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today is my 23rd birthday, how many RTs can I get for this tweet I've been thinking up: Stay. The. And I can't Str…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @Amballoons Noooooo!
@megelison Oh man. that sucks!This coffee is so damn good.started a new homebrew campaign for my kids I'm calling LOSTLAND -- korra thundercats thundarr and D&D in a blender…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @cheyeuna Iiiiiiim gonna have to take your word for that one. @MichaelJFoody I'm gonna hold off until the right people tell me what, if anything is unmissable on the platform. @MichaelJFoody This makes me marginally more interested in checking it out. Marginally.I don't think this show #Evil is really worth tweeting about. Either I'm having a hard time finding something that…, wouldn't ANYBODY be a "matter eater?" AM THE RIGHT PERSON. @miminality @NisiShawl @bryancamp @cateroot @megelison @Amballoons All though, if you mash up those two shows, I wi… @miminality @NisiShawl @bryancamp @cateroot @megelison @Amballoons No, I just didn't fully delete the previous pers… is… not the right move
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @Magicknegro Did u know van der beek means "of the creek" in dutch? Hope this dawsonhead factoid cheers you up.
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Frogs and locusts honestly sound like such quaint and wholesome plagues at this point.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @ABPejic Well, I can see a pillar of rock that is predominantly halite forming in that area of the world, over unto… @ABPejic That's not the part of the story that moved me. For me, it's Lot offering his daughters to the rape-crazy…⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ 🤔🙄 Coronavirus Sweden: Chloroquine trials stop due to side effects
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)I'm going to create an imaginary friend for Quarantine company. His name is Potatoes O'Grotten, and he's an old-tim… @michaelmnola Okay, that made me smile. Thanks.The chief failure of the "American Experiment" is that we are loath to abandon a course if it's not goddamn working…'m tweeting a lot because I feel like a mushed-in pumpkin. James Van Der Beek's weird mis-shapen head? That's the…'m so lonely that I don't care if my roommate gets me sick when she returns. At least I'll have somebody close by to give a fuck.The weeks are so long--but I did find out last night that my roommate/best friend is coming home at the beginning o… other news, it’s only Wednesday.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @sannewman And to be clear, I also supported Bernie--but I didn't have the Holy-Ghost fervor for him that a lot of… @sannewman Just like I consider it Bernie's ultimate responsibility to cut through the bullshit and convince voters… @YesICandice I worry that it's dangerous to journey far enough inside myself to obtain an impression of that peace.… mother wants me to look to scripture in times of trouble, but honestly, the Bible terrifies me. If you take the… have glibly commented how this situation casts Passover in a new light, but let me tell you, that shit is no… @nolanolegal I really really do.Anyway, so, uh... who knows where I might find some paper towels in New Orleans, ha ha? WHOOOO! @YesICandice I know the feeling. How would we take a break from this? I know academically that normal wasn't so gre… am feeling very overwhelmed all of a sudden. There is so much I am responsible for but I can only do one thing at…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)I'm lucky enough that I still have my job, so the sense is that I can't allow myself to FEEL every loss because I h… out the reason one of my co-workers isn't answering emails is because her husband died.Ok. Here's the deal. I'll vote for Biden but I get to set two cop cars on fire. Take it or leave it.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Why do YOU think Iliza Shlesinger and Joe Rogan aren't married yet? It feels like a cosmic inevitability but the de…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Okay, I finally wrapped-up my three-part blog series musing on teachers and teaching: series. Six friends. In no particular order! 1. Life on Mars 2. Community 3. Parks and Buffy 4. The Wire 5. De… many moments these days when I feel like I'm having ever single emotion at the same time. @andimuse Delightful.oh weird babe, i just read that the cure for covid 19 is showing me them titties
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Oh, John Prine. Hearts broken in Peauxdunque.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @andimuse Trying the last of the vodka now.Return of On Teachers shit. This one got me. image in our living room of my husband kneeling down to photograph a sandwich he made while I simultaneously tr…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @andimuse No idea, but there's only one way to find out.
