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Comic Book Artist X-Men ⚔️ X of Swords ⚔️ Conan The Barbarian

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My Storm in brick form! @MarkP97837236 👍 @DavidlBennettII Thank you! @ValerioSchiti @PepeLarraz
.@leinilyu @MahmudAsrar @Marvel X-Men #14 was great...amazing art and great story...
Retweeted by Mahmud Asrar ⚔️ @hellomuller 🙏🙏 @PepeLarraz I kinda feel exposed and flattered at the same time. 😂 @AlexIniguezArt 👍👍 @ten_bandits Cheers, man. @davizlopez Thanks, David. @eranga_d @PepeLarraz Thank you! Well, you don’t have to. Important thing is to think about the image balance and… @PepeLarraz @CullyHamner @urbanbarbarian @COLORnMATT Truth or not - It’s appreciated! 😁 @StLazhar @COLORnMATT 👍👍 @CullyHamner @COLORnMATT Thanks, Cully! @kmkibble75 @COLORnMATT Appreciate that! @ValerioSchiti My man! @CerebroCast @COLORnMATT Happy you think so. @marktanoja @COLORnMATT Thanks a lot. @joelovescomics @COLORnMATT Thanks! @Philjimeneznyc @Marvel @kierongillen Incredible!Excalibur #20 Cover Drawn by me, coloured by @COLORnMATT @IliasKyriazis I can openly say, it is! @GnanduPotlatch 🤘 @Silburific @mikefranchina_ Thanks a lot!
@MattiaIulis Thanks, Mattia! @rdauterman I love this so much. @AlexIniguezArt 🤘🤘 @steph_artwork Too kind. Thanks! @THansbury Much appreciated. @Trev_DMello Thanks a lot. @DanOrgill1 Thank you! @cemiroz @jedipwal Yes, I've been painting more. Thanks! @fuzzytypewriter I'm getting too old for the internet. @thenoirguy Thanks a lot. @KaiWilliams616 Thank you! @DarkoLafuente I was losing hope after the PS5 presentation with GTA Online in it.Aliens The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2 Cover Ink & watercolours on hotpress watercolour paper launching 'Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus' Vol. 2 to Earth in August 2021! Main cover by @MahmudAsrar an…
Retweeted by Mahmud Asrar ⚔️ @DarkoLafuente There is talk of GTA 6? @erdna11 Exceptional work!
@DarkoLafuente @rpace 😂 @rpace @DarkoLafuente Gah! I totally missed that. @DarkoLafuente Batman cosplaying Superman! @KaanGolemAkay Geçmiş olsun. 🥸
@NicKlein @HeatherAntos I almost took the bait! 😅Thank you! Hope you enjoy. @ThaLearningCurv If only!
@PepeLarraz Nah, it’s the one from a few days ago. 🤣 @themikenorton Always helpful! @comicwaifus @KlebsJunior @JScottCampbell @MarvelStudios I don’t think that is mine. ve çevresindeki herkese geçmiş olsun.Hail King Conan! @grass_parnassus Thanks for sharing these. Especially loved seeing this stage. @lotusman1 That one flew way over my head. :D @1moreGaryFrank It was supposed to be a secret! @philamsel @TheGrantPerkins I should! @memento_moriV1 Inks.I’ve spent the last 45 minutes drawing abs.I was just typing up a negative reply about a movie that I didn't like... then thought I'd rather not. So this is…
@PhilipTanArt Despite the reminders, I find that whenever someone asks for recommendations, people tend to get hasty. @NicKlein @monkey__marc I'm on it! @TonyDanielx2 And it is only a single volume. @BlankLA_ Quite enjoyed Wandering Island. @TonyDanielx2 Yep! I'm a big fan of all his stuff. Just read Mujirushi. So fun. @davizlopez @shirahamakamome So many reccomendations for this. I'll definitely have a look. @DarkoLafuente @DTHalliday Although I'm not familiar with some of his work, I'm a big fan of the stuff he did on Solevision Mitsuyoshi.The good old #XmenRed days! @Muaadib @NikolaCizmesija Yup! I'm catching up on that slowly. @DarkoLafuente I know a few od those but will look into these. @Supajoe Love Asano’s work. @bengal_art @erdna11 This tweet was actually in part to confirm that BOTI was a good choice to dive into on my part. Thanks for the input! 😂 @toadmill73 Any specific book? I always got curious but never started anything. @DTHalliday I’m got into Vagabond recently. Loving it. The fact that he dedicates many dozens of pages to a single fight is fascinating. @mikerichmond168 Great art is priority. Availability is also a plus.Recommend a Manga with amazing art! Please skip the more obvious choices like Otomo and Urasawa. @79SemiFinalist Yup! It is the best. @ycinar Çok iyi!
Sad to hear about Steve Lightle’s passing. @ValerioSchiti @Al_Ewing @martegracia Beautiful work, Valerio!
@Philjimeneznyc @jasonaaron Less than the people he killed, I'm assuming.One of the first sketches I came up with from Conan The Barbarian once I got the script from @jasonaaron. Used thi… @ValerioSchiti @_AlphaZulu_ Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 if you haven’t. And make them a priority. @ValerioSchiti Out of these I’d say RE2. It’s brilliant and highly replayable. Then maybe HZD. @TonyDanielx2 All those idiots should be judged.
It's surreal what's happening today. Still, as anything regarding the man, this wasn't really unexpected. Stay safe, my American friends.I remember the times it was frowned upon or ridiculed to have taken a picture of yourself.Apparently the word "selfie" was first used around 2002. It's crazy to think there are 18 year olds who don't know… I decide to get off my ass to send mail that are long overdue. I get to the post office to find out that toda…
@memento_moriV1 I did a mini for Dark Horse a long long time ago (pun). Jedi - The Dark Side.Thank you! Hope you enjoy.
@gabrielhardman As are we! 🤓 @ckgarcia07 Sunny Gho. @_SHANEWHITE Good suggestions indeed. Sometimes I forget to do that and just obsess over the piece.Thanks for the purchase. Hope you enjoy it. @_SHANEWHITE I really had a tough time emotionally at one point. In the end, I'm happy if it simply just doesn't suck.