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@HollywoodMev Congra...Sike MJ's the GOAT @Currypiston This should've bangedπŸ˜” @HanasGoat Why do people get so mad over Twitter? @legoat_james236 @BleacherReport And if this doesn't happen, who will you blame? @BleacherReport Yep, comeback season @AstroLeonrd not much going on @AstroLeonrd Good evening
@Zendaya @alexsalvinews What did he do wrong?not 1...not 2...not 3...not 4...not 5...but 6 finals losses
Retweeted by Pseminole (π’Ήπ‘’π“…π“‡π‘’π“ˆπ“ˆπ‘’π’Ή 𝓂𝒢𝑔𝒾𝒸 𝒻𝒢𝓃) @HoodieCurry Infinity war>>>>Endgame @NinjaBands Anyways KMB>Clout university @DLo4FMVP Oh this def went to "clout university" @HanasGoat She wanna fuc with the woo @Currypiston @CullerSports "Clout university" @Currypiston @CullerSports There's an actual gc called clout universityπŸ˜‚ @MjsGoat Many people apparently @ItsJustHashim2 @WooWatson @okcfanethan Hadn't heard from u in a while. Though you diedπŸ˜‚ @ItsJustHashim2 @WooWatson @okcfanethan You still in KMB? @NinjaBands only drafts bigs @NassirGotNXT @AdamSchefter Klay Thompson requesting a trade after the 2016 finals @AdamSchefter LMFAO @BRGDASH @MjsGoat But I was told Lebron's the GOAT. Shouldn't he have a DPOY award @MjsGoat Where's the GOAT, LeBron? Surely he should be here @CobyGotNext @gorillapainz @RoCo4DPOY Calm down, buddy. Even if he gave you his address, you ain't gonna do anything @AstroLeonrd Congrats @HerciMerci @AugustinFanClub I forgot @AugustinFanClub Here before Omar @TheShimmyGod @gorillapainz @MickTrufolesky @nbamaryyy Don't take labs online, it's 10x more difficult. Just wait for spring. @nbamaryyy UCF fall might be online also. I feel the pain @okcfanethan ORLANDO @HoodieCurry @AstroLeonrd Light blue @AnotherNBAFan @flex56925094 @KendrickPerkins Nice google search, buddy @AbieLeider @TheHoopCentral I watched last year, and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty @NKeal1 @TheHoopCentral @flex56925094 @KendrickPerkins @espn @stephenasmith @FirstTake Live look at Stephen Jackson @KendrickPerkins We all know you wanted this season to continue, so your boy Bron could get a ring @jordanr1369 @samizaynpiedKO @TheHoopCentral Thanks AD! @DrGuru23 @TheHoopCentral I immediately knew the list would be trash when I saw MVP:Lebron @TheHoopCentral LeBron???????????? mf isn't even the best on his team @hare_i_am86 @BleacherReport @KingJames Are we ignoring the fact that Wade was a top 3 player, and Bosh was a top 8… @AstroLeonrd I miss those days 😿 @shewantme23 @KingJames Bron played against musicians and Twitch streamers. Your point? @shewantme23 @KingJames @BleacherReport @KingJames If MJ had LeBron's mentality @KingJames not 1...not 2...not 3...not 4...not 5...but 6 finals losses @LJ23GOAT @ithoughtwewasup @TheNBACentral Ratio'd ESPN 1...not 2...not 3...not 4...not 5...but 6 finals losses @espn Stephen Jackson only believes in selective racism @HollywoodMev @BleacherReport Miami shouldn't even be here. @Kevinsolano35 @_NBAQUAN15 @BleacherReport Warriors had two of the top 15 players ever, plus one of the greatest shooters in history. @_NBAQUAN15 @BleacherReport Bulls are the greatest, Warriors are the best @BleacherReport The Warriors are the best trio in NBA history. cap I see on this app. Defensively: @HennyGawdIsBack @TheNBACentral Yeah, and Kawhi is miles better of a defender than LeBron. @TheNBACentral Lebron over Kawhi??? @HollywoodMev *2011-2016 Kobe was the best in 2009 KD and Kawhi were the best from 2017-19
@MjsGoat Steph 2015 should be here. Man was robbed of a FMVP @ContentNBA @KDTrey5 @KDTrey5 @BleacherReport @LakersSBN @SpectrumSN All that to get swept by Kawhi and PG @BooneGage @ContentNBA Zion @HARDEN2MVP @BleacherReport Come back to KMB @DRIPPYCURRYY Movies @AugustinFanClub @NL43___ @nbamaryyy ? @ms36goat @MjsGoat Duncan was the best from 2006-2008 Kobe was the best from 2008-2011 @MjsGoat LeBron 2011-16 imo 2017-19 KD and Kawhi @nbamaryyy Didn't that one chase kid cheat on that Charli girl? @RussUndefeated @KTG23 @TheNBACentral He isn't wrong though @legoat_james236 @RTNBA Your first W. Congrats @Lakers_17ringz @wojespn @OrlandoMagic Deep playoff run @HoodieCurry 🀘 @LakeShowYo @ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium Clippers are still beating y'all in 5 games @ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium LeBron probably threatened him into playing. Sad tbh @JJudahHours Greatest zombie film ever @TheNBACentral Alonzo, pretty easy
@lmaoooooxd @BreesToThomas @HoodieCalo @dredontcaree @PlayoffRaheem Love the sinner, hate the sin. Get the facts right, buddy @TheHoopCentral Tatum, Siakam, Butler @AugustinFanClub @nbamaryyy @AdamSchefter the AFC rn: @nbamaryyy Very rare L @TheHoopCentral The person who's played more than 20 games @ADBr0n @BrooklynAdonis @BleacherReport @BRWrestling Lebron is in the 3-4 range. Kobe is in the 6-8 rangeSwap LeBron with Ai. Bron wasn't even the most influential player of the 2010s @KendrickPerkins MJ was a far better scorer. KD is only more efficient. @TheHoopCentral Straight up disrespectful to put LeBron over Wilt, Harden, or KD @AnotherNBAFan Imo, MJ is the more skilled scorer. KD is the more efficient scorer. @nbamaryyy @LeShrek_ @ADBr0n @BrooklynAdonis @BleacherReport @BRWrestling LeBron is greater than Kobe. I've never argued it @EltonIsCool @HanasGoat @jacquelinel0wry WeWhrek
@HoodieCalo @wojespn In 3 decades @wojespn I guess the Lakers might win the title...