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@camronsmith @ATCQ @Jason1Goff Here’s a few of my favorite places, @BeverlyRecords , @RecklessRecords ,… feel like I could totally nail the #WheelOfFortune virtual audition.On my way home with a quart of chicken noodle soup and a quart of cabbage soup, I’m gonna miss that Polish deli after my therapy is over. 😂
@KenWo4LiFe @MySoxSummer @MrDelicious13 Proper grammar is overrated. @LinBrehmer @93XRT Love ya, Lin. @LinBrehmer @93XRT No mention of the exemplary mailman ? @MrDelicious13 I’d make this trade, a good trade has to hurt a little. Seems like a high price, it’s all theoretical anyway, just do it. @Aussiesoxfan Noice! @LiamMenus @IwantMy3forfree Congrats! Nice tweeting, champ. @cwsdjt What accent? @Aussiesoxfan Looking good! What’s cooking? @MrDelicious13 Two more days and we gucci. @MrDelicious13 @SouthsideZo Must’ve missed this earlier, I gotta ketchup. @mares62J @JimFitzgerald67 I’ll rewind on the app, can’t wait @mares62J Will John from Joliet be on the radio today?Pastrami and giardiniera, that’s a combination of my dreams! Well done, @mannysdeli & @JPGraziano . could really use a haircut 💯 ⁦@93XRT⁩ Note the charge percentage 😉 @Disone10 @ltaylor_22 Welcome to random Drake and Josh gif day! @thebennettk Charlie Ford @ChrisCwiak @MarkCaro Looks like they’re mailing it in.I hope Aaron Rodgers buys the whole Bears team dinner before each game he plays against them, because it’d be polit… @KingMac1129 BEARS YOU PLAY LIKE THE CHICAGO JABRONIS. YOU EMBARRASSING THE FRIDGE PERRY BUBBA
Retweeted by Mailman JackI think Mitch is in full “fu*k it” mode. #DaBears @kdgg09 @Mimelife1 The biggest.Which is the most important song on an album?
Retweeted by Mailman Jack @MarkCaro First song is easy, if the second song is a clunker, you’ve lost me. I vote second song.I think I saw @Mimelife1 out and about earlier. @LWilz @MrDelicious13 Of course, it’s the best bread. @LWilz @MrDelicious13 I got pickles 😊😉When we make a rib roast, all I really want is the ribs. the Kmetchup off your hands. #DaBears @ChiSquatch A couple of those babies go a long way. 😉🔥Sometimes when you order your groceries for pickup, you get weird substitutions. This was supposed to be green pepp… @Disone10 #YAHDOG!
I think #dabears got a shot tonight. Teaser at my house usually means something completely different. @MrDelicious13 And you thought $40 at Wendy’s was impressive. @jsram311 @KenWo4LiFe @realWTGTD Raiders Trap Game would be an awesome Fantasy Football team name.It’s gotta be a lot easier to “win” a virtual Turkey Trot. #YouKnowWhatImSaying think drive-thru lanes are now controlling our lives.Take me home you magical weird musical genius. ⁦@93XRT⁩ @MPilastro @MySoxSummer COVID drivers are living in a lawless society. 😂 @MothersNOLA I could totally rock that plate. @msox12 @CheapSeats411 I’m trying. 😉 @_AlohaMrHand @kimcheesal IDK. Denver got screwed @_AlohaMrHand @kimcheesal NBC prime time money? @WestLoopTom @MySoxSummer Understatement of the centuryChanneling my inner ⁦@MySoxSummer⁩ at work this morning. #SoChoice @HankBlues @Mickeys_Liver7 @Mimelife1 If my commute wasn’t about 5 minutes, I might’ve said no. 😂Someone texted me from work, said there’s tons of packages, and asked if I want to go in for four hours. I must be… @fromthe108 @KenWo4LiFe @MySoxSummer @MrDelicious13 @JeffPassan That reminds me, I can’t wait for the Sox to get to Camelback @StacheEsq Happy Birthday! @SouthsideZo Point Break is on also @KingMac1129 @SouthsideZo Hey bud, Happy Birthday! #Cheers @OpenOutcryBrew Looks great! @LWilz That pizza looks awesome @fromthe108 Gimme all the sausage. 😉 @dirrty862 Buy two twelve packs of bottles , it’s cheaper than a case. @socavalier Ladies outside the laundromat at 59th & Kedzie. West side of the street @LWilz Wow! That’s awesome. 👍 where from?
Just about done with work, looking forward to my delivery from @OpenOutcryBrew. 🍻#SmallBusinessSaturday @chorizy @Thatbaseballfan @soxmachine_josh Hope this helps me out. I enjoyed it immensely, but I’m not sure why. Ki… @soxmachine_josh @chorizy He looks so different when clean shaven. @thebennettk Joel Skinner @BarberSox Great pic. Happy Birthday to your father. 😊❤️ @WillieP_WSox @ImFatPod @frythecoop Great stuff. Heat level? @shankster714 Try deep discount website @aliwhitesox @scuriiosa Happy Birthday, hope it’s a great day 😊 @CWHarris7 @ChucksCafe Heck yeah! @bentar14 Lolz. Henry is so spoiled. @Pockets125 It’s actually the best time of year to buy a new car. 😉 @Pockets125 New car, definitely.This is how I want to see TLR celebrate each #WhiteSox victory next season. @CWHarris7 Noice! Ever get breakfast from @ChucksCafe ? @socavalier Oooooo, Bonnie. I really need to take a ride by my favorite tamale ladies. I love all their stuff, but…🎶 What's new pussycat, whoa What's new pussycat, whoa, oh whoa🎶 👀 @_AlohaMrHand @YouTube @fromthe108 @JackDaniels_US Thank you! @fromthe108 @BigSexxy_75 He’s so captivating, I slipped him my number after this pic was taken. watching #TheMandalorian last night, I have one huge takeaway, I really want to watch the movie Death Proof.I can’t stop laughing, @Lesdoggg is the best. @_AlohaMrHand @YouTube @fromthe108 @JackDaniels_US Great stuff as always, Pete. The 0 - 2 walk really grinds my gea… @KFidds I have a pet peeve with that movie. What the hell did you think was gonna happen if you ate McDonald’s like… @KFidds Preach, brother. What did you get? @fromthe108 @moderndaygrswld My guy! @MattSpiegel670 @questlove Uncle Tupelo @MrDelicious13 This is a great read, you nailed it again. To be honest, when I first saw the pic, my mind went in a… @MrDelicious13 I could totally rock that look.My Fitbit just sent me a Welcome Back email. 😂 one in the city is from @TonysBeef
@MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer No mas on the Cmas!🎶if you didn't come to party Don't bother knockin' on my door I got a lion in my pocket And baby he's ready to roar… talking about getting back into playing chess because they’re watching that show on Netflix can bite me. @SandersLoriann Trolling the Sox & TLR ? @Disone10 Matlock & Pie would be #SoChoice