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Maisie Adam @MaisieAdam Brighton, England

Just here for the lols. UK & European tour dates for latest show ‘Hang Fire’ here - come say hi! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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@LiamandNoel @brettgoldstein Hahaaa I can’t lie, he was the highlight of that film for me 😂
@LiamandNoel I am here for it 😍👌 @yorkcitytom @brettgoldstein Well you clearly never had Peter & Pam for neighbours!!! 😉 @libbyhflorist @brettgoldstein Thanks so much! That’s so lovely of you - enjoy your commute! @NellsHitehouse @brettgoldstein Thank you! I hadn’t but I will deffo check it out, cheers!Fully aware I’m a 26 year old grown woman and everything but omg 48 hours have passed and I’m still obsessed seriou… @cjkyle5 @brettgoldstein Ahh thanks so much, that’s very kind of you - really appreciate it! @NellsHitehouse @brettgoldstein I’ve just finished my tour! But hopefully I’ll tour my next Edinburgh show in late…𝔩𝔬𝔬𝔨 𝔬𝔲𝔱 On this week's Films To Be Buried With @brettgoldstein, Brett had to break the bad news to hilarious comi…
Retweeted by Maisie AdamSooo much fun doing this, been a fan of this podcast for ages so was super stoked to be on! We recorded it the day…
@AshBradbury182 Ahhh thanks so much!!
@HugeDavies @pierrenovellie @EvelynMok @jomcnally YES MATE! See you there pal!! @KnealeJ @tomlucy @RomeshRanga Cheers! Thanks for listening!Absolutely howling with laughter 😂 @MaisieAdam @tomlucy @RomeshRanga
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@BeesBabe1975 @lyletaylor90 @Benrahma2 I weewww @magicbird813 @MrTomCorrigan @Kathbum @jimmycarr @joelycett @adamrowecomedy @PhilNWang @FernBrady @ComedyCentralUK @LizziDivine Thank you!! It’s vintage (sorry!) I got it from a shop called To Be Worn Again in Brighton 😊 x
@AGKM59 @ComedyCentral @adamrowecomedy Haha thank you!The best #RoastBattle on @ComedyCentral yet . The brilliant @MaisieAdam and the fantastic @adamrowecomedy. Well done guys #brutal
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @PhilRiverman10 @jimmycarr @Kathbum @adamrowecomedy Cheers Phil!Roast Battle always has me in stitches, love @jimmycarr and @Kathbum interaction @MaisieAdam and @adamrowecomedy ro…
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@Rachel__Harper @Rachel__Harper I said sorry so many times after the record 😂Catch @MaisieAdam taking on @adamrowecomedy on tonight’s #RoastBattle 10pm on @ComedyCentralUK
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @sophiedukebox We saw it last night and literally just sat there going “oh my god” as the credits rolled. Bloody br…
@glurmgler @OBidds did you direct this hun? Xo @Faybe1989 @Wendy_Wason @JenBrister @kiripritchardmc @tiffstevenson @lauralexx @NadiaSohawon @Roisinconaty @k_emzik @unionjackradio @PeterPizzeria @JBImpressions @scottbcomedyuk @MrSamLake YES MATE!
@guideguardian @ellawildmcr You know I had to get Neville in there 😉The things that make @MaisieAdam laugh the most
Retweeted by Maisie AdamYES I’M VERY MATURE THANK YOU @unionjackradio @PeterPizzeria @JBImpressions @scottbcomedyuk @MrSamLake Have a belter!
Episode one of the new series of Hypothetical is available on @davechannel UKTV Play with guests @wossy
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @MovieMarauder4 @tomlucy @rocknrolga Hahaha thank you! Olga’s ep is a gem 💎 cheers for listening!Have started listening to @tomlucy & @MaisieAdam's podcast #ThatsAFirst & @rocknrolga's ep is just the funniest thi…
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@susansegar1 Eeee thank you! Cheers for coming! And for sitting front row you legends 👏👏 @MirandaTHolmes Thanks so much! And thank you for coming - really appreciate it xReally enjoyed this show by @maisieadam tonight! Hadn’t realised it was the last date. Very funny.
