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Epictetus said, “you’re a tiny soul lugging around a corpse.” (Ψυχάριον εἶ βαστάζον νεκρόν, ὡς Ἐπίκτητος ἔλεγεν)

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I second this. I’ve played more with the RLPO than with any other British orchestra and the love runs deep.
@edvaizey @CrossEyedPiano Thank you Ed! High praise! @chichinwanoku I’ve seen that — a movie, of course, so was looking for more documentary stuff! @wtgowers Thank you ! I shall look it up and order it. @wiemers_judith Thank you Judith! @KathleenAlder How does this relate to the Troubles? I would like to learn more about that period specifically. @robertgrawson Wait what’s with the underscoresWhat is a good documentary - preferably available online - that I can watch about the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland? @OliviaChaney @BBCRadio3 @drsarahwalker @TandemProUK Beautiful! @timoandres @mcelhearn STRAIGHT TO DVD @mcelhearn I reserve judgment because if you dare to criticise the music distributed by large multinational corpora… @timoandres I would be down with Costanze, though. @timoandres WittyJust to be clear, the American chattering class that wrote nonsense like the Atlantic’s 2012 “American Mozart” abou… seller, New York in 1963, a glorious Kodachrome by Evelyn Hofer. I love this photograph.
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @nightafternight @RichardBratby will be very happy to read this thread. I never took this stuff seriously before he set me straight.
@hwfmorris Yours is AWESOMEThe earliest written exemplar of New Persian, written by an 8th century Jewish merchant in Hebrew script: @ShlomitSofer Gotta love the Karens of music @ArchiMedit @LaunchburyClai1 It’s very much an opera singer thing especially — profile pic is a ‘publicity pic’ and… remember when I was at @Stanford during the international festival the Persian Student Association’s table — EVER… are people’s cover pics on Twitter just another pic of them? There’s a strong North Korea whiff about that.Would this be the Whitman who wrote a poem describing slavery/secession as “the foulest crime in history known in a…
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @Sennheiser_UK Wow! Thank you, folks! Much appreciated.
This is my great great grandfather Horse Chief Eagle and John Philip Sousa, the composer who wrote all the patrioti…
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @mcelhearn @Sennheiser_UK OK! So really they should be the main point of contact I guess, right? With products like that... @mcelhearn @Sennheiser_UK How can I get them repaired?Beware of a boring posting: I have a beautiful pair of @Sennheiser_UK over-ear headphones and it seems that they n… @DAS_KONZEPT_ Konzept: the scene where the kids teach the alphabet in Blow’s ‘Venus and Adonis.’ @MusicAndArtsInc @CasuraFlurin Also a wonderful recording which was very important to me when I was in college. I e… @stephenm68 @lars_vogt @BBCRadio4 Oh yeah that’s totes me in a nutshell HAH @stephenm68 @lars_vogt @BBCRadio4 Should we tell them it was by a gay composer, no less?Really looking forward to weeks of American journalists butchering the name ‘Ghislaine.’ @carmflors @imanimosley Why didn’t Imani just live-tweet that gala? @LeonardSlatkin This is an awesome essay.I propose @imanimosley to do that video, btw.The Met Opera online gala is still up and needs an intro video like this one. my recording of the Partitas is out I’m gonna send them to this guy and they’re gonna f*** with his brain big… @NicolasPianist Yeah I think in his notes to the first LP he mentions the mentorship of Kirkpatrick in helping him with these. @NicolasPianist I love this. You know he played them for Kirkpatrick? @CasuraFlurin Amazing. Most beautiful and heartbreaking Scarlatti ever. @CasuraFlurin Out of print but insanely beautiful set of CDs from @MusicAndArtsInc @CasuraFlurin That will change soon. I can recommend many of his recordings if you wish!Every time I’m a little dispirited I just put on this video of YouTube of Christian Zacharias talking about Scarlat… @mcculld @olgabarry @fallon_donal Thanks for the recommendation! @ad_cognitionis Oh I love that about his playing. Don’t forget - Bach had 20 kids, he understood romance after all!… @MusicClerk Oh yeah. Actually the whole time-space continuum gets mucked up too.Actually this is what happens if you play all 600 Scarlatti sonatas at the same time. @ad_cognitionis That is very kind of you to say. I also love var 28 and maybe my favourite is...13? 19? 