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PM of PMs. Script Kiddie. JavaScript's DateTime weirdo. Loves dogs. She/Her. #BlackLivesMatter

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@kaydacode Miss dog showing so much. It's time consuming and I just haven't been able to reconcile it with having k… a friend's house without a pie pan, so went with Galettes. Turned out perfect. @DamianEdwards It's like they named some ikea furniture after you
@Hunt3rDev Are we going to get Sam to make software?
@StemEngrGirl The main stretch of wineries in Woodinville @davidfowl @bradygaster Is Brady the deck master for the whole .NET org? Every time I talk to him he's making a deck. @NicoleAbuhakmeh @buhakmeh Yes!My childhood best friend’s mom died today. She retired 2 months ago, contracted COVID-19 a few weeks later, and spe…
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-PintEvery time we go grab a wine pickup the Hollywood district is the most agitating place on earth. So many people gathering. So many. @kaydacode @ParissAthena I hat to say it but everyone also just gains weight in the late 20s. Metabolic change. And… @Hunt3rDev @Twitter Linkedin stories? Like, about our work day?You can tell Florida's COVID case numbers are wrong because their deaths aren't going down at nearly the rate they should be. What a world. @MylesBorins I actually feel the opposite because diet culture has so ingrained in me that nature valley bars are e… @iamjulied @camannwordsmith @RoyStuut1 @jameelajamil Right, and I'm saying any euphemism is non-neutral to me becau… @iamjulied @camannwordsmith @RoyStuut1 @jameelajamil Right. That's where I'm confused. It's like you're asking Jame… @the_thagomizer But they have all those eyes of sauron ! interesting, my husband somehow instinctually knew to reclaim the word before I did. When we were first togethe… taking back fat for a while now! @LA_AnGee @RoyStuut1 @jameelajamil Leaving this article here. Read up. Love yourself. Give yourself grace. @ami_c @RoyStuut1 @jameelajamil ⬆️ this @iamjulied @camannwordsmith @RoyStuut1 @jameelajamil Fat person here - thought extensively about this and I can't s… @StemEngrGirl I kinda hate business cases for diversity. Like, well, we are all inherently assholes and need capita… can have ALL THE UNICODE IN THE UNIVERSE!Web developers hate hyphen and space people. I couldn't have imagined how bad it was till I got married. Must be… @terrajobst I want to experience being constrained by my technical skills again. That would be a trip!Initial Peloton thoughts: exceptional product design. Lady in first video a little strange but pleasant for all tha…
@StreamOfRon true.WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?! @DamianEdwards My husband just replaced all our upstairs lightbulbs with brighter, higher quality light bulbs in an… have isolated for 14 days, as have our friends, and we are spending the weekend with friends for the first time in months! Very excited! @seldo @storming When I read the wikipedia I was like "oh yeah, I was taught the term Banana Republic in high schoo… that time when a black person was killed and their killers were not arrested for their death and then you…
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-Pint @seldo Wait, wait, wait. Does this term predate the clothing company? Is Banana Republic the most messed up company name ever?Lizzo is on point about the body positivity discussion today (and every day). Everything else too. @copyconstruct Personally I want two days a week from the office.
@kyleshevlin I guess that's a minority case? But ya, they go to the online classes and do the thing. @kyleshevlin So, we really haven't had much trouble with either of our kids. @editingemily When I worked at a renaissance festival in high school/college I went a lot of places in costume so this all checks out to me. @ScottKurtzeborn Lemme tell ya, I can introduce your son to a weirder dude from Arizona than you.
I'm pretty sure Prince Harry is actually awesome. dad is one of 200k+ people that died of COVID-19. He was super healthy, didn't have any pre-existing conditions,…
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-Pint @JSPartyFM @mattjohnsonpint @nomadtechie Working on gathering all the relevant email addresses :-) @jorydotcom @tobie @juliaferraioli @danbri @JamieXML I haven't done a talk about this, but I've definitely talked about it 😀. @StemEngrGirl For some reason mine was able to deliver Friday - but we're both in the Seattle area I think? I did… @BenLesh It's weird, up here in the wealthy Seattle suburbs we are 100% remote and nobody is really complaining. L…
@southpolesteve I think we should make a White and Nerdy 2020 video and you can star. @maggiepint I'm basically a commercial now. At any moment I'll transcend the physical plane and explode in into a f…
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-PintI am not as stereotypical as @southpolesteve who has a Peloton, a model Y, and a Bernedoodle!Imagine being a Native student sitting in a college class, and you see graphics like this? Even for the sake of ‘…
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-Pint @platemailgames @ZeroUtopia Twitter has shown willingness to point out when content is BS. Facebook has not. For… a replacement for jogging in the winter season, I have ordered a Peloton. I am now some kind of a stereotype ab… @jntrnr The first build that can be in person, you and I are going to build a giant wood effigy of a server. Durin… think part of the reason we have Build and Ignite is just to remind us all to finish things.
