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Burnie Manders @maiklbark Salt Lake City, UT

Artist/Leftist. All opinions are your own. He/Him

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Picturing this as Greg Universe
so 96% total. that’s almost everybody. but get your clicks
Retweeted by Burnie Mandersi love organizing, voting, winning and then being told that actually my vote and my work do not actually count and…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersSociety is like a big game of Smash Bros. Yes, we’re all playing the same game but many are forced to play with a s…
Retweeted by Burnie Mandershappy birthday king
Retweeted by Burnie Manderstrying to find myself in the crowd like the world's most difficult game of Where's Waldo @thesamspo I did I only made it worse please call science
@UncleZatch I didn't know there was another oneCompletely trapped in my programming with absolutely no escapeEvery Bernie supporter I know thinks Warren is good but prefers Bernie because he’s more anti-capitalism, anti-impe…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersHad a dream that my friend's vinyl setup was a Crosley turntable routed to a WiFi speaker. What a nightmare!Suboptimal Repayment
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it just hit me who mayor pete reminds me of
Retweeted by Burnie MandersThe actor who played the cyborg in the terminator really was that muscular in real life
Retweeted by Burnie MandersYOU: “What is Animal Crossing?” ME: “Okay so what are the two most fun, relaxing activities possible - paying off…
Retweeted by Burnie Manders @lizardonadate She is the best dressed person there @lizardonadate Does your friend on the left work at ARUP?Seen on Instagram:
Retweeted by Burnie MandersGenuinely curious if the Warren fans on my timeline live in an alternate universe or if they genuinely believe we'r… the 1990s. im 12 years old. i sit after standing to pledge allegiance to the flag. my teacher tells us to open…
Retweeted by Burnie Manders @crowbar_queen This is why you should always have that crowbar on you(mitch hedberg voice) I like restaurants where you ask for a burrito, and they give you one. I do not like to indiv…
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Retweeted by Burnie MandersIf there were a pill that could make you not a Gamer anymore, I would not take the pill.
Retweeted by Burnie MandersNASA talking about hidden figures as if they not the one that hid them
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Realtalk just once I'd like to hear Bernie add "Disney" to the list of Things We're Gonna Take On and Break Up.
Retweeted by Burnie MandersYeah Elizabeth Warren is more into imperialism than Bernie but did you know she’s suchhhhhhhh a nerd? 🤓 INJECT THE…
Retweeted by Burnie Manderspls vote for bernie sanders. if u like warren i get it but the only way she could possibly win is a brokered conven…
Retweeted by Burnie Manders・ 。 ☆∴。 *  ・゚*。★・   ・ *゚。   *   ・ ゚*。・゚★。    ☆゚・。°*. ゚ *  ゚。·*・。 ゚*    ゚ *.。☆。★ ・   * ☆ 。・゚*.。     * ★ ゚・。 *
Retweeted by Burnie Mandersthe social contract around locked accounts is that it is a hazardous waste containment site for all your bad and/or…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersThe attacks against Bernie for being on the right side of history are both amusing to watch and also a powerful ind…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersOK—Sanders 36%, Bloomberg 31%, Biden 26% AR—Sanders 40%, Bloomberg 28%, Biden 22%, Buttigieg 7% UT—Sanders 87%, War…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersOpen for a surprise
Retweeted by Burnie Mandersbuttigieg is trying to mimic obama's success, obviously, but he's skipping the important first step of appearing mu…
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Very considerate of the vandals not to touch the building itself but to provide their own canvas, a normal thing th…
Retweeted by Burnie Mandersthe idea that democratic socialism and white nationalism are equidistant from some imaginary political center is fascist propaganda
Retweeted by Burnie MandersThat I could have one
Retweeted by Burnie MandersSanders got 46% in Nevada, but if you total up the %s earned by the top 8 finishers in the last 400 primaries they…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersAm I always this sexy? When did this happen?? very effective strategy to get low info boomers to understand why Bernie is important: tell them you can’t afford…
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Does anyone else have the sneaking suspicion that Trump wants to lose to Bernie and just go home?Just ran for 25 minutes to prevent myself from sending very sad thirst texts to every woman who has ever met me.(Waluigi voice) Bernie gonna win
Retweeted by Burnie Mandersreporters: senator sanders, why would anyone vote for a socialist? bernie:
Retweeted by Burnie Manders @KrangTNelson Bernie is a wife guy with no other friends for sureWeird how many people who were dead wrong about “electability” in 2016 are still experts on it today!
