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Maia Bittner 🌉 @maiab San Francisco & New York

here for TMI intimate tweets 😬 + startup punditry; Founded Pinch (acq'd @Chime) & @myRocksbox, @OlinCollege alumna & engineer, investor w/ @parcelbvc

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@anothercohen ... New York gives money to the arts instead? @miradu @DiegoBandito omg @akgerber wow that’s cooldid you know all the mattress brands are coming out with like, discount economy models? @mstarnesAI @aniamoto that makes sense to me it’s easier to find people you’ve met casually there @wimsy @kirtimehrotra3 wow really?? how? and why? like what was the intention or use case behind that @impcapital oooh
@slay_gui @me1000 lolI guess it doesn’t not make sense that organic tastes different.... but taste also doesn’t feel like the driving fa… @maiab Skill endorsements is an interesting feature for a dating app.
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🌉 @latticepolys haha SERIOUSLY @AmandaMGoetz ew @vbhvsgr lolllwhat do we think of linkedin as a dating app? @yjhuoh on my wayFavorite bit of advice lately: run your own race.
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🌉 @Vukicevic ughhow long do I have to wait after PRK laser eye surgery to get my eyebrows waxed?oooh Better Tomorrow (@iamjakestream & @pitdesi ) speaking in San Francisco looks 🔥 but tf does that mean @Jer_Diamond @alex I know some stuff about fintech CAC yes @BlairReeves lolI wish my block list was shared with friends and anyone could add haters to it and they’d be blocked for all of usthis is WILD ring: • expensive • doesn’t do anything • reinforces patriarchal concept of women as property Engagemen…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🌉 @SupermoonPics I wear one almost every day to stay warm + keep there from being a gap between my pants and my shirt in the back.... @SupermoonPics usually holding or positioning clothing (bodysuits, scarves, coats, etc)wait I don’t really *understand* horoscopes, am I supposed to have different ones mine are just like gemini gemini… @brkwtz @michelletandler oh, are the income limits for rent stabilization? I just remember reading about it in nora… @michelletandler doesn’t new york do this?
the qualities you’re attracted to already exist inside of you @msasya like refillable 3oz thingshere for it @yjhuoh not the one in my houseyou know how paper towels dispensers allow you to tear off paper towels with one hand? why tf don’t toilet paper di… @cyreynolds they feel fancy and I dig thatevery time I use my travel liquid thingy my heart jumps cause I think it’s the Alaska logo improvement @sarthakgh this is actually my new life plan I think it’s a wide open opportunity @iankar_ you only get one A MONTH???? @html5cat @PumaBrowser ooh this is cool I can’t make it but congrats/thank you @timkmak @vaurorapub ok but who the fuck drew the lines on this map @runvc I recently learned it’s called the spanish flu because every country had it but didn’t want to admit it — as… off was my dream as a 19 year old @leepnet @semil I knew this!! but when I was a kid I didn’t realize how special it was I thought it was one of thos… @natbaker I’m not even complaining? @shirleman @ErikBoles ooh good take here
@mattwallaert this is ideal @etrepum it’s not :/ but I do LOVE a good sleeper sofa @nishantvatsal wait I don’t know the phrase thin-splicing what does it mean @krobinsantos I know the sleeves are kinda wild :/ black blazer is a good idea though I worry the dress is just all together too thin @RichBuzz4 ah interesting. they’re actually @miradu’s! if it was my house I would have a full sized mirror @jodansmif that was the conclusion I reached after both 4 seconds and 3 hoursI am so here for us using echo dots as default promo swag of value @roooooland @miradu oh that was @moenichedee she’s ok!!! whew. I think the stove wasn’t super super hot @mattwallaert amazing @refreshmyjawn haha yes @JeremyDFHinman loll @Nick_Yawn omg this is amazing advice can I square cash you / hire you in the futureI actually do feel like today is a very “my bank account wears a top hat” kind of day some weird shit I learned about along the way includes this murphy bed chest? and this foldable wood frame spent several agonizing hours trying to figure out the right guest bed solution and ended up with the same answer… @bog_dan ok I’m gonna be generous and assume you’re trying to be nice here but it kind of sounds like you have neve… @mattwallaert I think the plaid is cuter for sure — if that’s what you’re speaking to — it’s just that cute is not the vibe I’m going for @ErikBoles right like.... in my school uniform @expliKateD omg OBVIOUSLYok which dress says I am smart and professional but also young and innovative @MRichardsTweets but that kind of makes sense to me.... in a foreign confusing way @MRichardsTweets I haven’t! @aaronmfisher @jimmydouglas ya this is my old laptop I gave to my momHEY. DO YOU WRITE CODE AND LIVE IN OR WANT TO LIVE IN CHICAGO? BECAUSE IF YOU DO, @CHIME IS NOW HIRING SOFTWARE ENG…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🌉french braids are amazing they’re like ponytails that are cute and professionalI’m kinda spectrumy so I actually dig it like, I can use my FAVORITE interface (typing words) and all these opti… @JadenGeller I have left restaurants without paying because of this, like we had sat forever after our food was don… @MikellTaylor there are so many more options between 2 and 3 here this is a troll7) The press mostly writes about the hot deals. Afterall, no one wants to read about someone's poor fundraising sit…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🌉6) So we have a weird Goldilocks & the 3 bears situation. Some companies are really HOT. Others are really cold. Th…
Retweeted by Maia Bittner 🌉and then society shifted from communicating in person to sharing 2 second looping recorded videos of other people’s… @mattwallaert mm? @iSMohapatra I did! @jimmydouglas too cheap to buy macbooks with more storage swear to god I’m like a sitcom character you can’t make this stuff up I just accidentally left behind in a store… @MikellTaylor @FailJolesFail wow.
@grlalx oh yeah no for sure, nepotism is the official policy @mjterave ew @expliKateD it's so weird because she's lived with the wood stove her whole life and never done this before! @yjhuoh yesthis is actually the first time that I've worked in an office WITHOUT individual bathrooms (i.e. with stalls) and it is horribleplease send thoughts and prayers to my mom's cat I'm devastated at the news 😿 @rudyferraz but my eyes have been the same bad since 3rd grade @JeremyDFHinman perfect vision soon it takes a whilehow is it even possible that my vision was so bad it’s like I don’t run but if I had to, I could do it and I woul… used to pride myself on doing work that others were too good for, and I owe so much of my career to this but now.… morning I move my pillows to make it look like a normal person sleeps in the bed, and every night I move them… is crazy to me this is the only way to get customer service help for so many apps & experiences @Journalgirl @binarycleric oh I’ve been to Jan!! it’s fantastic @sm @mauskopf but who is the other one? @erducker you are having the worst luck with tech companies today @babiejenks no :(