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aspen ☀️ @magentaHQ ne/nym vae/vael rae/ren

lesbian, 22, wra/wrath + other • ar 55 EU

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Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @ganyuheart 😐🖤❤️💚JUNETEENTH MASTERLIST 💚❤️🖤 It’s Juneteenth, meaning ALL BLACK PEOPLE REPLY ONLY. REPLY WITH YOUR C*SH*PP, V*NM…
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @chosocity me when im blind @loonatheworld LOML
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he <3
@senkusmiles hey gorgeous person the fav movie
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @moonbunji for scientific reasons where do i get onejawline so sharp it could slice right through you<3 #ANISD #ANITWTSELFIEDAY #ANITWTselcaDAY
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Retweeted by aspen ☀️first time joining anisd ˘˛˘ call gojo and the gang cz they got another curse to exorcise ヾ(`ε´)ノ #ANISD
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Retweeted by aspen ☀️i asked ukai what he wanted for dinner and he said me 😌 #ANITWTSELFIEDAY #ANISD #ANITWT
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @ushiibaka SO PRETTYme as a v.league gf 🦋✨ #ANITWTSELFIEDAY #ANISDSELFIEDAY #anisd #ANITWTselcaDAY
Retweeted by aspen ☀️i WILL win kazuha 50/50 watch me @angryroki im literally running it down mid idc im feeding their jg @uhchiriri NO ME TOO but specifically the la tortura mv and whenever wherever 😭 @uhchiriri HELPPPPP mine was when i was 4 and i saw a shakira music video 🧍dilf (drawing i'd like to finish)
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @K4EYATlTS good morning nysa !! have a great day !バルバトス練習
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @frogtsukki they say lesbian recognizes lesbian, and they look real familiar to me 🤨 @diomitsu IM HOWLINGGGG SHKRLSLGL WHAT IS THISleviathan is unironically a good brother at times
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @HEYMAMMON SOBS THIS IS SO CUTE @chimdesires omg!?#?#?$
last time i fixated on danganronpa it lasted over a year 😭me literally earlier today: i havent been fixated on something in so long danganronpa: hi @senkusmiles pearl if there is one person in this world i care about its you @senkusmiles i got a full score i love you 🥲 @ganyuheart im deaf. @midnight_dvz aaah i love v3 so much, even though its the one i like the least ╥﹏╥ im so excited too, very tempting… @midnight_dvz THH for sure, it just had the atmosphere that i like when it comes to games !! do you have a fave? :D @midnight_dvz UGHHH I KNOW 😭😭😭no bc i unironically need the poster WAS JOKING.
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@senkusmiles HOW CAN I NOT BE DOING AMAZING WHEN I HAVE YOU 💗💗💗💗💗💗 have a great day bb<333 @senkusmiles PEARL ILL KISS YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @jojollien IM GONNA CRY YOU ARE LITERALLY THE CUTEST @bktdarling 🤞 bf for sacha come on guys its pride month @A7SUSHl surprise bestie 😐😐😐 have fun learning about the loonaverse 😐im about to "i love cooking" my way into this mfs pants just think theyre neat @HIDANlSM its ok bestie i kin satan,,...,..,.,.,....,.. we're mentally ill and thats ok<3 @HIDANlSM helpppppppp
@applebunnytree i would actually CRY
*gently holds* in my day, the pop quiz ssr did not require 100,000 points to obtain
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @HIDANlSM HE @whoreforhunters I LOVE YOU MORE GORGEOUS💗💗💗 @whoreforhunters OH MY GOD to the party as usual :3 #ANISD #ANITWTSELFIEDAY #anitwt
Retweeted by aspen ☀️✨ART SHARE✨ Thank you sooo much for the 900 followers 💕 🌻RT this for visibility 🌻 Drop your art and tell us a li…
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@moonbunji toasty kity @terveyshaitta HELP I LOVE ITmy dad has deadnamed me 20 times the past hour but he bought me a water bottle so all is forgivengetting my new drawing tablet today yayayay !!ouuu scott cawthon is trending i wonder if we're getting a new fnaf upd-
Retweeted by aspen ☀️femcel✖femboss✔i consume femcel media but im hot sorry guystaste of love is full of bangers idc i love every song on the album
@senkusmiles literally heart eyes 💗💌 thank you for making my day 💕💕😘 @senkusmiles ILY MOREyou're so cute i could cry!
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @senkusmiles @senkusmiles HAHA HEY IM 6'7 @senkusmiles hEY GORGEOUS @senkusmiles OH YM GODHi finally have a full face on to wear this dress #ANISD #ANITWTSELFIEDAY #anitwt
Retweeted by aspen ☀️we got out of solitary confinement, todays only casualties: my grass jean some fish @jojollien HELP THE FIRST PIC IS SO CHAOTICARSON
Retweeted by aspen ☀️two klees !! what will they do :o @magentaHQ
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Retweeted by aspen ☀️guide to how to be my friend DO NOT: message me “can we be friends” or force things DO: just interact with my posts…
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @HIDANlSM sobs @hissomus YES IM CRYING I LOVE HIM SM @HIDANlSM MANIFESTING HE COMES ON A RANDOM PULLgot the only card i wanted simeon loml hello king
if u actually mean what u said here then you will publicly apologize to @dykedazai and put your money where your mo…
Retweeted by aspen ☀️ @cishetventi aaaah im so happy for you !!i feel lightheadedMY FRIEND GAVE ME $100 TO GET C1 KLEE IM LITERALLY SOBBINGlookin like a fnaf animatronic @jojollien YEAH i am BROKE broke rnTHE KIDS LOOK SO PROUD