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Season 3 of The Marvelous #MrsMaisel arrives Dec. 6 on @PrimeVideo. Catch up on Season 2 now!

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I already love @SterlingKBrown in the new season of @MaiselTV.
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@markham_therese Dressing sharp is all a part of the business. #MrsMaisel @be_the_linda We hope you have a marvelous birthday! 🎂 #MrsMaisel doesn’t get more marvelous than this conversation with @MaiselTV’s @RachelBros and Tony Shalhoub.
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.@MaiselTV (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) is brilliant. My fiance and I just binge watched it. It's honestly been a lo…
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselMidge loves a good manicure! 💅 Enter the @PrimeStudent giveaway to win a marvelous nail care set from… @Ajchelsea811 What a marvelous way to celebrate Midge's new journey! #MrsMaisel @ReelTalker We're thrilled to welcome him into our #MrsMaisel family! 🙌 has her own marvelous sense of style. Find out how costume designer Donna Zakowska came up with her signature…
@LindsayLawSCE1 We can always count on Midge to lend a helping hand! #MrsMaisel ☎️ @boadicea23 We'll make sure to add you to Midge's guest list. #MrsMaisel 📝's placing her bets. #MrsMaisel heads to Las Vegas when Season 3 premieres December 6! @AlexBorstein @InStyle @InStyle @AlexBorstein Like Susie, @AlexBorstein refuses to be insignificant. 👏 #MrsMaisel @meowkait Which one of Midge's outfits is your favorite? #MrsMaisel"I learned at an early age that I wasn’t going to get by on my looks and that if I wanted to be heard, I had to be…
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel @beyonceldr Midge is making her way as fast as she can! #MrsMaisel
@JustJoyful3 @_rachaeldevine Midge forgives you! 😉 #MrsMaisel @amazon Midge does love to shop! 🛍 #MrsMaisel @JustJoyful3 @mahwashajaz_ There's more marvelous sights on the way in Season 3! #MrsMaisel any questions for the most marvelous Mama around? Comment them below for Marin Hinkle to answer on our… @iwishyouwouId @SarkarMania Everyone bombs sometimes, and that's OK. #MrsMaisel
Season 3 is almost here! Here's a lightning fast refresher on what happened last season, as told by our marvelous c…
The future is his, and he's ready to take it. Find out what's next for Joel in the Big Apple on December 6.…
@RachelBros We're lucky to have one of the best costume designers in the biz! 🧵 #MrsMaisel woman behind the clothes. Donna is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever had the privilege of working wi…
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel @janemarielynch It's marvelous how she transforms Sophie from Queens into the elegant Sophie Lennon! #MrsMaisel woman is a genius.
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselFrom Maisel pink to Catskills yellow, Midge has worn every color of the rainbow. Take a look at all the marvelous f… get ready for Season 3, let's relive the marvelous journey that got us here! Tell us your favorite Maisel moment…
@BatmegsReturns @Phinsjake88 There's no better way to prepare for Midge's big tour! 👏 #MrsMaisel @aleli_arch Joel is flattered! #MrsMaisel
@violettetilley @lakynlarie @sheelamar @PrimeVideo @SimonPinkus @primevideouk Midge was destined to shine. ✨ #MrsMaisel @primevideouk my fav amazon show is The Marvellous Mrs Maisel! It’s hilarious, classy, smooth with terrific perform…
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselThe marvelous @ZegenMichael is ready to take the stage and answer all your questions about #MrsMaisel! Leave them b… @adelilahz It's a date! 📆 #MrsMaisel @HilaryDare She'll be right over with Pamela. #MrsMaisel
I am solely just counting down the days until @MaiselTV comes out🤧
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel @primevideouk @HighCastleTV @ExpanseOnPrime @HistoryVikings @KaceyMusgraves @thereportmovie Midge is almost ready t… @AlexBorstein Midge and Susie haven't been this excited since the telethon! #MrsMaisel @macchiatbro Abe would expect nothing less from you. 😉 #MrsMaisel @revegoon Midge hopes you feel better soon! #MrsMaisel
@geekinoutsobier @squarefries We're so thrilled you finally made it to Midge's show! 🎙 #MrsMaisel heard so much about it & finally got to “binge watch” this show #TheMarvelousMrsMaisel ..and I’m in AWE of the…
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel @BStoly There's nothing like reliving Midge's marvelous journey all over again! 🚙 #MrsMaisel @JoshLongSongs Would you expect anything less from Midge? 😉 #MrsMaisel @Michell68378268 @RachelBros @TheWINAwards and Susie are taking this act to Miami! See you there December 6 on @PrimeVideo. #MrsMaisel to the marvelous @RachelBros for receiving the award for Actress in a Comedy Series at…
@flatsquirrel2 Abe plays it cool sometimes. #MrsMaisel best TV series ever!
