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Mom of 3 boys, HS Eng T ,#Edtech Grad Professor, #Motivate2Educate, 2016 @ice_il Educator of YR, Innovator, Engage & Empower, co-founder #HSEduChat , 💕 #YLEO

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@AggieSalterITS @froehlichm @InspireMaggie @TaraMartinEDU @talouis @tishrich @kwildehealey @AshleyJanssen8 @HeckAwesome Awww. You’re the sweetest. Excited for our next in person learning opportunity!Yes... #CrazyPLN Welcome to the world of that kind of crazy.
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @Kbahri5 Yes!!!!A2: Fear hold leaders back. When a servant leader helps develop new leaders they are also building strong relations…
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiQ2. The key word here is 'Fear.' A capable leader is comfortable in their position to help those not only rise to t…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @DennisDill Yes, I hate being in this #pd where Ts don’t have positive comments and refuse to change their own teac… only takes one toxic teacher to destroy the vibe ... every kid knows who they are ... the adults just look the o…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @RosaIsiah This is very true. There’s support and then there’s real support. We can all feel when it’s fake or forc… a major factor that helps/hinders is the level of support the teacher leader receives from the site administrato…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @HeckAwesome You look amazing!!! And I’m so proud of you sharing your #genius Wish I could be there to support you @HeckAwesome I’m sooo happy for you! I just wish my school district was more supportive of #pd If it’s not on the w… @SteinbrinkLaura @techamys @burgessdave @MSTA @dbc_inc @aaron_hogan @BethHouf @kristi_daws @Rdene915 @TaraMartinEDU“Be prolific, not perfect.” Don’t just try one thing one time. Creating something amazing doesn’t happen on the fi…
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiMy son and I absolutely LOVED the @FrozenBroadway production by the amazing middle schoolers from @CCTheatreDept @techamys This tweet just made me think about the book I just finished this week ... It’s all about how one tweet c… @Gameboydrew @Stephvedu Just remember to sit back and enjoy that special day... so much planning... all that matter… @Gameboydrew @Stephvedu Congratulations!!!Please don't give more to your best educators because they are good at their job. #mentalhealth #teacherlife
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@mrhagedorn @HeckAwesome So awesome!What makes us shine... #ideaflood @HeckAwesome
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@AggieSalterITS @froehlichm @InspireMaggie @TaraMartinEDU @talouis @tishrich @kwildehealey @AshleyJanssen8 the teacher you would've wanted! -Via @inspire_teachers
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@mrspokrajac That’s awesome. Your students are blessed to have youKindness all around today! ❤️❤️ #WorldKindnessDay
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiHere’s my version of #CardiganDay #KindnessDay my side zip sweater because most of his sweaters would be zipped up… your own happily ever after by diffusing these essential oils!
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#TeachLikeARockStar #BeTheOne #CampusCultureRevolution #ChangeAKidsLife
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiWhen you bring enough positivity to a space, the negativity moves to another place. Let’s make every school an incr…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @jeffgargas @teachbetterteam @RaeHughart @chadostrowski
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiJoin @TaraMartinEDU and me TONIGHT at 8pm CST for #tlap!! Topic: Mindfulness Monday! #LearnLAP #leadlap #realedu
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @Gameboydrew Congrats,Andrew! I’m sure that you’ll be awesome! @Gameboydrew @Michelle4EDU And, when I came to this country, I was mistreated cause I came from a communist country… @Gameboydrew @Michelle4EDU Yes, mommies always remember! My oldest had a teacher who told him in first grade he wou…
@Mrs_Koppers @catandnat It was fun!Be still my heart! @Snapchat has a fire eyes filter and I'm sure it's just for The FIRE Within! 🤣 I wanna see those…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @kimdarche You are more than enough! Miss you girl. We need a tech conference together so we can catch up @USMSpark Now, it’s my turn to give you a hard time. Are you sure you can’t join me this year?!?! It’s such an amaz… your plans for #USMSpark! Inspiring speakers, collaborative activities, innovative sessions, and fun fun fun!…
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Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @trev_mackenzie @ClassTechTips @benforta @AdobeSpark Wow!!! Looks awesome! Gotta add it to my reading listWe are so happy to give away copies of this amazing book by @ClassTechTips and @benforta celebrating the power of…
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiMake drifting off dreamy with this #YLtip! 💤 #yleo
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiI’m enjoying reading the #SSR writing notebooks. They are truly reflecting over their reading and writing. Yes!!! is why I continue #SSR #independentreading in my HS #english class. This Ss was very hesitant to ready, yet he… @MrDsengclasss So sorry for your loss#ChasingGreatness at #TeachBetter19
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiWhy It’s So Hard for Teachers to Take Care of Themselves (and 4 Ways to Start) Interview with @Angela_Watson
