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@WestWingWeekly this is unrealweepy and nostalgic reading all these HIIAPL posts. you have my endless care and appreciation. thank you for lettin… year after the release of @maggierogers debut album, she's taking us on a journey of the recording of the song…
Retweeted by Maggie RogersHappy first birthday to heard it in a past life 💙 @maggierogers there aren’t words (or at least I don’t have any go…
Retweeted by Maggie RogersTo 2020 and beyond 🎊 @maggierogers
Retweeted by Maggie Rogersi appreciate you @maggierogers , thank you for everything 🦋
Retweeted by Maggie Rogers🌹There aren't enough words in the world to convey what this album means to me nor the way it saved me. I have been…
Retweeted by Maggie Rogersthis day last year it snowed jus like today and we drove to the hospital to see my papa and i listened to…
Retweeted by Maggie Rogersheard it in a past life has brought me so much happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose that i never knew i…
Retweeted by Maggie Rogers @maggierogers hbd to ur child :)
Retweeted by Maggie Rogersi meant to post this earlier...happy one year of HIIAPL, @maggierogers. it’s been nothing short of an honor to watc…
Retweeted by Maggie RogersHappy #1YearofHIIAPL @maggierogers ❤️ to me, dog years and past life are sister songs and they just happen to both…
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happy birthday heard it in a past life. what a year it’s been ✨🎈✨
one year on from the release of her debut album, watch @maggierogers explain the story behind her song "Past Life"…
Retweeted by Maggie Rogerstomorrow marks the one year anniversary of ‘heard it in a past life’ and i’m using this moment to reflect on this w… the basement of the midland. kansas city, mo. oct 2019. by wrenne evans time i was in barcelona i ugly cried at the sagrada familia and ate 100000000 churros so expecting this trip t…
i’ve wanted to go to this festival since i was 16. so sooo excited to turn 26 at my first @jazzfest
im not crying ur crying ****BEDAZZLED MOM JEANS*****????? ive never seen anything so perfect in my life!!! @blogotheque !!!
at the diner. upstate ny. 2019
I combined my favourite song + my favourite lyric + my favourite artwork and now I have it with me forever. Thanks…
Retweeted by Maggie RogersBeautiful human connection through music 💛 Thanks @maggierogers, #TekleMezghebe 🎶
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Just to clarify… directors + art directors dont always get enough credit. i was inspired by bardia zeinali’s work.… okay y’all can hate but i think the video is coolokay but the yummy video is amazingbehind the scenes of LY4ALT
you were the first concert i tried shooting on film for :) #GRAMMYsAskMaggieRogers
Retweeted by Maggie Rogers @gretaswig these are beautifulthanks for tuning in + sending in so many great questions and sweet notes/hellos. just had a moment typing this + s… someone call tom hanks. that clip. SDFJSDFJDSLKGJKLAHHHHHHH IDK DUDEEEEEEE 2020 is literally entirely just about me sitting in my hous… is god Heard It In A Past Life recommended reading never ever in a million years forget the person i cried with and hugged after my show in DC on the night of the… you ever listened to my music? literally a bird daily podcast 10 minute sun salutations remembering i can read in small sips and it still counts turning off… tried getting a different job. and it made me so so miserable. i finally got to the point where i realized if i d… shows were so wildly powerful for me. and because of the livestream aspect it was also the first time i ever… difference btwn recorded music + live music and what makes each arrangement work. recording has been a largely… too late by carole king is power. learn protools. learn music theory. start an LLC. only thing that matters is if you like it a taurus sun, gemini rising, scorpio moon so you know that shit's emotional and spicy write i need: -the perfect pen (pilot g2 07) -have been on a walk recently -enough boredom to make me want to p… actually wrote a whole treatment where i fell in love with an alien but we didnt speak the same language and the… @carlyraejepsen's record 'emotion' was so important for me. i thought didnt like pop music (which is absur… But i think it might be the one im the most proud of for that reason. it started as a demo in my bk… literally just DM'd all my favorite musicians and I still cant believe it worked. here we go... WATCH OUT folks i might say some rogue things about feminism, art/commerce, general nature sh… a lil twitter q&a tmrw 9am pst w the @recordingacad. you can start sending in ur questions now using…
thanks, @applemusic 💕 listen to Love You For A Long Time on the #ALTCTRL playlist
new year’s eve. just south of tijuana. you in napa 😎
Six months later and I’m still emotional over @maggierogers’ set at Barn on the Farm
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sitting in my house playing C to G over and over again hoping the musical resolution will in some way quell my quie… the 30 most popular songs played on public radio stations across the country in 2019.
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wait wtf should i go to coachella this year
Retweeted by Maggie Rogers @jillboard think megan rapinoe will join me for a shania cover ?duh it glows in the dark who do you think i am
✨ 🙏 ✨ the inspiration behind @maggierogers' Heard It in a Past Life, there’s something about the commiserate pai…
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big decade energy
goodbye sweet 2019. i’ll remember you this way. 🦋
closed out the year with the tour of dreams. thank you will never be enough. love you for a long time. 🌹 ⁣ ⁣ 🎥…
@raveena_aurora @WrenneEvans love you rav ☯️ miss you my friend. happy new year xx2010 —> 2019
2019 i learned to let go.
HIIAPL at #8. thank you @nprmusic listeners 🌹 i learned to trust. ⁣ photo by @wrenneevans as i climbed the balcony at radio city. held my hand to the fire. glitter on the floor of the sydney opera house. by @wrenneevans. i learned to rest.
tour summary
this genuinely made me tear up. wow this has been such an absurd couple years. thank you for letting me be a part o… @damsel_music_ the reading list jumped out !!i am deceased💚❤️💚 happy day y’all ❤️💚❤️
.@phoebe_bridgers my sweet dad just brought me this from the grocery store and said “look it’s your friend!!” “I’d like to tell my grandchildren that we did everything we could. And we did it for them—for the…
Retweeted by Maggie Rogerscoming home to find out that for the last 10 years my brother has thought that @TheEllenShow’s name was “ellen, the generous”
keeping myself fed. in a hotel. new york. nov 2019. did the thing. @maggierogers deffo doesn't watch gavin and Stacey but everyone look at this mess I made
Retweeted by Maggie Rogers @lexakimberley ya sure why not🌹🌹🌹
On the left was when I worked for liberty taxes, as a sign spinner... on the right is my @nbcsnl debut. Don’t sto…
Retweeted by Maggie Rogers“remind me tomorrow” was the soundtrack to my year. love you @sharonvanetten 🌹
backstage at radio city // dreams come true. oct 2019. dementors start as people or are they born dementors ? asking for a friend
🌹🌹🌹 similar energies between the HIIAPL cover and this picture of baby yoda,,, i had to do it cc: @maggierogers
Retweeted by Maggie Rogersbackstage w the dead. madison square garden. nov 2019
a perfect day. somewhere/nowhere upstate new york. nov 2019.
🌹🌹🌹 internet! Wrote about some of my fave albums of the year for @NME, incl @clairo, @maggierogers and, of course…
Retweeted by Maggie Rogersthank you ⁦@NewYorker⁩ ⁦@amandapetrusich⁩ 🌹’ll take it