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i really want a gf pls dm if valorant gf @jakeeVAL i’m alrdy crying so maybe i should binge eat 😎? @m2sty same lol @mistmie @bbylapras @keaIani ilysfmhappy national gf day to @jenn69420VAL and @dommymommies mwah c: @bott1cus @Ibbyoni my bad @AeroValorant LMDAO @Ibbyoni yes @jenn69420VAL U should’ve just asked him!!how did he know 😞 a girl in game is not being a simp/whiteknight ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
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@m_malzacher vouch i’m his sister @Skrrtfps tmmr is national gf day @faayytthhee hi ur a baddie @kiwiramune hi <3 @maddie5716 hey ur cute!aight i hope he thinks abt me tmmr @sarachashrimpp @mistmie SARA DID U JUST SAY 40 AND 60 IS 80 @mistmie lol @jenn69420VAL banger @shiramiyo with him, yeah @AimanSafiyy @Colourrys LMFAO WAIT @NotMatcheww WWWWWW @1kotaaa Wi hate men i hate men i hate men @11aimers same @11aimers sugoma dik @glaamval aaaahh @liaaval BOOOOST SHES INSANE
@jenn69420VAL @PLUTO27club i love you jen ): i literallt love you actually @sarachashrimpp hi lol @jettmainhater hey lol @watrdrp yo @aluvalplayer hi hi @mistmie i love maura @keaIani hey ur so cute @xxelitism hi <3 @tinurrrr hey lol @rainslol hi! @1HUNNYU yo @wahoooopunch hey twin @jenn69420VAL i fucjing love u holy shit @melxng HEYYYYY @11tzuki how r u @ameialuv heeeeyyyy lol @jenn69420VAL LOL @jenn69420VAL jen is the best jen is the best jen is the bestheytru ?? @11aimers gm @HikoFatpasha650 @madivalorant go fuck urself kid XD @jenn69420VAL UE SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND CUTE BE MY GF @HikoFatpasha650 @madivalorant u are a random because no one knows you? i never said i was famous😆😆😆 @Bre4ad this is rlly out of pocket and random. @HikoFatpasha650 @madivalorant nah, just no one likes to see others get put down by randoms like u @Ibbyoni @HikoFatpasha650 yes he is @xxelitism @HikoFatpasha650 LMAOOOOOOOOOO @jenn69420VAL @HikoFatpasha650 jenn is so sexy and hot and pretty and cool @HikoFatpasha650 😂😂😂 i dont even play games + i’m with an irl guy which egirl hurt u?
@HikoFatpasha650 get off of twitter ur like 40 @HikoFatpasha650 no thanks, i don’t need to prove myself to anyone @HikoFatpasha650 i only play duelist u sound like an ugly bitchless boy :3 @HikoFatpasha650 lol u need to calm down you don’t even know me who tf r u bitchhe thinks i’m boring @mistmie TRUE @cch0_val OKAY @bbylapras i should call him @sadbirby funny man @mistmie @RazzyEM_ vouch @mistmie wtf. YOU ARE NOT FUCKING MID @mistmie what’s a mid girl
@joyceleex ur so pretty @ctrrlz @keaIani V @ZeroX5Z the first step is self awareness @AeroValorant @1kotaaa dude i’m simping for someone that doesn’t simp for me backim a simp @joyceleex hi!get e-drama off my feed
@keaIani ily so much @11aimers LOL @keaIani hi @aftersworld hi @mistmie hi @aftersworld HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE VOUCH IM VOUCHING @chloe_gaming7 @sadbrittt @maddie5716 @rotischicken UR SO COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Ibbyoni @thewilliamhu LMAOAOAOA @Dabzerr you are absolutely not helping at all @thewilliamhu i would like to know what u got out of retweeting this + who r u @Ibbyoni LMFAOOOOOOOOO @keaIani i guess he doesn’t really consider it a “date” just hang out @mistmie @keaIani can u pay @keaIani only val edates @Dabzerr thank ui don’t think i’ve ever been on a date before
@mistmie @rem2dy tf @Nighty10k 🤨 @SpacceVAL LOLi only date men who are obsessed with me sorry
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