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magnum @magnum69420 im goin gatorade mode

i love america 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅

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@kseniahatesyou @be1sack wat u think
Retweeted by magnum @notrxchel i’m going to die @comingup4airrr i like meth @comingup4airrr eyes @pnutphobic ok hater. see if u get any presents this year. you’ll see………… @notrxchel put me on. i just hit plat @edensarcade me. i am awake @edensarcade @chiconey_
Retweeted by magnum @callmebladey boi. @callmebladey @avery_pvp @danbelzvx good point. @zdrmhs u r such a fucking goat man @notblasiann chungus @danbelzvx what does that meani love hoes ❤️
Retweeted by magnum @senecaOW idk do i make the twitter space @ the top go away think I accidentally joined Activision Blizzard
Retweeted by magnum @whosmichela virgo @callmebladey @eukeia this is true.Happy Birthday to the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa! 💨
Retweeted by magnum @7lilay u are an intelligent womannerdy loser guys who play video games all day >>>
Retweeted by magnum @playthatdream @lailacwp @TJ6yy u got that. i just got my card frozen. i’m in the market for some valorant points and i’ll back off. @playthatdream it’s all good. it will grow back. @lailacwp @TJ6yy mommy @C6MPS @NyndeeK it’s a good picture brothaJujutsu Kaisen ranked #1 on Oricon's Yearly Manga Sales for 2021, earning an estimated 30,917,746 Sold Copies!
Retweeted by magnum @playthatdream because my hair looks awful @cowffeeeee when i get back home from schoo @ziggyinc ok where do i send the money @Dillzyyy this is the best thing i’ve ever created. @justjungi fortnite -> valorant @cluubear that’s fucked upif you are a man that posts on instagram more than once a year you are GAY
Retweeted by magnum @cluubear i will trade chungus for that dog @cluubear he got gang affiliation @WMagnumm happy birthday brotha @WMagnumm can’t believe we turned 17 today @bysuufn u neva seen me beatbocs nobody beatboc like meShorty grab me like this, I’m getting wet.
Retweeted by magnum @spadiestwiz plz get eyebrow piercedi cut my hair short and it looks so fucking bad i’m going to die @Laiys_ i’m gonna get one for my 17th birthday @bysuufn if u give me $200 i’ll beatbocs 4 ugod when idiot professors were telling y’all to not draw anime, send them this
Retweeted by magnum @snorqfn out & proud 🏳️‍🌈❤️ @wrigley17_ @Laiys_ dude what the hell
Retweeted by magnum @be1sack @Frystsama @endrynaphobia @be1sack @Frystsama @endrynaphobia LOLOLOL @endrynaphobia romance
Retweeted by magnum @eukeia REAL @h2nnyu balls @avery_pvp this is very true
Retweeted by magnum @moi3kay moi so prettyhello twitter
Retweeted by magnumwhy dont we have 360 monitors yetYou both like rats @Laiys_ happy birthday laiys....... @kizhybtw what does icl stand for @Vettafy good guy strep @ComquentWRLD that was the fastest block ive ever seen in my life @wrigley17_ shooters shoot wrigaw hell nah.
@lailacwp @chiconey_bro put a ban on dickriding I kinda fw it
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Retweeted by magnumIf you haven't face revealed your opinion is wrong
Retweeted by magnum“Thank you for coming Hatsune Miku, he was a big fan”
Retweeted by magnum @srrirachha im a short woman @Frystsama @squidwardlyrics dont worry. notigang will see this in the morning. surely i ratio this stupid squidward @wrigley17_ @Frystsama -14.46825°, 33.79273° @squidwardlyrics Deactivate, nobody will miss you. + ratio @Frystsama u think i could? @magnum69420 its 4 am dont you have anything else to worry about
Retweeted by magnum @Frystsama this stupid squidward is always on my tl, its pissing me off.this might be the worst niche twitter account yet @jadekimberleyy holy guacamole @luckifan223 @wrviths racially motivated?man this arcane thing on netflix is a banger, i hope they make a game based on it that devours 3 years of my life between 2010 and 2013
Retweeted by magnumnot funny
Retweeted by magnum @urgfkass @maumiee @tiffqyn sup ladies @AthensBtw DONT TOUCH UR EYES IF IT GETS ON UR HANDS @AthensBtw DO NOT USE THAT @AthensBtw IT BURNS @AthensBtw NOT WORTH @AthensBtw DO NOT USE @callmebladey this mightve been my funniest tweet of all time @adilanxd furries @endrynaphobia @wwond3rkid @wwond3rkid my bad. @adilanxd i draw and cosplay i dont need a job @wwond3rkid boob