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Maggie Kang @maggiemkang Los Angeles, CA

Director @ Sony Pictures Animation / past: DreamWorks, WAG, Illumination, Blue Sky / Rumi’s mommy / 🇰🇷🇨🇦 all opinions my own

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@pixie_punch So awesome!!!!!YES!!! @radsechrist @benmekler Awwww 💜💜💜Listening to a person flat out lie their face off about not being imposter seconds after they murdered youuuu… @JarelleDampier1 Omg legit!!! @JarelleDampier1 Is this homemade???? 😱😱😱Omg!!! So beautiful!!! 🔥🔥🔥
@jsanford Haha not sure I can make one of those! @ATikiWitch Lol!!!! I try @victoriaying @karenyhan Ty! It took me three days 😅Every year I try to make something for my kid’s costume. This years she Barb from Trolls so I made her this guitar: @Mr_Scribbles Congrats Everett!Autumn Harvest! 🍇🍏🍎🍈🥬🍅🥒🧅 love seeing more friends/fam/ppl going more home-grown, there’s nothing like fresh produce…
Retweeted by Maggie Kang @redherringdraws Dodgers stadium is 24h turnaround. A lot of people I know have got it done there. Super easy
@anndanger Vespertine or Providence @allkpop @birdyhoodie @billybobmartinz Lol!!!! @lewithone_e @birdyhoodie @thealisonmann Bet it’s 98% pith and rind lol
@cliobablio :(When hurricane Sandy hit New York I heard someone got smooshed by the “S” of a Staples sign. I think about that a lot. @cardurr I think about that happening all the time. To me.My 4yo “Mommy, it’s so fun being on planet Earth.” 🤔
@radsechrist @ShannonTindle_1 @MingjueChen @birdyhoodie @maurenegoo I won’t buy shoes but tops are definitely yes and want every color of my favorite lounge pants!I'm doing a FREE class for people who want to learn Story in animation! Especially BiPOC kids! I was lucky to affor…
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Great thread about leadership ✨ @TKOpresents Iron PanBrian is a beast! Check out his amazing work!
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How was I able to work on Connected while raising a baby during a pandemic? That and more on this animatic I did fo…
Retweeted by Maggie Kang @aimeekitty Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s a serious condition and we need to talk about it more so more people are aware. @LaserSinger Thank you. I’m totally fine now and never had mental health problems other than that time. @birdyhoodie I may need to go and get something from this sweet halmonee @karenyhan LOVE IT ALLLL @sheenarossiter @mylissafitz I agree it put me off at first but the writing is so good it quickly becomes a part of… @mylissafitz Both are must watch. @nthonyholden Please teach @radsechrist @e_alexjung @dairysnake it’s too late for us but you can do this @dianefiedler 🙏💪
How is there no finger heart emoji yet? Or hamburger heart?? @bauerpower Thanks for reading, Betsy ❤️ I didn’t either and didn’t know until a year later! Crazy! @randeepk ❤️YA needs to be at the top of studio’s interests @mayonose Happy is my diet and that diet needs this donut! @birdyhoodie Thank you for reading 😘It made me realize that women could never know they have pp so not just women need to be aware but partners, friend… I did, I was horrified I had those thoughts. That’s when I realized I went thru pp. I had no idea pp would be… time was the scariest. I didn’t think I could trust myself, told myself I would call my doc if it happened agai… had thoughts of hurting my partner, ones that were v matter of fact,v planned,emotionless. I had them three times… came about 1y after giving birth. Things that surprised me- 1)No idea that it could come that late 2)so hidden… the eve of my daughter’s 4y an old pic from her 1y birthday reminds me of a time when I wasn’t myself & I feel t… @MingjueChen🦇🐱 December.
Retweeted by Maggie KangI am an Indian artist working in animation. #PortfolioDay
Retweeted by Maggie KangActresses from the show "GLOW" revealed that they were unhappy with their characters behind the scenes
Retweeted by Maggie Kang @dsantat I think every asian dad had that hair, those glasses, and collared shirt in the 70/80’s lol @dsantat Woah, for a second there I thought this was MY dad lol
@emotionalkale @radsechrist @dairysnake Lol @dairysnake @radsechrist Qualm down @radsechrist @dairysnake 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 @karenyhan @benmekler Hahaha he’s too tired to fight back now cuz he’s a tired dadI like how Raya is being marketed as like, a Star War @benmekler @karenyhan @karenyhan @benmekler Honestly, I think in a few years everyone will just be drawing on iPads lol @dairysnake @radsechrist Where is a Joshy? @karenyhan @benmekler Cintiq’s are def a spluuurge. Even the freaking arm thing is expensive af @benmekler @karenyhan The cheapest one is 999 @karenyhan @benmekler @benmekler @karenyhan You have a 1200 dollar meme-maker? How fancy @karenyhan @benmekler Ah ic. Then I would go with Cintiq pro. The cheaper 600 dollar one is kind of crap. I ordered… @AlimiAlpha @radsechrist No. They’re millionaires.So on brand @MingjueChen YOU HAVE @benmekler @karenyhan So if you’re looking for a portable option, iPad Pro would be the best choice! @benmekler @karenyhan I just got an iPad Pro and pen and it’s pretty good! The other option would be a Wacom cintiq… @birdyhoodie 💜💜💜 @AndrewHarkins 😂 @superbonart @MartyMong @victoriaying @MingjueChen We’ve only played once since that night @MartyMong @superbonart @victoriaying Idk how to invite you, I’ll let @MingjueChen do it lol @MartyMong @superbonart @victoriaying Omg you need to join our discord!!! @burstofbeaden How modern they were! @superbonart @victoriaying Among Usssssss @HelenHKang :(Plant pots are so expensive!
@birdyhoodie I like drawing bigger so got the 12 in for boards @kumailn Thousands of lives ruined @JohnSlaughter @PictureNicole Looks great!!! @LaurenAirriess Wow, this is huge! Hopefully this means more studios will be addedNo one like our girl Wolf 💙💖 @yangtianli Oh!!! So pretty! @ATikiWitch This is exactly me. The ass shakes even @victoriaying happy to see so many friends enjoying new hobbies in these hard times. Makes me happy 😊Bought more plants. Can’t be stopped.