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Broadcaster, writer, happy wrangler of small boy. Queries/ weird requests: Instagram: @maiadunphy

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@DSR_F11 Two weeks ago. @Pofold @john_mcguirk @roisiningle @OrlaNWCI You too Paul. 😜 @Pofold @john_mcguirk @roisiningle @OrlaNWCI I think you’re confusing me with someone else. And missing the joke. Have a great day! 😜 @AM_Hampshire Yes! @JasonLeePatrick This was a couple of weeks later! I was back at the hospital with my Mum and we remembered we hadn… years ago! ❤️❤️ @Pofold @john_mcguirk @roisiningle @OrlaNWCI Not sure what this has to do with me, but 1) I don’t think anyone “ere… to hear of the passing of the great John Hume. A modest, humble man but one of the most significant change…
Tom just drew the first prototype of his “virus tanker”. Genius. 😍😜 @ajdeasy The frozen ones are revolting! Would have been revolutionary had it worked. ;) @Fagans2 Onions?! Nonsense! 😜 @AlannaFeeney Honestly, what is wrong with (some!) people?!? FFS, that shouldn’t have to be explained in a restaurant. @SirKeithOD @ItaOKelly @hugosrest @Paschald @mmcgrathtd @adriancummins @mcdigby @CWeston_Indo @mcculld @davidmcw No… @Mark1975s @ItaOKelly @hugosrest @Paschald @mmcgrathtd @adriancummins @mcdigby @CWeston_Indo @mcculld @davidmcw Exactly. @andrewhdonohoe @stoutandgym I know this trick too, but this was a ripen at home one which are always too hard to a… @gardenngather @daviddinsmore12 Oh that’s great!Opening avocados is like a perpetually terrible round of Deal or No Deal. the Murder Hornets are back! Of course they are, it’s 2020. @FubarBhoy I take your point, but I wanted to acknowledge her ban! Have no intention of drawing attention to her again. 👍🏻👍🏻Such a great idea @colmoregan ! @ItaOKelly @hugosrest @Paschald @mmcgrathtd @adriancummins @mcdigby @CWeston_Indo @mcculld @davidmcw Not really! I…
This is now, tonight, Saturday at 7.30pm in Dublin. Our beautiful city centre is decimated. Hospitality businesses…
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @flypie @RedaccionCuba Yes! A classic model! 😂Road trippin’ with my favourite ally to see my bestie. And then Tom drove some tractors like it was NO BIGGIE!!… is possibly the best thing I have seen on Twitter, ever. To all the anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-everything peopl…
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@emr200583 The words are English! @chrissierussell A narwhal. Sure that one’s grand. ;)The point of the letters inside these little yoghurt pots is to help kids with reading. Was expecting maybe a “D fo… @IamTomOB That’s the worry. The level of hysteria she tries to generate won’t end well. @JasonBFB Please; his correct title was 90’s goon. Thank you. ;) @carlitawanita I don’t refer to her at all anymore, but she’s been banned from Twitter as of last night so I’m just… @1rorycowan I hope most people know that mental health doesn’t result in behaviour like this! But she does need hel… College Dublin has begun transforming its front lawns into wildflower meadows after public support for the…
Retweeted by Maïa DunphyGod, she really needs serious help #GemmaoDoherty🧡Blind dog discovers a puddle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #labrador #puppylove #puppylife #dogsoftwitter #blind #doglovers ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ V…
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @Niamh__McManus 😂😂😂😂 @mikedoherty @DBCooperIre Lads!! I don’t need any cable tidying kit! It’s all behind the telly unit out of sight! 😂… at ⁦@OnePicoDublin⁩ ❤️❤️ @DBCooperIre Lookit, here’s all the plugs neatly stored away behind the TV unit. 😜 other news, the woman who "fixed" that Spanish fresco has secured a job as a courtroom artist. #GhislaineMaxwell @DBCooperIre Nutter! 😂I don’t know who came up with this, so can’t credit. Never has it been more relevant
Retweeted by Maïa DunphyLump in the throat and tingles down the spine! @Jim_Sheridan @russellcrowe @RealJeffLeyton call this my “irony board”. I bought it so I could finally be a grown up with pressed sheets, but it’s only ever… this finally be the end of it. #GemmaODoherty #GetInTheBin
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@TheSJTobin At least you got that I was kidding... 😜 @orlaithblaney *backdates angry email to ASAI* @janettegovan @RiyadhK Oh I am!! @SaraHaboubi1 Don’t we all love Suggestive Greg?Don’t all women dream of Greg Wallace looking them in the eye and telling them their sauce is fantastic?… Captain America star sent a video message to Bridger Walker, 6, who saved his four-year-old sister from a dog a…
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @hiheal Which PP ad was that? @Iwerzon And no one could blame you! 😂😂❤️ @graceanneocall 😂😂Holy shit, I saw this floating around and assumed it was a spoof! Was “Surburban Lifetsyle Dream” a Barbie line in… the discussion here is a tampon ad being pulled (pun intended!) because complaints that it was offensive were u…, can we just all agree the #tampax ad was shite? It was like an ill-conceived, last-minute segment on Loose W… @Rochey77 @EmannueleDidnaw It was made in a similar tone to a lot of the current daytime women’s programming, the m… @Rochey77 It’s a shit ad, I’ve said that already, but it’s wasn’t pulled for being crap. Did you see some of the complainants?
