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Broadcaster, writer, happy wrangler of small boy. Queries/ weird requests:

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@CHIMPSINSOCKS Ha!! There’s a description! 😂😂 @headshughes @amyohconnor Don’t click on the first link! It’s in the main thread.Fact of the day: the “penis fish is also known as the fat innkeeper worm”. Honestly not sure which is worse... @jamieheaslip ❤️❤️Was hoping @amyohconnor would do this again. 😢❤️ @theamberdaisy No one is right, it's just a series of opinions!If anyone’s stuck for a Christmas gift, @CogsBrainShop in the Stephen’s Green Centre has brilliant games and gadget… the three proudest sons on the planet
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @sperlinski 😬Looking for WiFi on the train, and someone near me has this named network... @mikedoherty @ola_maria That’s not a dig of any sort?? @nickers1973 Full disclose: I’ve been a fan of good pyjamas since my early 20’s. 😜 @ola_maria It’s not age dependent! @FiremanFella Oh this is brilliant. The most Irish thing you’ll see all year. @SeanCan54127153 Yep, but that’s back to the live versus tv show thing. I’d say it was brilliant to be in the room,… @nicolepahpah Heaven!Finally have a new phone and enough storage to sort out my apps, so starting the @FoodMarble this week! Very interested to try it... @Globe_Trotter7 Why would you do this??? 😩 @mtully21 But this is a good thing!! Good jimjams make me happy! ;)There comes a time in your life when you get more excited by good pyjamas over party frocks. I'm there. ;) @WestmeathDad Oh NO!!! 😣Tom just walked in and announced “I hurt my hoop”. He means his heel but I’m still laughing. 😂 @tforthodontist Sadly not. I think a Begley/ Winehouse duet would have been quite something.Keeping something authentic and “live” whilst also making it look polished is a tall order, especially with an ense… all about the experience in the venue at the time (which is why gig reviews are subjectively problematic). A s… final thing as someone who has worked as a telly producer: a successful TV programme is very different to a suc…’t find a clip, but here’s a still. Philomena was such a great sport! Apparently she kept the fake tattoos for a… it reminded me of the time Philomena dressed up and performed as Amy Winehouse on @OfficialPandR ! Pure gold. M… thoughts on the #latelate Shane tribute. It was great to watch, and so nice to have the man there rather than… @miamul13 I did enjoy it, but cheers Maria!
@jeanmisty Negative!Rooting for @kelvin_fletcher 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #StrictlyFinal @timistops I made a run for it. 😜 (One of my friends was in the Pogues at the time).This is going to be a gorgeous festive event for @OxfamIreland #fashionrelief with @lorrainekeane . Next Thursday.…’ll bring the mulled tea. X @IrishTimesHome @mtully21 Oh @HelenORahilly , this is beautiful. XActual footage of me trying to solve the problems in my life...
