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@AaranESC They are not only boring but als disrespectful
@ikarrly @eurotrashjon You mad WAP listenable @LMX_Mani Leigh Anne: Something we haven't done in a while Me: A high budget video? Jokes aside, I really hope th… @LMX_Mani And isn't this the single that RCA wanted as lead? @LMX_Mani Wait they already recorded the music video? I love how this era has 0 teasers of outfits and music video… @kirimixer High budget video? @Littlemixer1662 @LMLatinoUpdates @kirimixer @LittleMix A high budget video? @xhanx14 @jungleighobi @adibou_official @wearepoweruk @LittleMix Twitter is a public place, don't come saying it is… @xhanx14 @jungleighobi @adibou_official @wearepoweruk @LittleMix Leaking the song itself is a no, I don't see anyth… @kingmoonbyul Honestly, me and I pretty sure there are many others, don't think about checking the page in the midd… @KISSMYASSGH0STS @mygIight @kirimixer Okay 😘 @xhanx14 @jungleighobi @adibou_official @wearepoweruk @LittleMix Many knew about it, it is simply linking. And if y… @mygIight @kirimixer You can't expect people to check your page first before talking to you. If y'all really think that... yikes @jungleighobi @adibou_official @xhanx14 @wearepoweruk @LittleMix Lol everything is "leaked" nowadays. Maybe they sh… @MixersPowers @kirimixer @nickianamix I'm dead with these people. Maybe RCA and LM shouldnt out all the songcredits online sksk @taesjadey @kirimixer Because he isn't up in LMs asses and totally in love with everything single thing they do. Be… @kirimixer I am already tired if Simon Says. Praying it will be a good track @wiwibloggs @fkirkorov @BarkerWithBite Kirkorov 🤢🤮So Eurofans are really dragging someone for what said 9 YEARS ago? Can't say I am surprised lol kids, get over it @ThePopTingz And? @wizonevision Oh they have defo have sent great songs but is kinda sketchy they stopped ending top 5 (besides 2008)… @wizonevision Knowing what a strong year 2012 was songwise they could have easily bought it 🤭🤣 @wizonevision For what we know Truth was the first fair top 10 result for Azerbaijan. I mean in 2013 they got caugh… @wizonevision It should have easily won out of that top 3 but we both know how Azerbaijan managed to win 💶💶 @kaisamaraj @PopBase Little Mix outsold, outtalented, outsang, outperform and ofcourse outlasted 5h with ease @sanasrep @PopBase Cardi tease @wizonevision @eurotrashjon @saoasflores Lmao I am dead. He didn't lie tho. Altough both Azerbaijan and Italy where bad 🤭I'm rooting for my girls BIG TIME. No one deserves it more than @LittleMix -- lets get them to perform already!!…
Retweeted by Mahroofisgone 🇳🇱 @kirimixer Let's hope Simon Says is atleast a good track @QeleQele2002 All 3 deserved the DNQ
@koosbusan @fromthatstate @PopBase The whole After Hours album + Starboy (song) @PopBase As he should @sleepy_songbird Love her @jadesfreak1 @kombuchaflair She really didnt but ok @kombuchaflair @jadesfreak1 Kylie is in the industry for 30 years, has 7 #1 albums in the UK and had a global hit… @LM_Funds @statisticslm @ColumbiaRecords @RCALabelGroupUK As if @ColumbiaRecords will do something for the girls. T… @sleepy_songbird Were used to the hate when every other fandom always tries to drag them, we'll survive the middle aged facebook linda's tooImagine trying to drag someone to make your fave look better. Anyways Mixers, focus on #CONFETTI and let's not di… @HolidayOutNow @wewejwejs2232 Kylie is in the industry for 30 years, has 7 #1 albums in the UK and had a global hi… @jxnxxgxr She has 7 #1 albums in the UK so she must be doing something right @womanlikebarbie Little Mix should get that #1 however, Kylie is an icon and in the idustry for 30 years. This is a… @Y100Michiana_ I followed @Y100Michiana_ and vote Little Mix for Artist of The Summer On Y100 . @jadesconfetti I hope so
@escaingeal Sweden basically @jadesconfetti RCA picked the next single so I think it was supposed to be the lead but Blinding Lights for example… @eternalvmnk @PopBase @katyperry Yeah it is a tie, all have 5 atmim mentally here
Retweeted by Mahroofisgone 🇳🇱 @volevisolosoldi That would be a boring Eurovision if it was like Sanremo, 9 hours for 1 show 😩 @kirimixer I don't expect it to be the next single as this is the one RCA wanted as lead single right? @DanielOkungbow2 @kirimixer Could it be a feature like NMSS and Power?