@KevGeo2011 @PatrickFreyne1 Always tongue firmly in cheek with Señor Freyne! @shaunahair @ruthscott But it wasn’t pulled for being a shit ad (which it is!), it was pulled for its content being… @gerordaqs Yep. Bought some a couple of years ago. Still don’t trust them for heavy days!Ha! @PatrickFreyne1 never fails to make me howl! 😂😂 @Mahersie Oh wow... really?! You must have read the letter!"how did this woman get on BBC" 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @TopTopPundit It’s an absolute disgrace @The_ASAIWell isn’t this brilliant! “You’re missing the vagician” 😂😂😂 #periods @GoldieRosie @ruthscott @bodyform Oh, and yes, the womb stories video was really beautiful. @GoldieRosie @ruthscott @bodyform It’s far from the best ad in the world. But it wasn’t banned for being shit.Honestly and truly would you credit it? Only 50pc of the population have need of these products, in fairness....
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @daveGildedALM Ha! Beautiful analogy! 😂Please excuse typos... typed in a rage! #tampaxI’m a woman in her forties who was mildly embarrassed buying sanitary products until quite recently because this sh… them far enough is a basic piece of information all tampon users need to know, and this ad did nothing ot…’ve just read about this ad being banned (via @ruthscott ) and hand on heart, I’m lost for words. What f*cking yea… #madelocal campaign launching today! 👍🏻👍🏻 @DCCIreland obvs the kid’s a genius. 😜My sister @AnnaDunphy just reminded me of this from 3 years ago! His little voice! 🥰🥰 (Framed name is from… @rsbeaver 😍
Oh man, this thread. ❤️😢 that’s the definition of love! 😂 good news is my custom facemask arrived, the bad news is that they printed my face 20% too large
Retweeted by Maïa DunphyI need to see footage of DJ Sol in action...Whether or not social distancing guidelines were upheld, can we just discuss that the CEO of Goldman Sachs, David S… @Magsodo Heard the follow up, but there’s more since. @DearbhlaHere @bungey @jenniferpforde It’s gripping. But I was sad all over again for Sophie’s family by the end of… @Janeymcjaneface That story of the “European” man who turned up shaken in a travel agent on Christmas Eve is mental… @BeckiMeister That is NOT TRUE!!!Can you get an ice cream van ringtone? I want to wreck a few kids’ heads... @oldtownoldie Yep! On Audible. @DearbhlaHere @bungey @jenniferpforde I listened to a few of the episodes twice, when I thought I’d missed somethin… a deserved accolade for this remarkble woman. I was lucky enough to have her as a tutor many moons ago, and me… don’t want to labour the point; we’ve all got a lot on; but my mum keeps her cutlery in the second drawer down, a…
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @bungey @jenniferpforde Honestly, it was as gripping as a well written novel. @classicrobwhite Jesus, no great surprise there. @tanorahead West Cork! On Audible.Hoping there might be a follow up given the outcome of the French trial @jenniferpforde @bungey ?? #westcork...psychopath. When asked about his extreme violence towards his partner, he says they’re like “Richard Burton & Li…'ve finally finished the West Cork podcast (yes, yes, 2 years late, I know), and by God it's gripping. What a skil…