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$* not € Stupid keyboard!No, Shell did not make €40bn profit in Britain. It only made €2bn. Why? Because we tax them 75%. More than many c… @JerryD7556 He wasn’t removed. He ran a terrible campaign and the public voted against his party. @militant_hippy They claim they have to go to food bank every dayLen has officially lost his mind 😂 You can’t just say things without evidence, mate. Langley?! Ffs 🙈🤣 If the CIA…’s not forget a pint is almost £7 at this pub - Red Lion in Westminster. If you’re struggling with a cost of li… heartbreaking 💔 well as lies and party division... In short: absolutely shambolic. @1classico No you idiot. Regardless of relative poverty stats that do matter, only 1.9 million kids are entitled to FSM. That’s the point. @1classico You seem to not be good at research. Different type of research on ‘relative poverty’ is one thing. What…"Killing protesters" 🙄 ❌ **Self defence against violent and armed rioters** ☑️, they seem... happy.
THIS 👇 it’s not about pay. It’s about politics. Trade unions are NOT impartial organisations who would happi…“Britain’s political prisoners” 😂😂😂 They were arrested WITH trial for attacking people’s offices, abusing the gene… Russian culture being Authoritarian Russian culture 🙄 👇 absolute state of this nutter 😂 @TheDogWhoBarks Nope. They orchestrated a fake referendum with fake ballots. No referendum in the history of humanity would get that result.44 years ago, Islamic occupiers, trained by CIA and backed by France & Britain, were sent to Iran to overthrow the… Labour is by far the most stupid and economically illiterate headline I've ever seen 😂 huge benefit of Brexit: Witnessing EU fundamentalists having daily meltdowns like spoiled 14 year old crybabie… @JOHjohJOH12 Putin was a member of WEF until less than a year ago. He and Russian oligarchs were prominent in Davos from the beginning.This tweet is a complete lie. I'm not a fan of this idiotic government but what Reeves refers to is IMF forecast.… war with Russia must be prevented, but I'm sick and tired of geopolitically illiterate commentators who call… the fat ones? 😛 on earth is wrong with the Labour Party?! "Oooh let's try and help the Iranian protesters... what should we d… @ObliviousReaper Perception is reality in politics. PR scandals hit you harder than factual scandals. It doesn't me… government: We will be the grown ups 10 mins later... Some of the senior members falling into scandals…
@fleurmeston remembered that His Majesty’s Prime Minister has received more police fines than me. That’s not normal.#IgnoreTheIMF need to be careful when they say this is the “end of #woke.” The public is pushing back hard on the #trans i…
Retweeted by Mahyar Tousi“I have nothing to say on that”
Great weekly Zoom call with members of our channel #WeAreTheMedia embarrassing @AnneMarieSqueo. Rich people problems. Also how is @BBCNews platforming this biased article from…
Retweeted by Mahyar TousiShambles ffs @camtheroc You're right. I must be feeling unwell. This is not normal Twitter interaction 😂 I'm gonna call the NHS... @camtheroc Absolutely. MMU Business School is superior to other unis in that region. Although Uni of Man is better for political degrees. @camtheroc Manchester and also post-university workI could have told them that years ago
1) there is no one puritan definition of democracy 2) you focus on the electorate when it comes to democracy (I.e… people are insane. The moment the Islamic nutters are taken out in Iran, these terrorists will also be defun… am. Well done, genius. @benjaminbutter Ok, this is getting boring now. @benjaminbutter I really don’t have time for “oh this is offensive” nonsense today. I didn’t celebrate and I didn’…, this man child is so boring. Islamic snowflakes having a meltdown over a book. Yes, a book. 🙄
Despite all threats to his life, my dad refuses to leave Iran. He wants to stay and fight for freedom.…🚨 UPDATE: Hamadan becomes the 4th city in Iran witnessing explosions and gunshots tonight All happening at the sam…🚨 Abandoned by the west, anti Islamic occupation Iranians continue #IranRevoIution against Islamic Regime & its for…🚨 BREAKING: reports coming from Iran of huge explosions at Islamic Regime’s defence facilities in three cities (Isf…’s all kicking off at Iran’s Defence Ministry facilities #IranRevolution family aren’t Muslim. Persian alphabets look similar to Arabic alphabets but hugely different. celebrating my sister’s birthday with her and mum ❤️ disturbing that the @americnhumanist CEO thinks it’s appropriate to call a 17 year old a “creepy” for raisin…
Retweeted by Mahyar TousiIf you can’t live like a civilised human, no one is forcing you to live in Britain. Quran is simply a book. If som… culture it started... 😂 #Loser worship of Quran is cringey and dangerous. I can assure you Islamic fundamentalism will not save anyone. It's…'m not a fan of Macmillan's politics but this is hilarious 😂🚨 English Londoners alongside British Iranians out in Westminster flying Union flag & Persian flag, asking UK Gover…🚨 BREAKING: Clare Drakeford, wife of Mark Drakeford, has died.According to @rhiannonlucyc owning books is ‘smug and middle class’, because of course, no one working class reads,…
Retweeted by Mahyar TousiWhen they said art imitates life … or was it the other way round #NadhimZahawi @Conservatives @nadhimzahawi
Retweeted by Mahyar Tousi
WHAT anti establishment right wingers are falling for the trap of supporting any left wing protest just because it’s… and evil people 14 years since receiving his OBE, he suddenly discovered that the British Empire existed?! 😂 What a clown 🤡’re hiring! This is a *really* important hire for me and for @CollegeGreenGrp. If you’re interested, please DM me…
Retweeted by Mahyar TousiWhen Labour were behind the polls, and the Government wanted to call an election in 2019, because Labour kept tryin…
Retweeted by Mahyar Tousi"The French" 😂 😂 😂 wonder dead people voted for him… hell 🙈
Priests go to hell. Yup, there is no hope. 😂 @christiancalgie Maybe because you're white... 😉This. Is. Insane. ID is not racist. The political left claiming non-white people are too stupid to get ID is racist. has hit the Royal family... @Barnesy19 are currently over 75,000 children in the UK and @campbellclaret couldn't care less about them, he's never tw…
Retweeted by Mahyar TousiLove ‘My Family’ 😂 One of the best shows in the 2000s news for Londoners... class. No decorum. No respect of a host. This is anti-Iranian behavior culturally and further proof Iran is occu…
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Cheers, boys! #MUFC 🔴 😂🚨 Iran’s Crown Prince in exile, who has been chosen by anti Islamic Occupation Iranians as opposition leader is sta… the funding model instead of this insane cap. Idiocy at the heart of government.’s a book. Get over it.
Cc @ArchRose90Fixed it #WeAreTheMedia @SammGarratt Are you feeling ok? The police isn’t involved 😂 They’re cooperating with FBI directly and handing the… luck, Boris 😂, I feel left out considering everyone else is finding random classified documents in their bedrooms. All I ha… is happening in the US 😂’s an insult to nationalism to call Sturgeon’s party the Scottish National Party. It should be called the Scottish Globalist Party.