Retweeted by Burnie Manders @BillyDomineau @MaraWilson Skeeter just wasn't paying enough attention because he has severe ADHD. His parents at n… swarm of nearly 40,000 bees attacked police responding to a single bee sting report
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Every day, I make the conscious choice to believe that human beings are basically decent and will make the right ch…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersWorking on a new song look at these numbers and wonder how on god’s earth the conventional wisdom doesn’t say Bernie is the obvious b…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersI don't know who needs to hear this but spirituality is fake.Russiagate was always bullshit and any journalist on the left telling you different was thinking more about their c…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersWorkers should not feel like cogs in a machine. I want workers to be able to sit on corporate boards so they can ha…
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.@FiveThirtyEight Forecast on early and super Tuesday states ____ has the best chance of winning: Sanders: Nevada…
Retweeted by Burnie Manders @woodmuffin Who added their OC Do Not Steal to the corner thoughYeah you might say I'm a MESS Michael: Everyone's Scrumptious SnackI LOVE MY TWO DAYS IM ALOWED TO OWN - ADMIN
Retweeted by Burnie MandersI welcome the hatred of the crooks who destroyed our economy.
Retweeted by Burnie MandersI’m a millennial. I want to have a house, I want to have a kid. When I first moved to the city I was able to afford…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersI don't know who needs to hear this: buttthis is the best work of political science in the last 200 years easily
Retweeted by Burnie MandersLet’s just hear what she has to say
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Retweeted by Burnie Mandersthis is fantastic news
Retweeted by Burnie MandersMy roommate is watching Love is Blind on Netflix and it as absolutely the worst thing I've ever seen. Like listenin… the LDS Church is like leaving the tent and realizing there’s a whole world of oceans and rivers and meadow…
Retweeted by Burnie Mandershard to overstate how incredible it was to hear a man on national television tell a billionaire capitalist to his f…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersI would like to see Bernie Sanders win the election and Elizabeth Warren get a live television show where each week…
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Now I ain't no fancy big city lawyer, but it seems to me if media companies spend billions of dollars to impose a p…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersLol this is fucken amazing.
Retweeted by Burnie MandersIs hilarious how capitalists will tell you that capitalism is the system for rugged individuals. Meanwhile your bos…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersImagine not being in love with this woman I could never @morgenquist Furiously texting all the women in my phone whose names start with S so I can steal this jokeThe one thing every Warren-over-Sanders person on my timeline has in common is that they are economically comfortable.Liz Warren said that superdelegates should decide the nomination FYI
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In today's edition of "opposition memes that are actually rad as hell"
Retweeted by Burnie Manderswillem dafoe in the lighthouse
Retweeted by Burnie MandersAnd with that HarrisX poll, the last domino has fallen. Every single national poll now has Sanders ahead.
Retweeted by Burnie MandersBigots always think their thoughts and feelings are sanctioned by some deity, because they’re not intelligent enoug…
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Retweeted by Burnie Manders.@MikeBloomberg
Retweeted by Burnie MandersI believe that we need a world in which the people democratically control the wealth that we create with our labor.…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersJeff Bezos didn’t “donate” $10B to “fight climate change” he’s setting up a $10B venture called the “Bezos Earth Fu…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersI have never voted for a candidate in my life. But I will be voting for Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary…
Retweeted by Burnie Manders @UncleZatch Sitcom white guy trying to impress his girlfriend's parents Target Casual Hipster doofusMy least favourite cheese is probably the kind that people serve on the little tray that snaps at your fingers when…
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Sticking around... It's the ultimate flex ♥️
Retweeted by Burnie MandersYour local DSA chapter
Retweeted by Burnie MandersFor years I have considered the marketing and advertising industries to be the Great Evils of America. The Bloomber… falls from airplane
Retweeted by Burnie MandersA real Gamer President must represent all the Gamers, not just the Elites. That means the n00bs, the Fckn Trash, th…
Retweeted by Burnie MandersFuture Me is gonna be so judgmental about present me so I'm just preemptively saying FUCK YOU Future Mike you jerk…
My mother used Snapchat for exactly one month but a glorious month it was.
Retweeted by Burnie Manderstoday seems like a good day to bring this Stephen Jay Gould quote back
Retweeted by Burnie Mandersi'm just chilling
Retweeted by Burnie Manders @RoseFasa What time??