCongratulations to the grand prize winner of our Stratosfest giveaway, Prajnia! The winners will also receive a web…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsMade my first 3D render just for this please be gentle😅 @MadZooEvents racked up a really fun crew for this lineup…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsStratosfest this weekend, finished my custom skin in prep for it! ✌️ I'm playing a bunch of new music that you won'…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsTickets are still available for can buy a ticket for the in-game experience and also for the audi…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsVery excited to rave in Minecraft! I’ll join Stratosfest and play 1h set at 11am PST tomorrow🤠💕 Can’t wait to watch…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events
Stratosfest starts on Friday! Who's stoked to explore the epic Minecraft world the @MadZooEvents team built?? Don't…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsIf you’d like a free pass to stream the festivities, create an IG Story with the ‘Illusion of Depth’ Instagram filt…
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Hey everyone, here are the set times for #Stratosfest this weekend! FRI @attlas @_Qrion_ @jordinpost @Tritonal doBruhMoment true
@hiadammarshall @Mat_Zo But... But crappy iPhone recordings 😢I'm starting to get to a point with these minecraft shows where I'd rather play in minecraft than irl. If I wanted…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @Mat_Zo MiNeCrAfT fEsTiVaLs ArE sO hIpStEr AnD mAiNsTrEaM dUdE @Mat_Zo Idk, probably some kind of new visual effect @IAmDraconium and @Eynorey have been cooking up or sth.
@MadZooEvents @FerryCorsten @aboveandbeyond @ihavenomanas @Anjunabeats If you don’t own Minecraft, you can check ou…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsMore info on Thanks @Rotaiva for this stunning picture!Looks like our community at @MadZooEvents has been busy on the campgrounds! I can spot @FerryCorsten,… @OLANSOUND I'm sure we can arrange that as an exhibition. Unless... Would that be considered exhibitionism then? S… @OLANSOUND Heard you're playing at this thing called #Stratosfest!? For real, excited to have you on board! We'…
@Mat_Zo Should we do our next event in Minesweeper instead of Minecraft then? @Eynorey @CvRevive37 @Mat_Zo Second that. Or rather 'first that'? Reassuring your own tweet with another account i…
(and no, this tweet was not written by Mat, that would be awkward, wouldn't it?)
We teamed up with @MadZooEvents to bring Stratosfest, a virtual music event on October 23rd-24th! To celebrate, we'…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @cmsimike @Anjunabeats @MAD_ZOO @Mat_Zo Yep :)Good morning/afternoon/evening/night! How is everyone doing today? Y'all should go checkout Mat's new album which…
I know how much you love crappy iphone recordings of new minecraft visuals
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @invicteus @Mat_Zo @killthenoise That's just an authentic Instagram "I'll film the screen with my phone" video. We'… @aboodj_new @Mat_Zo @killthenoise Tell your friend we said hi ;)
It's a beard!!
@OLANSOUND S'okay, we're wholeheartedly welcoming any kind of life form at our events! And you get an A for Effort! @OLANSOUND We expect you to show up just like this fair and square then :D
It’s so exciting seeing what new features minecraft is proposing so we can come up with new ways to abuse the f*** out of them 😍
.@Mat_Zo and @MadZooEvents flip the concept of a live show on it's head with 'Stratosfest'; an immersive virtual M…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsWe’re excited for #Stratosfest on Oct 23-24! Head to to get your tickets! Now where’s the e…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events📢 @MadZooEvents looks to Minecraft to host #Stratosfest with a world-class lineup featuring @AboveAndBeyond,…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsCongrats Mat!! Happy to join you in this amazing celebration ❤️
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsWHAT A LINEUP. get ready for some dark techno 😈😈😈
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsVery special thanks and a HUGE shoutout goes out to @msiUSA / @msigaming, @UniteaMusic, @Anjunabeats and… #STRATOSFEST LINEUP: @aboveandbeyond @attlas @FerryCorsten @itshellbound @jordinpost @ihavenomanas're excited to announce our very special guests at #Stratosfest: Everybody, please welcome @aboveandbeyond! Joi…
I really like the zoomed in cinematic shots. Maybe I should put together one with just those #MZITV Hey…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events#MZITV @Mat_Zo @Draconium @Eynorey Here's a few clips I quickly threw together from the insane party in Minecraft I…
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A sneak peak of the new world 👀 #stratosfest Zoo Events makes sure you get your monthly dose of #HolyOhDearPooPoo! Our previous guests will understand ;)
From the weekend with @beatsbyholly @tsuruda & the cat gang en el tutobich @MadZooEvents #MZITV
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @KYNE0S @jordinpost it is compatible with vivecraft :)My sweet lord #madzoo #fat 🤑 @madzooevents #MZITV
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@Mat_Zo All of your work and all of the teams work is much appreciated! My first koan sound set was in the void😁
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @Mat_Zo These events are always something my fiancé and I look forward to watching! Ty for all you guys do 😬
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @Mat_Zo These events are the first time I've had the chance to socialize and make friends with other people in the…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events @Mat_Zo They've been a ton of fun so far, and a great way to connect with electronic music enthusiasts. Also feels…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsSuper stoked to be playing at @MadZooEvents's Stratosfest next month! This team has worked incredibly hard to put s…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsOur first untz untz untz untz untz untz festival! the link isn’t ready yet, but look at this lineup!
@MadZooEvents tonight
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsVery excited to be opening @MadZooEvents Day 2 today @ 4PST. So many amazing artists have performed so far & I'm de…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsDay 1 was fucking fantastic. See y'all tomorrow!
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Eventsi am currently minecraft gaming at #MZITV @MadZooEvents
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsBig ups @beatsbyholly for his crazy bass set for @MadZooEvents In the Void and sending out the set to attendees aft…
Retweeted by Mad Zoo EventsI mean look at this shit, it's lit as fuuuuuuck
Retweeted by Mad Zoo Events📡 @koansound rn inside #MZITV! @MadZooEvents
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