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Dan Conway @MagisterConway State College, PA, USA

Latin teacher, French teacher, #IB teacher. I've got a database of @LatinNovellas. Vergil fanboy. he/him/his

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@FunkyDung On another French website I found two other sketchy etymologies: that it comes from retailers’ accounts…“On a, notamment, nommé Jeudi noir le krach boursier du 24 octobre 1929 ... l'adjectif noir peut également faire ré… is sort of silly... the authority on the French language in Québec insists that Black Friday should be “Vendre…
@mercury_witch I won’t tell you my mandoline story, but suffice it to say that I do not use it much anymore @mercury_witch I'm always here for cooking threads! @riththewarluid @yourewrongabout I've just sort of discovered it, what other episodes/series are good? @riththewarluid @Remember_Sarah Not gonna lie, I got a little teary-eyed there as well
@calpunzel Sallust Bellum Catilinae 1–2, 5–9 Livy 3.44–48 The IB HL villains syllabus. I like Sallust, but that Livy has me scared... @piniferalittera Of the five IB themes, three are poetry only, one is prose only, and one is mixed. I see this as p… @MrClassics3 If you want to see what the revised Loeb translations looked like pre-revisions, a lot of the public d… @MrClassics3 Here you go! @MrClassics3 I have access to the online Loebs, so I can snag those translations for you if you don't have them alr… @SKEEerra My Irish-American grandma would have said exactly the same thing, just with a very strong Pittsburgh accentMe, having sent my Catullus packet for next semester off to be copied, realizing that now I'm going to have to prep…
@ArmandDAngour I also spotted one where they printed "quae" as "quac," but that one was easier. I await your duck puns, good sir @ArmandDAngour Well I've just found an error on Perseus, so that's at least worth it. Now to have it corrected befo… back into school at SIX O’CLOCK so I can put the finishing touches on my Catullus 62/67 packet and move on wi…'s amazing to think that such a widely-read poet as Catullus was *this close* to having his work lost forever to posterity...All the other Catullus poems stem from a single MS, rediscovered around 1290–1310 in Verona. It was lost, but a cop… the Catullus fans out there: the earliest surviving copy of any Catullus poem! This MS of Catullus 62 was foun…'re actually past participles, from the Middle English "ybiden," "yblinken"; the perfective prefix was retained… @fmbernstein Hmm. Maybe just have them type ---uu-u-u-x ? Again it's not great... @fmbernstein D's and S's. I hate it but it's the easiest solution.
I used to mess with my students by telling them that TJ Maxx was named for Titus Julius Maximus, a Roman who sold d… @eduardo_garcmol I personally am a fan of his Horatius Cocles: @natadel76 @madamednmichael @TeacherLingua We teach IPA in level 4!Saturnalia 2020 🌰🥬🥯🐗🍾 May your upcoming celebrations this year be safe and full of delicious food✨
Retweeted by Dan Conway @katcoursu The WHOLE WEEK? Jealous... @melanie_ashton I’d love to see them!
@GregoryStringer Yes, unironically yes @MagistraManning In addition to what you said, I'd go a step further and have them say "Bodies of man with crushed…
@eduardo_garcmol @drcorabeth @FlavianSophist I was confused about what Falinks had to do with Martial, then I reali… cuisine PSA: If you choose not to eat foie gras for ethical reasons, you should not be eating magret de cana… @equiprimordial Also the equally remarkable personification of Rumor in Ovid Met. 12.39–63 @jeltzz Thanks for writing this. I was surprised that that tweet took off and attracted so many... contrasting opinions...