Retweeted by Maïa DunphyI’m obSESSED with this weapon. Not sure a single lyric was right, a lyrical king
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @HurlinTwit But with a slightly less impressed audience! 😂 @martin_leahy Wish the ending was that I’d sing with him! Can you imagine?!I froze and had a Sliding Door moment where I dearly wanted to say yes but knew I didn’t have the nerves for it (or… Shane MacGowan story is at a gig in the Olympia when I was about 20. I was in the wings when Shane was going bac… @PaulJWatchorn @WestmeathDad By a porcine mile. @barrycallaghan2 Well done to you Barry. That’s something to be proud of. 👏🏻👏🏻 @bangsdrums Yep. @barrycallaghan2 I hear you, that was my first thought. But I guess there’s no point in denying the inalienable tru… for Philomena, it’s humanly impossible to ever create a worse version of Fairy Tale than Ronan Keating’s. The… more time for those at the back. ❤️... I could argue either side of that one TBH, but alcoholism really is a blight. Shane held himself well, but Lord… who the fook let Begley sing FTONY when Camille was in the house??? And would she not have asked someone to giv… I caught the end of the #latelate on plus one and there’s much to discuss. I don’t like to believe the greatest… @oreillyconor 😂What is the deal with the RTE Player ? Is it not working at all?Great news! 👏🏻 @JBCF_Foundation
Missed the #LateLateShow tonight, but already welling up at the thought of Rainy Night in Soho. Also suspect I’ll h… @GerryMcBride I’d accept a bag of blocks, but Big Chip? Feck off... ;) @GerryMcBride What the actual F is a “Big Chip”? Stop making up chipper terms. 🤬 @Noel_Butler1 @GreenacresIrl Now that is impressive!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 @K_Thornhill @houseoffraser @brownthomas NOOOO!!!!Well played @Hodges_Figgis ! Was just there myself buying a couple of presents. They have some great games too. 👍🏻 @kara_cullen Oh that would ENRAGE me! @TanneryDungarva @EagleEyeEd I’m outside... ;)Hell must be entirely made up of special places now... @ColmJDawson Yeah, true actually. ;) @mtully21 What!? @winetastingire NOOOO!!!! @caroldecker Oh no. It is manageable though and it won't stop you. XXGift vouchers should not expire after a year, but WHO DOESN'T SPEND GIFT VOUCHERS WITHIN A YEAR?!In happier distracting news, Tom has been practising fonts. 😍 this. X (Also, Tom is currently reading Adam Saves Christmas almost nightly) ❤️ @Jajcoughlan It’s not quite that simple! Who and what people vote for is often down to who and what they’re not vot… a depressing result to wake up to. And straight out of the Trump playbook. 😞 #BorisTheLiar
@Aladinsane40 @unicefireland @crayolapoo @Drniallmc @BookHubPublish @KarlSmythStudio @gutterbookshop @walls2 @mstorey2015 Coming here, taking our jobs... ;) @Aladinsane40 @unicefireland @crayolapoo @Drniallmc @BookHubPublish @KarlSmythStudio @gutterbookshop @walls2 then we sat on the top deck and Tom drove the bus home. 😍 at Terence who has spent the past 20 Christmas Days alone is not how I expected to start Election Day. Weep…
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @BooMoira @Colmogorman @GretaThunberg I saw that earlier! Brilliant. 😜Imagine a man of 73 being this petty and pathetic; then imagine that man is the president of America. The sooner th… we had some kind of low-moaning ghost in the house, until we identified the culprit: our pound-shop light u… @fionapettit71 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻That should be #fillanxmastruck ! Have managed to keep getting that hashtag wrong! 🙄Massive respect for all the people involved with the @ICHHDUBLIN #filanxmastruck collection. Tom delivered his boxe… up for his Christmas show. Tom’s a present! A bit like his Mum, he’s not a natural performer, so the build… and @DesBishop discuss the stages of grief after losing a parent. #LateLate
Retweeted by Maïa DunphyTomorrow is our #FillanXmasTruck event in Mountjoy Square Park but tonight the #ICHH outreach teams are out on the…
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @YHT41495890 My problem is I keep it in a hallway with no natural light.
Piers Bore-gan thinks education only happens in the classroom. 🙄 your life with a dog is a wonderful experience, bringing years of companionship and love. It is also a life…
Retweeted by Maïa Dunphy @ThomasCurran11 @ICHHDUBLIN I will be popping up yes!It is election season. The world is busy and rubbish. But it is also Christmas. So take a breather and let me te…
Retweeted by Maïa DunphyTom packing up his shoeboxes for the @ICHHDUBLIN #xmastruckappeal ❤️ And NB to anyone else who'll be dropping something up tomorrow for the appeal @ICHHDUBLIN ! Should the shoeboxes be gift wrapped for the #xmastruckappeal tomorrow? @ICHHDUBLIN @McDonalds @BurgerKingUK @one4allireland That’s mad! @frejac19 😂😂 @gutterbookshop Neilmed available in chemists. It’s grand once you’ve done it the first time! X @tomdoorley 😂