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@alk005 Our Account Recovery team can take a closer look at that with you. Mind reaching out to [accountrecovery at mailchimp dot com]?MailChimp’s cofounder shares the best ways to get to know your customers
Retweeted by MailChimp @BeSecureOnline1 Everything is running on this end. What are you seeing when trying to update your billing details? Any errors in specific? @_miguelferreira toy makers @blablakids turned reports and Google remarketing ads into sales. Here’s their story:… @moreauchevrolet Hmm, all good on this end. What error messages are you seeing in particular? @Banjo_Lewis Hey Benjamin! If you’ve already given us an address, then there’s nothing you need to do on your end.…
@BookBellas Our Support team has just let us know that a response to your ticket has just been sent. If their email… @OhGoshNotThat Thanks for clarifying! If the contacts are being collected through this form via the API, it may not… @VivaLaSeth Sure thing, Seth! An existing account can be connected with a new account by clicking the “Join This Ac… @OhGoshNotThat Hey there Justin. Mind clarifying if these contacts signed up for your list through a single opt-in… @BookBellas Thank you, Ellen. We followed up with our Support team and they’ve just sent a reply to your ticket. Pl…
@WesLinda That’s right. Tags are used to sort contacts within a list, similar to how previous static segments funct… @taiteilija_arty Hm, that’s odd. Mind sending us a DM with an email address associated with the account which our S… @BookBellas Our apologies for the delay, Ellen. Mind letting us know your ticket number so we may follow up on this… @DreAllDay It would mean none of the last 20 campaigns were opened. More information on this type of segment can be… @taiteilija_arty Hey there. Just to double check, have you tried the tips for broken images in this guide?: @Kristinalow Let’s have our Support team help take a closer look. Mind sending us a DM with a few of the campaign n… @Spelloutmarket These pages may provide the help you're looking for to integrate AddThis with your MailChimp accoun… @drewm Currently date formats are only available as mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy. Lists will display the date based on… @petpointe Hm, try zooming out in the browser by pressing ctrl & - (cmd & - for Macs) on your keyboard. If the brow… @angietrac Our Billing team may be able to help, Angie. Reach out to [billing at mailchimp dot com] with details an… @DreAllDay Our apologies for the delay, Dre. This means your subscribers did not open all of the last 20 email camp…
@duncanmacgregor @jeffknaack @roundtreeagency @whiteboardis @beingandyjones @Kristinalow In this case, we recommend reaching out to users that have access to the account to see if campaign dr… @pubclub Try clearing your cache and cookies. If that doesn't do the trick, we recommend trying a different browser… @LaGallinaVerde We're sorry to hear that. Everything is up and running over here. Mind sharing a screenshot with us? @jedediahwhite That's strange - everything looks good over here. What email client are you using? Any difference wh… @ChadSanHQ It looks like ticket 4784780 was a follow up to Support ticket 2898617 from September of last year. We'v… @Kristinalow In cases like these we see either a user has set up more than account and is accessing the account tha… @rvarabbi We want to make sure we're on the same page. Are you referring to sending an automated email & then creat… @greekdude Large images can blowup your template like that yep, but other things like really long strings of text c… @ChloeFibonacci Hey, Chloë. Try double checking any content blocks that contain text for hidden HTML styles by edit… @Justineplays Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Justine. Please forward the unsolicited email to [abuse… @VirtuosoAssist It's all yours, Nicky. Head to the Campaigns page and follow these steps to create a Postcard: @auguststud_io @kevindescoubes That's far too long. We checked in with the Compliance team and it looks like that ticket may have… @ChadSanHQ Our Account Recovery team would be the best resource to help out here. Was the email that you reached ou… @integromat @JotForm @invoiceninja Exciting! Have you heard about our partner program? Check it out:… @PropertyTree Nice! Have you heard about our partner program? Check it out: team at @sweetwaterbrew used insights from their reports to grow their consumer base—and their sales. Learn how… @ChadSanHQ Are you seeing any errors in specific when attempting to login? Does recovering your username and resett… @nightlightguy Thank you, Matt. We’ve passed your ticket along to our Support team and they have just sent a follow… @goodlaura Are the timestamps for the opens all very close together or are they spread through out the day? @nightlightguy Our Support team would like to help investigate, Matt. Please contact them here [… @petpointe Hm, that's odd. Can you let us know what happens after you clear your browser’s cache & cookies? @beebeebug When you have a moment, mind sending us a DM with an email address our Support team may contact you at,… @Cian_911 Our Support team can help out with that, Cian. Go ahead and reach out here: with…