@ArmandDAngour I'm glad you appreciated it! @antyllvs Is this allowed though? conclusion, I got through an entire thread on Catullus 67 without once using the phrase "spill the tea," so I'll… even though I outlined explanations for the no-previous-husband scenario above, I think they're not to be taken… story's inconsistency is the point, Lewis argues: the poem is a comic portrayal of how rumors spread. The detai… argues that the poem is not gossip to be taken at face value, but a commentary on the nature of rumor. The do…“…then the reader’s confusion would be no more. As Catullus did none of these things, the theory that he intended t…“The poem’s polysemous nature must be acknowledged as a fundamental aspect of the text that the poet engineered… If… of this being said… I also think none of this matters all that much to the reading of the poem. Maxine Lewis’s… spite of the complications, for the reasons of "economy of satire," I think the best interpretation is that ther… might object that “gnati cubile” and “sui gnati in gremium” imply that they were already married at the time,… for the Brixia question, I think the woman's from Brixia, and had affairs with Postumius and Cornelius there. Th… also know that Balbus senior died before the wedding (porrecto facta marita sene). Perhaps he knew that he would… there’s a preoccupation with inheritance too: they perhaps knew before the marriage that Balbus could not produ…, there are complications of the one-husband reading. For one, why did Balbus senior have sex with the woman… is a stretch, because the door was only *said* to have served him well (dicunt), so perhaps the door was less… supporters of the previous-husband reading also argue that the door would not badmouth its former owner, whom i… she be concealing this supposed previous marriage? Unlikely, considering that the whole town of Brixia is app… no-previous-husband reading clears up some points. For example, if she did have a previous husband, it would ha… any event, Ovid has “Vir prior accedat” (“Let the man approach first,” A.A. 1.709), which I don’t see as all tha… wording is “definitely ambiguous” (Forsyth). (Kraggerud tries to argue on a linguistic basis that it means “pre… this reason, I'm of the opinion that Balbus senior and junior in 3–8 are the same as the father and son in line… is true whether you read it as a diffamatio of actual people (e.g. Copley), or a more abstract commentary on t… thing I feel is important to keep in mind about this poem is what Skinner calls the “economy of satire”: a simp…, lots of folks have written about Catullus 67 over the centuries, and there's no consensus as to (for example) w…, so I’ve read up a LOT on Catullus 67 recently as I prep to teach it next semester, and so I’m going to write th… @ActualProfessor I am living proof of the contrary.Formative assessment isn't "What have students learned" it's "what do I need to teach better?"
Retweeted by Dan Conway @agoranomos γάρ is one of the few Greek words I know. And I love it. I love enim and nam too, does that count? @eeprodi @solisnatus *Verschlimmbesserung @eeprodi @solisnatus He peppers in some German in there too. Right on the first page there's an "aus der Luft" (whi…
@magistraJ It's FORTY-EIGHT PAGES of thisSeriously, this reads like that BMCR review everyone was on about a few weeks ago @AumaleLaurent Là-dessus, en effet, je suis d'accord avec l'auteur. Je suis en train de rédiger un thread où je par… @AumaleLaurent Bah, en tout cas ce n'est pas l'article le plus convaincant que j'aie lu à ce sujet @AumaleLaurent Voilà article from 1970 has untranslated Latin, Greek, German, Italian, and French in it. So you spend all this tim… @SkyeAShirley @GregoryStringer Neque ego scio...I'm really pushing to have my materials on Catullus 67 finished by the end of the week, because I am sick and tired…
@rmavirumquecano More Ke$ha content pleaseI accidentally marked all my students absent instead of all present, in case you're wondering how today's going @IodulaDicit @duxfeminafacti9 "Mandalorianus" fits perfectly into the end of a hendecasyllable... Just saying... @madamednmichael You certainly could, like any other literary language no longer spoken natively today! Which made… appreciate the wide variety of language options available on Quizizz (linguistic inclusivity is important!), but… @magistraJ @VeneficusIpse @SKEEerra Omg how'd I forget that! It totally is. @VeneficusIpse @SKEEerra Or Ovid Met. book 7... but it glosses over parts (presumably because his famously lost Med… @randysfields @piniferalittera Alternatively: At Venus Ascanio placidam per membra quietem inrigat, et fotum gremi… @piniferalittera *sunt @piniferalittera Infantem quinque menses natum in domo habeo. Quid est somnia dulcissima?Tam defessus sum ut oculi doleant. @stickfiguregods @MagisterFoulk
My usual strategy of cobbling together what I need from Google Books and Amazon previews is coming up just short...… @SKEEerra This is a weird one to read right after teaching Ch. 2 of Cloelia @MagisterFoulk @stickfiguregods Totally agree on all points! @MagisterFoulk @stickfiguregods And there are tons of valid reasons for targeting a particular grammar point. Maybe… @MagisterFoulk @stickfiguregods Yeah, but I read those sorts of questions as "What activities can I do to give tons… @MagisterFoulk @stickfiguregods It's like: "Can I get activity ideas to practice result clauses?" "Hmm, yes. Have… @SKEEerra @yourewrongabout And I'll be with The Crown soon! Still need to finish S3... @MagisterFoulk @stickfiguregods ...which are unhelpful because they're totally not what the person was after. You *… @MagisterFoulk @stickfiguregods LBP is more supportive of writing in Latin, certainly. But they, in fact, were the… @SKEEerra I KNOW RIGHT??? Are you watching The Crown or listening to @yourewrongabout's episodes on Diana? Because… aside, I would like to stress that for an elected official to claim victory in a race they did not win is so… couldn't resist... nothing says punk like writing 9,800 lines about how the establishment is great and Augustus is the heir of… @MagisterFoulk Yeah, I agree. But now and then I see posts in a certain group on a certain other social medium, whe…