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The correct answer here is Vincent D’Onofrio in MEN IN BLACK
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rnice sydney opera house you got here. would be a shame it if were to become the the sydney Gamer house...
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rbroke: samus not keeping her powerups at the beginning of every Metroid game is a stupd gameplay conceit woke: sam…
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This is @RobinSealark[job interview] interviewer: so god killed all your kids? job: that's right
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rtoday’s drama
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i have two moods
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rWoman at concert: “Are you Tony Hawk?” me: I am today (Spicoli reference) her: “I took a picture with you years ago…
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Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rNow that The Far Side is coming back it’s a good time to remember that Gary Larson actually predicted Twitter
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rancient greek dude: look at this crazy thing. i'm calling it an octopus his friend: what's the plural of that ancie…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3r"The Forbidden Cave" (sorry)
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the zubats in granite cave when i use flash
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rTaylor Swift meets Tool in 1999
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rVia @FalseKnees
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rSLC stands for Sownloadable ContentHard to believe Arcade Fire’s Funeral came out 15 years ago... just kidding. It’s extremely easy to believe that. 2…
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Another classic 4 u. I drew this several months before that one meme so shhhh #comics #webcomics #comix
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rI’m aware I look like Rainn Wilson / Bill Hader / Michael Shannon / Joshua Jackson / Adam Brody / Chris Colfer / Jo…
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Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rWe are the universe....experiencing...itself
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rWhen I finally discovered my specific brand of straight sexuality: for a surprise!🥰
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rNow whos ready for some damn Tweets for Fucking adults
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Here's a comic about peanuts
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rwho else opens their packages italian style
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just laughed at my own comic so now i will tweet it
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rI have a daughter. I have three nieces. I have a girl cat. One of my nieces has a (female?) goldfish. There's a pic…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rthe two types of fancy food in columbus ohio are Local Ohio Beets With Glitter and A Burger With Just Cheese And Ketchup But Its $11
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rIt’s a-me, Guy! #VideoGamesDay 🎮👾
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rMormons but ItalianAbsolutely everyone needs to be doing some kind of deep breathing exercise every single day.
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rnew dad Todd: lol check out what I did with my baby friend: lmao dude did you actually put him in a treetop Tod…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rWhenever I hear about the 70s, dudes are always getting jumped for their jackets. Glad that’s not the case anymore,…
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can you imagine if drugs in pokemon? pikachu used drugs. it’s super effective. this pikachu is chill as hell
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rman goes to doctor and says doc i am terribly depressed can you write me a referral to see a clown that will cheer…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rHonestly today zoomers can fuck off let’s hear it for millennials for truly understanding ironic detachment by livi…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rWonder if there'll ever be another album as amazing as Pet Sounds. When the vocals for "Kokomo" kick in, it's just like, "Yes…"
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rmy thoughts on this day
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rMy high school soccer game was cancelled when 9/11 happened in case you wanted to know how old I am or that I used… actually should make a Poison Ivy movie where she’s a sympathetic eco-terrorist
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rGarfield 9-10-2001
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rThe women I follow on here are by far smarter and funnier than the men I follow and I’m not just saying that to get…
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I saw Woody's model from KH3 and I... I... I have a problem.
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rOf course having anxiety means you constantly feel like you're only just barely getting away with everything.There are few feelings that are as satisfying as the knowledge that you got away with something.
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rThe beauty of physics as shown by drawing natural pendulum motion
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rAll sex is casual sex if you’re not wearing a bow tie.
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Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rThe holy grail of linguists everywhere is to find a dialect of English in which "language" and "sandwich" rhyme
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3r▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░ 69%
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rMy stress, and I cannot stress this enough, is enough.hicockkchxkhhk
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rThe idea of heaven/hell is almost offensively infantilizing. As a wise adult I know that after death I will go to t…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rI want a masterchef for dudes that live by themselves. but not fancy dishes, they just make what they make every da…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3r👮 Police Officer + 🤡 Clown Face
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rMcDonald's Batman Forever Glasses 🦇
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rSaw this today and it blew my mind. Maybe you want to see it too!
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rSay what you will about Matchbox 20 but "I get this funky high on yellow sun" is a great way to describe Superman
Is this brutalism?
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rgive me one night w him an d i will turn mickey mouse into a dark badass who likes sex 💋
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3r @megwiemer fuck me I just learned that field mice crawl inside tulips to pig out on pollen and then they overdo it and fall…
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Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rRemake the Parent Trap with Andrew Scott and Scoot McNairy you cowards @netflixsinbad goes to therapy bc he’s binsad
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rDeer running from a flying squirrel (caught on Trail Camera)
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rSTOP making me pick a favorite NBC sitcom. They’re all PRICELESS Parks and Rec is HEARTWARMING Community is ZANY…
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King of the Hill dating sim
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Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rMe: But how are you going to collect all the jiggies? You’re just a bird. I don’t understand Kazooie: bear with me
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did they calculate in the emotional damages as well
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rSteven Universe: The Movie (2019) (dir. Rebecca Sugar)
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rcan’t sleep. so much on my mind
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rReading tweets about cancel culture is way more fun when you replace “cancel culture” with “criticism”
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rthis owns
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what i thought adulthood would be like: wow what a great day, my back doesnt hurt, having a perfectly normal day w…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rIf this was 2008 and I was starting out on weird twitter after the big move from something awful, my @ would have b…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rGot grounded by my father in law. Do I have to accept it?
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rif the police ever came for the assault rifles in the US, 100% of owners would meekly hand them over, & the majorit…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3r @woodmuffin It still isn't socially acceptablecorbyn chuckled. “you mean the brexit emeralds?”
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Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rPsst... Hey kids... * looks around to see no one is watching * (whispering) All of Andrew Loomis' textbooks are…
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A Canadian version of joker called Fucker and it’s a guy that goes around Canadian Gotham being rude, saying things…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3r“You are the weakest link, Goodbye!” - unknown
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rEvery waterfall should have a secret area behind it
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rAdulthood is finding out everyone does coke except you.
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rWho called it a vagina and not a peter parker
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The only thing I know about astrology is that nobody seems to have much good to say about Cancers. And I suppose yo…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rMmmm being a single 32 year old man and signing up for the trial of Y*uT*beTV so I can watch Steven Universe: The M… Zuckerberg is in the desert wearing a Daft Punk helmet having a bad CBD trip right now that will lead to the T…
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rwatchin steven universe
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Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3r👏 EVERY 👏 DAY 👏 IS 👏 LABOR 👏 DAY 👏
Retweeted by m1k3.b4rk3rfilm critics after seeing Joker
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