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @lettuce018 Thanks so much! 💕 love a jazzy shirt, me!LIVERPOOL! Tonight is the FINAL date of my #HangFire tour! I can’t wait to do this show one last time for you lovel… @MaisieAdam may be on the telly tonight but she'll also be performing live on the last date of her debut tour. "…
Retweeted by Maisie AdamThe oven gloves are off 💥#RoastBattle every Monday at 10pm! @MaisieAdam @adamrowecomedy @PhilNWang @FernBrady
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @FayeTreacy @davechannel Cheers maaaaate! @Rachel__Harper @holly_salewski @davechannel Will be on all Christmas cards from now on xoVery proud of the variety on this new series of #ROASTBATTLE but next monday's ep has the two purest, devastatingly…
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @amchny @davechannel Ahhh thank you! Really appreciate it!Can't wait for tonight's episode of #Hypothetical ? Check out @MaisieAdam talking to us about it here and also win…
Retweeted by Maisie AdamBehold, my fave photo of my comedy career to date. Hypothetical, tonight at 10pm on @davechannel Mad how life pan…'s the night that #Hypothetical , the hit show from PBJ's #JamesAcaster along with @joshwiddicombe , returns…
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @fodsox @sarapascoe Wow thank you! @NailCoiledInk @joshwiddicombe @davechannel @wossy @robbeckettcomic @sarabarron Oh here we goHypothetical is back tonight! 10pm on @davechannel with @wossy @robbeckettcomic @MaisieAdam @sarabarron. We loved m…
Retweeted by Maisie AdamTonight at 10pm it's BRAND NEW #Hypothetical! @wossy, @robbeckettcomic, @MaisieAdam and @sarabarron join…
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @hollypywell Thanks so much!! Really appreciate it 😅 so glad you enjoyed - cheers for coming!Brilliant, hilarious set from @MaisieAdam last night in #Leeds. If you’re in #Liverpool and looking for something t…
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @HoggRob Oh you good egg, you!! Thanks - it’s the most fun I’ve had on a show so hope you enjoy! @elliejames1997 @wardrobeleeds Hahaha thank you so much! Really appreciate that, cheers for coming (and for changin… @_MVTTP20 Loooooool thank you!! @chrisashton33 Thank you so much! Really appreciate it - thanks for coming! X
@rebecca55601192 Thanks so much! Cheers for coming!Listen to this week’s episode of That’s A First! With my comedy mentor and ex-boyfriend @rhysjamesy !…
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @Ambermanx Lol no it’s literally just ma watch 😂 @adamrowecomedy @ComedyCentral Shit, thought this was on DMs @adamrowecomedy @ComedyCentral Adam our affair will always be off the tableWhat’s bigger - the excitement me and @adamrowecomedy have for you lot to see our Roast Battle on @ComedyCentral, o… @DovidRaphael Ahhhh cheers mate, so good to see you love!Congratulations @MaisieAdam on a fab show and tour! Hilarious show with a real unexpected ending! Thank you for such a fab night! 😂
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @Bencucksey Thanks so much! Really appreciate that - cheers for coming, glad you enjoyed! @MaisieAdam Really enjoyed the show last night Maisie! I’m a sucker for a big reveal! 🤭😯🤣 Best of luck for the rest of the tour!
Retweeted by Maisie AdamFULL TIME: Coming up with @mattjones_sport 🎭 @MaisieAdam talks her upcoming gig in Liverpool 🔴 LFC U23 manager Ne…
Retweeted by Maisie AdamBarack Obama out here looking like he’s gonna enter the Love Island villa and turn every lass’s head 180 degrees. @MrRyanJDalton A ticket sale is a ticket sale! Might not have his heart but I’ve got his £12 plus booking fee 💪 @CharlotteAllen7 TOMMY WAS MY FIRST, MY LAST, MY EVERYTHING. (Just kidding, you are safe. And thank you for coming… @adamrowecomedy @RachelFairburn It’s a maaaad move. Like what is the thought process in bringing ya new squeeze to your ex’s show?! 😂😂 @susansegar1 @RoyalCourtLiv Looking forward to it!! @MHewlett1989 Hahaha Christ no, that was a mate from uni! Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed! @patfullers @RachelFairburn MAD isn’t it?! They always come back...if not for the poon then for the lols @CatherineBohart @8Outof10Cats @E4Tweets Dreeeeemy lineup! @SwindlehurstJ No, there just happened to be a printout of ticket sales left on the side when I arrived! Though I’m… a name on the ticket list last night and was like “naaa it can’t be him” but I’ve just seen his IG story and ye… @chrisashton33 @wardrobeleeds Thank you! Looking forward to it!
@julesfryer @Leadmill Thank you! I had such a nice time, thanks for coming!Saw @MaisieAdam tonight at @Leadmill - fellow Yorkshire lass & absolutely hilarious! Loved her show!
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @JRipley98 Thank you!! @d_whitman14 Thank you!!! Cheers for coming, glad you enjoyed! @MaisieAdam absolutely brilliant stuff. Good luck with the rest of the tour
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @AndyWalker9 Thanks so much! Really appreciate it! @MaisieAdam brilliant show, didn't see that ending coming :)
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @Lau_pars @Leadmill Ahh thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed - cheers for coming! @MaisieAdam was so funny tonight @Leadmill cheeks hurt! 😁 That ending though #twist
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @serenceinwyn @Leadmill Wheyyy! Can’t wait - hope you enjoy! @RobertRLawrence Ahh thank you! Not until April I’m afraid though (going to Australia on Monday for two months!) so… @lippychick90 Thanks so much! It was a lovely evening - cheers for coming!Have just seen Maisie Adam’s show in Bristol. Really very funny indeed! Catch her on tour if you can. #maisieadam
Retweeted by Maisie Adam @TheCoolestNerdd @marcusbrig @GleeClubNotts Looking forward to it! @rosemarycussen Cheers pal! Really appreciate it 🤲 @gillelliott0408 Thanks so much, really appreciate you coming! @Cruiserscreek_ @TheComedyBoxUK Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed!