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Mainer. Unable to take a decent selfie. Tea...and all the coffee.

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every birthday party at a roller rink
Retweeted by lepinedavisMy eldest baked these yesterday...his own recipe...and these ARE THE BEST COOKIES EVER!
So I'll be back at, making copies of records, reports, and questionnaires to send to another hospital clinic for te… my eldest will be proud of me for getting the printer to work again without his help! It took a while...actual… never allowed to have sugary cereals as a kid and as a result have never tried Count Chocula, Frankenberry or B…
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@Reamkore @someonelikesmeg
Retweeted by lepinedavisJust heard a car alarm immediately followed by my neighbour shouting "sorry! i'm sorry!". Just one of those moments…
Retweeted by lepinedavisDid you hear me call for dinner? (Husband coming inside) The whole neighborhood heard you. That was a compliment, right?!
He strolled down at 11:30. We needed to be somewhere at 1:00. Great timing. @OnBradstreet Yup...trying to motivate myself to be productive during this free time. Oh comes the teen. lolI have a science experiment all set up and waiting for him. HmmmAfter 10:00. Yup...he's still sleeping.9:15 and he's still sleeping.8 was up at 4:00 due to a bad dream. He got up, got dressed, had breakfast, watched a movie. I thought he was in hi…
A good mom friend will volunteer to be on your kid’s emergency contact list for school. A great mom friend will la…
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It sounds like....8 forgot to check the pockets before doing his laundry. There's a lot of clunking going on in the… @boynadomama @Teasapetal Same here, except for the grocery store owner.
We also have Walter, Biggie and I forgot the rest.8: do you remember which one is Claire? She's square.8 named the pumpkins. 8: Remember, your pumpkin is Claire. ...I was kind of hoping to stab Owen or Jack.
Today I will create lessons for subjects I’ve never taught for students I’ll never meet in a school that exists on…
Retweeted by lepinedavisPumpkin patch got hit with a frost last night . Hottest summer on record, but one of the shortest growing seasons i…
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Just took apple crisp out of the oven. #applepickingI saw no one else in the corn maze. Which means no one saw me trip and take down a section of a corn row. I am fine…’s that weird time of year when you see some people in boots and winter coats and others in shorts and sandals. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #septemberinmaine
Retweeted by lepinedavis @OnBradstreet Thank you, Amy! Those words mean a lot.Heading out to conquer a corn maze. Of course our family is turning it into a competition so this will be fun! @OnBradstreet I was retweeting based on how churches respond (to a lot of things), based on my own current happenin… toaster, deciding how it wants to mess up today’s bagel:
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@serenebabe I remember telling someone that I forget which one has the e , 19 or 90. She replied...ummm..they both…
Got dressed up & didn't end up going anywhere today. And by dressed up I mean a 3/4 sleeve printed top w/3 buttons… get some people mad at me but an inside source mentioned that Egg Nog was delivered today! Yes, it's still su… is....Thursday.Why would the president ever — ever — when talking about American COVID deaths, start a sentence with, "If you take the blue states out..."?
Retweeted by lepinedavisIt may be a breezy beach day but any September day at the beach is a win in my book!... even if it means wearing a…
Retweeted by lepinedavisClarifying, there are no medications or treatment options for a couple of his symptoms. Boooooi just learned that there's zero proof that real pirates ever had their enemies walk the plank. my whole childhood is a lie.
Retweeted by lepinedavis @dadmann_walking State your resources! Also research if pirates never buried treasure. Looks like our homeschool su…'s hours after teen's neurology appointment & I'm still processing the info & answers that were given. I go from…
I may have brain-exhausted my teen (w/brain injury) by asking him questions as we prepare for a visit with another… @estrellajane I LOVE crab rangoon! Cushnoc Brewing Co. makes a delicious crab rangoon pizza.So trump said, "I have it all ready"...his new health care plan. Where is it? What are the details? Are pre-existin…
Shout out to supportive people. The world needs more of you.
Retweeted by lepinedavisTrampoline Dodgeball. 8's newest daily activity and boy, my arm is sore!So to sum up: The West is burning; the Arctic is melting; the National Hurricane Center is tracking eight major sys…
Retweeted by lepinedavis @AmInTheTanVan Mrs. Letimacki. Well, that's how it sounds but I still don't know how to spell it. Lol
What the heck.... is belief the anchor will hold; Faith is throwing it overboard.
Retweeted by lepinedavisI’m shy at first... them BOOM, Crazy!
