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🏳️‍🌈 YA fiction for unpopular high school sophomore girls - repped by @comicsispeople - tarot - DMs open for sensitive/private matters ONLY

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Twitch sounds like a great way to take something I find deeply relaxing and turn it into a source of ceaseless anxiety.Nothing but respect for MY Superman is this so hard to understand? @ASecrest949 Im sorry, a thirst trap? How? @EricKleefeld o...k? @BlumJordan I *L O O O O V E* BOOSTER GOLD @TheNerdFonz @thedcnation @GlebMelnikov8 @lgcolorist @NickDerington @nickfil You won't, sadly. The town gets transf… someone at American is gonna end up giving her free tickets for life now. this is BEVERLY GOLDBERG. She's gonna… @goldilocks405 this feels like a job for Beverly Goldberg, Supersmother @BlumJordan and in particular, its about what superman *meant* to metropolis @BlumJordan Im a huge, HUGE fan of FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND in particular, because it's about grief and denial. @TheNerdFonz @thedcnation @GlebMelnikov8 @lgcolorist @NickDerington @nickfil It is! Dripping Springs is the setting of the issue.Was the supermullet a kind of last-minute decision? Because this cover doesnt have it. FOR A FRIEND is burned into my mind as archetypal comics. perhaps that's part of my obsession with ambiguit… @ASecrest949 several generations removed, but more or less @Serienya @sexualtranarchy It is not, however, particularly accurate, iirc.i miss Jon Kent as an 11 year old.Perhaps the issue is the lying. the world is ending excited! It's gonna be sick.
Retweeted by Magdalene Visaggio @JoshuaH31369770 okay @sapphixy i mean, you called her a brownnose.anyway, i'm just legit tired of keeping up with who i'm supposed to hate.for people who reject binaries, so many trans folk sure do love binary thinking. something is either Problematic (a… @shadipetosky @sapphixy idk. i'm just so sick of it. @shadipetosky @sapphixy I think it's shitty the way people jump on literally *every* trans person who they find insufficiently angry. @shadipetosky @sapphixy No, I was asking the OP, not you. Just to be clear! @sapphixy do *you* know Rosario Dawson? @TerriblyBland i could use one @kungfusquirrel The show is great! It goes much deeper than the book is able to, and Jem picked up on some things I… @kungfusquirrel Hope you enjoy! @sexualtranarchy well, it's also not one of his best. There's a reason it's pretty obscure. @MrDoggo15301360 Thanks..? I really loved YJ and Naomi, especially. Naomi is bloody fantastic.Get excited! It's gonna be sick. @Finnland101 in a month lol @sexualtranarchy ever read Shakespeare's Henry IV part 1? Joan is the villain. @whichwitch143 hmuTo this day, this man was never arrested. Nothing was ever done about it. Because the system DOES NOT CARE about tr…
Retweeted by Magdalene Visaggio @sexualtranarchy it’s hard to say with her considering the kinds of records we have and everyone’s insistence she w… @AllCapsAnCap1 I’ve been thinking about it! But I don’t know what I wanna say about her yetLet’s get Trending! The time is now! We’ve been fighting long enough for safe, accessible, best practice, person ce…
Retweeted by Magdalene Visaggio @UnquietAndrew the best thing about the Big Box of Mysteries is that it has whatever the hell the writer wants in i… left the church a few years ago, but I still sometimes wear a Joan of Arc medallion, because she is and will always be close to my heart.St. Joan of Arc. I was a terrified closeted trans girl, but this was too important to fuck around with. I wanted t… @Finnland101 she's his great-great-granddaughter on her mother's side. she never knew her father, so has her mom's last name. @KalelData but again, her best friend Lady Bird's sexuality at no point comes up in this book so as far as continui… @KalelData That hasn't been my intention to date (it just doesnt come up in the book) but I can't say that won't be… was so fun about writing this book was filling out Jinny's whole world -- her life before Young Justice and th… Jinny's best friend is *not* gay, so no, nothing is ever, ever, ever going to happen between them as long as I have any say.3. Jinny Hex is not Jonah Hex. Don't go in expecting that kind of story. In fact, this book is all about the *other… Yes, Jinny is gay. This was confirmed in her very first appearance. 2. No, this is not a terribly gay comic. I… @MatthewStidman he does!i didn't know i was allowed to be angry at my depression before that.thinking back to the time i listened to "girl anarchonism" on repeat for *hours* during a long Northeast Corridor t… @BrianRSolomon good for you. @MollyJongFast didnt we already know that @jenn0wow jinny is who she is. @jenn0wow she's already gay tho @JacksonLanzing lord, it took forever to get this project sorted. hope i get to do more with Jinny.nbd but jinny hex isn't gonna be the same after this. just fyi. @DannyFanta5 this is actually a Big One for her. @shorterstory i bet you liked dar williams
This is perfect 😂
Retweeted by Magdalene Visaggio @saintwalker98 Source: me, writing jinny hex @saintwalker98 Her superhero identity is "twenty-first century cowgirl." She isn't Jonah Hex. @HiranoENT her not being jonah hex is kind of important to her characterOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAH guys its really good no. can anyone decode a #CitiesSkylines error report?
Retweeted by Magdalene Visaggioin the future, the only currency is the subway club card one man is gonna be a footlong of trouble to get his backThis is the future liberals want. look its the rest of them @Kufat im not buying anyhey look its literally most of my friends @ElleTrudgett bottom 50% of Americans owns $0.16 trillion in stocks, the top 1% owns $14.04 trillion. I repeat, the stock market is not the economy.
Retweeted by Magdalene VisaggioYESSSSSSSS. goddamn that’s ballsy. Respect and encouragement. Hell yes I am rewarding that behavior.You know that story about how this teenager just knocked on John Lennon’s door one day in the seventies and got thi… were you listening to in high school that made you feel seen or understood?this and Fiona Apple were the music that made me feel understood by someone when I was in high school and college.SMALL BRAIN: Jesus was a conservative HUGE BRAIN: Jesus was a liberal GALAXY BRAIN: Jesus was a Jewish radical…
Retweeted by Magdalene Visaggiothis is absolutely gorgeous @mirrorlogician So all they can do is push other buttons to do other things that they hope affect the calculations… @mirrorlogician And like they can’t just change that speed because it’s generated by deep deep code factors @MagsVisaggs it's like debuggers for a videogame finding out that the world is breaking because squirrels generate…
Retweeted by Magdalene Visaggiowake and bake with the Dresden dolls it’s just the way the medication makes me 😎Question: what makes cyber currencies anything other than fancy rewards points Please nothing about the arbitrary… love how much of humanity’s time and energy has gone into managing cow farts @YellowstoneTen @RecalcitrantOwl wow.hey can anyone decode a #CitiesSkylines error report? @alexdecampi @NotLasers I want that egg one @FunctionalRedux oh fuuuuuck @emastro66 As long as you don’t, there’s always one more.It took me five years to watch the finale to DS9. Been sitting on the finale to Fuller House for most of 2020. question: why don’t we launch garbage and waste into the sun? @ValiantComics sexual awakening was AoA Dazzler @robbystarbuck @TrueBlackTea @vicvaiana I’m worried that’s coming across as snide. I’m genuinely asking. I’ve been…