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Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @MagusScarlet

💀Necromancer from Hell💀| #ENVtuber | DM for Gilded Blood #vtuber #DnD | pfp: @PikiFishVT | 🎨: #magusART 🔞: #magusLEWD | 🔞 MDNI | they/them | a little evil~

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So. Vtuber Secret Santa??? @voidsentbun You. Look. BOMB.30. Be your own advocate! You're amazing and you shouldn't be afraid to show that to people. Put yourself out there… Me! But the one who took my design ideas and put them together in a beautiful way was the one and only… @XeriaVT It's not much, but here it is! I'm working on adding a lot of smaller things to it, too. @CelestialVT_ Jalapeño << habanero <<<<< this ramen If you're allergic to milk, bring lots of bread, it helps! 😅 @CelestialVT_ Oh if you're not a fan of super spicy food...good luck! I'll remember you fondly! @Cresscin Good mood to be in. Have any favorites? I can't decide between Dark Lady and Blood Beryl, myself. @khaleesiyah That sounds fun~ Art by rainbow_amee on Fiverr, @/Ana_Natze, @/GhostEnnit and @/cheesegraterart. (R… @CelestialVT_ Oh this shit is BOMB. I'm so lucky a nearby Korean store sells this exact brand. Fuck, I'm hungry thinking about it.28. That depends! I'm told I'm a better dancer when I'm drunk 😅 @TheGhoulieGamer Cold. Hard. Facts.🌊STREAM SCHEDULE🌊 Mon - Featured streamers sketch Wed - Gorou's Hang out Sat - First impressions! Personally,…
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @sweater_bat Damn French fries sounds real good right about now.Thanks for the tag @katrinova, you're as sweet as you are lovely 😘 My top games lately: Visage Phasmophobia Pokém… @MailOnline Meanwhile...
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @DeadlyGamesVT That...that's a good question!“Seems like your game ran into an error…how unfortunate <3 :) “
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!)"It was a long night of ghoul raising, love. Did you miss me?" you beautiful mortals! Here's this week's schedule~ Surprise bonus stream tomorrow! Not to mention collabs w…*than, not before I shouldn't be allowed on Twitter before coffee @TheGhoulieGamer BestDemo... saturday? Live now on Twitch! Gonna do a shorter run of games today: Kraino Reanimated Fobia - St Dinfna…
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @airavate Ahhh thanks so much, I will!I have never been more social before these past couple months. @GhostEnnit Hell yeah, can't wait!Follow here: !Amai has been a constant source of comedy and dairy-based support (don't ask, just accept it) in my community for a… @AkumaAmai_desu But the longer the edging the more satisfying the conclusion~ For real though, you're almost there! You got this!6, 28, 42, and 44 are interesting questions
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @TheGhoulieGamer @_katianana No not again! @OwORikos Big fan of your work, hope I can provide a little inspiration~ Vtubers❗️ I love making you guys free graphics but its sometimes hard to come up with a variety of Colour…
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @foxscotti That is violently adorable!I can't believe this and its happening because @KATSUKi_D_TUBE did it
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @MarshmallowSai @TheGhoulieGamer @AkumaAmai_desuWHERE'S THE LIE THO @bun_gf 🥵 @TheGhoulieGamer Yours? 😏 @yurahshia The pressure is on, but don't worry, I'm not planning to! Thanks for the concern, and all your support s…✨💕POKEMON NUZLOCKE STREAM💕✨ Time to relieve some Childhood memories!!! Let's take in this adventure in the Pokémon…
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!)Lilac is playing Pokemon right now, with chat sabotage options! It's possible to bully this pastel cutie with your… @TheGhoulieGamer @_katianana I've come prepared this time Ghoulie! @_katianana @_katianana I take it as a compliment! @KishiVstreamer Thanks so much Kishi! You're the best dragon there is🥰 @_katianana 😈 @_katianana @TheGhoulieGamer You two cuties right now @voidsentbun Awww thanks bb 😍 @voidsentbun Big RIP @_katianana 😰😰😰😰 @_katianana Thank you Nana you're too sweet! @_katianana Do you really want to know?? 😈 @_katianana @AkumaAmai_desu Yup! It comes from this, a cute chibi anime character singing Jingle Bells in Japanese.… @_katianana PAINTING COMMISSION FOR @TheGhoulieGamer !!!! tysm for the work !!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!)
@AkumaAmai_desu Hurray killing alien babies! @airavate Oh, and have maid uniforms ofc. I feel like I have 40% of an idea and don't know what to do with the rest of it. @airavate Oh thanks so much! Ok, the chatbot is ZombieMaids, and there's three. Rouge is a kuudere with blood-red h… IT'S CUTE LOOK HOW CUTE CUTE’m closing this at 5pm CST. I’ll announce/contact the winner either later today or tomorrow.
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @peachiecomet @TheGhoulieGamer OH GOD IT'S CUTE WHAT @airavate I'm actually trying to come up with designs for my chatbot right now! I ended up going overboard and givi… @ZatArtwork Oi fucking rad! Congratulations!On Sunday something absolutely horrible is going to happen. Because people on Twitter said so. And therefore it nee…
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @PUMPKA_ Absolutely! You might as well just plan on it being a 24-hour stream! @Glacedvvitch Hell yeah, us refugees got to stick together! At least until I go back to Hell and kick Lucifer's ass… @voidsentbun Pssh, no worries, the Internet is just lucky to have you at all! @koyomoriyama Ohhh great job! @PUMPKA_ All of them? All of them. @CryonicCheshire Ahhh they're cute! What's their name? @Glacedvvitch Love and support are rare in Hell so I'm not very good at handling it. Thanks so much! Kind words fr… @SKasaragi @spl1shy @TheGhoulieGamer @voidsentbun @heyghouly 😘 @VexTheSunEater Thanks Goddess! I have like...three milestones that I'm planning celebrations for next week already 😅 @SkullySinful Congrats! That's so awesome, you deserve it and twice as much besides! WHAT?! That's...that's a lot of you! FUCK OK I'm at a loss for words damn! My main goal is for you all to en… @bun_gf Lmao, I mean you can get more outfits as Christmas gifts @bun_gf I mean, Christmas IS coming up @ZatArtwork @the_atko Awww they're such good friends! Very heartwarming. @bun_gf Well that's something to look forward to~ @yurahshia @CaptainCubeTube FACTS. @yurahshia @PUMPKA_ Oh God it's cute!EVERYONE!!!!!! Hold the cheers but- guess what!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pokémon Nuzlocke Stream tonight on twi…
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @GhostEnnit @VexTheSunEater Zoom out
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!)Thank you @VexTheSunEater for always keeping me safe! 💜 #EnnitDraws
Retweeted by Scarlet Magus (Pre-Debut - For Now!) @Glacedvvitch That's my favorite too! It's honestly more fun that is has any business being! @Glacedvvitch Good choice! Ok one more. What's your favorite lewd game, if you have one? 😏 @arcanecoinvt I mean, I would @SoSaysSavi Awwww thanks 🥰 @STenshino N-n-no u @GhostEnnit Cute @Glacedvvitch What's your favorite horror game? @yurahshia Good points! I'm definitely more a fan of psychological horror regardless. Thanks! @yurahshia horror senpai, which would you recommend?So I think (?) I'm almost done with Visage, which has been a great game to play with you all. I have two games tha… @HosekiChanVT If you do end up streaming on Picarto, don't forget that the devs give away the uncensored patch for… @yurahshia @HosekiChanVT ^ big agree. I follow a lot of artists that use Picarto for lewd streams. @kaeggtart Hell yeah