9? Tough to… is pretty inspiring. Read it. @SebChonion @hyperionrecords @Anahita_Abbasi Thank you for your amazing work Seb! This was your baby! @ad_cognitionis Wait until you hear the Bach toccatas. That will raise the fire by some 2000 degrees :-) @fnayeri This sounds like an amazing title — I can’t wait. @ad_cognitionis Glenn Gould is great for studying as he makes you think so much - great choice. But you’ll hate me… @ad_cognitionis @nprmusic Thank you and also good luck on your IB exams —- I remember that period well (and drank t… once I need to get a Times subscription so I can figure out what this headline means. @TheJazzDad @robfarhat Oh gosh that’s assuredly unfair! We all make remarks and the value of Twitter is to then exc… @richardmelko I didn’t know that! Amazing. @richardmelko True and well said! — but didn’t he also study at the new music courses in Darmstadt? Pretty amazing… @fhvln That is high praise! Damn, I can’t think of anything better. Just to be clear I really don’t get panto very… it’s been in these regional theatres and towns that I’ve had some of the best audiences and have made friends f… @mcelhearn Yes - very true!There are a lot of people who think we in the arts should starve, and this sort of remark really doesn’t make us look good.I’m not exactly a massive Pantomime fan and don’t know a whole ton about it but it seems to me that it’s an importa… There was a sort of beautiful unity in the British arts/music scene this past month in making voices heard… really gotten into 20th century Irish history these past few years I really enjoyed reading this amazing thr… lies at the heart of all great portraiture, without it you will never take a good portrait.
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @MSalkindPearl Yeah no this interview is a mess @imanimosley The effect in the original German is SO MUCH WORSE
This is me when I see American and English bookstores selling books about TV personalities. @myluckyerror 1 billion percentIt's weird how extreme an idea like defunding the police is painted in Britain when defunding the arts, libraries,…
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @DAS_KONZEPT_ Konzept: the newly-rediscovered Otello by Hans Pfizner @DAS_KONZEPT_ Konzept: Les Troyens is just 2 acts, Aeneas drowns because boat repairs were too expensive @SidebottomSide1 @CosmoKedros @George_Osborne People - he’s a commodities trader who has the added personality aspe… @ShadiSeifouri Yes, I can think of many Otellos I’d rather listen to - and I love that opera! Also, it just seems l… @rcbregman @mikapelo Rutger has very strong “most annoying guy at a dinner party” vibes.Dear Piotr Beczala: on behalf of classical musicians who really don’t need the bad publicity for our art form, I be… is why Twitter really isn’t for everyone. @AnkeStaffeldt @YouTube Still the best @londongal_28 Nope - but then again, most people (particularly on Twitter) are pretty stupid.At 5 am (PST) on The Sound Barrier, the wonderful Ian Parsons is talking about L. Ferrari and my piece (Intertwined…
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This is the UK thanks to @OliverDowden: First, the government takes away the right to work in our neighbouring 27…
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @RMCunliffe Says everything about the chattering/scribbling classes in England and whose class interests they represent.As an expat from the U.S. for some 15 years now I share with you on July 4th - a holiday which I value very highly…
Time to celebrate 🎉 new #1 from @hyperionrecords, @PianoPiersLane & @TheOrchNow! 🔸 #7 #ibragimova 🔸 #10
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @MusicClerk Good to see Mingus, though he should be #1.
@JoyceCarolOates Of course I share your distaste for Trump and what he has done to the USA, but surely this is the… @Benlunn Hey, that’s what Twitter is for, particularly amongst Americans. @civetta @BBCFrontRow I don’t know, really; I think that the public funding leads to public bodies asking, “hey, wh… @civetta @BBCFrontRow Insane that he would be critical of the situation in Germany; but yes, the situation in Franc… Europe, we call this ‘RyanAir.’ @DAS_KONZEPT_ Konzept: Andrea Chenier but everything is in a major key @icuclear_Phd @makaysmith10 From a Twitter account called “Love 1another.” Ironic.
@5against4 @rabbitsage3 Wondering if I might have the wrong e.mail for you :)Fun fact: According to @MahanEsfahani there are over 50 modern concertos for harpsichord. @NPR #TinyDeskConcert
Retweeted by Mahan Esfahani @andrewrwales @hyperionrecords Much obliged, sir!Literally just finding out about the London-Calcutta bus service which apparently existed well into the 70’s. Wow.…
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💿😃💯🍾 Very proud of this new baby! @hyperionrecords @MahanEsfahani Rare account of « Musique socialiste » by Luc F…
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