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@giladrom yes @thejozefwhite @astra_finance that's annoyingcan I really not set a schedule to buy a specific amount of a specific stock on a cadence in Robinhood? is there an… @Chime Thank you chime your card brought my score up 90 points cause I had no credit!!
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @Wildreamz ya I’ve had that for 6 months thoughAwesome thread on distribution and customer acquisitionfor fintech companies crimped my first RJ45 connector 😳
@PdrumnD @Chime Yes! 84 points in one month. I spent nearly 2k that month with it.
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @soarescode @meetbeam 💚'm hiring again at Chime - looking for awesome fintech product managers who want to build the next generation of…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫of course I am familiar with the shower beer concept; some weeks kick off with a shower coffee though occasionally see posts like “things not to say to jewish people” but frankly I would love a post that was like “t… a manager tomorrow 😎 Please share your best management advice below 👇🏽💜
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @iamjakestream school was super traumatic for me, I was super hung up on lots of things teachers said that didn’t m… @noway421 he was. @yoavlurie touché! @spikebrehm gahFinished Payment Systems in the US For fintech people - how will FedNow network slot in with other preexisting pay…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @KrisColvin ugh I do this too. or actually, most often when I remember conversations with them, I’m bewildered why… Mr. Schmidt 7th grade science teacher just because shampoo is mostly water doesn’t mean that’s what you’re payin… else randomly come up with rebuttals to their teachers from 20 years ago? I remember I once had a science te… are the most influential female thinkers in tech? (up and coming is ok) Want to highlight as many as I can fo…
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@george_sass NO link me! @george_sass yeah no like I stan Target for sure @bykaeya I did know thismultiple people I know IRL and trust the taste of have recently raved to me about Target’s Casaluna brand (their Pa… you in fintech or crypto marketing? i wanna know you, say hi 👇🏽
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @gefencodes 😭 @TylerHakes splendor, targi, and 7 wonders: duel @ChristieDizzia right??? it was tasty too. Feb 7 2020going through all my old photos, grieving the loss of restaurants of you are welcome to PM me if you have questions about accessing capital for a project idea, and I'll do m…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫Also many people tend to mistakenly think of capital investment as “free money” and not “selling a piece of my soul…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @tayeed ugh that sucks. yeah I was specifically looking to have something in stock that could be shipped quicklyyou guys I bought an internet couch and it came, was possible to put together, and I like it! @jdanastein apparently sf too!, something, a metaphor for the safety of streets in San Francisco
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@bykaeya I can’t figure this out 😩for real though, if the safety of your employees was of utmost importance... you would just not have them go to work??hot take: the meaning of “utmost importance” has changed from “the most important” to “very important after capital… @cokiehasiotis cokie you’re so smart and so cool I can’t even handle it! @soarescode @meetbeam oof @soarescode @meetbeam this one?
my communication style is the FTT newsletter @whizwang @karen_e LOVE splendorI’m sorry I didn’t reply to your email I was playing board games with my boyfriendI'm holding a bit of space in a round to add some non-traditional folks to our cap table. Women, POC, LGBTQ, first-…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @lcdavis1225 you know ituh oh screenshot is from about my favorite iOS 14 widget,’s so crazy to see so much enthusiasm for widgets in 2020 - I remember going to “Widgets up the Wazoo” at SF New… Twitter friends - Need some help. Spoke to a fantastic fintech entrepreneur today (fantastic product) however,…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫We've gone too far.
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫I’m looking to work with a great illustrator on a small project for @copilotmoney, it will hopefully lead to more c…
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Okay @Chime my credit score went up almost 100 points in 3 months 😍😍😍
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫You are what you do when you're in a power position.
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @miradu what do the new ones do for me?Brief's news reader is the must-have iOS 14 widget. Get the top 5 stories of the day or election polls. Try here…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫awesome interview with Nick Hobbs on how iOS 14 signifies that “Apple Is Building A Fundamentally Different Future… @davidnjiang lolllll @cdipietr0 ooh this is pretty @ellenjdasilva gotcha. @ankitshah wow ok cool I’m in @BrianJLeach @MitchDinkins this sounds pretty! @yjhuoh ah, good point @John_PiazzaIV John I will give them to you for free if you pay the Clutter delivery fees + take the costumes too s… you think I can use something advertised as a dining table as my desk? I feel like I need a lot of space anyone want this stuff?So I had some random stuff in storage with Omni, they sold storage biz to Clutter, who changed is now charging me $… evidence for women fund manager outperformance is so overwhelming that I honestly can't respect any male manage…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @mattschaar no!!Just got passed over for a gig, in which they described me as "a genius but potentially also the Tasmanian Devil."…
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@_Jordan no ideaI probably hear the word “webinar” more than the word “seminar” @starkupnation @jordanodinsky jesus this is scary @boop @ThatJeremyHorn I know that's an outrageous thing to say but for me it is 😂 @hunterwalk said this MUCH more e… @sarthakgh ok @ohadsamet ohad you’ve got some of the best game in the biz @ThatJeremyHorn I would seriously not worry about it, most of the founders I’ve invested in don’t use twitter at al… @mattmireles haha nice @thejozefwhite yes! I tweeted “wtf is this share your thoughts” tweet FROM THAT UI @robertbanh omg YES @iamjamesnumber1 oh ok @healthbjk @iamjamesnumber1 James, it’s a joke @mxstbr I think most VCs like to invest in founders like themselves, it’s one of the fucked up biases that’s led to… @mxstbr lolllllnew investment thesis: founders who are hype machines on twitterA great thing about living in NYC is that the density makes it feel a lot safer to walk around at night than SF eve…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫Hey community, my friend and colleague @jackieodevore is looking to transition from being a lawyer to a VC. Is the…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫who has written the best deep dives into the creator ecosystem? it's an area i'm super interested in!
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🚘☕️🍃💫 @ariisaacs ugh I mostly agree with you but somehow it seems less personal to say “your CAC is going to be too high”… @JLMcAulay @miradu what do you thinkdoesn’t it seem like if I’m in the context of “adorable dogs doing important work” and twitter invites me to “share… is this “share your thoughts” UI @irrvrntVC no do I need it @Jakewk ugh is it being super cynical and thinking all businesses are bad because too much scar tissue? @aznaurmidov my New Years resolution is to stop saying "I told you so" 🥺