Can hear Tony Soprano getting pissed about losing one of his soldiers to corona perfectly in my head.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)This lemon-mint San Pellegrini mixed with good bourbon... well, it’s a struggle drink, but it’s working.I'd appreciate these pandemic-related tweets going "it's actually okay to suck and be lazy and not do anything and…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)I believe it was Gertrude Stein who wrote "The Autobiography of Women B. Shopping"
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)I am delighted for basically the entire Hugo ballot, but seeing @ccfinlay on as Best Editor, for The Magazine of…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @neauxpe It's part of this plot-line where he changes the name of his restaurant chain to "El Pissos Locos." He als… @neauxpe Spoiler Alert: It's Fring.This is why I want so badly to open a pet cloning business. Better Call Saul drinking pee is this character's Big Dramatic Moment showing us that he's found the will to liv… lizard is a good thing. I named him Henry Fived. (Like Henry Ford, but one more—also, afaik, he is not anti-Se… man is putting intangible concepts in side him how he do that
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Watching Avengers Endgame a favorite documentary of mine. Very smart of me.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @nolafleurdelit Ah, Before. @nolafleurdelit Wish to God I could get some paper towels. Thwarted at every turn.Hahaha, Lent! Hilarious. Let’s see, I gave up human touch, a sense of control over my life and livelihood, and outside! @loonunit I did that when the session began last week, and I reinforce in weekly announcements.Diddy: Vote or die! Wisconsin: Ok.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Not remembering my dreams right now, which is probably a blessing. don’t know whether Biden or Bernie would be stronger in an election against Trump. But I’d feel better having a c…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)ME: *a Tom Waits fan, listening to Tom Waits while finishing a draft due today* GIRLFRIEND: *not a Tom Waits fan,…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @hirider750 @liprap Yeah, grading is shot for a while.your quarantine name is your disney+ login and your disney+ password combined
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)I want to fucking fight someone. I'm so angry all the time. @liprap It really is. It shows how much she wants to be in the class. @tehartley Excellent! @tehartley That's an excellent perspective, and I would pay to read this. IMO, it's exactly the kind of work we need more of.One of my students turned in late work because her mother died from the virus. It's my job to reach out and remind… got me so fucked up that I just saw a commercial for Papa John's and checked to see if they were up to a… @tehartley Pub that shit; I'm intrigued. @coltonburpo Praying to the Lucifuge.When all this ends, I hope the Mardi Gras Indians will come out in force so I can dance with them in the streets. @coltonburpo Bloody tears, and then he wrote like 8 songs about it.This souvlaki I made is OUT OF CONTROL. Also, I AM DRONKK. @ New Orleans, Louisiana tv coverage of this game for 1st time- i remember it being way louder & scream-crying slightly more
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Been doing all these promo interviews lately for THE CITY WE BECAME, and it's weird to me that people are so shocke…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Gettin sherry drunk. Finna adopt a small dog and do some MF yoga, my N."Sustaind!" - Nu-Metal Judge
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*beyonce surfboard voice* so boredt
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @Magicknegro I've got one for you, Casper the Friendly Ghost. You think "Wow, sure is depressing that kid died and…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings) @JeremyOkelley I just reject that idea. It's too insane. Plus, I remember seeing a Casper cartoon where a fox got k… @miminality Ooof. Awful! I think I did that with a batch of brownies once, and it was just terrible.So, at a work meeting, I asked what I felt was an Important Question about Elmo's parents. One of my coworkers expl… all the words that have, over the years, been characterised as being just exactly as bad as the n-word,…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)#quarantinedreamjournal (yes i fell back asleep) am mariah carey's daughter. we shelter-in-place on a private isla…
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)Gonna have a not-awful day today. Woke up early like a Citizen. @ New Orleans, Louisiana @miminality What did you do?then put your little hand in mine
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)I can’t seem to please everyone on twitter anymore. Everything I say has been unintentionally divisive or caused gr…
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Like most authors, I am a champion eavesdropper. And holy FUCK do I miss eavesdropping.
Retweeted by Sultan Vinegar (Alex Jennings)I’m a feminist until someone brings up the stock market and then I’m like “sorry I’m a girl I don’t understand what ‘money’ is”
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