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Mainey @Maineyxc San Diego, CA

Anthony (Mainey) P // Valorant Support Player | DM for mediocre edits

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@juwiaTV @jessicahkim i think this is starting near the end @rzn_mike @_Miruux @quitoxo @featHarman @jessicahkim @juwiaTV u guys are so dumb LMFAOMFAOIJKJGFHAK @jessicahkim @juwiaTV idk about sexy but i think im pretty good at this game @baekariibae LOLranked filled with bots and big egos @matnjona bro u typed that in the middle of my sentence @yoojpls WOOOOOO @AdrianMarticio why tf ur sound booming
@Kyrokana im boutta pull up and give u a ticket @SxssyPants LOLL @Khai_cs hot @yoojpls DAMNNNNNNN!!!!! @WedidOfficial Thats what I'm saying @yoojpls good thing i dont mess around @yoojpls o shit.. @jessicahkim @juwiaTV duuurde... @jessicahkim why didnt u add julia in the screenshot u guys care to watch in 1440p and rsmb @vinnerwinner soon to be ranked demon @HUYNH_CS im a jett main now @juwiaTV wym it only took me like 5 mins in the range @GreshyPoo heater @Jesusoulz fr they cant kill me @SxssyPants 😤😤 @1j0seph 🗣️🗣️🗣️ @jessicahkim what i do @AidenSPhan whats up this the trend broi heard u like tiktok edits @HUYNH_CS okaay mccree calm down
@1j0seph damn u hot @plooful @DekyFPS HOY FUCK自由とは何?
Retweeted by Mainey @hy00jschl0ng lol sup dude @hy00jschl0ng LMAOOOOO YOOJ @haileyshiyun CRAZY CRAZY CRAZYlong warrior
@matnjona @milkyvitamin LOL @xtamago_ skye @featHarman yerrrrrrrrrrrr @Juuki_ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhad to reupload on youtube cause it wouldn't process 1440p but its up now also this is just a clip dump and i just… @epiknub u keep saying where i see them with u all the time @epiknub this guy really just posts selfies to let every know he's lord bitches III @Kyrokana it do be goin hard as gloria would say @haileyshiyun OOOOKKKK @floaromaa she a head tapper 🗣️ @DekyFPS run it back like the old days @playitshady OKAYYYYY LYNN @jessicahkim WESSICAshiny shiny @ripeliz Happy birthday!!!! @kiisumii 🥲🥲
@kidvoet HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH @karagii @KovaaKs LETS GOOO KOVAAKS!! @KeLomp4 U coldd @haileyshiyun i hope i dream about that too @Kyrokana OMG NEW KYLE VIDEO!! @scorgzi cant believe i played 3 hours of season 1 on olympus @esblee2 @Nokokopuffs_ damn this beats what i saw earlier @hy00jschl0ng SHE DONT MISS 🗣️ @yoojpls my goodness @jessicahkim respect
@juwiaspam marvin? @SammayTV @karagii LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @eluiulol next time...... @eluiulol LOOOOOOOL @plooful GLORIA @sheebT_T she always pray for my downfall @anikauwu yes @jessicahkim wessica @juwiaTV my bad i will ask u for the caption next timeI'm the imposter now 😈
@Kyrokana @Mirak624 @edisonparklive @PlayVALORANT vouch @Schlages_ eating good.. happy birthday dees @starsmitten_ He really blinded them toes @WedidOfficial my goodnessvalorant preschool (1/?) ⭐️
Retweeted by Mainey @xtamago_ so good!! @floaromaa HOLY SHIT JETT
HOLY SHIT MATT KILL SHEEB!!!!! @sheebT_T WHERE ARE THE STAIRS @plooful @DekyFPS @jessicahkim @plooful @DekyFPS @jessicahkim that is fire as gloria would say @sheebT_T oshoot back next time @sheebT_T @WedidOfficial LMFAOOOOOOOOO @milkyvitamin Sheeb huskys Richard deky chubs zack @WedidOfficial @milkyvitamin 101 classics @wahlice u said rate the beer and i get told to shut up.. my bad.. @jessicahkim u tell me @wahlice 3/10mf makin me wanna slap him
Retweeted by Mainey @juwiaspam i said i aint judging chillllll @yoojpls MISS U YOOJ!!!! @WedidOfficial clip lineup @peachroll sheeeeesh lets goo!!how to use a classic 101
literally added to cart the first second the website opened and my page just doesn't wanna load till all the mice a… @aheartout @okidenni this is his pov and only like 2 people spectating saw it like how the clip was LMFAO @JustAgito @milkyvitamin goals