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiOK, Physical Education teachers: I'm going to add a "Physical Education" section to this year's Teacher's Guide to…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski"Our brains are wired for connection, but trauma rewires them for protection." Ryan North Educators must acknowle…
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@Mrs_Koppers @mr_Alsheimer @EMPOWEREduCon @docspeaks @strobeled @SteeleThoughts @teachchoice @goPEEQ @PearDeck @CarolJago Yes, I’m in so much support of this! I’ve been doing it in my high school English class for a few years now.Statement on Independent Reading - NCTE YES, another study to help support that #SSR in my HS classes is… @ValerieSousa7 @EdumatchBooks So awesome! Congrats!!My dreams are unfolding before my eyes. So excited for this new journey and love my new @EdumatchBooks family!!…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @TeachMrReed Yes!!!A student of mine asked for tips on starting their own YouTube channel. Here were my answers: 1. Say meaningful t…
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Matthew is 17 months today!! Our little man is a ball of energy
@polonerd @emueller1860 @Mrs_Koppers That’s a Thoughtcrime 🤔
@tishrich Lol, he kept “sharing” the hat with daddy. He didn’t wanna wear his hat. 🤷‍♀️My family is my Nov 1 #GratitudeSnaps @polonerd @cvarsalona @daviswelcome Yes! So sad for everyone @cvarsalona @daviswelcome Yes!!! #Truth
#HappyHalloween from our family to yours #ToyStory #Disney @Karen__Harkin Thanks. They are having fun designing
Ss are working in groups to design how our #flexibleseating #grant money should be utilized. Then we vote on best i…’t assume a kid doesn’t want to work; maybe they don’t know how to ask for help. As the adults in the room, we h… who want to privately speak to you, please respect their privacy. Their emotional health does matter. What… you push a student to tears in class, how can you ever make that better? That relationship trust could be broken… Vulnerability Becomes a Liability (hint: it's the place where courage is born)
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiWhen a student has a breakdown in your class, stop pushing. Give the kid a break and show more compassion…
@Mrs_Koppers @emueller1860 @polonerd That’s a LOT of awesome
Matthew picked this pumpkin at daycare during their pumpkin picking adventure. Spending Sunday unpacking and organ…
@AggieSalterITS @tomorrowriver @cesa_5 @WisDPIDigCit @WisDPITech @RickJetter @froehlichm So proud of you!Super excited to deliver another workshop on cybersecurity and data privacy 3rd one this week @tomorrowriver
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiHi! I finally decided to make a teaching blog. My first post is Making Grading More Manageable:…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @Mrs_Koppers @emueller1860 Cool
@Joe_Sanfelippo @AggieSalterITS @froehlichm 🤣
Zero direct instruction or lecture. 100% student engagement. No time spent on the bench waiting for a turn. Ever…
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@Rdene915 @JaimeDonally @sarahdateechur @SteinbrinkLaura @froehlichm @tishrich @thewrightleader @SteeleThoughts
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @herron_mrs Me!!! Join the #eduamazing educators all over Twitter. Glad you are here
10 Ways to bring Social Emotional Learning to the next level in your classroom! @BookCreatorApp
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @Mrs_Koppers @GustafsonBrad @Joe_Sanfelippo @jonbartelt @DrBradJohnson @MakeThemMastrIt @burgessdave Hope is what k… @Mrs_Koppers @emueller1860 No one told me 🤨 Hope it went well with your students! And hope you enjoyed your visit.… @Joe_Sanfelippo @thomascmurray Happy Birthday Tom! Thanks for all you do for educators and students. #YouMatter We see you 😉Happy birthday to my man @thomascmurray. You’re all grown up! #FutureReady
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @froehlichm Yes, @Mrs_Koppers #TruthResilience isn't about bouncing back to the person you were before. If that's what you try to do, you will fail eve…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @JoyKirr Yep, he’s our Bob 😜 Miss you twoControl F is an essential research technique. When doing a Google Search teach your students to hold down the Contr…
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiI use the version history to “name current version” to template before I share the document with students.…
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiCamp Wells 4th graders love our kindergarten buddies!
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@Mrs_Koppers @EdumatchBooks @emueller1860 @Erik_Youngman @drorzel @burgessdave @btcostello05 @jeffgargas to be a guest blogger for @EdumatchBooks focusing on how we teach instead of what is taught. Time to change…
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Teachers are increasingly being asked to embrace new ideas and styles of teaching, but schools don't always give th…
Retweeted by Maggie MaslowskiLEADERS!!! Being present and engaged means BEING PREPARED to be present and engaged. Adjust your mindset so you can…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski#ThoughtFOrTheDay It’s not enough anymore to hire great teachers & principals. We need to have processes & structur…
Retweeted by Maggie Maslowski @techamys Congrats!!
@mrserinlocke @alicekeeler Love it 😍Our new neighbor is so sweet...she let Matthew pick the pears off her tree. She shook the branches and down they ca…