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Freelance photojournalist based in North Carolina, available on assignment. Work from 2012 presidential campaign & John Edwards trial ran in top dailies.

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@primenumberfew @Bc2Gb @jduffyrice Just pointed out obvious fact. Many Amerikan kids drink absurd amounts of alcoho… like a second - and third and fourth and fifth lockdown - are all you're voting on. Be a single-issue voter. E… the lens: Shooting macros - the where and how problems: #photography
Retweeted by Matt MaggioIf you can make yourself a superstar, I can make you look like one in the movie poster for "Godfather IV." DONE IT.…
Retweeted by Matt MaggioNeed on-assignment photo coverage?: Have shot for 2 of NYC's top 3 dailies - one twice. Portfolio:…
Retweeted by Matt MaggioNeed stringer photo coverage of 2020 campaign? Have twice shot on assignment for New York Daily News; also once for…
Retweeted by Matt MaggioSTORY TIPS SOUGHT: Campaign appearances by or for Trump or Biden within 40 miles of Burlington, N.C. (Covered simil… What did they do before? @primenumberfew @Bc2Gb @jduffyrice Depends on the rewards. Equals depends on the net payoff. After all, American yo… @ManuPag @the__other_ @anastasiatl I started on film, too. First news photo I sold I shot with rangefinder 35mm. Bu… @InBrokenCountry @cliffordlevy @RonBrownstein @mihirzaveri "Life" expectancy isn't what makes a place worth living… forced draw in very tough, very long #chess game against live opponent on; Got a N ahe… @Bc2Gb @jduffyrice 28% is pretty damn low probability. Ask any #backgammon nerd; it's hardly likely. @aloe_bloom @MegaMohsi @jduffyrice Bull. That's pretending that (Dem) Hillary & the Wall Streeters who backed her weren't the elites? @UWMoose @PrattKap @bonitarosekemp @PaulBegala So what? You drop your ballot in an imposter box, it's gone. @ManuPag @the__other_ @anastasiatl Art #photography, yes. Can you deliver #photojournalism work under realistic con… @arianadelawari @jduffyrice 2016 in enough states to win. @AlecMacGillis @davidzweig The Two Amerikas. Remember, parents of each kid in such a micro-private-school will also… @PaulBegala Really? How many FAKE drop boxes would there be - especially in targeted neighborhoods? @Bc2Gb @jduffyrice Hillary was predicted by the "experts" all the way to Election Day the certain winner; remember… @CommentOnTWLB @KatePeople Pro tip: easy to make small "crowd" look big, dense without Photoshop. Just use a teleph… @mWilstory I have four coffee mugs from Sal's (very authentic Sicilian restaurant here in Burlington, N.C.) - and t… @cliffordlevy @RonBrownstein @mihirzaveri So what? Swedes have been enjoying quality of life throughout this - plus… @Bc2Gb @jduffyrice Hillary 2016, same. I awakened late Election Night to use bathroom - heard to my shock on the radio that Trump had won. @Bc2Gb @jduffyrice Dream on; it's now over 3 months before Election Day - and Biden's got a long long political pap… @StevenTDennis People play Powerball because - for that 99% that Occupy correctly spoke of - it for $2 gives them t… @dinodadino @elwalvador Closest to UBI that Amerika's had in my 60 years alive is that $1,200 stimulus check - and… @MegaMohsi @jduffyrice Won is won. It doesn't matter if it's not a California style landslide. And it never did bef… Sweden has a large "POLIS" force and it's armed. What does that say are urban Amerika's chances without police? @elwalvador @dinodadino Wrong. #Stocks can't be UBI except for the very small minority making their current living… @anblanx @BenSmithDC 2016 all over again. "Silent majority" in key states - unwilling to tell strangers how they re… @jduffyrice The true "silent majority" that will reelect Trump. Unwilling to publicly say it - as in 2016. @AdamMilstein @HikindDov That's why it's time to #RevoltAtThePolls. Even Sweden has big "POLIS" force and it's arme… @DanielleDozier @TribLIVE Danville, Virginia has a steeper one, I think - if a short one. Your car actually slides… @EllieRushing @RobOwenTV Really? What percent of Amazon orders now go by USPS anyway? And what percent by Amazon's… Daily big downsizings did that - by having more people chasing fewer jobs. The jobs just didn't exist - at leas…'t mass poverty great? The elites now just said it. So #RevoltAtThePolls - or go through this repeatedly. @ByCodyHills @jadewalker That only works so far - and not very far. What would the pilot do if that Delta flight re… @HamillHimself @NancySinatra @USPS USPS-dependent Corporate Amerika will pay any higher postage needed to save USPS…'t poverty great? Because that's exactly what the elites say in this. @EllieRushing @crampell Really? Hear utility companies howling over undelivered bills - and unpaid ones? Also credi… @dabeard Bull. It's more accurate to say that Dems wrote off all whites in flyover states except richest & (maybe)… @byHeatherLong He can go to hell. How many times does he - and the rest of the elites - think they have a right to… @Jonnelle Then #RevoltAtThePolls - or expect constant "emergency" dictatorships with "your" dictator alone choosing… @kylegriffin1 @whatescapes So what? Working illegally for someone rich enough or famous enough shouldn't get an ill… @BillRobens @paulkrugman "Too big to fail" again? As in bailouts for self-done crazy policies if "too big to fail"… @BenjaminNorton No; economic prosperity in Amerika was fueled by constant big wars to both remove hordes of excess… is dead to stay - if titanium industry is. @creynoldsnc Tip: Honda EU2000i generator. Self-contained, easy to use, will power refrigerator/freezer, computer,… @animegirl12182 @benjaminokeefe @JessicaHuseman Bull. Plumbing or practicing law is a skill. Even community college… @primalKoWT @paulkrugman No. It's about you spent yourself broke so you take care of your own damn mess. It's about… @rage1resist @paulkrugman We're already in a Great Depression - or worse. What percent of the public did Washington…