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel @jowwwwwn @BoyGeorge Midge steals the spotlight wherever she goes! 🎙 #MrsMaisel @Nursedudesteve @AlexBorstein Your kind words are bringing Susie to tears! #MrsMaisel is the big leagues, kid! We booked some time with @AlexBorstein to answer all of your questions about…
There's Rose before Paris, and Rose after Paris. Look back at her most marvelous milestones before her journey cont… @Raeykim Midge is a fashion icon! 😍 #MrsMaisel @embrehz @MaiselTV I am sooooo excited! Best series I’ve watched this year! Great story, fabulous characters, strong female…
Retweeted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel @miz_cracker Get ready for another marvelous journey! #MrsMaisel @BillieJeanKing @PrimeVideo We can't wait for you to see Midge's big tour! #MrsMaisel @MelissaTront @PrimeVideo The holidays are always better with Midge! ✨ #MrsMaisel @HumphreyBarry @PrimeVideo Abe and Rose can hardly contain their excitement! #MrsMaisel @Amirah_naser17 @PrimeVideo What a marvelous lesson! 🙌 #MrsMaisel @BigTallLoud @cwdNYC We'll pencil you in for December 6! 🗓 #MrsMaisel
@fleabalg Midge shines on the stage and the screen! 📺 #MrsMaisel @clooswoove There's a marvelous idea! #MrsMaisel @avariekrasnozon @starchandelier one month left until we jet off on tour with #MrsMaisel and crew! Season 3 drops December 6, only on… @frankenmeanie We're so glad you finally made it to Midge's show! 👏#MrsMaisel @rosesleslies We couldn't imagine anyone else as our #MrsMaisel. 💕 @gbrandman You're welcome to The Gaslight anytime! 🎙 #MrsMaisel
@Packergal2 Ethan better make sure the TV's turned off. 😉 #MrsMaisel @_Taya1129 He can help Midge with all her luggage! 😆 #MrsMaisel @deafstrong71's world was flipped upside down when Midge became a comedian. What do you think is on the horizon for Abe in Se… @Darrssuu Midge's new tour starts December 6. 🎙 #MrsMaisel @mainstreetmaddy Midge loves your style! 😍 #MrsMaisel's ready for a marvelous holiday season? #MrsMaisel creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has all the tips you'll need t…
@Lambm77 @melodyinthekit1 Why not vacation in The Catskills before Midge's big tour? 😉 #MrsMaisel @filmnoir98 Midge's journey had a pretty miraculous start! #MrsMaisel @AlexBorstein The Gaslight will never be the same without him. ❤️ @BettySueBlue Susie always knows exactly what to say. #MrsMaisel @bugsinhoney You must have a marvelous personality! 😉 #MrsMaisel @janemcintyre12 Season 3 begins December 6. 👏 #MrsMaisel's ready to embark on a new adventure. Let's see how far he's come before we kick off Season 3. #MrsMaisel
“You can’t describe a guy like Brian, you just had to be there. And lucky for us, we were. We love him and will for…
The Gaslight won’t be the same without you. Thank you Brian Tarantina for sharing in all of the laughs. Sending lov…
@PrimeVideo The next thing you know... #MrsMaisel one marvelous housewife to another. Midge loves your look, @doritkemsley1! 😍 #MrsMaisel