@GroomSoft We've gotten similar reports from others and our Engineering team is still investigating. Our apologies… @deanmalmgren We understand where you're coming from and while this isn't a request that can be handled here, our A… @AnnaRuth @CStarrRose We're sorry to hear that, Caroline. Our Support team can help out with that. Go ahead and reach out her… @deanmalmgren Hey, Dean. Having a user's permission to email them is very important to us. If you tried to unsubscr… @mortizs @disruptivos @javiermoral @disruptivos @javiermoral @mortizs @CampTechCo Very cool. Have you heard about our partner program? Check it out: @NuxRo Our team is currently working on an update for this page. Thanks for the heads up! Feel free to DM your ques… @pdoherty926 @eminwood1 Since lists operate completely separate from one another, the best bet would be having one master list a… @ChrisHalvorson We were able to locate the your chat transcript from yesterday. It also looks like you submitted a… jetlag is almost over, and we are back at the office from an amazing experience at Mailchimps headquarter in At…
Retweeted by MailChimp @leewoodman While we don't currently have a timeframe for this, our teams are still working on it. @Brian_Nicholson Great question, Brian. The features between those two pans are the same. The only difference betwe… @JessicaScott09 Hey, Jessica. Please forward any unsolicited emails to [abuse at mailchimp dot com] so our Abuse Desk may investigate. @nomiro_dk @RevatiJ Live demo's aren't specifically available, but feel free to DM us any questions you might have and we'll b… @TheBigSwing Try checking some of these tips in our guide here: That might explain what's g… @remybergsma Gotcha, thanks. The Support team will be in touch. @remybergsma Thanks for clarifying. Mind sharing the template code with our Support team so we can test it on our e… @remybergsma Hmm, mind sharing some additional details with us, Remy? We want to make sure we’re following you on this. @jamiestinson Hm, mind sharing a URL to one of the missing landing pages so we may take a closer look, Jamie? @jamiestinson Hey Jamie! You can locate previous campaigns by navigating to the Campaigns menu, choosing Completed… @RealHosting Ah, thanks for clarifying on this. We’ll get this over to our Engineering team on your behalf. @FelipeMora_L Intente iniciar sesión en la cuenta utilizando las credenciales de inicio de sesión seleccionadas cua… @thriveincanada Mind sending us a DM with the admin email address associated with your account? Also the list name… @ohallelujah Just to double check, was the Source code checked for the yellow HTML in ‘Column 1’ in the Boxed text… @chopi Our API docs might have what your looking for. Check out our link here []. For more h… @FelipeMora_L Solo para aclarar, ¿está buscando retrasar una campaña y programarla para enviar en el futuro o todav… @t_mousk Great question, Tim! At this time adding a tag via the API will not trigger an automation. We’ve passed th…
@TSindzinski Apologies for the delay, Ted. We got in touch with the Compliance team and they managed to locate your… @TSindzinski Hey there. If you've already reached out before, did you receive a ticket number? We can update the Su…🤑 Don’t miss out on potential sales—set up free abandoned cart automated emails today: @KatieLCurry Our Support team can help with that, Katie. Go ahead and reach out here: with… @ohallelujah Try double checking any content blocks that contain text for hidden HTML styles by editing the block &… @PsaltyMatt Thanks for sharing your ticket number, our compliance team has received your email and has replied to y… @tynology @RealHosting You've got it. We added Lato to our standard font offerings to include more popular options. Here's so… @JillianneWrites Sure! If you add Groups to your list, you can include checkbox options on your embedded form for d… @TheKyleMurray That doesn't sound like fun, Kyle. Let's help out here. Mind letting us know what happens after you… @jnorris849 @appexchange @iangotts @salesforce_labs @joseabarreram @elbalnearioMLG @disruptivos @antonioperlesTW @javiermoral @mortizs @AnaLuque31 @estefaniavrgs @IscoSanchez_ @WindupSchool @josemaAD @senormunoz @disruptivos @elbalnearioMLG @javiermoral @mortizs @betogess @elbalnearioMLG @javiermoral @mortizs @AnaLuque31 @disruptivos @javiermoral @mortizs