@valnitto @chartdata @LittleMix Little Mix outsold, outsing, outperform, outwrite BP easily @StarboygrandeXX @chartdata @LittleMix Little Mix outlasted @ariainyourarea @chartdata @LittleMix Coming to be boring as always. No creativity, not inventive. Pure showponies… @selenerwalker @chartdata @LittleMix Those showponies where everything gets handed to them? Please, Blackpink will… @FENDIMANl @swtnrkoos @chartdata @jeonjkmisa @LittleMix Talking about a flop, where is Normani her debut album? Is… @Bro_oah @swtnrkoos @chartdata @jeonjkmisa @LittleMix The only girlgroup that can compete with LM (im a good way of… @fairyqtae @dazuly2 @swtnrkoos @chartdata @jeonjkmisa @LittleMix I would be pressed to if I stanned BP and not LM @PopBase @LittleMix The standard for girlgroups @bIackpinkf @vitadafanboy @PopBase @LittleMix Coming with another boring and basic song all made for them. They hav… @bluehairedbaby2 @StarboygrandeXX @PopBase @LittleMix LMAO you ended her with one reply 😂 @badkindofsmiles @afternoonlisa @wetgaga @PopBase @LittleMix And able to have a full performance without looking like robots @PopBase Little Mix reach the 5 billion streams milestone @AlesiaMichelle Aren't these just demos that got send it? @LMX_Mani They have so many bangers @ladyperrieatic @teenagedreamish @kirimixer That selftitled album cover was such a picsart edit 😂 @kirimixer Ngl the music on the album artwork sounds similar to 7 Rings style so maybe that is a song Tayla worked on @kirimixer I wish they expand their boundaries when it comes to people writing their songs tbh @BTSMYKINGS10 @PopBase Sksksk no I mean LM in general haha @OT7thatsit @PopBase Turn Your Face Pretend its OK Towers These Four Walls Good Enough I Love You Secret Love Song… @BTSMYKINGS10 @PopBase And, what do you think? @Bey2134 @PopBase So what are your thoughts about LM?
Did you know that today marks exactly 6 months since that horrible cancellation day and exactly 8 months until the…
Retweeted by Mahroofisgone 🇳🇱 @adlxs Logo is part of the branding @adlxs The branding, slogan, stage and hosts will remain the same @violentpim @Eurovision Open Up @GM94982519 @Jinek_RTL @Eurovision @SietseBakker @cornaldm Als je even echt even je research gedaan had dan had je… @GM94982519 @Jinek_RTL @Eurovision @SietseBakker @cornaldm Dat heet realistisch denken. En het festival levert ook… @micealokane Woud have been a big waste of time and money knowing the stage was set to be build in Ahoy alreadyThe eternal shame is that there are Esc fans that don't think befors typing like this ungrateful "fan" @Soloveyer Not Eurofans being stupid again and not thinking before typing"We want Cypriot artists, Sandro's team agreed with us, therefore he won't be representing Cyprus in Rotterdam in 2…
Retweeted by Mahroofisgone 🇳🇱 @EscDannyj Right now scenario B would likely be used @Lucy_Grace98 @esckamil99 You miss nothing as the stream is bad af @wiwibloggs @foureira_eleni @robynesc No @ESF_FOK Is het geluid bij jullie ook zo aan het haperen?We are in Rotterdam today! #Eurovision recordings for the first time since May. Good to be back!
Retweeted by Mahroofisgone 🇳🇱 @SietseBakker @Eurovision Where can I watch it @SietseBakker ? @kirimixer If BB was on the album, why isn't is already shown like BUS and Holiday? From what I know, Bounce Back was a stand alone single
@marioann7 @Mixers_Army Oooh that one, in that case I didn't mids anything haha @arisligion @PopBase Is dead @jadememez These don't seem outside @kirimixer Seems like it @Mixerland1989 @Mixers_Army It is always possible, NMSS and Power weren't collabs at first either @mixermanagement @LittleMix People need to understand international dates arent that easy to book with covid existing @Mixers_Army How do you know that there are 2 collabs, did I miss something in The One Show? @Mixers_Army Watch it being the Anne Marie collab and Pablo Vittar @PopBase This actually sounds pretty good @PopBase Omg congratulations queen! had to!! Obsessed with them and this cover is TOOOOO GOOD!! <3 Determined to give them all the US love I can.
Retweeted by Mahroofisgone 🇳🇱 @lerriesource @WISHINGIWOULD 3rd single is the actual lead single picked by RCA luckily. They better step their gam…