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@nickweisser Great question, Nick! At this time it does not, however that’s a great suggestion. We will pass this f… @CaltonBooks Our Support team would like to help take a closer look at the ad. Please contact them here [… season is here, and you deserve a break. Check out our tips and tools to help you get out of the office an… @WhoisAlexFox Gotcha. Let’s have our Support team take a closer look into this. Share details on the campaign name… @Stateside_Jacks Ah, for your automation, make sure the first trigger includes imported contacts as well. If it say… @WhoisAlexFox Ah, when you send from a free domain like Gmail or Yahoo, there are stricter limits on bulk sending t… @WhoisAlexFox Gotcha. To clarify, is the from address that you’re sending from in your campaigns a Gmail address or a private domain? @Stateside_Jacks Hey there! What are you seeing on your end? We can help get you pointed in the right direction. @judithculp661 Each send happens uniquely for each subscriber on your list, Judith, however, if you are seeing othe… happen. Bring back site visitors and turn 'em into customers with Google remarketing ads in MailChimp.
@WhoisAlexFox Hm, that's weird. Mind letting us know if your domain is registered? @SnowSugarVideo @dailymotion Currently, embedded code that's placed within our templates will automatically be stri… @delfuego Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Jason. Mind sending us a DM with your email address. We wou… @KarenAndrewsAU Hey Karen, what's going on? @WhoisAlexFox Hey Alexandra, what email client are you viewing the email in? Does the email appear that way across… @VasiaChr You'll get an email with a ticket number shortly after submitting the form!Mailchimp Tells Us What the Perfect Email Looks Like #DataAnalytics via @MailChimp
Retweeted by MailChimpOn Twitter and in email, brevity is the soul of wit. That and other writing tips from @MailChimp:
Retweeted by MailChimp @StuYam Sorry to hear you've not received a response, Stuart. We located your ticket number and let the team know.… @VasiaChr Hey Vasia, go ahead and reach out with the details to our Support team. They can take a look and see what… @kjhl Hi Korey. We apologize for the delay. Our Compliance team has located your ticket (#4511459) and they managed… @AnimatorRobyn Hm, try copying and pasting the code under the "Custom Code Your Footer" section here: ( - any luck? @devicenul Hey there - mind sharing the specific page you're using? We'll take a look. In the event that you're rec… @PrimeResins Hm, do you mind taking another screenshot of the Overview page, but this time include the "Account iss… @WicksteedWorks Thanks for the share! Have you heard about our partner program? @AnimatorRobyn Ah, so just to confirm, sounds like you're using a custom coded template here, right? Not one of Mai… @seangw83 How are you creating that template, Sean? Are you selecting it as a saved template on the "Template" step… @PrimeResins Ah, do you happen to have any other account issues at the bottom of the "Overview" page in your accoun… @AnimatorRobyn Hm, are you checking that link on mobile or on the desktop version of Gmail? What happens when you d… @BeyondMagicPill If you are hoping to edit your List's signup form, you can do that on the Form Builder here:… @AnimatorRobyn Hm, are you sending out a test email or a full live send, Robyn? What are you seeing when you click on that unsubscribe link? @wwiedenroth Hey there! Our scheduling is based on UTC time, so you are correct that it does not account for winter… night 🌟 @LynGraft @YellowbirdSauce"Issue #106: Featuring Yellowbird Foods" - @MailChimp features #Austin's @YellowbirdSauce in their series…
Retweeted by MailChimpWhy You Need Customer #Reviews (and the Best Ways to Get Them) - by @MailChimp
Retweeted by MailChimp @JuliaEMcCoy are bad for #emailmarketing and 5/6 am or before lunchtime are good email send times. Highly recommend re…
Retweeted by MailChimpWe’re over the moon about this papercraft camp scene! ⛺🌝 @FunWorksWorldUK Hmm, were there any other usernames for the account? If not, our Account Recovery team can help. L…
@flaviomauri Thanks for letting us know, Flavio. Our Support team can take a look at this with you. DM us your emai… @texasbock Thanks for that! We've located your ticket and someone from our support team will followup with you. @MeghanPinson Hm, that's interesting behavior, Meghan! What specifically isn't saved after editing your forms? One…
@oohlalarita That's correct, Rita. Once you connect through a personal Facebook account, all pages that you're an a… @texasbock Thanks for the heads up! Can you let us know your ticket number? We can check its status. @mashedkeyboard We can pass this along, Curtis. Send us a DM with your email address including additional details a… @NettwerkMusicUK Thank you. We’ve passed your ticket along to our Support team and they have just sent a response.…
@PicSeshu Hey, there. Great question. All existing subscribers must re-consent to receiving email content with newl… @NettwerkMusicUK Thanks for sending that over. We were hoping to get you pointed in the right direction from there.… @iamwjent @PrimeResins It looks like the upgrade is all ready to go, you'll just need to enter your CVV and select "Complete… @NettwerkMusicUK Hey there, we apologize for the delay. Mind sending over the campaign archive URL? We'll take a closer look with you. @PicSeshu Do you have your list backed up by chance, Seshu? If not, our Support team can take a look at this with y… @rynoisalive We know this is important and apologize for the inconvience, Ryan. Our Engineering team is working to… @ohryan Hm, that's odd. We're looking up over here - any luck on a different network, Ryan? @joxfeld Keep in mind that the billing period begins from the day the free plan began, it isn't based on the calend… @Lila_Roberts @ClaytonState @JasonPeck Thanks for letting us know, Jason. Mind forwarding that over to (abuse at mailchimp dot com)? Our Abuse… @annaefiore We're sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in, Anna. Have you triple checked the saved informati… @PrimeResins Are you being directed to the billing plan page with greyed out options after selecting "upgrade to re… @joxfeld Hey Jesse, we're looking good over here. Mind sending us a screenshot of that notification? We want to mak… @mattjlawrence @vpetersson Either SMS or an authenticator app can be used for two factor authentication, but both can't be enabled… @JAMinternet It's possible that the phone number linked with this account is also used with another account you have access to. @geoffreyngrace We apologize there Melanie. Here is that support link [] @Tom48726483 Thank you. If using a Wordpress form instead of a MailChimp form, the settings within Wordpress must a… @Tom48726483 Hm sounds odd. Mind sending over a URL link of your signup form? Also are subscribers receiving final…“How do I organize my MailChimp account?” That’s a common question for @Markitors, and email audits help them addre… @JamesJordan575 We here you James and we appreciate your feedback. We'll pass this along to our engineering team for further review. @Jackish_09 Let's have our Support team check this out with you. Mind filling out our support form here [… @sparkdtx @MailChimpStatus Our Compliance team would be the best resource in this case. You can reach them directly…"El pack de herramientas RGPD para agencias creado por MailChimp ha sido muy útil, especialmente cuando hemos neces… @geoffreyngrace Hm sounds odd. Let's have our Support team check this out with you. Mind filling out our support fo…
@BusinessMomZA Thanks for sharing that ticket number with us, Claire. We were able to reach out to the Account Reco… @sholbk If you're still unable to find the default content, our Support team would love to help. Reach out to them… @BusinessMomZA Hi, Claire. Our Account Recovery team can help regain access to the account. Please send an email to… @sholbk We're very sorry to hear that, Stephanie. Sometimes default content can hide itself at the very top of your… @samred We're sorry to hear you're seeing problems with unsolicited emails, Sam. We take those reports very serious… @lancesalyers @cjfclarke