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Rep. Mike🌹 @MaineSocialist Peaks Island, ME

Socialist State Rep - Portland, ME; House Chair Labor & Housing Committee; ex-UNION organizer; #DSA; Bern4Ever; M4A, GND, Forgive Student Debt, Afford Housing

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@riverhawkfox Zoomers aren’t playing.
We are #takingover! thing about #Bloomy’s camp manager #CheekySheekey is that he uses an “inter web” playbook out of 2014 and sell… things, Tom... First, you’re a card with that wit you! Second, I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to put your… research like: Wears hat & mittens in cold. Birthed by human. Eats food through biological orifice. Once ti… good thought but... you may have noticed us #Bernie folks don’t care for billionaires much because they buy t… Bloomberg in the primary is an easy way to let people know that if Trump had just called himself a Dem y…
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹He doesn’t eat your face... he wears it. you? @cmarinucci, you all have made it quite clear that you wish that we took up less space. What with our wanting t… @Bananas4Bernie I think you’re incorrect when you say that! (I didn’t read the other 50 comments to find out how ma…!, I think of really great things to say to all my MAGA followers and then I remember that I don’t have any.The cape rain frog has also evolved but... like #Bloomy’s sudden love of living wages... neither of their evolution… you mean yours to “purchase”? Because unless you pay your voters, not sure how your “paid volunteers” are going… do I feel like admitting my hummus knowledge to Twitter will get my account suspended? @Mackeyser I’m trusting LADSA @ozgurzeren Lighten up, Francis. It sounds funny because he has no volunteers.Bernie Bro’s sometimes swear when people they know die because for profit healthcare has bought the political syste… on California Berner’s! Let’s get registered by tomorrow! LA, ran 5 miles and hiked a canyon. If I lived here in the winter, I would live to be 100.
@michaelcdeibert Was it the name Bloomberg that offended you as vile or the words Thank You which you didn’t understand? @AngryLibrarian No, thank you!We “Berniebros” are angry and fighting for #change. Those “BloomerBros” are bought and fighting for Mike’s… Ching! Go collect your check, Lis... oh look, I just dismissed you along with an entire group of people. Just w… @GentlemanSly @coruscate @MonzterofHope No, to say the truth because Socialist accurately describes what I am. I’ll… @painter_nancy What my word limit wouldn’t let me say is that the current system is probably working pretty well fo… @painter_nancy I always let them in. I’m just griping today! Ha... what I say is that Socialism means you don’t hav…’s how it starts! That little taste of “worker power” over “established power”. My wife and I both made a life… get tired of being asked if there’s another word I could use to describe myself other than “Socialist”. What they… they rail about our civility, never forget that what they are saying is that our angry voices are not “authori… les voix de nos dirigeants ne serviront que quelques-uns, les voix de nombreux seront entendues! only post on these for the folks who have a hint of heart
Big enough for folks who make ignorant comments and want to learn... not big enough for people who champion and ena… is Bernie’s age. Bloomberg had stints put in his heart for blockages in 2000. Let’s not be hearing that a… @krystalball Californian Berners and Texas Bernie supporters should all vote early if possible. Avoid long lines. T…
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@PeebsY0 Saying MSNBC is biased to Bernie is lunacyIn case you thought #Bloomy was JUST a racist was just reading a long thread about how MSNBC has been too nice to #BernieSanders2020 and have been parading out… @YaNanous @DeniseEllenSto1 I kept waiting for the snake to pop outThank goodness that I no longer have to just smile, say “that’s one thought” and then explain who #Nina is. Now, I… @Highgarden7 No doubt @DeniseEllenSto1 I’m pretty sure antiDNC and pro-Bloomy isn’t synonymous right now... @Highgarden7 You can still find your legislator in the hallway... @mgorena I have about 10,000... I try to go back pretty far to see as many as possible... and it doesn’t cost you a… I’ve learned in the #MaineStateHouse: Sometimes, they say you’re a dreamer.. and you are the only one. @kgopinion The polling said he should.Not a criticism but.. I love candidates/politicians who say they’re populist and then don’t follow back their follo… days until early voting begins! It's time to elect an unapologetically progressive candidate to represent distric…
