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police are murdering black people, defund police #BlackLivesMatter protect black trans women | 25, cursed, trans fem, it/its, asexual, the works | @ghaspeyVO 💜

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You're great, and I hope you get all the best things a person could ask for. Never stop being this soft and lovel…… me? — I have cause to suspect this is marina bc we just discussed this but I will chain grab any spacies birf 👉👈 — thanks bottom fingers i love you — thank you anon @AnarchySai $MaiTimeBaby @bird0iscommunis I usually always chain grab if I can @bird0iscommunis it's probably for the best @bird0iscommunis if you ever start to fall into the smash player ego trap I will chain grab you every stock @bird0iscommunis you and I are similar in this regard game fun to win and lose I'm just out here Ballinanybody wanna help pay for me to get something nice later for my birthday? no pressure and of course other people n… @TheIronOsprey they are nice but not so nice for shaving @bird0iscommunis I'm what the kids call Annoying™ but I'm good practice at least lmao @bird0iscommunis I'm so proud!!! we should play soonhad no hot water for some reason and shaved with all cold water and didn't razor burn or cut myself at all that's t… @Pipsqueak_TV I'm 26 I'm dying @play_on_sunday bc I'm big @play_on_sunday excuse me you should be celebrating my birthday today and Christmas tomorrow @lean_973 $300 this week but how much long run make it worth my while santos @lean_973 wait wait.. how much he payin @JosieKame I was thinking about it! I'm really bad at making decisions about what to get though lmao @JosieKame thank you cutie friend!! @JosieKame mine @OnuaUlt she look soft @insanerainmusic HDX BABYYYY @lean_973 not knowing how to take an L is universal to all smash scenes even the worst players have incredibly inflated egos for no reason @TheIronOsprey @bonkey_bong thank you kind osprey,!I'm awake anybody want to give me the gift of Tea™ @superiguess lmao thank you @Atleasthalfgay that already happened tbh @Sotiaworld @PublicKip thank u stranger!! @flowerygraves MAYA DAY @superiguess I think so @AlnicPen muchas gracias 💜 @Wumbologist1312 thank u! @Wumbologist1312 sagittarius @bonkey_bong THANK YOU BRIE I LOVE YOU @blushingchimera @bonkey_bong thank you! you too (I'm just saying it really early for you) @bonkey_bong I'm 5'6 and it's my birthday 😳it is Done™ @notzoso I haven't felt well lately but soonoh it's birthday now.... happy old to me @notzoso lmao what the hellWhat is something someone has said to you that you'll never forget? — "no you're a trap" trauma babyyyyy unforgetta… @Doubble_Take3 true @bonkey_bong "how dare you want more than shit" @JosieKame wouldn't posting art be describing them without their name 🤔 @luqwil1 yeah my life has been over since I was 19 it's fine I'm used to it2 hours until i'm 26 and pass away from old disease rip to meanybody wish to fight me in melee if you win you will win @xMilo19 how do i retroactively request the fox learn to DIA LOT HAS HAPPENED TODAY DURING #SmashSummit 10... BUT THIS WAS THE MOST INSANE THING TO HAPPEN SO FAR 😱😱😱 📺…
Retweeted by It's Birthday Maya!!!!!!™ @tortoisquad I'll miss u
@gearzthegod @SKETORDIE wow would have been cool to have the community fight for the trans community that needs it… face the favorite pokemon babyyyy
Retweeted by It's Birthday Maya!!!!!!™ @xMilo19 damn if only you had prevented this by completing your homework woe is me *begins to fade away* @xMilo19 then I guess this is good bye @xMilo19 do your homework or I'll block you @XXYCalico it sucks mostly bc you can look at a guy's vods and you can be twice as good as this guy but people are… the free melee positivity got me thinking about just how different my experience in the community is from most… don't think it's wrong to love the community but wow is it hard from my perspective to just be in it that's why I stopped competingnot to mention the people skirting bans by seeing how lightly transphobic they can be before they get in trouble it… much as I want to say I love the melee community, I don't I love many of you in it but most of the transphobic s… @calamitywife I'll dm you all my fleetsthe face the favorite pokemon babyyyy @_pixlsugr they had an entire bit dedicated to it with hello nurse"nintendo appreciates the love and dedication the fighting game community has" #FreeMelee
Retweeted by It's Birthday Maya!!!!!!™ @NONBlNARY that's my name don't wear it outdealing with gamers as a mod is so tiring....... I am politely explaining why you shouldn't say certain words as a… @mazzy_starfox it's mostly a joke bc you can light ur weapons on fire and shit in it @NONBlNARY pretty boy @mazzy_starfox isn't this a dark souls weapontoph is the king of town @xMilo19 me @Exactly12Rats I deserved it @Exactly12Rats you blocked me @lean_973 don't worry I'm a genius @lean_973 it's like in brawl he wasn't bad just not as good as the very good characters
@TheRealLeZagna @RyobeatPeach that too @ssbm_smokey HEY THAT'S MEAN @Mirrrrrah that is edited as hell unfortunately @TheRealLeZagna @RyobeatPeach I like fod bc I'm an adult @RyobeatPeach lmao what kinda noob strikes fod firstyou know infinite monkey theorem?? how given infinite time a monkey would eventually type every written work on a t… @Exactly12Rats yeah @Exactly12Rats I ain't remember worshipping youmy birthday is on Monday did anybody get me what I want most? to face god in single combat? @iamlordlaika same light 👀 @myluckymop imagine playing one of the best roll punishers in the game and getting mad you aren't good at melee @myluckymop I like when people start spamming down smash when they get hit by peach down smash brother that was yo… @caffeinatedthot request granted @ssbm_smokey WAIT WHYpeople seeing I have a new fleet and frantically clicking to see if it's ass @_pixlsugr ma'am please....... @_pixlsugr THEY'RE GETTING HARDER TO GET SOMEHOW @_pixlsugr I really don't know kalise........ @_pixlsugr no what do you mean @Youla_Alice your pc rn @sbshylveon it a do @Sunflwersystem awoo.. @Mekky_Amaris WH-WHAT HOW