This is a particularly comprehensive linked journal article for the interested: to have made progress on that journey in the last couple years of my life. Wouldn't have happened without medi… article from Seattle Times on weight stigma. I have experienced basically every problem it describes, BTW… @ASpittel You should see the leggings with pockets rabbit hole I'm down. 90% of my summer clothing - the sun dress… @BenLesh Kids totally understand the phrase "toxic masculinity" though. Every time this comes up we are like "what… @BenLesh We are constantly telling them to turn off the screaming people too. It's so weird. @AITA_reddit I just gotta call out that controlling what people eat in this way (ripping food out of their hands) i… @migueldeicaza Given you both have admins, I imagine just mention this to yours and they'll do the thing with the l… @darrel_miller @mattjohnsonpint @DavidAns Darrel, I should tell you that the husband is sitting next to me really e… boss has an arm! Guessing he grew up playing cricket.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but here's the Red Army Choir singing 'Sex Bomb.'
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-Pint100,000 Americans dead vs 200,000 Americans dead
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-PintWent to get a wine pickup at a rather large winery, and I try not to judge people's COVID choices too hard, but the… @NicoleAbuhakmeh It looks kinda awesomeThe bull is an oddly chill dude BTW, but then they only have five cows so I suppose they all get handled a lot.Anybody know what sorts of cows these are? I jog by them every day. Two red babies both have black moms. I think t… @darrel_miller Usually if we have all three kids we end up on a hiking road trip. @darrel_miller Three kids, three dogs at "full capacity household" - we're both divorced and the kids rotate and on… not Tesla. I'm over Musk. Someone else make it.Dear auto makers - I want an all wheel drive, all electric minivan. I will buy it the instant someone sells it. Make this for me.I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-PintEnded up taking a three mile walk with the husband as well.The high school kids have the Saturday jazz going. What a great tradition. I think a couple might be college fres…
Major gap in using takeout to support local restaurants is that it biases us heavily to places close enough to get… @techgirlwonder She's out without the Alaska Native vote and she knows it. @techgirlwonder See Murkowski's situation. was excellent. Days with a break in the rain treat you right.I am outside! I am going to jog! @xjamundx Tim actually worked extremely hard on getting the time zone data format as compact as it is. @xjamundx Bug me if you need help. But yes, the complaining about the size was always a bit ridiculous because of… Murkowski ends up being the deciding factor in this supreme court seat - which is highly possible - remember tha… @philologon @terrajobst I agree it's sexist, but I feel like the humor in use here is basically pointing that out.… life has changed in such a way that I have recurring 9 am meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. @cgranade Why does forcing this vote guarantee he loses the senate? Doesn't make sense in the first place.Love the use of the word patriot. Damn right she is! @roseaboveit And she owes them forever! Beautiful work.Today I learned that Senator Murkowski lost her primary to a tea partier in 2010 and the Alaska Native tribes ralli…'m sad about RBG. But I'm also feeling shame. That so much rides on a single person's life. How incredibly selfish of us.
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-PintDoesn't Trump win reelection for sure now? He challenges any Biden victory on whatever grounds he feels like, and J…
Retweeted by Maggie Johnson-PintI'm so upset right now.
Do you ever want to divest from your current spouse, kids and dogs, and replace them all with little french bulldog… @matvelloso @donasarkar @Taylorb_msft @DynamicWebPaige @shanselman I always tell people I'm the boring kind of PM,… @matvelloso @donasarkar @Taylorb_msft @DynamicWebPaige @shanselman I think the PM role at Microsoft varies so much… @blowdart @CarmenCrincoli @mattjohnsonpint @Mrs_Carm You probably could mix plain soda water with coffee and froth… @CarmenCrincoli @mattjohnsonpint @blowdart @Mrs_Carm LaCroix and milk now we make our lattes at home @timheuer You gotta use the M system. It could be in M1 or M2. Maybe M3. I think M1.
King, a Labrador retriever, has retired as one of TSA’s longest working canines in Honolulu. Read more:…
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