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹 @blackgirlinmain @Donald_Booker Someone we know?#Bernie2020 Inshallah! (translated): If Booker wanted on the stage, where was his 3 milli? He couldn’t get Rosario to give up some of… If the oligarchy thinks that they can buy this election... they have another thing coming! Bloomberg: 5,000…’t get down. They are trying to #buyit but we are going to #pryit out of their money grubbing little paws. organizer/field director peeps want to go to Florida and #Berndown DWS and some oligarchy? Hit up @JENFL23 planet. The system that you are trying to buy in this election caused this. Stop. Get out of our way.… @ramsincanon @WindyDane You saying Debs can’t rock a nighty? On this revolution, Eugene can do what he likes. Talk… @SarcasmStardust The Loopholes
@MXavierCarrigan @likeabaroness @JENFL23 @JoseCaballeroSD @aVoice4MA6 @MeetMckayla @SDGeorgette @JCisnerosTX
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹It’s our job to push them. Dem: Is it so bad to pay disabled people a sub minimum wage? Me: (as Committee Chair) No… @fToRrEeEsSt1 I know... but strategically... no sense engaging them #OKBloomerWhat are we doing? Mass blocking the #Bloomers? Valentines Day to all the lovers — those that love humanity, justice, equality, individuality, and freedom.…
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹Gold are asking and Thank You but I’m publicly financed in Maine like all elections should be! So feed your love do… is taking on DWS in Florida! Help her out! @likeabaroness @JENFL23 @JoseCaballeroSD @aVoice4MA6 @MeetMckayla @SDGeorgette @JCisnerosTX @MXavierCarrigan
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹 @likeabaroness @JENFL23 @JoseCaballeroSD @aVoice4MA6 @MeetMckayla @SDGeorgette @JCisnerosTX @MXavierCarrigan
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹 @likeabaroness @JENFL23 @JoseCaballeroSD @aVoice4MA6 @MeetMckayla @SDGeorgette @JCisnerosTX @MXavierCarrigan
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹Check out Ihssane at @likeabaroness for Congress! @YKnot Yes. He is stronger with Independents than TrumpHow about asking @emilyslist not to use their money to attack #Bernie? How about they use it to empower working cla… that’s the thing you miss, Hilary... if I can call you Hillary... is that Bernie doesn’t want to “control” the…, Cersei, Walder Frey, Meryn Trant, Tywin Lannister... Ted Deutch, Gregory Meeks, Obama, that guy from San F… @thetracymarks They would throw their votes behind a rock if it could win and protect their privilege. @davidsirota @B87366252 David, they got you where they want you right now.. talking about them and their attacks. T… the rumor is true, I’m calling on @emilyslist not to release an anti-Sanders ad paid for by Bloomberg. The non-p… you trust Trump’s judgement because.. he’s been so right on Tariffs, Immigration, Foreign Policy... or is he… by “journalist” you mean “you” @DrJasonJohnson then I would say that “you” are paid staff of the neocon agenda.… @B87366252 They haven’t said yet. @trenchtown208 That’s what I said.Okay. We have to take down #Bloomers use of Obama probably by forcing #Obama to ask for it. I send this into the Tw…
@FlyingWithSara has spoken. Respect the soon to be president of the AFL-CIO! on, @TomSteyer! He will pay for it by not giving tax breaks to folks like you. Then it will save billions. Don…, @CharlesMBlow... you have the forum. There’s no candidate that will lift the boat of the working class of all… @FBJeffers0n He told me @Mizzkat1 I see what you are doing there! @zumayabooks Oh, I know. The party turned down my legislator karaoke fundraiserYeah... too bad he doesn’t include his blackened, callous heart in the calculations tweet too muchI’m pretty sure we are Conspiracy Hypothecists try to give Bernie the benefit of the doubt. I’m a Democrat because he asked us all in 16 to support him down bal… @Fog_Of_Wars I also can’t help being funnySuggestions? They haven’t been kind may have no idea what it takes to accomplish this. The early outreach was the key. I can’t even believe it. We… are Muslims strong supporters of Bernie Sanders? He doesn’t pander or perform, but has had a genuine commitmen…
Retweeted by Rep. Mike🌹My friend, have at... tell me about the racism... try not to be mean but... I thought Mr. Peanut was dead. is against working people more than Bloomberg. Nobody is more for billionaires then Bloomberg. Nobody is as…’m just going to leave this here. @blackgirlinmain.... the floor is yours... Bernie doesn’t accept them. The one billionaire that tried to donate because she liked him he refunded. I’l…