@ryanvizzions No. Two lenses on two bodies. 24-70 f/2.8 "L" USM on one - my go-to rig for most all. 70-200 f/2.8 "L… now sell many things carry-out: cooked, frozen, refrigerated. Pizza, too! Their phone is 336-584-3726
Retweeted by Matt MaggioSTORY TIPS SOUGHT: Campaign appearances by or for Trump or Biden within 40 miles of Burlington, N.C. (Covered simil…
Retweeted by Matt Maggio @paulkrugman No we shouldn't; states made their own problems when and by their governors shutting down their tax ba… Deborah L. Birx, the Trump administration’s coronavirus coordinator, said on Sunday that the U.S. was in a “new…
Retweeted by Matt Maggio @JoyAnnReid This is the real deal. Imported straight from Sicily. Mount white gold over yellow gold - ancient Roman… @paulkrugman With more downsized daily in big downsizings (LayoffsNews @LayoffsN) chasing ever-fewer jobs. Jobs are… @MaijaBriedis @TheDoctor3396 @Graf_Eberstein @benfritz @AlejandroLazo Tip: fraudulent asylum claims so plague some… @SamBraslow @JonathanLanday Along with a hell of a lot of white wealth. Remember that Supreme Court case over takin… @Javalovinmama @AlexEdelman @marynmck I even see waitresses wearing N95 clone masks - waitresses. So no PPE shortage can exist. @ZHaberman Two blocks away from me here in Burlington, N.C. @jemelehill @maudlynei Not quite. College #football players work for free chasing a dream of #NFL contracts for big… @secretfakename @RonBrownstein @GregAbbott_TX BS. We need a country worth living in a lot more than a low death tol… @amysrosenberg @JeffGammage @EllieRushing @PhillyInquirer Really? You'd hear utility companies screaming if custome… love how Delta pilots are not messing around.
Retweeted by Matt Maggio @clairecmc @TeriThompson71 No. Nobody's more dependent on USPS than Corporate Amerika. How else to readily send mon… @RonBrownstein @GregAbbott_TX Sorry. You elites didn't mind a bit when governors inflicted statewide dictatorships… @astockeyWTAE @PlayersTribune What a joke. #Football players should worry much more about the real risks of being a… @RonBrownstein @GregAbbott_TX What's wrong? Did you elites see anything wrong when governors self-appointed themsel… @KyleHooten2 Better advice: move the hell out of Minneapolis. The city government is saying you're worthless to them. @DKaplanWTAE Utility companies would be screaming if any significant number of customers weren't getting mail - or sending back checks. @ryanstruyk @oliverdarcy Dr. Birx herself has done more than that for months. Isn't living at her home - where her… @LeighJones711 Refusing to wear masks has become this generation's replay of burning draft cards during Nam - a ver… @wjlester @LarrySabato None. I awakened to use the bathroom Election Night in 2016 and was shocked to hear on the r… @bopanc @NBisserbe @WSJ Also in other critical ways much more important. Retirees on pensions couldn't lose their i… @ReutersZengerle The Two Amerikas. @SamOwensphoto @surfcityphoto Pro tip: autofocus works just great on my 70-200 f/2.8 "L" IS USM. See every hair on… @benjaminokeefe @JessicaHuseman Yes there is unskilled labor. How much "skills" or "education" is needed to ask som… @ReutersZengerle BS. Amerika hates its working-aged - who it sacrificed in a last-micron defense of old old in lockdowns. @IndyAnatomist @CarolynMcC BS. Late Confederacy had same path & pattern with hyperprinted paper money - and was a s… @JoeHeim BS. We already suffered way too much. Do a Sweden - trade some risk for quality of life, affluence, democr… #stocks for years have been an obvious bubble - same pattern housing bubble had. Soaring prices while good… @IndyAnatomist @CarolynMcC Same problems happened in Weimar Germany - previously thriving nation - when MMT was tri… @CarolynMcC @IndyAnatomist BS. MMT has been tried before: Weimar Germany; late Confederacy. Each time, same result. @IndyAnatomist @CarolynMcC MMT is straight Zimbabwe. It's already been tried and it doesn't work.The big lie. Jobs just keep vanishing - as more keep being downsized - daily (LayoffsNews @LayoffsN). More people a… @monacharenEPPC @GlennKesslerWP @politico Wrong. Trumpistas are true believers - no matter what - already committed…'t run away from a political paper trail like that. @clairecm @emilymbadger @Nate_Cohn "Suburb" today largely is code word for poor nonwhite extension of neighboring i… @PortiaABoulger It's our culture. We, too, can scream that line. When I was a fourth-grade kid in a Pittsburgh subu… @PMorici1 @YahooNews No. Daily, multiple big downsizings (LayoffsNews @LayoffsN) put more people chasing fewer jobs… @hbecerraLATimes Tip: even Sweden has a large "POLIS" force - and it's armed. That says it all when it comes to any… @meridithmcgraw @tomlobianco Ask her to what extent she thinks it's now mini-epidemics driven by "COVID parties" of… @ASlavitt Go to hell. How many screwups do you wonks expect the 99% to suffer through before we have totally had it… @charlotte_heinz @neeratanden Death toll isn't what makes a society not worth living in. Quality of life, affluence… @sbg1 No. What's going to be the subject of studies is Amerika's throwing away the things that make a society worth… @charlotte_heinz @neeratanden Sweden is doing a Sweden - and at acceptable risks yet great quality of life in a soc… @Elaijuh @EllieRushing Really? Utility companies & insurers would be screaming if the customers didn't get their bills.