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@sarcasticmommy4 My husband doesn't even go to the store. What's the step plan for that? Lol
@redheadmom8 Oh man, I just saw this thread. I'm so sorry for your loss.Husband asked teen to pick a favorite football team to follow this season. Teen chose to pick the team based on fav… know I've shared this before, but I'm going to share it again because it's awesome and needs to be shared.
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Don't let it go. Your body will remember. You'll internalize it. Your health is at stake. I have high blood pressu…
Retweeted by lepinedavis @edread Oh no!!!
Scientists believe the pyrocumulonimbus that took shape over the Creek Fire could be the biggest ever produced abov…
Retweeted by lepinedavisTeen w/brain injury explains to his hairdresser to please be careful around his scar because it's still painful. 2…
Don’t ask me if I want coffee, the answer will always be yes. Just get me some coffee.
Retweeted by lepinedavisI am an adult in my mid to late 40's, I run an entire organization and I think any Zoom meeting over 2 hours is too…
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I'm watching a documentary about a man who befriends an octopus and just like that I have a life goal.
Retweeted by lepinedavisCinnamon rolls, pumpkin rolls, and almost done canning salsa made with our homegrown tomatoes & jalapenos.
Dear God is there anyway I can get a trailer of 2021? Asking for a friend.
Retweeted by lepinedavisThe phrase “Learning Loss” positions school as the source of all knowledge dissemination, implying families provide…
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@hjs799 Beautiful!
What is this!?👇
Retweeted by lepinedavisA WHAT NOW?!
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Neighbors just strung solar lights across the trees that surround the park benches they built and placed between ou… sorry, not sorry. This is funny. a second cup of coffee because I forgot about my first cup of coffee. Clearly I need them both.
Retweeted by lepinedavisIt's a ....make another pot of coffee...type of day. @serenebabe Thank you. ;)
I hate when you’re meal planning and are trying to think of meals, but you’re sick of literally everything.
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What up with that new healthcare plan that Trump said would be signed into law within 2 weeks of his interview with…
Retweeted by lepinedavisSo, you think Canada will want us? At least the northern half? Can we get this done before November?
Nothing screams “THIS SATURDAY NIGHT IS LIT!” like walking around Lowe’s trying to find extension cords.
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Evening walk in the fog. #summer2020 #ruralmaine #optoutside sure I was more nervous watching this than this brave girl was actually doing it. Holy cow.
Retweeted by lepinedavisMe: Why are you sad? My 17yo: It just hit me that there will never be another snow day. Me: What do you mean? My 17…
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Weston, Florida: Former NFL player Brandon Marshall was trying to move into his new home. Security called the p…
Retweeted by lepinedavisWhen you have no energy to do fun activities with your kids but you do them anyway because memories.
Retweeted by lepinedavisThread Before all else, we must go for a walk. @boynadomama @SvnSxty
Retweeted by lepinedavis @krivar @boynadomama Ditto! @boynadomama @DanielleMeese As someone famously attributed to Ghandi: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Chris…
Retweeted by lepinedavis @DanielleMeese Exactly. I don't attack Christianity. I attack the the toxic behavior of people using Christianity as an excuse.
Retweeted by lepinedavis @boynadomama I am a Christian and can honestly say that some of the harshest, most judgmental people that I know ar…
Retweeted by lepinedavis @edlinkiii It's a good message, I think. I don't get mad about Christians celebrating their faith as part of who th…
Retweeted by lepinedavisI shared this on FB. I got 2 hate DMs, a call from my MIL requesting I take it down, and a text from an old friend…
Retweeted by lepinedavisGuy’s security camera catches kid tearing it up on his driveway almost every day, so he decides to do something abo…
Retweeted by lepinedavisWhat exactly does it mean to restore patriotic education? Hearing this man speak is terrifying.
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@tballgame09 @DaveEidWGME @WGME I feel for anyone who has to make/help make pandemic related decisions.Spent way too long looking the fridge hoping Half & half would magically appear for my iced coffee. @tballgame09 @DaveEidWGME @WGME My friend is an AD and his hands are tied until a decision is made. School has already started. Not fun!She is the 3rd parent in the last couple of weeks to ask to chat about homeschooling stuff. I hope I'm helpful! I l… local parent texted me asking for a phone consult tomorrow morning about my opinion on particular math resources,… I wrong in thinking that it should not be 39 degrees on an August morning in Maine? Brrrr