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@THEBRYANHITCH The good thing about Impostor Syndrome is that it subsides, that it isn’t constant. In any case, I hope you feel better soon. @memento_moriV1 I did, when going to conventions was a thing.A Tigra commission from a few years back. @ColakMirko 🤜🤛
@JeffHarris7 Thank you very much!Check it! #wolverineandthexmen @Doncates @NicKlein Not a remake but Ghost Ship was practically the same thing. @leinilyu Thanks, Leinil!
#GhostOfTsushima #PS4share @DJPastabody Thanks! @WilsonThai 👍👍 @TheKraang Thank you!X-Men #13 coming very soon. This panel is from the first page which which is also one of my favourites from the iss…
@NicKlein @jengrunwald @SalenaMahina Shoes are not allowed in our apartment. That’s what slippers are for. Neither… time for X-Men #13 and other awesome books. @StLazhar Thank you! @FormerlyChang 👍👍 @Remender Thanks, Rick! @nahuelroark 🤜🤛😊 @redbearART Thank you!I hope you get to draw some Silver Surfwr in the Marvels book!
@ycinar Yummy! @PepeLarraz @martegracia Killing it! @QuixoticComics I’ll stick around for a little bit.Check it! Preview of X-Men #13. @ezekielelma Siz de öyle. Selamlar. @mdp_tm Thank you! @ezekielelma Sokakta değil. @TroyHerring89 Thank you. There’s a chance it might be a print. @Trev_DMello Thank you! @Dave_Duggins @atomictimepiece Thank you. @Marc_Deering 🤓 @daveseropian Not yet! I’m slaving over some great X-Men stories still. @Philjimeneznyc Thanks, Phil! @ronmarz Crom-damn it!Long Live The King 👑 @babayaro Tebrikler, Berat!
@ONURSPR It might feel horrible to go to work at that hour, but I doubt it looks horrible. @AH_AdamHughes @Philjimeneznyc I would buy it just for that.Vienna is beautiful... no matter the weather. @LoriHyrup I can see it can be used quite negatively too. 😔 @AlexIniguezArt I have yet to read the books but I'm actively trying to rectify that starting this week. @AlexIniguezArt It is under the radar for many which is a shame. It is so good! Admittedly it is not the easiest t… much gets me excited as The Expanse. This looks amazing. @ycinar I worked on one for 2 daya. 😅
If anything this game is beautiful! #GhostOfTsushima #PS4share @PepeLarraz @leinilyu @TiniHoward @PepeLarraz @leinilyu I'm pleased that I'm getting to draw her through your script now. @PepeLarraz @leinilyu I love where you took Isca’s design after my initial look for her. You also made her easier…
@mdp_tm Nobody stabs Pogg under my watch! @gwlankard Thanks.Haven’t drawn this runt in a while. @CMO_FiveXFive Indeed! Thank you.
@Deezus666 @kabes76 I also did issue #8 a little while ago.#xmenred @CMO_FiveXFive I loved it. @juliobrilha @JayFaerber Of course! And you killed it. @imaajfpstnfo Could have been much worse. @Nerdetritus @JayFaerber Aweome. Thank you. @Empress_Helena Hehe! It actually felt good that he said that. Could have been much worse. @DarkoLafuente Hey @AH_AdamHughes , do you remember doing this Boba Fett sketch at all? @ValerioSchiti @andrewkmar @seanpphillips @comicartfest I see. Can’t wait to see it finished. @philamsel I loved it! 😄 @seanpphillips @comicartfest Looks fantastic. What did you use for linework? @andrewkmar I’m trying, I’m trying.My son brought over a friend for a playdate. The kid saw my X-Men pages and said they were really good... just like… @SpiderGuile @JayFaerber @DTHalliday @JayFaerber Thanks. My first pro series. @SeanIzaakse @JayFaerber Glad to hear it, Sean. @RobKrygier @JayFaerber Sweet. @GavHigginbotham @JayFaerber 🤘🤘 @ycinar @JayFaerber @SpookyTheSpooky @JayFaerber Hah! That’s cool. @sunandoisms @JayFaerber 🤘 @saintsaucey @JayFaerber Bone Chill was likely my favourite out of all too. @BillyBowBoy @JayFaerber @ImageComics Here's some info: @DaryllBenjamin @JayFaerber Thanks, man. @BillyBowBoy @JayFaerber It's our creator owned comic series from @ImageComics . Could count as my pro debut. @saintsaucey @JayFaerber That's great! And sadly no announcements at this time. @DaryllBenjamin @JayFaerber I would love that. Current schedules is not suitable though. @Christosgage @JayFaerber I'm happy to hear that! Christos, hope you're doing great. @DarkoLafuente @JayFaerber That actually makes me warm and fuzzy inside. :D @der_lane @JayFaerber Cool!How many of you read Dynamo 5 by @JayFaerber and me?
@bengal_art Sketches! Illos from others don’t make sense to me as it’s a book dedicated to your work... unless it’…
@MitchGerads Nizzze! @Stephen_Mooney @Treestumped Aha. I’ll keep that in mind. I do have the tendency of clearing maps and doing side missions first. @Stephen_Mooney @Treestumped Indeed! I’m still in the beginning but it seems to be right up my alley. @Stephen_Mooney @Treestumped Nice. I’m playing Ghost Of Tsushima now and this is really inspiring. @1moreGaryFrank This is beauty! @davidaprice Congratulations, guys!
@theWoodenKing Yeah, October would be a crazy month for me. I’ve been going every year since 2008. @alexmaleev Love the values, especially on Catwoman. @AH_AdamHughes @RealLyndaCarter It is a very wholesome thing for any fan of you, Lynda Carter and/or WW. @theWoodenKing The show means a lot to a lot of people. Especially for international participants like us, I feel a… @Chris_Mannix_ I don’t know that site but yeah, custom frames are usually the best way to go.Who framed Captain America? 🤓 @priceoreason Cheers! Fun video. ☺️ @Chris_Mannix_ Awesome!